WHU Store

By Frostheim

The WHU Store is a Cafe Press store with all manner of sweet WHU merchandise! The way it works is we set up a little mini-page on their site. Then you order from them, pay them, and they print what you want and then ship it to you. It all works rather smoothly, and we’ve been happy with their quality (because of course we order our awesome stuff too!).

If you have any ideas or requests on what kind of things you’d like to see there, let us know.

Enter the WHU Store


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  1. Purp says:

    Should make some fail condoms.

  2. Sorimis says:

    There should be some hats here too.

  3. enigmashadow says:

    make a shirt with a hunter MDing the healer when they are afk

  4. Ryga says:

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ‘Nuff said. I’m the guy that MD’s any AFKers who don’t say they’re going. >:3 I’m a bastard. ^^

  5. syst3m3rr0rz says:

    I should try that one day… :D

  6. Phantas says:

    lol that is so awsome :] really i did it once in naxx 25 cus a friend needed me in a pug but then he left and the entire raid died :P
    What does that tell us? DONT PUG!

  7. Zapata77 says:

    Make a shirt that says Warcraft Hunter Union with a cool looking tauren.

  8. Goar says:

    I would like to see a graphic of the logo at the top (crosshair and shadows) but no awesomesauce text.
    Plain and simple. Throw a WHU tag at their feet as per usual.

  9. Hal says:

    I can’t help but notice you never did post any of those pictures we took. Still trying to talk Stacy into it or something?

  10. Roarithaar says:

    I would like to see a watch cap just with the logo, black of course, Great site by the way!

  11. Trayloch says:

    cool stuff i agree with hats to they would be cool to

  12. Lostris says:

    I’d love to see that gamer girls logo on something else…like a mug perhaps? (The cap tee’s not really my style)

  13. Gremlock says:

    Awesomesauce Thong o.O kinda disturbing LMAO!

  14. Glulla says:

    I love the gamer girls one lol

  15. Lorrana says:

    Love all the shirts and would love to see something about MD on AFKers. That is just genius!

  16. Yorsove says:

    A belt would be cool. Do I see a bumper sticker in the future?

  17. Factoid says:

    Man do I have the perfect place for a bumper sticker. Also if some of the men’s shirts were in tan it would in fact be awesomesauce.

  18. Illandria Sunshadow says:

    LOVE the girl gamer shirt so mush I HAD to buy it.. (photo to follow)
    (I loved it SO much I posted a link to it with a snark on our guild’s Facebook page LoL)

    I would like to suggest something Girl Hunterish.. a little more obvious that it is a HUNTER thing and a GIRL thing…. Girls DO play WoW too.. and we LOVE our toons.

    The Girl Gamer shirt is epic.. but it is also gamer in general as most N00Bs RL have no idea what a DPS meter is and how to read one.

    YES, ok I roll Blood Elves.. I like Gurlie things <3
    BUT I am still a Hunter and I still Pew Pew with the best of them.
    We hunter girls can rock the dps and still look cute! Give us the gear IRL to shout out!

  19. Q says:

    We’re missing the obvious here!
    I want a FAIL championship belt buckle!

  20. Gatling says:

    Awesomesauce thong is awesomesauce.

  21. taxer says:

    awesome shirts

  22. Blackraider says:

    You should make a t-shirt with a female model bending over and put a hunters mark on her and next to it have: good hunters aim here

  23. Nat says:

    want a gamer girls mug. :D

  24. Mtstein says:

    How about a shirt with the WHU logo on the back but on the front put the same emblem as the guild tabard.

  25. Candles says:

    you had mentioned (in the Q&A) how to get “dues payer” etc placed on your comments/etc. you stated that, if you really wanted to, you could send in a picture of yourself wearing a piece of WHU store clothing (not including a mug). Would you accept a 95% nude photo of a man (or topless woman) wearing the awesomesauce thong..?