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By Frostheim

Hunter’s Guide to Warlords of Draenor Changes

Update: These guides are no longer being updated and should not be used for optimizing your current World of Warcraft hunter!

Note: As of September 2014, new authors and admins are taking the reigns, and these guides are being constantly updated for Warlords of Draenor!

Welcome to Warlords of Draenors, fellow hunters. 6.0 is upon us. We’re ready to help you get prepared for the expansion and onward. Most of these guides are relevant for level 90 and we will have them updated again to fit level 100 needs. Enjoy! We’re super happy to finally have these guides revamped!

Here’s the shortcut to various WoD guides on the WHU:


 Beast Mastery



Extreme Soloing

Pet Tanking

  • New Hunter Abilities/Pruning: Hunters gain a new raid cooldown called “Aspect of the Fox”. Unlike it’s Cataclysm form, this will be a 3 minute cooldown that allows raid-wide movement for 6 seconds. A lot of abilities have been changed or removed, review the rotation guides above and visit WoD Ability Changes for a current list of all the new and changed stuff — not counting talents, which can be found on the talent page.
  • New Perks: Every two levels after level 90 you will recieve a spec-specified perk for your hunter. They are still random, and some of them modify your survivability, damage and even some ability modifications. We have the list of perks under here at the WoD ability changes page.
  • New Attunements: Every hunter specialization will be getting a new unique attunement that modifies their stat % in some form. Marksman will receive 5% extra critical strikes from all sources, Beast Mastery an additional 5% mastery from all sources (Animal Handler), and Survival gets 20% extra MS damage.
  • Talents Changes: Some changes to WoD includes a new set of talents unlocked at level 100. These will be controversial as one changes your basic auto shots to do something special, another is a crazy ability that replaces steady shot / cobra shot and doubles focus regeneration, and the last for MM/Survival increases single target damage when your pet is gone or if you’re BM increases pet damage passively. Here’s a look at the level 100 talents and other changes you should be aware of at WoD Hunter Talents.
  • New Stats: In WoD, two new stats are being introduced. Multistrikes and Versatility. Versatility is more of a stat for hybrids, but increases healing and damage done by a small percentage. Multistrikes will be an important stat to look for, as it gives a chance for your attacks to roll for extra damage twice. For more details on how MS works, please check out Delirium’s guide of MS and technical math behind the stat values.
  • Removal of Hit and Expertise: In Warlords of Draenor, hit and expertise are removed from the game. This means any gear with hit or expertise will be converted into mastery, haste and crit. No multistrike or versatility on any 90 or below gear.
  • Removal of MANY Sockets: In WoD, a lot of your gear will no longer have sockets. Sockets will be something that will have a 1% drop for your gear to now have. Even tier gear can now also be ‘warforged’, but you will not know till it’s opened. For gemming if you do get lucky sockets, go for your secondaries that your spec will want the most, as pure primary stat gems are all gone.
  • New Glyphs: Some glyphs no longer can be used at the same time. There’s also been some fun minor glyphs and some major ones added in Warlords, that you can find here at the WoD Hunter Glyphs page.
  • New Raid Buffs and Changes: With Versatility being included in the mix now, we are up to 9 raid buffs that can be provided to the raid. Hunters can still bring any raid buff to the table, but everyone should take some time to visit the changes done to buffs, as a lot of pets had their buffs swapped around or added. Check out WoD Hunter Buffs article, which does list all buffs as well as which ones hunters bring.
  • Hunter Pets & Pet Talents: A lot of pets had their abilities pruned, including majority with CCs and debuffs. There are new abilities that outsiders of the BM spec may now have, and also a new list of pets to tame and new abilities added to pets as well. Some pets also had their buffs swapped around, so check out the WoD Hunter Pet changes for all the details.
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  1. jRebel94 says:

    No mele weapons!? Wtf!! That is pure stupidness!

    • Anonymous says:

      LOL! Seriously?

    • Frostheim says:

      Really? Why would you object? It’s not like hunters ever use melee weapons at all anyway. In MoP the stats will go to the ranged weapon so we’ll still have those, and you can still equip them if you’ve got some RP reason to do so.

      • BigSal says:


        Are we still going to have wing clip and raptor strike? If yes, do you need melee weapons to use that ability? Thanks!

      • Diego says:

        Frost, in PvP it used to be important for the raptor strike glyph and wing-clip. In any case – won’t ranged weapons be excessively important for the DPS after this change?

      • Nuadormrac says:

        Actually, this is only half true, and I’ll explain in a moment. Needless to say, I do have access to MoP beta, and did copy my hunter in.

        Now it’s true that the 2h weapon’s stats were copied, however the stats that were on the range weapon were dropped. Also, I don’t think the +130 agi from the +130 agi to 2h weap chant was copied, though one kept their scope.

        What this meant was the main hand stat got copied, though not added on top of the +40 agi that was on the bow already, and without the enchant to 2h weap, as the char got copied one did lose stats. It’s technically true that they copied it, but in doing so they also dropped the stats that were there, aka a simple replace. What people had before was both sets of stats added onto one another, aka more stats total.

        Now, and this said, I’m not rulling out that at the 90 cap, one isn’t going to see gear which will make up for this difference so there isn’t a slight stat squash, though this is something one will notice the day they upgrade to MoP, if it goes the same as my copied hunter had. What you’re saying, which is also what Bliz has said is technically true, but it leaves out the “but in copying the stats from your main hand we’re also dropping the stats that was on the range, so you WON’T GET BOTH TOGETHER…

      • Raposa says:

        Raptor Strike <3

      • Shamrunt says:

        Question is will the stats auto convert to our current weapons or will we have to find new weapons? If we have to find new weapons I see it being a tough go right at first with loosing the main stat weapon we all carry (which isn’t the bow/gun) If it auto converts and our bow/gun we currently carry into MOP changes then it’s all good.

      • Chris9397 says:

        Don’t we need a melee weapon for Wing Clip?

      • Anonymous says:

        I use mele sometimes and they look boss like and gives stanina and agility

      • Anonymous says:

        i agree i love the hunter

    • Bonamassa says:

      Melee weapons are a warning sign: when your char uses one, you’re to close.

      • hvacguy says:

        The only prob I see with this is we no longer have the wing clip ability to escape rogues, dk’s and warriors in PvP. wing clip was on an instant cool down, we will now have to rely on scatter shot and disengage when the distance is closed on us, unfortunatly, the CD’s on these move will do us no good since when ur a geared, prolific hunter, every melee class out there will be pouncing on us. I don’t see a good solution to this as of yet.

      • Anonymous says:

        whos to say to wing clip you arent just pistol whipping them? lol

      • Nuadormrac says:

        Actually, yes and no…. If one sets aside PvP for a moment, there were specific cases in raid where stacking up on a mob was ideal for raid mechanics. But because hunters had the minimum range issue, they had to stand out. There were a few bosses where raid leaders would have to be like “OK everyone stack up on the bosses rump, except for you hunters, you have to stand out”. Then they’d have to do something different with us. Reason simple, melee range we coudln’t range attack, and in melee dps would suck.

        This will simplify their job, though and this isn’t to say that groups and hunters couldn’t adjust to a slightly different mechanic for themself. The only reason it was an issue in such cases was because one couldn’t range attack. So this needn’t be “you’ll be too close”. But I do remember a few boss fights in the past, especially if I was PuGing it a given week for whatever reason, in which the lead would be telling peeps on vent to all stack, and I’d have to whisper/remind them that I’m a hunter. And then they’d be like “OK, except for, he’ll have to be at minimum range”. It was ages ago, but I think the first boss in ICC? was one such situation….

      • Nuadormrac says:

        FYI, a better example might be Attunemen back when peeps did kara for real. There was a good reason to stack up on Midnight to avoid the charge, but that meant we either had to risk a charge, or not range attack… This change would elliminate that concern…

    • Anonymous says:

      We will be able to shoot are bow at any range. and not have to be a certain distance away.

    • Isis says:

      Actually, if we can use our ranged weapons and shoot them in the face when they’re on top of us like it says we can than we won’t really need melee weapons

    • Anonymous says:

      We get no minimum distance for shooting though and the stats for our ranged weapon are being implemented with our melee weapons so no worries.

    • Simli says:

      really, how mant times as a hunter do you use your melee wepon?, more to the point what are you doing that close?

      • Greif says:

        You might want to use it a lot in MoP. More to the point, the role of hunters is changing. It is now reasonable to play either melee or ranged without having to switch specs.

    • Kardiac says:

      I’m more concerned at the clear loss in stats beyond the base weapon figures. For instance, atm my stat stick/melee weapon has a 130agility ench on it and my ranged has a scope. Remove the stat stick and will we be able to transfer the enchant to the ranged weapon alongside any scope on it or do we totally lose weapon enchants? If so, will currently available enchants be changed to work on a ranged wep rather than a 1 or 2h wep. Ditching the range restriction is long overdue but as for talents, just seems rubbish. Back when we had to put in effort to learn pet talents and train them to other pets it let effort equal reward, now its dumbed down beyond belief so everyone is the same.

    • wow really says:

      This is crazy! we loose wing clip and concussion shot? how the hell are we suppose to get away from melee then?
      1. dont give me the BS we can glyph arance shot, we should not have to!
      2. are they going to take away a rogues ability to jump thru hadows and appear behind you? or a warriors ability to charge you? i seriously doub it. wing clip supplies that action!
      3. im really tired of being raped by blizz with my hunter!
      4. im seriously pissed at Blizz for screwing Dwarves so bad! “nerfing the hell out of Stoneform, and making all priest have Fearward!” those were actual reasons to make a Dwarf! now its BS cosmetics!
      5. If you havent been playing since before BC, then your opion doesnt matter to me, why you ask? because you have no idea how much hunter have nerfed into the ground!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you all dumb? No shoting distance means you can Concussive shot at any range? Stop the QQ, hunter kiting is bad enough, let’s not rage when you think you can’t snare from melee range. You only use Wing Clip when you can’t concussive shot.. and now you can always concussive shot.

      • ricosuave says:

        This is crazy! we loose wing clip and concussion shot? how the hell are we suppose to get away from melee then?
        You won’t need to get away from melee, you will be able to use any shot at any distance. Also take into consideration the new and improved disengage, the new call beast, crows of death, blinding shot which will hold them down to the ground, and your pet. Hunters will be super OP in any PVP situation so there’s really no need to worry about a thing. If anything, us hunters will be top of the food chain (next to monks).

      • Nuadormrac says:

        Actually, in due fairness, there is a reason for getting away from melee aside from being able to or not being able to attack. It comes down to the damage one takes. Being able to attack, while the one, one is attacking has to move to get to them (but might be slowed for instance) has advantages.

        A frost mage can also caste spells from any range, but this doesn’t mean that trying to kill a warrior or DK for instance from melee range, as one stands there and gets clobbered by big heavy hitting melee weapons is ideal. Of course a frost mage would prefer to keep them at bay while pelting spells at them. And for much the same reason a hunter would prefer to keep them off one’s self while attacking them. It all comes down to a matter of minimizing damage to one’s self even as they deal it out to another. Casters as well as hunters have always prefered some distance for much the same reason.

        Now being able to range attack from up close has it’s advantages (if a boss charges for instance, it means one can both stack with the rest of the group and also range attack); but it doesn’t remove the fact that in many situations it’s ideal to keep some distance between one’s self, and the damage that might come their way. Arguably keeping distance from the warrior or DK while range attacking them, would hold benefits much akin to not standing in fire, and actually running out of the way. It hurts :d And the DK presents a twist to this, because they can death grip one, at which point one’s next move is to regain range while their death grip is on cooldown, so one can get some more time damaging them while they can’t attack back. Of course their goal is to keep you from getting away so they can clobber you some more. Mages also have much the same consideration, though their spells didn’t require minimum range, because for all their massive damage, they’re rather squishy….

      • Greif says:

        The BM hunter spec may actually be top dps in MoP.

      • any says:

        Um, so I have been playing since before BC, and the difference in hunters viability in raid or pvp went up dramatically from BC to Wotlk to Cata… In fact, in cata they were one of the best dps classes. So, I’m not sure what you mean by continually nerfed into the ground…

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s not stupid because there is no minimum range for your attacks now. Read.

    • Yowl says:

      Hunters are not a melee class. Thanks for providing some helpful RAID and general pve info. Longtime visitor and fan!

    • Eave says:

      so you’d rather do crappy damage with a melee waepon than shoot a rogue in the face with a fully gemmed/ench’d ranged weapon?? now that’s pure stupidness.

      • lolwut says:

        You sure put the tard in huntard.

        Wing clip is an AMAZING ability and if you won’t miss it you are probably doing it wrong. Also glyphed raptor strike is extremely handy for both pve and pvp.

        I don’t anyone here is talking about melee dpsing, the are talking anout the losing of some very effective hunter tools.

        But you go ahead and shoot a rogue in the face, you better one shot it tho, if not you are in for a nice surprise.

      • Greif says:

        I think you have not tried using a melee weapon in MoP, or you would not say that its damage is “crappy.”

    • Tenshi252 says:

      Frost is right yanno hun. as hunters nobody should be able to come anywhere near us… ever. if they do, well isn’t that what disengage is for? i’ve never used wing clip or raptor strike

    • Anonymous says:

      Can still use them, so far. i.e. I’m 85 and still hacking up Ogres for beads with my way cool glowing dagger for fun. But it takes the place of the ranged weapon instead of having both equipped. So, if you’re fighting MOBs ~ your level, the bow/gun needs to start in character slot. Though you can swap them in a flash if they’re on side by side action bars.

  2. Rayne says:

    @BigSal: I believe Wing Clip and Raptor Strike are being removed from our options. One of the larger complaints about our class is the need for 2 completely different tool boxes due to our range restrictions. Now that our range restrictions have been removed, we no longer need the abilities to make up for it. This is a very good thing!

    • BigSal says:

      Makes sense. thanks!

      • Trotdawg says:

        @BigSal Yes, all melee weapon abilities are now gone forever, but we can glyph it so that Arcane shot slows the target because Concussive is now gone too. Since we can shoot at melee, we don’t need a Raptor Strike, and we can Glyph Explosive trap (Imo Trap gone as well) to deliver a knockback as well.

      • Nuadormrac says:

        I think what will naturally end up happening though, is this… One can glyph a slow, but if it’s a choice between that and glyiphing something that boosts DPS, people will chose the latter. Though this could be remedied if the glyph is a minor glyph and not a major, though I’m not at home now to log into the beta and check it now.

        Reason is, we all know that everyone is going to do everything to maximize their dps, even at the loss of utility. As long as damage meter remains…. So expect to find groups where the hunter will basically say “I have no slow”, and if asked why “because my personal damage is more important to me”. OK, now onto someone else to provide it….

  3. Absol says:

    “meaning we could tame a can and decide to make it ferocity”

    I want to find this rare ‘can’. Does it come in multiple colors?
    JK, I usually ignore typos, but that one amused me :)

  4. Jmon says:

    I hope hunters become a little more op, some classes have been getting more than us in terms of abilites in mists

  5. Rstards says:

    Can someone confirm the melee weapon/ranged weapon issue is present on the beta?

    Blizzard might not have done this in the actual beta…

    • Scathatch says:

      this is confirmed my lvl2 panda hunter is using a x-bow in her “mainhand” weapon hand…will investigate further to see if a dagger or sword can be equiped in off hand with it.

      • Xplozive says:

        No you cannot equip any extra weapons except your Ranged (at the same time) doing so will un-equip your ranged weapon and replace it it your melee weapon.
        Did alot of testing om my lvl 85 hunter yesterday, and it was quite fun playing it :)

      • Nuadormrac says:

        FYI, it isn’t just us either. DKs lost their relic as other classes have, along with the stat losses. It’s funny, and i made a bug report on it, but the starting DK quests still provide an item for that slot, which is now gray vendor trash. The reward remained for their starting quest, but the item’s ability to be equiped did not. On this one, it isn’t just hunters that have been “singled out”. It’s a change all around. Shamies also lost their totems…

  6. gorginn says:

    What about the cool weapons you can use for show like the horsemans sword or my arcanite ripper.

    • Pewtoo says:

      Or the Thunderfury that took me almost forever to finish.

      I want to at least be able to still wear it ceremoniously in town.

    • Trotdawg says:

      You can still equip it, but it’s not advisable in combat since you lose your Ranged weapon. And Raptor Strike and Wing Clip are now gone the way of the dodo.

  7. z0diacbrave says:

    are we going to wear our ranged weapon on our back now?

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope, I liked melee weapons on the back or 2 on our sides, while holding your ranged you look like a badass lol.

  8. Scathatch says:

    So holy bat turd crazzy just imported my hunter into the ptr and I am LOVING the new spell a murder of crows way way better graphically than snake trap ever thought of being.

  9. Durendil says:

    I managed to copy my character over to mists of pandaria beta, just to see what was soloable.
    -Lost 24K health (no 15% stamina talent and no polearm). Not really a problem, hope blizzard will fix it later because raiding with 140K health (unbuffed) is dangerous.
    -Pet went from 150K to 100K health, 50% to 30% armor, pet passive talents (like greater stamina, blood of the rhino) not working and no pet talents. In short, Ferocity = Cunning = Arcane (funny, I was expecting Ferocity :))
    Is it a bug, is it deliberate or do they plan to introduce hunter pets later in the Beta? Because testing the beta as a hunter has no sense without a pet (or a pet without talents, where turtle = wolf in dps, tanking…).
    I just hope they quickly do something, I probably couldn’t solo half of Naxxramas in this situation.

    • Nuadormrac says:

      It’s not a bug, but the health does come back. You can do a quest (now that jade forest is gone) to skip it and go straight to valley of 4 winds, it will make you instant lvl 86. You’ll get stats back. Along the way, as you get into Panda gear, you will get stats back.

      I took note that some stats did get lost (yes they copied, but); but didn’t fret, because they simply aren’t going to balance for lvl 85 anymore, as 90 is the new cap for it. I noted yes, but until one max lvls their guy and gets into lvl 90 blues and purples, a fair comparison won’t entirely exist. I do wish they’d say “but in moving the stats to the range weapon, you might lose your enchant and the stats that were on your range weap before”, however…

      This said, when I did muck in jade forest, things didn’t die slowly, and pretty much as expected the greens were no upgrade. I could imagine people doing some zandalar and end time heroics for gear (iLvl 378 epic) on new pandas and what not, rather then questing exclusively, building up to new MoP dungeons, if they want to mix dungeon lvling with questing, etc…

  10. Dargno says:

    Just tried hunter pets with a fresh character, and besides being able to pick my spec according to the GUI at lvl 1 which was not possible until lvl 10, as soon as i could tame a pet, there really was a difference between boar and raptor.

    So far all pet talents are incorperated into their basics, meaning the raptor had 10% crit, extra damage etc etc, and the boar had 40% pet heal bonus, 20% armor and 12% extra life. The only thing i missed was the 15% resist all, taunt and intervene. Maybe those are in glyphs or something…

    Regarding the missing polearm etc… i guess they’ll “fix” the ranged weapons later on with the missing stats and the agi we lack from enchants now.

  11. Teecka says:

    Really hope we get more cool looking bows, crossbows and gun they have really been lacking.

  12. Trotdawg says:

    So far, the Call Beast talent is very OPed. I picked that instead of Murder of Crows. The Call Beast talent summons a random beast to fight for you, alongside your pet for about 30 seconds. At the moment, it has the 1 SECOND GCD. Meaning that at one point, I had up to 12 summoned beasts, my pet and me attacking a training dummy.

  13. Aloha Jerry says:

    OK, I did a character transfer to the Beta and my Survival hunter is totally gimped for AOE… No more serpent spread or improved serpent sting!!! Black Arrow does a little AOE, but how often will we use it with the 2 second cast time (not instant anymore)? We do less single target DPS and now same or less AOE, so what is the point of Survival??!?!
    Beastmaster seems to be the new AOE spec with Beast Cleave and Lynx Rush (BM pets do more damage).

  14. McCoy says:

    I kinda have to say I like that hunters will only carry around bows. I hope Blizzard will make more Specialized bow, of types, maybe elemental, styles and design. One genetic bow for all hunters…Boring…lol
    For the solution of a melee situation. If you seen or read comics What do Hawkeye or Green Arrow use in melee situations… there bow & body and try to reposition themselves back at range. I hope there new animation to show that for that matter it be cool.
    I watch this anime called “Hero Tales” and there this archer called Hōsei Meitoku His weapon is the Soutenkyuu, a bladed bow that can also be divided and used as twin bladed swords. I think Bows like this would be great and seeing them do it awesome. There could be staff bows and so on and so forth (I know this isn’t in the game) But it would be awesome if it was… Maybe a friend or a friend who knows as someone will read this and make it Happen…
    All I know in WOW anything can happen. I am really looking forward to the expansion and the wonder of playing an Hunter again, I mean being a Hunter again.

  15. Frets says:

    Having to deal with minimum range has always been one of the most fun parts of being a hunter. No other classes had to do the same scrambling for the same reasons we did, and pulling it off was always the more rewarding. I still think Blizzard has failed in character development over the last two expansions. Instead of building on the diversity of the classes, they seem to have melded them. As for talents, I would’ve liked to see a variation of BC talents when all 3 trees were fair game. Maybe if talents were spread wide enough to not reach the bottom of any tree, allow less points to jump tiers so we could really dabble in all trees! That may be more confusing to some, but I like how it would muddy the waters a bit. I am glad they changed those original talents in the proposed MoP tree, though. I don’t think I would’ve had a problem raiding at level 90 without putting in a single talent into that tree!

  16. Bonamassa says:

    Date: April 14, 20:00 GMT
    Server: Hamuul Beta
    Character: Bonamassa, lvl14 pandahunter

    Auto shots from behind can and will be dodged. Cant prove it but im 100% positive.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Its so stupid that we dont have to be a certin distance away from the target. Thats the worst idea ever. IMO getting away from melee targets is almost half the fun, i love making melee mad. Having no range, takes away from being a “ranged” class, and “ranged” weapons are no longer Ranged. Shoulda thought of that….

    • Aq says:

      Oh I think it will still be VERY fun getting away from melee targets :)

      But being able to do significant damage even when in melee range will help a lot. Altairus, for example, is my personal bane; hunters have to run the furthest every time the wind shifts because we have to be further away. As soon as MoP hits, I’m running heroic Vortex Pinnacle just to experience the satisfaction of standing in melee range of Altairus pumping bullets into his face…

    • Ôneshot says:

      I know right, i love kiting warriors and driuds and love when i am fight like 2 melee clases and finish the first one and then finish the second with 40 or 20 % health

    • Nuadormrac says:

      You’re still going to want to get range in many situations, you just won’t have to from the perspective of being able to do damage. There’s still the possible issue of taking damage though, as well as reasons one might want to kite, or play with mobs. Case in point, a DPS tank that can’t hold agro at all. You have your MD and your feign, but sometimes you’ll need the range because you know you just wouldn’t be able to do much damage without pulling, with them. Even while the pesky dps tank posts damage meter all the time trying to convince everyone how great he is even while he hasn’t learned to threat…

      Being able to play with th emobs a lil, and stay above him on DPS, even while it’s obvious what his not getting a tanking spec/gear, using tanking talents is buying him. And funnier yet when he sees that you can range tank a mob or 2 :p Sometimes, they do learn, after :D

  18. Onom says:

    I have mixed emotions about minimum range. As pointed out by several people part of the skill in being a hunter is maintaining range. I would gladly give up no range to get rid of expertise if the choice was allowed. I am also concerned about the lack of a melee weapon. There are so many iconic images of hunters with massive polearms on there backs or daggers/swords at there side. While we all desire more “fire power” in the game it is also important that it be visualy appealing ie. “cool looking”. What ever the case we need to be united about making sure expertise does not make it into the next expansion!

  19. Greythorn says:

    If only hunters can have guns, will they take away the dwarf racial bonus of 1% crit when using a gun? (otherwise its a bonus that only rewards a single class/race combo)

    • 'suck says:

      retard, they can only use Ranged , ffs have you even read a single thing , >_>

      • Trotdawg says:

        No, he is the one who is correct. ALL dwarfs get a 1% crit using guns. But ONLY DWARF HUNTERS would ever get that bonus, since no other class would be using guns in combat.

        But if you think about it, most dwarfs that aren’t hunters right now, the talent is wasted. The only dwarfs that would use guns are Hunters and Warriors. Shamans, Rogues, Priests, Warlocks, Mages, and Paladins don’t use guns at all, so basically the talent is a crap talent for most Dwarfs in the first place.

  20. Grutgar says:

    It would actually be nice to be able to become beast mastery spec and be able to have a sweet looking pet, while still pulling decent damage in raids. However, since BM is getting amped and SV is getting nerfed (i.e. Serpent Spread gone), why would anybody NOT go BM??? From the changes as of now, it looks like BM can pull just as much (if not more) dps than SV now? Seems like all hunters will turn BM the second expansion hits… boring. I was actually hoping for there to be more of a distiction between BM and the other two specs

  21. Bob hunt says:

    Good no point in having them

  22. Bob hunt says:

    Can’t wait not to have them

  23. Ryoushi says:

    What?! None hunter melee weapons?, But, if their minimum range is gone, they’ll never need a melee weapon.

  24. 'suck says:

    This Actually sucks if they remove wingclip and raptor strike ,because now we lose 50% decrease spd on enemy , which mean that all melee classes ,wiill pwn Hunter so hard that blizzard is gonna add it bacl >_>

  25. B-Tech says:

    Every expansion blizzard dumbs stuff down just a little bit more each time

  26. Hotshotghunt says:

    Minimum range being gone is THE best thing that has happened to hunters (besides disengage and feign death). This is going to go a long way in pvp, specifically arenas. I cannot count the number of times where someone closed into me when I was about to kill them with kill shot. In fact, just recently I disengaged a rogue to finish him off since he was in melee at the time. He predicted my disengage and shadowstepped and slowed/sat on me while he was sitting at low hp just long enough that the healer recovered from cc and began healing (Master’s Call was on cd as well). It’s moments like that where I’m gonna laugh now that there’s no minimum range. :)

  27. ScrewedupHunter says:

    Yeah know, this is a screwed up mess for blizz to remove melee weapons from hunters. I’ve played other mmprpgs that used “rangers” as their version of hunters & they were not only dependent on ranged weapons. They were also able to use melee without penalties.
    Not everything is about pvp, there are some of us who actually play hunters as pve (gasp) yes, really. I dont care about constantly having to kite, nor do I want to play a warrior because my toon stands toe to toe & slugs it out with the critter.

    Makes me really rethink if this stays true then if I & my friends will still be around once mop goes live. F’ed up blizz, really f’ed up.

    • Trotdawg says:

      You don’t HAVE to stand in melee range. I’m level 90 and I still disengage a ton so that I’m back out at range.

  28. Marobashi says:

    I looks like there’s no coming back from it now, obviously Blizzard is going through with the plans to remove our melee abilities, so its time to suck it up.

    I was happy to see that at the very least, we got a token “melee” glyph with Mirrored Blades. That’s my favorite ability out of the Survival tree, and I would have been sad to see it go. I’m pretty sure they’ll have renamed it by the time MoP goes live, as none of us will be sporting “blades” anymore.

    I really do think the change was stupid, however. Yes, I know it opens up our gameplay and makes things easier for us, but part of what makes WoW great is its realism, with things like positioning, LoS and its incorporation of what makes a particular class tick. I find that with these changes, however, the hunter travels farther away from its original concept and well into the realm of foolishness.

    – We lost ammo slots and level requirements, so now we have some sort of black hole endless quiver of standard shots and a boring Engineering profession.

    – We lost dual wield functionality for the Survival tree, which while nowhere near as much of a game breaker as it is for rogues, warriors, shaman and death knights, still gave hunters a certain distinction between the specs, telling others that this spec didn’t just shoot arrows.

    – Now we’re losing melee abilities altogether, with our ability to equip melee weapons only superficial at best. Feels as though we shouldn’t even be called hunters anymore. Maybe they’ll rename the class “Archers” or “Exotic Pet Owners” or something.

    Oh well, I won’t stop playing, and recognize how much it benefits the class at large, but still … the class no longer feels real anymore, even less so than those classes who hurl fiery bolts and juke about the battlefield.

    Next gripe: WoW should make it that caster classes rely less upon “running”.

    • Trotdawg says:

      I’ve played since Vanilla came out, and Dual Wield was always a Hunter ability, it wasn’t just a SV spec. Shamans had in their Enhance tree an ability to DW, but not hunters. We’ve always done it.

  29. ZzZ says:

    Yet again the MMO community will complain about anything.

    There was a study done where a website existed that instructed people to press the big red button in the middle of the screen to receive $10. People complained about the size of the button, the color, the placement… it’s a button that gives you $10 FOR FREE.

    Hunters melee’ing, in any capacity, is fruitless. The entire class, even in 4.3, relies about 95% on being at range. The only exception if Wing Clip — which could very well just be a swing with your ranged weapon to accomplish the exact same mechanic within close proximity.

  30. Emanon says:

    I like the fact that we’ll be able to finally shoot our enemies point-blank…But for someone like myself who’s been playing since the start of WoW, I’m terribly upset that I now have a collection of “to-be-useless” melee weapons. The money and time spent on dungeon crawling/raiding/forging/etc just seems wasted now. I’m sort of bitterly glad that I can equip them still…But for me it was to look just as cool as any other class (polearms and two-handed or dual swords being the favorite). I chose the hunter class because it literally was a bit of everything in weapon choices (I even bare-knuckle punched my way to the achievement lol) and I guess I’ll be retiring come MoP.

    I agree with the comments of the “Muddy Area” that used to be alotted to talent trees and the variety of weapons/skills. Being multi-talented and so customizable is what made the hunter class so much fun just a few years back. I feel that the main problem Blizz is creating is that they’re taking away our ability to really make our characters unique to ourselves nowadays (a bit too cookie-cutter).

  31. trunstann says:

    This is not good , I`m playing the beta with my copied 85 dwarf hunter and its very uncool. there is nothing to be happy about as a hunter because the few good points are strongly out weighed by the multitude of bad. MOP will be a disappointment to 90% of you if it at all resembles the beta. My conclusion : Get over WoW, its ruined.
    We all know blizz was purchased and merged , this is a cashing out.

    • Trotdawg says:

      I have a level 90 hunter in Beta. I see nothing wrong with the changes. Before you go out tossing out made up percentages, which btw, is a stupidly high number, point out some facts as to “why you think its bad”

  32. Holdsworth says:

    also with th nw talent system it dosnt particularly matter that we lose our mellee escape abilitys, drop an ice trap and get 50% move speed for 6 seconds if u put the talent there, then run the fuck away, mellee are going to be as agravated as ever, probably more so now that we can spam at point blank

  33. Roma says:

    I am in Beta, and a lot of what they have done to us I hate. No melee weapon, and no minimum range, all sounds good until u realize that now u take a load more damage and have problem getting the mob onto your pet as they have also taken the ability to place misdirect onto your pet – so send in pet one shot and guess what mob is on top of you, lovely repair bills too. The Kill command is removed apart from BM spec, and that really sucks – so even a bear can’t hold the aggro anymore – lovely job Blizzard have done – ok some of the new stuff is nice but the changes they’ve made to hunters is dreadful I’ve played my hunter since Wow was 6 months old – and every time they make such horrendous changes, the more I play my alts, as well as look for another game

    • Frostheim says:

      Hmm. No minimum range does not make you take more damage (nor does no melee weapon). You should still stay at range if you can — there’s no reason you *have* to go to minimum range just because you can.

      The MD to pet thing is a bug, don’t worry about that.

      Kill Command was something that only BM ever wanted to use in almost any situation anyway — it’s no real loss to MM or SV. We’ve always been able to out-aggro our pets without MD & glyph, so nothing’s changed there — just the annoying MD to pet bug.

      • trunstann says:

        kill command is a loss to every class because of its use in PVP. if you can finish someone off with a kill command when you are out of range that is a use. if you are low on heath and run away you can hit it while running and keep up the fight form a distance.

  34. Galfas says:

    To me it sounds as if they’re making WoW easier for young minds, my point with this thought is, do they just want to make money?

    No minimum range, I don’t pvp much so I don’t really have a thought.

    Will we be able to see our bows on our back, because that would be sick.

    There is a reason they call it beta, so people can test the game. If you have an issue with the hunter changes then respond to the beta like they ask people to do.

    We all know Activision is shit, but don’t just give up on Blizzard and WoW just yet.

  35. Somebody says:

    Personally, I like the idea that there won’t be any range to hunters. I mean, you look at a druid (Boomy) mage priest and warlock, and aren’t they supposed to be ranged? However, they don’t get a certain range. I could be in a bg and theres a mage two feet away from me, spamming frostbolt while i’m uselessy running away. Then they next thing you know, your dead. But however i don’t like the idea where your pet can be a turtle or crocalisk and yet they are ferocius. Theres a reason that they are big and bulky, because they are “tanks” arent they? tanks are big. ferocius pets are smaller, yet tough. They are damage dealers, and smaller.

    • Kazreal says:

      Crocolisks? Not ferocious? What are you smoking man. I see no reason why they can’t be as ferocious as a Cat.

  36. Taggart says:

    I quit wow over a year ago , I had played since vanilla. I loved and still do love my hunter, tbc to me was the golden times of hunters , I loved the play then. Soloing some old content was the last things I was doing as a hunter. I for one would hate to not have a melee weapon, for flavour etc it is crazy to not have a melee weapon, who would go adventuring and or hunting in the wilds without a melee weapon??? Damn I would hate not being able to use my arcanite ripper ( not sure if thats even its name loll, the one that turns you into undead guitar player!!)

  37. Darthfurious says:

    I am an 85 hunter on kilrogg. That being said. i have seen many complaints and many approvals to these listings of what is being changed. I can not say that im happy about all of them however.. losing a stat stick really isnt my worry execept for one seroiusly prevailing factor. It will nerf our dps a bit. I know many NON-Hunters who complained that if you were too close and hit with a melee weapon you werent playing hunter properly. To that i have to say, What about Kiril, Polearm designed to be used by both druids and hunters (unless you think that the buff proc’ing on ranged attacks was designed for druid casters lols), which increased agi on melee and RANGED attacks, which provided hunters with a rather substantiel boost to their agi and dps. Wing Clip and Raptor strike im sure they will just make you smack em with your bow, so they arent even an issue in my honest opinion. I am just sick of hearing people say that taking away our “Stat Stick” isnt all that big of a loss because they are rolling the stats into bows… yea.. the stats. im kind of doubting that bows will get both “Bow” abilities as well as “Stat Stick” abilities. Anyhow. rate me down. complain. do whatever it is you wish to do after this post. just remember. if you arent willing to actually see the validity of having a stat stick then please dont post

  38. Anonymous says:

    cool stuff

  39. Cyberus says:

    We should call blizzard and tell them to make hydras tameable, open tickets saying the hydra are bugged it keeps saying creature is untameable and post a bunch of threads of wanting a hydra pet in different types of forums by continuing to bug blizzard they’d have to listen and give us the hydra pets.

  40. anonymousbruz says:

    Bad hunter if you have to wing clip to avoid dk’s rogues and other melee classes in pvp. You need to learn son.
    Braindeadly. watch it. Learn.

  41. lol this mean hunters are going to be like fuckin unstopable

  42. Anonymous says:

    On the WoW site it says stampede is 100 mana? is that a typo for focus?

  43. Jazzifizzle says:

    After spending a lot of time on the beta recently, I actually don’t mind the changes. I’m sure I’ll have to change some stuff when it goes live, but mobs are dying fairly quickly, and that’s what matters.

    As far as no minimum range, I love it!!! Although it’s still not a good idea to get hit. This is a little harder at the moment since you can’t misdirect to your pet (I’m assuming a bug).

    Also, the new tamable pets in Pandaria are BEAUTIFUL! They’re more detailed. I tamed a croc last night that looks like a bigger version of the companions from the fishing daily in Shatt.

    It seems to me that a lot of the changes for hunters are PvP related, which is fine for me. I detest PvP. =D

    • Lakes says:

      I don’t think is that bad go read the option you can get for disengage now it will root a target in place when you use it now and honestly if you aren’t smart enough to know how to use traps after that you deserve to get owned in the face.

  44. Apparently many of you don’t understand what a beta is for.

  45. Gammolin says:

    Any word on more stable slots in MoP? I know a lot of Hunters like me who want to keep collecting pets as a fun aspect of the game. Bliz does a great job offerening new pets. I assume this is because they know we enjoy it. No one enjoys abadoning a pet they took a long time to tame and have grown fond of because their slots are full.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Remember you have your pet that can be a replacment for concussive shot

  47. kajzerbeli says:

    idk i see hunter in mist not have any difence they give stelt huntess {for what we need stelt } i think that is wrong hunter need balance only mm hunter can play pvp,, survi and bm can t ewen scratch someone in pvp hunter need more ground control and i hope they delete bm spec because they are only for lvling spec and to have some nice pet ,we can t do any good dmg in pve how bm spec we can t play pvp in bm spec so make new one for hunter mastery not work on bm sppec in cata i hope that will change cheer all

  48. Hobsonchoice says:

    Not sure if this has been thrown out there yet or not but I figure a place that is talking about hunter changes is good place to do it. Found this set of macro’s for dumping dps in to your chat frame. Works as of right now 7-29-12 @ 0954. go here for the macros: They work great!

  49. Belthezar says:

    I am trying out the beta and my pets are all made of paper.

  50. Pelak says:

    I have heard that about the pets not sustaining much damage too; more concerning for me about the weapon slot changes, is that in PvP I didn’t use the 130+AGI Buff. I used a weapon chain on my two hand, now I cannot have the weapon chain and scope. What to do there?! I like the fact that the dead zone is disappearing, but with out the chain I will only be disarmed and have melee in my face with no recourse. :(

  51. Dàire says:

    you can’t be serious ? MM isn’t the only spec in PvP. I play BM in Bg’s and Arenas with no problems. Sure i saw arena teams alot to CP cap points but still, I never find it frustrating playing BM. Sure MM is used alot and is a great spec for utility but BM has its pro’s. Don’t go writing it off in a PvP situation.

    All the changes are welcomed, learn to play with em and you’ll get better.

  52. shmexy says:

    A little late to the party but I think I can still add some insight to this…

    So we can’t equip melee weapons anymore? I’m fine with that except that it takes away from the overall picture of hunters… we’re HUNTERS – we need to have atleast a dagger strapped around out ankles for utility in the wild when we kill that buck or deer.

  53. Ocelot2000 says:

    I would love it if when in melee range the hunter screams and just hits the foe with the bow on top of his or her head like a grandma with a purse or umbrella! Can that be a talents please!

  54. Shawn says:

    Happy bout these changes my one concern regarded lose of melee weapons and there stats being added to are ranged ones is what happens if you get that rogue or warrior who is gunna roll need on it for some stupid reason… I don’t mind losing melee weapons and it has always annoying me that you’d only see them on the toon and not your weapon that matters. Hope blizzard fixes there loot system cause gets annoying and is a real turn off for PVE when your gearing a toon and get beat on a roll for agi gear by some plate dps class

    • Robbye Rob says:

      I read on the looting from a WOW post on the BattleNet site, they said the loot is generated by the winner of the roll.
      So for example Group A, Plate, Leather, Cloth classes kill a boss, the loot system already knows who won the roll. A class specific Boss Loot is dropped and the winner gets the gear that they want. This is if the Boss has a viable loot item that matches the stats.
      So if you win the roll and item based on enhancing your stats would be generated.

      Here is the link to the Dev Watercooler article I read.

  55. Arcolos says:

    With the camo changes coming into effect who honestly cares about wing clip or raptor strike. A feral cat like camo ability and a rogue like vanish that lasts for 6 secs. Melee gets on ya…..vanish.

  56. Derv says:

    I want handguns!!!!
    Imagine hunters dual wielding handguns running around in PVP ala desperado… LOLs… just getting excited with the changes.

  57. Kodiakman says:

    “In practice hunters should no longer be rolling on any melee weapons — and no one else should be rolling on ranged weapons, by the way.”

    Question… Are they taking the ranged weapon slot away from other classes? I mean, if they are going to ramp the stats on Ranged Weapons to make up for our lack of melee weapons, won’t that further encourage other classes to roll on Ranged weapons to use them as a “Stat Stick” of their own? We’re loosing our stat sticks and everyone else is gaining a viable “Stat Stick” slot.

    • Greif says:

      They took away all the special weapon slots — wands, relics, ranged, etc. Now you just have two weapon slots. So, no. All ranged weapons except wands are two handed. No warriors are going to equip a ranged weapon for a Stat Stick. On the other hand, the melee hunter is perfectly playable and does high dps. He just wades into the battle with his pet and the other melee types and has at it.

  58. Greif says:

    I rolled a level 85 BM Dwarf hunter in beta. He came equipped with a pike and a cat and no ranged weapons. I took him into Jade Forest and he did just fine. In point of fact, the melee hunter is perfectly playable and the BM punches out very high dps. Rotation is kind of boring, especially if you are an experienced hunter. But I can well imagine that the melee hunter will appeal to some people. The dps penalty, if any, should be small. The BM spec may well be the top dps spec in MoP.

  59. Yellowflash says:

    As a soul hunter, I got no issue with these at all. I can still pawn any class on any situation. Practice and sharpen your skills!

  60. wild0409 says:

    Well, after 5+ years of being a hunter lover… The class I love and the only class that I play anymore, they finally screwed it up beyond repair. I’ve been looking for a reason to break my addiction to this game, and they finally succeeded. Congrats Blizzard! Way to DESTROY the hunter class! I’m outta here. On to another MMORPG…

  61. goplay says:

    everquest wow sucks.

  62. whatever says:

    wow sucks, after updating cataclysm it just became shit, shit shit shit pure shit, i havent played in a while now but i hate the fact that classes are just that complicated, cataclysm ruined warcraft, thats why me, and so many other players left wow

  63. Itsme says:

    My only problem with no melee weapon is that I thought I looked so badass with one!

  64. Itsme says:

    Oh, one more thing…I decided to develop a new character to take through the Hunter changes and one of the things is that I never die, but my pet has over and over. It feels disturbingly out of balance somehow. I know that the pet is supposed to take most of the damage, but this is just weird.

  65. Drakknamor says:

    While comparing stats with some of my other hunter guildies, I noticed that the Mastery for BM hunter is 100% increased from the Surv Hunter. I have been trying to find an explanation for this mechanic and I am at a loss. Why do BM and MM hunters have a base 16% for Mastery and it takes 300 points to equal 1% in Mastery while for Surv Hunters they have 8% base and it takes 600 points to equal 1% Mastery ? Would Surv hunters really be that much more OP’d with those kind of mechanics ? Help me find this answer I really liked my Mastery stat in Cataclysm.

  66. Newbie says:

    I’m new to Wow and I chose a hunter as my character. I’m now level 10 and not sure how to get my next pet. I went to my hunter trainer and there is no option to get one. How do I get another pet? Help please :)

  67. W says:

    I’m new to Wow and I chose a hunter as my character. I’m now level 10 and not sure how to get my next pet. I went to my hunter trainer and there is no option to get one. How do I get another pet? Help please :)

  68. basbas says:

    idiots before MOP hunter could use range and mele weapon at the same time there used to be 3 slots on the weapon side back in days people was getting arrows and bullets also thats why he has the melee weapon note -.-

  69. Lycantis says:

    Can anyone tell me why haste is so unimportant to SV? It takes 5 years to cast Cobra and my focus is always out so I have issues using abilities because of lack of focus. Any help is appreciated!

  70. Greg says:

    So 6.0.3 and 6.1 has dropped and you guys haven’t updated anything.

    I thought this transition to a new set of people was supposed to be beneficial to the masses. I’m extremely disappointed with the performance of this site since WoD dropped.

  71. John Turner says:

    good article, here i found a good article about how to pick your perfect bow, how to make one and how to hunting with a bow