#TEAMHUNTER … the meetup was AMAZING.  I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we must do this again!  Next time we can do it bigger and better since we know what to expect.  Please by all means if you have any pictures from the gathering send them to me, I’d like to combine a small album for people to  view.

Please send them to:  WarcraftHuntersUnion@gmail.com .




WHU Staff

Blizzcon 2014 All Hunter Meet-up



Please feel free to contact me via Twitter @MsMoLogan or @Artemishowl should you have any questions!

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The Grumpy Elf

With all of the number changes happening recently, and my usual, frantic attempt to make everything into a spreadsheet; I might have, sort of, completely forgotten about Garrisons in the upcoming release of Warlords of Draenor. You can only imagine my relief then, when I saw the Grumpy Elf was writing a series of guides to help layout all of the pros and cons of each profession building for your garrisons, and how they work depending on whether or not you have the related profession.  So far, he’s got guides for:

The Grumpy Elf mentioned that the last few guides should be out soon. He’s been putting out almost one every day lately, so be sure to check back at his site often when you’re going over your garrison needs (I’ll try to update this post with links to the new guides as they come out, also).

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Solo Guide: Heroic Lich King 25-man

Posted: by Solarflair

Hey everyone,

This guide will be the first of many in our encounter solo articles. For these pieces, we’ll generally try to focus on fun, unique, challenging and sought-after boss kills – or any combination of those adjectives. :)

To start, we’ll kick it off with something fairly easy, but up until recently was quite a hard challenge! Today, our adventure begins in Icecrown Citadel.

You can choose to tackle Icecrown Citadel (we’ll call it ICC now for short) in a variety of different ways. Currently at 90, WoD pre-patch, most of it has become fairly easy and I imagine for most it will only become more accessible as time goes on. If you’re looking to zip right through it, just set the raid to 10-man normal and clear all the way up to Lich King before flipping it over to 25-heroic. If you’re looking to make a little extra gold along the way, you can choose to do 25-man heroic all the way through – just remember on some fights you may have to deal with a few more mechanics. Now before we get into it, I’ll tell you every facet and everything you would need to know if you were doing this as a freshly minted 90, you may choose to follow all, some, or none of the strategy to suit your play style and/or gear. For perspective, in my most recent Lich King kill, Arthas spent more time in his roleplay phase than he did in any other phase in the fight combined!


We advise that you refer to our Extreme Soloing: Spec, Talents & Glyphs article for optimal survivability and damage reduction.

Phase 1:

Phase 1 is simple enough, your average tank and spank sprinkled in with a few mechanics.

Ghouls and Horrors: These vile creatures of the Lich King can either be held onto by your pet and naturally cleaved down or prioritized immediately to reduce incoming pet damage. Barrage usually makes short work of them.

Necrotic Plague: You got your flu shot this season, a negligible mechanic.

Infest: Unless everything is going to hell in a handbasket, Infest isn’t the monster it used to be. It falls off if you are healed at above 90% HP. You can alternatively choose to line-of-sight the mechanic entirely by standing behind one of the ice pillars.

Shadow Traps: The only thing that’s really going to ruin your day in Phase 1, keep an eye out for this when it flies from the Lich King to your location when it’s cast. A quick sidestep will save the day, however, if you do manage to get punted off – a well-timed 180-degree Disengage back on to the platform will keep you in the game.

At 70% HP, the Lich King transitions into his first intermission phase.

Intermission Phase 1&2:

Remorseless Winter & Pain and Suffering: Arthas’ channeled AoEs now deal minimal damage. If you’d like, you can tackle this one of two ways. You can get in fairly close, to easily cleave down all of the adds, and continue DPS’ing the Lich King. Or, you can outrange these mechanics and stand on the edge of the platform to handle adds one at a time – you’ll sacrifice some boss DPS this way, but you’ll play it safe in reducing your damage taken. As it stands currently, I’d recommend the former.

Raging Spirits: These spawn every 20-seconds and deal, for the encounter’s sake, a moderate amount of damage. Just have your pet pick them up and cleave them down with the Lich King.

Ice Spheres: These fixate on to you and act like a moving Shadow Trap, touch one and you may be sent to one of Azeroth’s moons. If you choose to stand close to the Lich King during the Intermission phase, skirt around these as necessary, most Barrage/Chimaera Shot/Explosive Trap damage will make short work of these.

From here, if your DPS is on fire, you may just hold Arthas in the intermission until he reaches 10%, if so, well done! If not, don’t fear – we’ve got you covered.

Phase 2:

Defile: Oh Defile, how nightmares were once made. Be sure to quickly move or Disengage out of it and you wont get flashbacks of your raid leader yelling at everyone to get the **** out.

Val’kyrs: These can be troublesome. Once picked up, you’ve got a one-way ticket to a nice free fall. In order to circumvent these lovely ladies entirely, you can do one of two things. Disengage quickly right as they drop you, or my preferred method, become “the tank”! That’s right, the game recognizes you as the tank if you take a melee swing from either Lich King or a Raging Spirit (if you want the spirit, hold on to one from the intermission) otherwise just Distracting Shot Arthas, if that won’t work, a quick Dismiss Pet and a nice slap in the face from the king himself will do the trick, and you’ll be absolutely repulsive to those Val’kyrs for a full minute, repeat as needed.

At 40%, the Lich King transitions into his second intermission phase.

Intermission Phase 1&2:

See above. After 1-minute of being in the intermission, or until 10% HP, Arthas will transition again.

Phase 3:

Harvest Soul: Arthas will suck you inside Frostmourne, you’ll be in a short “intermission” where you are intended to survive by not being hit by the falling shadow orbs, and killing the NPCs inside, however, all of this is now negligible. Say hello to Terenas on your way in/out.

Defile: Will still be present, see above.

Vile Spirits: Arthas will summon these spirits high in the air, and then they will fixate on to you and chase you, exploding for mild damage. There is an achievement for killing them all before they touch you – if this is something you’d like to do, head over to the throne before he summons (casts) them. Save your Barrage for this occaision and mow them down while they take a longer route to get to you.

At 10% HP, the Lich King transitions into Phase 4.

Phase 4:

You’ve done it! A very long RP session begins. Arthas kicks off this phase by casting Fury of Frostmourne, if you’re somehow at low HP or just want to defy the Lich King one last time, pop Deterrence just before the cast goes off to ensure your survival. It use to deal 1,000,000 damage, after all.
That just about wraps it up! Thanks for reading and good luck on farming your Invincible mount. In next edition, we’ll be delving deep into Ulduar’s Descent of Madness to pay a visit to an Old God.

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Hunter’s Guide to 6.0.2

Posted: by Artemishowl

Welcome everyone!

We’re finally here, Warlords of Draenor pre-patch! This guide should hopefully prepare any hunter to help them out with their burning questions about what to do soon as the servers come up on patch day. There will be a lot of details and links to guides to other WHU parts too. This is your level 90 one month before launch helping hand, with information relative to the expansion but you’ll see some parts that will not be relative when you ding to 100 in November. Let’s start digging into the goods, shall we?

6.0.2 Changes

New character models, toy boxes, quest log improvements and so much more.
Let’s start with the basics. What you’ll be seeing Tuesday are quite a few new changes you may notice off the get-go. You’ll first want to check your talents and make sure nothing was reset. A lot of talents were changed and revamped. Ability pruning may also leave gaps in your bars as a lot of spells were refined or removed.

MM had major changes to its gameplay altogether and is actually doing pretty solid damage-wise at 90 alongside BM. Survival? Well, that’s another story; I recommend not playing Survival until level 100.

There will be a pre-patch event as well, UBRS will be revamped to level 90 and you can tackle the dungeon with the regular dungeon finder; Doing this dungeon will get you chances at 550 item level loot, a title, and a new pet! You may also notice when you queue, that there are new changes to the group-finder system; that has been refined for Warlords to make PuGing, or pick up groups, easier to find and do.


Gear Changes

Stat Squish

Come Tuesday, you may notice your health drop, your gear missing 0’s, and your DPS looking very…low. Don’t fret! While this may be a weird transition, a stat squish merely happened! In Warlords, the goal is to consolidate damage to a smaller number. Even though there’s fewer 0’s, you are still just as strong as you were when you first hit 580 item level.

Reforging is gone
For all hunters, this is insanely important–reforging is gone. Yes, no more reforging! No more having to tinker with your gear 4 times to make it viable with each other. With reforging removed, all of your gear will be reverted back to its original state.

Hit and Expertise Removed
This means no more fretting about getting your character to those appropriate 7.5% hit and expertise ratings anymore! This also means that any gear with hit or expertise will be converted into critical strike gear. All players now have 0% chance to be dodged and a 3% chance to be parried.

Agility Changes
Agility is now just a 1:1 ratio in terms of how it works, now it is just 1 point of Agility = 1 AP. This means you will want to change all of your gemming. Keep reading further in the guide for more information on gemming.

Secondary Stat Changes
Critical Strike no longer comes from Agility. Instead, we Hunters now have a baseline of 15% Crit across the board. Haste has been merged from spell haste, ranged haste, and melee haste into one cluster now, as well. These changes will greatly improve stat quality of life.

New Stats
While Hit and Expertise are gone; two new secondary stats will step up. Multistrike and Versatility will be seen in Warlords of Draenor. Versatility benefits players who are hybrid classes, more so than pure DPS classes because it increases healing as well as damage done. Multistrike will be very important for Hunters, this is a stat that gives all of your hits, abilities and even pet attacks a chance to roll twice for extra damage. The extra damage is about 30% of the original hit, which has a second chance to crit. Are you a mathematical wizard or just want to really understand more in-depth about how MS works? Please visit Delirium’s guide on Understanding Multistrike.


Profession Changes

What happened to synapse springs!? Well, with 6.0, all professions lose their professional combat perks. Nitro boosts will still exist, but you have to either use that ability, or use a DPS potion instead; they now share the same item family. This will open a window for anyone to pick their professions of their choice. For Warlords, you will only be able to wear 3 pieces of crafted gear at a time, not including weapon. This will make Leatherworking and Engineering our top pick for you to choose and we’ll have a guide for Hunters and Garrisons come close to launch with more reasoning behind this. For now, just keep what you have. Gathering professions will have more perks than Crafting professions. Warlords will offer new alternatives to leveling a profession quick.



New abilities are passively added into your spell books that increase a secondary stat in a way. These “attunements” were added for every spec; for Hunters they also will reflect how you will be prioritizing gear at 90 and even 100. Unfortunately for Survival, the lack of any MS gear makes this spec weak at level 90.

Marksmanship: Lethal Shots – You gain 5% more of the Critical Strike stat from all sources.
Beast Mastery: Animal Handling – You gain 5% more of the Mastery stat from all sources.
Survival: Survivalist – Increases the damage of your Multistrikes by 20%. After killing a target, you gain 15% health over 10 sec.


Ability Pruning

There were a lot of abilities removed in Warlords that will be important to highlight across the board. The most important thing to remember is that there will be no more Aspect of the Hawk. With that gone, the stance bar is removed, thus you will need to put Aspect of the Cheetah and Pack on your bars. Stances also now are on the GCD (Global Cooldown).
For a full list, check out our new and changed ability list here.

Ability pruning and refinement was used in Warlords to completely define the specs apart from each other. For example, with Serpent Sting being for Survival only, it complements the spec to look like the multi-dotting play style out of the three. Marksmanship feels exactly how it should – stand still act sniper-like. Beast Mastery still has its own flavor as a pet-handling specialization with burst. We’ll talk about the changes and briefly touch on rotations for tomorrow’s patch.


Spec Flavor of the Month

For 6.0, you will find either Marksmanship or Beast Mastery to be the strongest spec right now. With the above attributed links and information, we will discuss what talents and scenarios you should be playing either spec with. For Single Target or fights with 2-4 targets, we recommend MM. For fights with 4+ targets consistently, we recommend BM. With Siege, a lot of fights still have heavy cleave, so while Marksmanship will trump in those fields, you’ll still find Beast Mastery strong.
Marksmanship Single/Cleave Talents
MM talents

Beast Mastery Talents

BM talents

Remember that level 15 and level 30 can be the talent of your choosing!


Spec Rotations/Changes

For all specs, Barrage has taken over for single target purposes. It’s still a talent, and Glaive Toss is still decent, but Barrage will involve more skill cap as you will now need to Focus pool to 60 Focus every 20 seconds.

Beast Mastery

  • Rapid Fire, Hunter’s Mark, Serpent Sting removed.
  • Go for the Throat merged with Invigoration.
  • Frenzy merged with Focus Fire.
  • The Beast Within merged with Bestial Wrath.
  • Beast Cleave now allows pet Multistrikes to cleave as well.
  • Kill Shot improved to give back health if it kills the target.

Rotation: Same as usual, minus no more serpent sting. You may notice your opener macro will be more consolidated as a lot of CDs were removed or turned into talents. Hit your racial CD (if applicable), your level 60 talent, Bestial Wrath into Kill Command and into your priority shots. Focus Fire still should be used after BW’s duration or during BW if you are out of focus. Remember to Kill Shot when it’s up. The best thing you can do as a BM Hunter is to always make sure you’re pooling enough focus to hit Kill Command soon as it comes up. A tricky addition to the BM rotation will be pooling around 60 Focus every 20 seconds to get Barrage off. Some sims are suggesting Stampede or AMOC over Blink Strikes, but Blink Strikes is easier to manage as it’s less to worry about and it benefits your pet’s basic attacks as well give it a teleport to its target.
Level 90 Stats/Gems: Crit > Haste > Mastery, Red: Crafty Vermilion Onyx (10+ Haste, 10+ Crit) Yellow: Smooth Sun’s Radiance (20+ Crit) Blue: Rigid River’s Heart (20 Crit)
For more on the Beast Mastery shot priority for single target, and for AoE, visit our BM guide here.


  • Rapid Fire, Kill Shot removed.
  • Black Arrow resets when dispelled.
  • Improved SS is gone, and Cobra Shot no longer refreshes SS. Serpent Sting is applied and refreshed by Arcane Shot.
  • Explosive Shot now costs 15 Focus.
  • Lock and Load is baked into Black Arrow now. One proc guaranteed per Black Arrow duration.

Rotation: Survival lost its entire set of cool downs, therefore relying on the talent tree to change how the spec plays. We at WHU feel the spec is very weak in design, as Blizzard wants you to focus around Lock and Load, which is fairly weak due to RNG. Here’s how you should be playing Survival single target. Maintain SS up with Arcane Shot, put up Black Arrow, use Explosive Shot, your tier 60/75/90 talents and make sure to prioritize Lock and Load (should it proc) above all else. The rotation is very dull with the changes.
Level 90 Stats/Gems: Crit > Haste > Mastery, Red: Crafty Vermilion Onyx (10+ Haste, 10+ Crit) Yellow: Smooth Sun’s Radiance (20+ Crit) Blue: Rigid River’s Heart (20 Crit).
For more on Survival shot priority for single target, and for AoE, visit our Survival Guide here.


  • Rapid Recuperation, Mastery: Wild Quiver, Concussive Barrage, Steady Focus, Mastery Marksman, Piercing Shots – removed
  • New Mastery: Sniper Training
  • Arcane Shot removed for MM only – Aimed Shot as Focus dump.
  • Silencing Shot removed, replaced with Counter Shot
  • Rapid Fire now turns Careful Aim on as well.
  • Chimaera Shot name change and now hits two targets.

Rotation: Marksman has some major changes to it. The new mastery will require you to plan your steps ahead of time to ensure a good 80-95% uptime on the buff. With that said, you still will want to use Rapid Fire in your opener, as it will still be more useful than waiting till after the target is below 80%. Be careful with burning your CDs; your opener should be using Chimaera Shot and AMOC to try and proc TotH. By then, you can spam Aimed Shot only with TotH up. After 80% is done, you will want to then go into the regular priority list. Kill Shot when it’s up, Chimaera Shot on CD, AMOC, Glaive Toss / Barrage, Aimed Shot as a focus dump and Steady Focus for regen. However, go back to the Careful Aim rotation when you have Rapid Fire up later in the fight.
Level 90 Stats/Gems: Crit > Mastery > Haste, Red: Crafty Vermilion Onyx (10+ Haste, 10+ Crit) Yellow: Smooth Sun’s Radiance (20+ Crit) Blue: Rigid River’s Heart (20 Crit).
For more information on MM, the opener, and AoE, visit our Marksmanship Guide here.

I highly recommend getting used to MM as well. It will be very strong for Warlords, and it will be more challenging than before with being careful of movement, your Rapid Fire, and making sure that during Careful Aim you are doing what you can to utilize your Focus dumps.


New Raid Cooldown

Aspect of the Fox is back, and unlike how it was in Cataclysm, this is a cool down that will affect your entire raid. The ability is a three minute CD that when used, will let the entire raid cast on the move for six seconds! Solarflair will constantly remind players on the Hunting Party Podcast to work with your healers to utilize this cool down the most efficiently for a raid environment.


Traps and CC Changes

Quality of life improvements in the game have removed various abilities, including Scatter Shot, Silencing Shot, Concussive Barrage and Widow Venom. However, traps now can instant arm. In return, it appears traps are flying a little slower out of trap launcher than how they appear to in 5.4. Trap snaring now shares a DR with any other root diminishing return. Pets have lost all of their CC as well; however a couple pets still have 50% slow reductions, including Spiders and Silithids (Exotic).


New Pet Changes

There is a LOT of Hunter changes coming to the pets. For instance, all pets with CC’s have had theirs removed. We have a list of the removed pet CC’s here. In return, however, we now have pets that have a lot more utility, unique spells, and even new pet families sprouting in 6.0.
New Pet Families

New Non-Exotic Abilities
With 6.0, players will no longer need to play BM to have important raid utility pets with them. This allows players to play what they want if their group, or if they themselves, want to have one of the raid perks. It also truly turns Hunters into the Jack of all Trades! There’s also a few new pet-defensive CDs we’ll cover as well.

New Exotic Abilities
And as usual, Blizzard gave us a couple new BM only abilities that still will give the spec it’s perks.

  • Slow Fall– Your Rylak beats its powerful wings, slowing the fall speed of both itself and the hunter for 30 seconds.
  • Feast– The Devilsaur feasts on a nearby Humanoid or Beast corpse within 5 yards, healing it for 20% of its maximum health and restoring 20 Focus over 6 seconds. (Devilsaurs)
  • Molten Hide– When the Core Hound takes melee attacks, it infuses its hide with molten lava, causing 0 to 2 Fire damage to all further melee attackers for 10 sec. Molten Hide can only activate every 60 sec. (Core Hound)

And for a lovely chart of all the pet changes, please head on over to our pet changes guide here.



There are a lot of glyph changes. Some glyphs can’t interact with each other anymore, radically modifying what you can choose for your three major glyph slots. For example, you can’t use Glyph of Deterrence and Glyph of Mirrored Blades together anymore. I highly recommend giving our new and improved updated glyph guide a visit here. For now, here’s a list of brand new glyphs added in Warlords of Draenor:

  • Glyph of Play Dead: Your pet also plays dead when you use Feign Death.
  • Glyph of Quick Revival: Your Revive Pet is now instant but costs 80 Focus.
  • Glyph of Snake Trap: Your Ice Trap is replaced with Snake Trap. Venomous snakes released by the trap will poison nearby enemies with a Crippling Poison that reduces movement speed by 50% for 12 sec.
  • Glyph of Misdirection: When you use Misdirection on your pet, the cool down on your Misdirection is reset.

As usual, until you hit level 100, stick with the glyphs you have for now. Animal Bond, any Disengage glyph and any Deterrence glyph will do the trick. At level 100, if you go with Lone Wolf, replace Animal Bond with another glyph of preference, Marksman will probably favor Chimaera Shot, and Survival can pick any survivability glyph of their choice.



We want to make smaller, individual guides for leveling and more level 100 stuff along the way to 6.0. For now, we really hope the guides we have here at WHU that have been updated, reviewed, and edited by Aldarana, Artemishowl, Azortharion, Delirium, Dyveriate, Foxÿ, Miava, Shoot, and Solarflair are found useful for every Hunter out there. For a full list of guides, please visit the directory here. We’re ready to share what we know with you. If you have any information to share, please email me at laxchick94@hotmail.com. Please post any comments, questions, and anything else in the comments below. Let’s go, 6.0!

Outside help and credit: Wowhead.com, wow-petopia.com, eyesofthebeast.com, thebrewhall.com

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With Warlords of Draenor upon us in a little under a month; the solo’ing section of WHU will be updated to provide you with the best and latest up-to-date information on solo’ing. This overview will contain basic information covering optimal solo’ing talent choices; glyphs; basic strategy; and advanced strategies; as well as individual boss strategies in the future.

For more WHU Warlords of Draenor guides, visit the guide page.

The Basics: Glyphs, Pets, Talents

Talents and glyphs will vary from fight to fight depending on the boss you are attempting to solo and the mechanics behind it; but when it comes to essential talent choices and glyphs a lot of general hunter solo’ing strategy is similar if not identical.

Essential Talents; Spirit Bond, Adaptation
Overview on Talents; Beast Mastery remains the go-to spec for solo’ing for several reasons. The Level 100 talent Adaptation gives your pet essentially all 3 pet specialization’s abilities (Ferocity/Tenacity/Cunning) wrapped into 1 spec. Beast Mastery also allows the control of exotic pets; more importantly  the control of spirit beasts which provide a little extra healing should the encounter call for it via Spirit Mend.

Essential Glyphs; Glyph of Mending, Glyph of Misdirection, Glyph of Animal Bond.
Overview on Glyphs; Glyph setup remains nearly identical to how it was in Mists of Pandaria; your top 3 choices for general hunter solo’ing consist of Glyph of Mending Glyph of Misdirection  and Glyph of Animal BondGlyph of Mending allows you to keep your pet alive significantly easier; Glyph of Misdirection allows your pet to maintain threat throughout the encounter; and Glyph of Animal Bond will aid you in increasing your Spirit Bond tick heals for you and your pet; as well as further increasing your mend pet‘s healing output even further.

Essential Solo’ing Pets; Shale Spider, Spirit Beast
Overview on Pets; The shale spider is the top choice as a hunter solo’ists pet in Warlords of Draenor due to it not only providing Stats/Crit but also having a powerful defensive CD Solid Shell In the past the turtle was a more optimal choice; however the turtle does not provide any buffs in Warlords of Draenor; and only has the same defensive CD as the Shale Spider; therefore; A pet that provides 2 buffs and has  1 defensive > Pet that provides no buffs and has 1 defensive. The Spirit Beast remains a powerful alternative choice for bosses that may not hit your pet as hard; but may require extra healing towards the hunter by utilizing Spirit Mend.

Now that we’ve discussed the basic hunter solo’ing concepts a bit; let’s move on to important changes in Warlords of Draenor to hunter solo’ing;


Changes to Hunter Solo’ing in Warlords

To truly get a grasp of what our solo’ing capabilities are like in Warlords of Draenor; examining what we’ve lost and what we’ve gained and making a comparison will allow us to examine hunter solo’ing a bit more in depth.

What We’ve Lost

  • Cower is no longer in the game.
  • “Stable Stacking” is longer in the game. Pets no longer have separate CDs on abilities such as Last Stand/Spirit Mend./Solid Shell. In Mists of Pandaria you were able to cast any of these pet spells; dismiss that pet and call a separate pet of the same type and chain spells like these; an advanced solo’ing tactic commonly referred to as “Stable Stacking”

What We’ve Gained

  • Kill Shot now heals the hunter for 15% if the target is killed by this ability. This may not sound like a lot; but when attempting to solo fights containing lots of low health targets that die quickly this can be extremely potent when used correctly; though it is certainly situational.
  • Adaptation as mentioned before is a fantastic new talent for solo’ing. Not only does your pet do its full damage potential; it retains tenacity pet abilities; specifically the powerful Last Stand
  • Glyph of Quick Revival; An interesting glyph that has some situational solo’ing uses.

Overall losing stable stacking definitely hurts our solo’ing capabilities tremendously; and though the compensation for losing this tactic may not necessarily be equal; extreme hunter solo’ing is still very much alive and with it comes more advanced tactics and gameplay.


Advanced Hunter Solo’ing Concepts

I’ll start off by discussing some older but still extremely useful tactics that even other classes can utilize to their advantage when solo’ing; these are situational tactics; but in many cases (often by accident) are discovered and allow us to solo what was otherwise thought “impossible” I’ll then move onto some more hands on tactics that specifically apply to the hunter class and are new concepts implemented in Warlords of Draenor via spell changes or gameplay changes.

“Dummy Tanking”
Often times a boss will cast an ability that either causes loss of control of your character which can reset an encounter; or does something that will inevitably kill your character (debuffs/certain spells etc) A lot of fights are programmed in such a way that the main threat target (the tank) will usually not receive said mind control/debuff/etc. By being the boss’s main threat target instead of your pet when certain specific abilities go out; these abilities are altogether negated entirely; allowing you to overcome a fight. A few examples of this concept are Cho’gall’s Mind Control Mechanic; and Sinestra’s Wrack mechanic. By being the primary threat target at the time either of these example abilities go out; you do not receive said mind control/wrack debuff. Be creative with this; you never know what ability you can entirely negate by making yourself the main threat target over your pet.

This is a fairly simple concept but it is important to experiment and play around with. Simply put; a lot of times if you are a very large range (i.e. 60+ yards) outside the boss you are attempting to solo (room size/encounter depending) some bosses will altogether not cast abilities that would otherwise kill you. This same concept can be used in tandem with feign death to avoid various boss abilities altogether. This is fairly situational; but again experiment with this when trying to solo different bosses; you never know when you might just accidentally find an ability that can be ranged or feigned and negated altogether.

“Space Utilization”
Another older but still useful concept; think of any fight where a boss hits hard and applies for example a stacking debuff. This debuff may not kill your pet immediately; but as the fight progresses your pet is eventually going to die even if you keep mend pet up optimally. Revive pet is an extremely fast cast; so by putting yourself fairly far away from the boss you are trying to solo and gauging when your pet is close to near death; as long as you can get Revive pet off after your pet dies; then quickly Feign Death/Misdirection before the boss reaches you; this can be extremely useful. This tactic depends heavily on the room size of the boss you are attempting to solo and works better on slower moving bosses.

Sometimes when you are solo’ing a boss your pet is near death; but you have for example your pet’s Solid Shell CD up in 2 or 3 seconds and that will hold your pet over if it can just live that much longer.

The following macro can be used to rapidly get your pet to come towards you; sometimes so rapidly that it will in fact dodge one or multiple boss swings altogether; buying you that extra 2 or 3 seconds your pet needed to gain Solid Shell again and not die. This macro is also especially useful for rapidly positioning a boss in a specific position you need it to be in. Just put yourself where you want the boss to be and use this macro to take your pet there:

/cast Master’s Call

“Quick Rez/Space Utilization 2”
Sometimes for whatever reason that 3 seconds of space to cast Revive pet you need between yourself and the boss you are trying to solo just isn’t quite cutting it. This is a new concept introduced with the new glyph; Glyph of Quick Revival. This glyph essentially serves no purpose in PvE raiding; but in solo’ing it definitely has some situational uses.  If you keep yourself hovered at 80 focus on harder hitting bosses with rooms that don’t give you enough space to get that Revive pet cast off; this is the ticket to living forever. Often times you won’t even have to Feign Death after getting this off if you can dump enough threat quickly into the freshly rezzed pet; thus saving yourself a valuable Feign Death you might need in the next 30 seconds of the fight.

Now that Kill Shot provides a 15% heal each time you kill a target with it; it’s opened some interesting doors on solo’ing various encounters. Think about any fight where there are lots of low HP adds that aren’t of great priority to you or your pet living. Often times you can hold onto adds like these; get them into Kill Shot range; Kill Shot 1 to heal yourself for 15%; wait for Kill Shot to come off CD in 8 seconds; then Kill Shot another to keep yourself healed up. This concept is incredibly useful in any fight with a lot of adds and has endless possibilities for hunter solo’ing in the future.

That concludes the general basics of hunter solo’ing in Warlords of Draenor; some thoughts on how we are now as solo’ists as opposed to in MoP, as well as some solo’ing tactics that are somewhat lesser known; but still essential to add to your solo’ing toolkit.


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