Hunter Hotfixes

Posted: by Arth

We’ve had a few small changes come through in the last couple weeks. Here they are:


  • Aspect of the Hawk now increases ranged attack power by 35% (up from 25%).

Hunter Pets:

  • Core Hound: Lava Breath now reduces the target’s casting speed on player targets by 10% (down from 25%).
  • Fox: Tailspin now reduces the target’s casting speed on player targets by 10% (down from 25%).
  • Goat: Trample now reduces the target’s casting speed on player targets by 10% (down from 25%).
  • Sporebat: Spore Cloud now reduces the target’s casting speed on player targets by 10% (down from 25%).

First, I don’t know if the AotH buff is just a tooltip thing or an actual buff. If the latter, awesome. As for the hunter pet nerf, I know PvPers won’t be happy, but I’m pretty sure this was intended as a balancing issue to align it with abilities of other classes. In any case, they thought it was too big an edge. With luck, this won’t nuke these pets’ usefulness entirely.

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Episode 200 is Saturday, Jan. 18. It is the final podcast. We will be drinking.

I’ve taken the liberty of making some edits to the preexisting drinking game, as some of it was a bit dated. I’ve also merged the “host” and “listener” drinking lists so we can all play together. In any case, come join the fun:

The Hunting Party Podcast Drinking Game!

Note that “If” is a one-time only drink. “Whenever” is a drink for EACH occurrence.


  • Whenever a host screws up/ misses their line(s) and/or is reminded by a co-host

  • Whenever a host complains about Hunter PvP

  • Whenever a host says, “Darkbrew Lager” (Darkbrew alone doesn’t count)

  • Whenever technical issues of any type occur

  • Whenever a show host is interrupted by real-life for any reason (e.g. kids, internet connection, girlfriend, fire)

  • Whenever a listener uses the word, “viable” or “optimal” in their question

  • Whenever a listener username is read that pokes fun at a show host

  • Whenever a question or reader email is answered by the chatroom rather than a host


…for each HPP running gag: Frostheim’s hairy wrists, Canadian jokes, Euripides’ hot sister, Feral Druids, Darkbrew’s Amazing Rare Spawn Tames, How OP Warlocks are, and Sporebats

  • If the show ends on time (impossible for this episode).

  • If the Auction House is referred to as the meta-game.
  • If you clear the mailbox of reader questions within the regular show time

  • If all the show hosts remain connected until the break

  • If all the show hosts remain connected from intro to outtro

  • If all five show hosts are in attendance (Darkbrew, Frost, Euripides, Arth, Alisaunder)

  • If Frostheim makes someone notably uncomfortable (e.g. “I’d totally tame you, Dawn!”)

  • If Euripides is accused of having certain inappropriate feelings towards Feral Druids

  • If anyone refers to the show notes during the show (e.g. “I’m just reading what’s in the show notes.”)


  • If a news announcement includes a new in-game item, NPC, or achievement named after a hunter community member

  • If a real-life injury is sustained by a show host during the show, including the break

  • If you realize that the show is not being recorded
  • If your question or email are read-aloud on the show (listeners only)

  • If Darkbrew is given half the crap Frostheim and Euripides give one another

The Hunting Party Podcast Drinking Game (Ep. 200 Addendum)!


  • Whenever Michele talks about out-drinking Frost (limit 3)

  • Whenever BRK talks about how it was “in his day” (limit 3)

  • Whenever Arth mentions Pet Tanking (limit 3)

  • Whenever Frostheim says “Semi-colon however comma” or enunciates punctuation in a similar manner (limit 3)

  • Whenever Euri talks about being a train conductor (limit 3). Add a second swig if moose are mentioned in the anecdote by any host.

  • Whenever Alisaunder shoehorns lore into a topic having nothing to do with lore (limit 3)
  • Whenever Zeherah corrects us with actual math (limit 3)

Personally, I think there are two that are going to kill us if we play correctly. The first is any time a host screws up their lines. There will be a TON of those. The second is if any of the “down a glass” things happens. A real-life injury seems the most likely.

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Butterfly Gardens

Posted: by Frostheim

This post has nothing to do with WoW or huntering — instead I’m talking about Butterfly Gardens for other, shadowy reasons. I’m post-dating this in the theory that almost no-one will see butterflies on the WHU and think I’ve come back, and then get really confused, but I also suspect people are going to find it anyway (I have no idea how the RSS feed will treat backdated articles). At least it won’t mess up the front page.

At any rate, I’ve been working on a guide to butterfly gardens for my day job, which is just about as far from geekery as you can get (a home goods ecommerce site).

I noticed, however, that some of the ‘ol WHU habits stuck with me even when doing things so far removed from WoW. For example, it wasn’t enough to have a simple article on how to make a butterfly garden. That has fairly minimal value. Hell no, if I’m going to make a butterfly garden article, I’m going to make the most comprehensive butterfly garden resource I possibly can. Or, you know, badger other teams at the company into doing it, get frustrated with the final product, and work on it myself instead (and have my peeps help with the grunt work).

Monarch Butterfly

I even took pictures of butterflies and everything!

So it was that we made the butterfly garden resource — a list of all butterflies found in the US (over 300), by region, with the photo of the butterfly and which nectar flowers it prefers, and which host plants its caterpillar prefers. Even included Alaska and Hawaii.

Like just about every WoW guide, it took way, way longer than I had thought. But unlike something posted on the WHU… surprisingly few people have found it or commented on it. Is it possible it’s not as awesome as I thought? Or, perhaps, are there fewer people interested in how to attract butterflies to their garden than I imagined?

Perhaps next I need to make a comprehensive guide to couch fort warfare.

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The Final Podcast

Posted: by Arth

The 200th and final Hunting Party Podcast will take place Saturday, January 18, at our regular time (2pm EST). It will feature Frostheim, Euripides, Darkbrew, Alisaunder, Michele Morrow, Big Red Kitty, Zeherah, yours truly, and a couple potential cameo appearances by others. There will be drinking and stories. It will be great.

Here’s the link.

And here’s a video (well, audio) to pump you up, courtesy of Frostheim:

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Paying Your Dues

Posted: by Arth

If there’s one thing the WHU has been about, it’s paying your dues. This, for me, manifested as min/maxing my character at all times. But the mentality of this has leaked into my personal life. Let me give you an example:

I was driving with a coworker, and we were coming to a train crossing. A train was on the tracks. There’s a distance you’re supposed to stay back from a moving train, and then there’s the distance most people go to…which is dangerously close. Now, don’t get me wrong, the odds of a train derailing at any specific point are incredibly small, so small as to be effectively negligible. But if you’re not wasting any time or resources, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be much further back.

So I pull up and stop probably 150 yards back of the tracks. There were no other cars, and no reason to be closer.

  • Coworker: “Why are you stopping so far back?”
  • Me: “Well, the chance of accident is almost nothing at a closer distance, but it’s entirely impossible at my current distance, and there’s no reason for me to be any closer”
  • C: *laughs* You shouldn’t worry about it so much.
  • M: Worry? No, I don’t worry. This is too trivial to actually be concerned about. It’s just maximizing my survival odds.
  • C: *laughs again* You’re an an interesting guy.

Then, as I saw the end of the train cars approaching, I moved forward so that I lost no time crossing once the train had passed. It was the exact same efficiency as if I had sat 10 feet from the tracks, but moved the odds of accident from the train from essentially 0% to ACTUALLY 0%. Seemed like a win in my book, and that’s not an approach to that situation that would have crossed my mind before I began playing WoW.

Frostheim used an awesome anecdote years ago from his job, wherein he used math and empirical evidence to support his proposal at work. It went ignored for irrational reasons. His frustration was palpable, and he used it as a defense of the reasoned, methodical approach that high-level players use in WoW.

The train example is a bit silly, I admit, but it’s an effective microcosm of something Frost and I have continually stressed. The little stuff adds up. And following the math or logic of a situation is nearly always going to be advantageous. Now, we were talking about DPS and in-game survivability, but it’s not hard to see real-world application of the same principles. Staying back from train tracks will likely never have any affect on my life. But the mentality that leads to me doing that WILL have tangible benefits in my job, personal life, and private life.

When Frostheim left the podcast, he vacated the sign-off line of “…and don’t forget to pay your dues.” I ended up with the quite arbitrary “Nerf Canada!” as my sign-off line, through a series of random decisions, but I always sort of wanted to adopt Frost’s old line, because more than anything it represents what the WHU has stood for.

The guides and videos many used to rely on from the WHU are going to be a thing of the past in a couple weeks. But the resources and tools to pay your dues still exist. While there may never be a central hub of hunter news as comprehensive as the WHU has been for many years, the true potential for hunters to be their best has always resided in individual players themselves. So if you’re a dues-paying hunter, make sure you commit yourself to staying that way.

Most of the articles I have planned from here on out are of the “Going Away…” variety. News and guides are nearly done. But keep searching, keep min/maxing, and always remember to pay your dues.

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