Survival Nerfs and BlizzCon Tees

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Survival Pains

Good evening, Hunters!


Within the community and Beta, this week has been a busy one for Hunters. There has been no feedback from the developers as to why Beta continues to nerf Survival Hunters. I have been getting premature gray hairs thinking about the logic behind the reasoning for these drops on the current lowest DPS spec in the Hunter tiers.

Let’s briefly discuss some of the issues with Survival on Beta for a moment; there are quite a bit of them. I feel like the majority of the problems started for the spec not at the beginning of the Alpha cycle, but rather when Celestalon played a Marksman Hunter during the Beta “Play with the Blues” event when the community was allowed the chance to vote for which class and spec combination he should play.

Before that event, Survival had a few mechanical problems but the damage output was fine. I personally combined Fervor to play with the stacks of Lock and Load and enjoyed the skill-cap it provided. My only complaints about pre-Celestalonapocalypse with Survival were the issue many players were also having-becoming Focus starved. I was secretly hoping the changes he promised in his Hunter blog post were going to be about fixing the class and all specs. Instead, he ended up completely destroying Survival and requiring no skill to play it. Marksman was greeted with the “blue hug of death.” Beast Mastery, on the other hand, remains untouched and only nerfed slightly.

I honestly felt like Survival was incredibly fun prior to the relentless nerfs. I was excited when Celestalon announced the reversion to the way the current MoP Lock and Load works. Post-Celestalonapocalype introduced the upheaval of the entire Survival specialization; including all new Barrage changes, Lock and Load to be working in its current state it is on live, Explosive Shot still only costing 15 Focus, the removal or Fervor-to be replaced by Steady Focus, A Murder of Crows lasting one minute, and nerfs to the Focus regeneration on Dire Beast.

These changes, frankly, ruined the game-play of Survival. There is barely much to the game play involved in the specialization in comparison to how Marksmanship and Beast Mastery play currently in Beta. Blizzard’s version of a cooldown for Survival was the old Lock and Load stacking five stacks, which was basically a nice compensation to “burst”; without that, the spec has zero burst mechanics. The two “freebies” that are entirely RNG based are completely dull in comparison to Bestial Wrath or Rapid Fire. The lack of non RNG burst combined with no execute makes the spec incredibly boring to play and provides no reward in damage output.

Beast Mastery has strong AoE and Marksmanship provides decent cleave to two to four targets. Also, both BM and MM are solid for single target. What is Survival’s niche? It can weakly multi-dot things! Without the Lock and Load stacking and level 60 talent changes, you are constantly focus-satisfied without a fair exchange for the lack of damage output compared to the other two specs-in all aspects of DPS.

We have seen Explosive Shot nerfs, Serpent Sting nerfs, and even Black Arrow nerfs! With nerfs each Beta build to Survival specifically, it is currently on the bottom of meters across various Simulation Craft modules. There were rumors of Survival getting Haste to scale with dots, but this has been declined for now.

This has me curious, I have to ask- is there something we are missing about the spec? Is there a piece of the puzzle all of us are missing about this spec? Like in the Iron Maidens Dungeon Journal, there was an entire mechanic missing from it-is something similar going on? I credit the hard work of the developers of this game, but I feel, since post-Celestalonapocalype, we have been very much in the dark about anything now for any Hunter updates. We are far from polished across all specializations, but I feel Survival is in dire need for some kind of change. What can this spec bring to a raid group?

I hope this small tidbit of insight gives players a decent feel for the major problems with Survival currently in Beta. As much as I love the Marksmanship lovin’, I do not appreciate not being able to have a specialization of a pure DPS class be viable for any aspect of this game-PvE and PvP alike.


BlizzCon T-Shirts FINALLY.

Thanks to the effort of a short notice work, Atomic has finally finished our design and they are now available to order online here! There are lots of fun goodies and all types of shirts for men and women to buy.

A lot of folks had some questions about the shirts. They are non-profit-Yes, non-profit! This means no one but the company we are printing these shirts from are getting a dime. The website is being run and supported generously already. Adding commission to the shirts would not be fair for any party involved due to the quick nature of production on the shirts. That’s not to say that this design is not amazing looking, we were just stressing to get at least SOME kind of updated WHU brand out there.


You can get your back custom printed. I will send you a personal link to you if you choose to get one. Just PM me on Facebook, Twitter, or message any of the staff here for your back design!


Please feel free to follow Atomic on Twitter @demisonfire, he is the artist for the first round of shirts!
ALSO: We will have more designs this week from Miava to be ready to go as well, so stay tuned for that!

Final thought of the night; What do you think should be changed with Survival? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Also don’t forget about the level one Hogger raid to kick off the Hunting Party Podcast SATURDAY, September 27th at 9:30pm central! Just make a dwarf on Icecrown or Malygos, we will be using the original WHU guild! One random raider will receive a free WHU lanyard mailed to them (even if you can’t make BlizzCon!!!)

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Good evening hunters!

I’m going to make sure I don’t constantly spam the front page, but with so much exciting news on the way, it’s hard not to keep the community updated with each bits that we gather in. The first large announcement is…

Hunting Party Podcast – The Next Generation



Rejoice hunters! We’re bringing back the podcast that you all loved and missed in Frosthiem’s time. We plan on having original admins of WHU to be guest starring in future podcasts as well, so don’t think you won’t hear the end of Arth or Frostheim yet, and even with our new time, be expecting really fun and engaging conversations about everything and all things relating to hunters. New and old cast will be behind and fronting the scenes for this show and we really hope to make awesome each time we air.

For hosts it’ll feature myself, Solarflair (Cloaks and Quiver as well as an author here), Delirium (ToTH blogger, NEW staff member at WHU) and Darkbrew, who is an original host and is a blog writer at thebrewhall!

So for more details about the show; they will be live broadcasted on every two weeks at 10am. Sunday will be the dates for the show to go, and you can expect episode 201 to air September 28th. Can’t make it to the live broadcast because you’re west coast and 7 am times are just no-go on your day off? No problem! We will have our shows recorded and published shortly after we air so you can be caught up with all of the shenanigans.

With the podcast kicking off, we will have a party the night before!


Hunting Party Podcast.. party

Saturday, September 27th at 9:30pm central, we will have an all level 1 dwarf hunter raid to kick the podcast off. Expect all of the HPP and most of the new editors/authors here from WHU to go! We will be on the server Icecrown, where the original WHU guild is. Are you interested in attending? Just show up and look for Artemishowl the female dwarf!

Delirium has some key tips that he wants all hunters who attend to remember:

…remind new folk that you can fly to stormwind from kharanos in dun morogh. If you kill more than ~8 mobs, you’ll level, making you inelligable for a hogger raid. You’ll have to kill a couple while running through Coldridge Pass to get to kharanos, so dono’t kill anything else.

The flights to Stormwind or Goldshire cost 48c. I’d be happy to hand out coppers to anyone who doesn’t have a character on that server, or doesn’t have a way of getting coppers, but since you can’t level, it means you really don’t have a way of gathering the small amount of copper needed.


Lanyards for BlizzCon

Lanyards for WHU’s all hunter meeetup (for details, click here) have finally mailed in, and here’s what they look like:


Unfortunately this year they are a BlizzCon perk, so we will not be mailing anyone lanyards out (I know, I suck!). Things for all hunters to purchase will be our shirts that will be available to order in a few weeks, so all players can enjoy some Hunter pride-filled shirts with glee at any hunt that they do in the future, let it be at the convention (please leave your hunts at home) or outside at work on casual friday.

Thanks everyone for the continuous support! Hope to see you all at our fun-filled gathering next Saturday! Bring your own bombs if you must.



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Finalboss, IRC, more shirts!

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Good afternoon Hunters!

Today we’re going to highlight some of the things happening in the community this past week. While we patiently wait for the arrival of 6.0 to drop on live, WHU’s very own Solarflair was on Finalboss this week giving his own impressions on beta and much more. Please give his interview (and the boomkin from Promethean) a watch!

There’s not much I can say different, Solarflair himself nailed it on the show, and we had a lot of hunters take over the chat in a mini “#TeamHunter” postings. His robotic voice periodically was indeed pleasant to hear to as well, give it a listen! A lot of things mentioned including ideas to fix MM AoE, the issues with soloing in WoD currently and the stable stacking problems, and much more including his impressions on the specs, stats and rotations in beta at this time.

Hunter-Only IRC

Please don’t forget to join into our hunter-only IRC where you can get some help fast from pretty nice players under “#beastcleaves”. is the easiest way to jump in the IRC channel and come hang out whenever you want. The hunter IRC group always has friendly people and mods hanging around to make sure there’s no trolling or spamming occuring, however people still joke around and have fun with one another. What a good way to make some hunter friends! See you there!


Shirt Updates

I wanted to briefly address shirt plans for this website. Currently, we will have 3 shirts coming into operation for BlizzCon and beyond. Yes, 3! We have our artist Demiz Perez still working very hard on the inked up shirt design with a bow the community came up together known as “Hogger’s Deathwish”, and it is going to be getting colored this week. Our second artist is hosted by Miava, who is already in the fashion industry on our website, as she is designing two shirts for ladies and men representation. And yes, there will be a dwarf on the male side of things. While the male shirt is still being done, and ladies and gentlemen can purchase either design, here is the progress on each shirt.

Demis Perez






No male blueprints ready to go quite yet for Miava, so hang in tight folks, we want to make sure you all get amazing shirts for BlizzCon or even outside of BlizzCon. Let these artists know what you think! As a final thought for today, what do you like or dislike about the designs so far?

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Hunter Specialization Guides for WoD

Posted: by Artemishowl

Good afternoon, hunters!

Yesterday I wasn’t home, and came home way too late to make a blog post. Regardless, today I want to introduce to all of you two players who are going to help reformat and clean up some of the hunter specialization guides to make sure your transition from Mists to Warlords will be as smooth as possible. I have two more players who will be introduced the next week as well to finalize the mini QA series, but today the community will have be able to see what Dyveriate and Cliper have in store for the community.


First we’ll have a look at Dyveriate’s point of view on his perspectives of what to bring and provide for Warcraft Hunters’ Union. He’s a strong hunter raiding for Blood Legion with a very long raiding history.

1) What is your experience with raiding as a hunter?‏

I started raiding at the beginning of TBC doing about 15-20 hours a week after Karazhan. I took a break from the game during Sunwell, but started playing again for WotLK with a 10 man guild. I eventually joined the Horde Death and Taxes guild for Ulduar, where we eventually merged with Aurora to become Vigil, taking US 2nd Yogg 0. I continued raiding with them until around the middle of Dragon Soul farm, where I had to take a break from the game.

I decided to come back to raiding the week after Blood Legion finished Tier 14 progression, where I joined the guild with another member of Vigil, and have since continued raiding with them.

2) What are you most excited about for BM hunters in Warlords?‏

BM has largely remained the same for WoD aside from the removal of serpent sting. However, our focus generating talents in fervor/steady focus/thrill of the hunt are not as effective as before, and I’ve been getting an average of 50%-60% thrill up time on AoE fights, compared to the old 70%-80%. Steady Focus is clunky to use and is 10 seconds shorter than the current iteration for MM, which was buffed to 20 seconds to improve quality of life, which leaves me a bit confused. Barrage has been significantly buffed, making it the only usable 90 talent currently, but it impacts our AoE priority heavily, leaving very little room for Kill Command with our current focus constraints.

3) What do you hope to give to the community with helping the BM guides?

I hope to help players learn how to go through different fights, or at least provide guidance through different mechanics from a hunter’s perspective.

If you have questions for him about anything hunter related, feel free to contact him on twitter @dyveriate.


While we have a lot of horde pride in our WHU staff, we also still care about the Alliance hunters out there. Bringing on board Cliper, who is also a very experienced high end raiding hunter for Midwinter, hopefully this adds more Alliance flavor to the technical side of things behind the scenes, even though he has a horde hunter ready to go for any all-hunter raiding events!

1) What is your name and your hunter history?

My name is Cliperlol, a raiding hunter in Midwinter on US-Sargeras. I’ve always played a hunter since I started playing World of Warcraft during Burning Crusade but I didn’t actually main a hunter until T11. I currently have 2 raiding hunters that I raid with, one of which is Horde and the other is Alliance. This allows my to get the best of both worlds and also allows me to be able to participate in the ever so famous All Hunter Raids!

2) Why do you want to help revise the BM guides for WoD

I wanted to help do these guides because I have always enjoyed playing BM and I feel like there are a some grey areas within the spec that consist of what if’s and when if’s something happens, whats the correct thing to do. My goal through these guides is to help eliminate that area and to help other hunters looking for a way to maximize their performance to have that opportunity to do so. Also, with time be able to provide information on individual new encounters with ways to better your performance with tips and tricks.

3) What is something that you want the community to know about you?

If you have ever watched my stream, you will know that I’m a pretty weird person with a weird but funny personality. Through doing the All-Hunter Raids, I have gained the glorious title of “Alliance Scum” as I am the only hunter there who mains a alliance character but if I don’t represent, who will? I enjoy helping people, and you can always ask me questions on my twitter @Cliperlol or by twitch message.

And there you have it for two amazing hunters being brought to the staff here! I know I stress daily that we want to be a hunter resource for all players to use come Warlords. We will start having updates coming in the next couple weeks as 6.0 gets closer and closer.

Everyone enjoy your Sunday, enjoy your football (Go Saints!) and do whatever you love doing most on a Sunday afternoon. My final thought of the day for everyone here is: What do you want added to this website? Reminder we are not changing the face of WHU, but if you have any suggestions, feel free to add them in the comments below.

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Blizzcon 2014 All-Hunter Meetup

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Let’s Hang Out!

Happy Friday hunters! Tonight it’s been a pretty difficult evening at work, and I still have some Q/A’s I want to share with you all not tonight unfortunately, but tomorrow evening as I wrap a few things up with a couple new WHU editors who will be handling the more technical side of things for hunters, including the guides for all the specializations and the gearing specifics guide for Warlords.

With the place I work at almost catching on fire, just want to make tonight a special hub for you hunters who will be attending BlizzCon 2014. We wanted to really express how our after-Con all-hunter meetup will be amazingly fun, with scores of over 70+ players who are dedicated (and slightly less dedicated) hunters from all levels of the game will be there. Are you still not interested?!


Look at these amazing lanyards. Thanks to the efforts and contributions of the wonderful community, we were able to have a (brief) fundraiser to purchase 100 of these lanyards for YOU! Yes, you lucky reader who will hopefully come hang out with us! I have high hopes that we will be passing all of these out at the convention, which sadly means you may not purchase them directly from the website (yet, we might have plans for that in the future, but not immediate future). These lanyards will be free for all hunters who come and meet up with us! Majority of the new editors (Azortharion wishes he could go, but alas, always next year) of WHU will be there to help me hand them out, so it will be a great way for all of you to meet the staff, meet some more hunters in your community, celebrate the joys of being a hunter, and show off the lanyards to the other classes who don’t get to be as lucky to be a part of an amazing community.

We will be meeting up again, after the convention is over on Saturday evening, November 8th. “After convention” will be relative to a person who thinks the concert is worthwhile being there or not, but I more than likely will be there early and help direct others to the right location. The meetup will take place at the Hilton in a remote restaurant away from the rest of the festivities. Returning con-goers will understand that the Hilton is flooded annually with a lot of BlizzCon folks, so we want to try to find a little location away from the crowd and have a nice get together, as nice and small as we can for a group of 70 people. Foxy has been put in charge of finding us that right spot. We’ll have a better update as the convention gets closer as to the specifics of where we’re meeting up.

We do recommend leaving all dwarven hand-cannons and bows behind, as the Hilton staff probably will frown upon you bringing those into the hotel.

With this in mind, we at WHU still value all the members and hunters of the community, and would like to help you have some more hunter gear for the life outside of the convention. We have an amazing artist who shared with me and some other hunters recently the first sketches of the brand new WHU-themed shirts. Here’s the first sketch of our potential shirt design below:


You can follow this up and coming artist on twitter @demisonfire. We have no doubts that these shirts will turn out wonderfully. You may even order it custom-designed on the back to include your hunter’s name, server, guild, anything your heart desires! Again, shirts will be available for ALL players, as to pay dues to hunters who can’t go. We still care about you! (Try coming to the convention next year!)

If you want to see my spreadsheet for the convention (and some previous TeamHunter raid rosters), just follow this link here! If you want to go, you don’t need to sign up, but if you want to be placed on the list, you may post a comment or tweet me your hunter’s name, server and guild information. Alliance and Horde friendly, and very, very hunter friendly, we hope to make this BlizzCon one to remember for all hunters involved!

Thanks everyone for reading once again. Tonight’s final thought: What are you most excited to do at BlizzCon? Share your thoughts below and have a good night!


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