Hunting Party Podcast Reminder!

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Good morning/evening WHU!

Coming up at 9am central/10am eastern is episode #202 of The Hunting Party Podcast!

This week we want to go over some last minute things about level 100 hunters and what to expect with Tuesday’s patch arrival, among other topics. We’re going to catch everyone up with what’s going on around the world of Hunters as well as answer all of your questions as usual. Please tweet us @HuntingPartyPod if you still have some last minute questions for the Podcast, as we want to make sure everyone gets those aching hunter questions out of the way for Warlords!

In case you need to catch up on previous episodes, check out the HPP website here:

Also tune into our LIVE twitch channel in the morning!

Watch live video from HuntingPartyPodcast on

Starring your usual cast, Solarflair, Darkbrew, Bendak, Delirium and myself, with moderators including Alisaunder and Synthparadox. Hope to see you all there! #TeamHunter!

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Oct 11/12th Plans (And 6.0 reminder)

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6.0 Is Nigh!


Good evening, hunters. Today we’re going to take one last look at Mists of Pandaria hunters and remind everyone to get some final things done this week before you no longer can, as 6.0 releases next week. Mists was an interesting expansion for hunters. At the start, we were strong until a few talents got nerfed (Lynx Rush, Blink Strikes being passive) and struggled slightly here and there till Siege of Orgrimmar. I think from a soloing perspective, a lot of amazing feats were conquered; as well as the all Hunter raids making a major come back towards the end of the expansion. Frostheim continues to watch the WHU, and is backbone for this website’s revival, but we all miss him. A lot of strong writers are helping hunters out wherever they can. Podcasts make a path back into the community as well. This was a good couple years! There are a lot of bittersweet emotions about raiding 10 or 25 man heroic SoO for one last time this week and welcoming on board the new “Mythic” prospect, eagerly waiting to see what that can bring in store for the hunter community.

I feel like Mists was a very solid expansion from a raiding point of view and will be heavily missed as 6.0 rolls in with all of its intimidating button pruning, mechanical changes to classes and damage shrinking as well. We will have guides revised before the patch hits. Sorry for the delay, we felt it would be better to do it all at once after they stopped toying with beta builds as much and hope to help hunters all around be ready for the massive changes.

While we are on our last week of 5.4, here’s a good reminder of things you should probably do before the patch hits:

  • Challenge Modes: The armor, achievements, everything ends this week. Nag a friend, go to, but try to get some sweet looking hunter transmog gear and mount opportunities before it’s too late! Remember if you have all the silver achievements on one character, you can get all the phoenix mounts when 6.0 goes live-account wide.
  • Proving Grounds: The level 90 achievements are going away when 6.0 hits.
  • Kill Garrosh: Heroic or Normal. The feat of strengths will no longer be obtainable after this week and with them the normal mount (Kor’kron War Wolf) will become unobtainable, the heroic mount (Kor’kron Juggernaut) will continue to have a 100% drop rate until WoD when the drop rate will be nerfed to 1%. The heirlooms however, will have a 100% drop rate if you still don’t have your MAIN spec heirloom during the 6.0 pre-patch, this applies to each raid difficulty individually, so if you already have a flex heirloom but don’t have a normal you’ll have a guaranteed normal heirloom if you kill Garrosh. The 100% drop will only apply to the first heirloom you get, though the drop rates for heirloom after the first will be greatly increased.
  • Brawler’s Guild: All the achievements will be gone! New season will be released for level 100 characters.
  • Cap your valor/JP/Honor/Conquest: Get some free gold when the patch hits.
  • Finish your cloak: If you haven’t started by now, it’s probably too late. If an alt is beyond the test of valor quest, hurry up and go get it!

Also remember that item upgrades will be done via timeless isle coins, and there is now no longer a cap on getting bonus coin rolls. Get to the timeless isle, kill a bunch of frogs and be prepared!

My personal spec preference for 6.0 as a hunter is to go Marksman or Beast Mastery. There will be a strong lack of MS gear that makes survival stick out, so be prepared to practice MM when it goes live. We’ll again, have guides ready for you to go by the end of this week.

If there’s anything else I missed for the reminder list, feel free to post below in the comments! Now on to the events WHU has in store for everyone this weekend!


October 11th

This is a reminder that the all-horde #TeamHunter pre-patch bash versus tier 14 is THIS Saturday at 9pm central. We still have a couple spots and we will need reserves on roster! It will be raid lead and moderated by several players who have a lot of experience in conquering the tougher feats that #TeamHunter has done, the many staff members of HPP and WHU will also be on board to slaughter some bosses. Are you interested in signing up? Just sign up here on our OpenRaid link.

My only requirements from players interested in going will be an item level of 540 (to ensure no dps checks will doom us), mumble (no mic required), and prior experience to the first raiding tier of MoP. Also be on time. That’d be nice. 9pm central is for raid invites, 9:30 pm central we go.

Our biggest struggles will probably include Bladelord. Why? Windbams. Enough said…


(thank you Rickett for the image!)


October 12th


Podcast day! Don’t forget to tune into episode #202 of the Hunting Party Podcast here; at 9am central/10am eastern for a brief episode to help hunters prepare for the upcoming 6.0 launch! We won’t be going nearly as long as the #201 episode from two weeks ago, but plan on answering your questions, covering quite a few things, and more.  As per usual, if you want us to answer questions, send us a tweet @HuntingPartyPod!

After the podcast, come do a “Running of the Bulls” event, organized by Bell and other WHU in-game officers! There will be giveaways! 

I’m sure some of you are wondering what exactly this “Running of the Bulls” I mentioned is. Well, long story short, we’re going to make level 1 Tauren hunters and have a race to Orgrimmar as a stampede of bulls, with friendly pink tallstriders at our sides! There will be no gimmicks or level 90s able to interfere in our fun, so expect something highly organized compared to the Hogger event last weekend (which we are still sorry about). This will be an event open for all players! When you log on, just type /join whu for the channel where we will be preparing and where we’ll give out the mumble information so everyone can listen. Stay in the tauren starting zone, don’t be a cheater and it will be a fun event for everyone. We’ll have moderators to make sure no one cheats, as there will be gold and other items to hand out as prizes to our winners!

When is all of this happening? Sunday October 12th 5pm eastern on Icecrown/Malygos. It will be a very fun event so invite your friends, invite your family, and if you want to, invite your neighbors to come play with us.

Expect more events in the future as we want to really want to bring the community together in free-for-all events as well as high end events. With WoD will come the return of all-hunter Alliance raids as well, so if you are unable to go to this week’s #TeamHunter raid, don’t fret! You will have a chance to participate in 6.0!


Thank you all for reading. As a final thought, what did you like about Mists of Pandaria the most?


October 8th, 2014


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Hunting Party Podcast episode #201

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Hunting Party Podcast is Back!

Tonight we will be talking about the events that took place over the weekend. As many of you were aware, we had a big bash to bring back the Hunting Party Podcast; something that a lot of players in the community were missing dearly. While we all still miss Frostheim and other cast, we had returning host Darkbrew and Alisaunder moderating the chat. New faces hosting as well, including Solarflair, myself, Delirium and Bendak; all writers or podcasters for the community already!

This week we discussed a lot of things revolving 6.0 and what’s happening in the world of hunters. In the future, we recognized it was a bit difficult keeping up with 5 people and no visual aide to help. To fix that, expect webcams in the short future! We also know the first episode was long, but that’s the nature of reviving a fresh podcast. Future episodes will be in the ballpark of an hour to an hour and a half in length.

Without further adu, here is episode 201:


HPP Pre-show Party

This weekend we brought the fun back in WHU by kicking off the podcast via a level 1 dwarf Hogger raid. Gathering around 9pm central, we had 80 people log in and participate in the good fun. Started off in the dwarven starting zone and marching together, we had way too much fun jumping around random players who had were caught off guard with a stampede of dwarves and bears prancing around them.


We took the tram together and tried our best to keep everyone all rounded up. I realized when tradechat for the poor merged server was over ran by “#TeamHunter” that we were really stirring up some fun/unexpected trouble. Here’s a cool screenshot of majority of us sitting outfront of Stormwind waiting for everyone to catch up who started a bit behind!


We raced to Goldshire as the next meeting point, but Cliper decided to take everyone into the Goldshire Inn to harass the roleplayers who might have been hiding in the bedrooms above. Dwarf rainbow anyone?


Back outside to attack Hogger!


We realized our stirups and stream attracted a number of 90s who would not let us actually try to take on Hogger alone as level 1s could. So, we turned the night around and stormed off to Stranglethorn Vale. We understood people probably weren’t happy about dying constantly to tigers, but we still had 50-60 people run with us all the way to the Gurubashi Arena. Slaughtering a poor level 90 warlock (and getting rain of fired on), and being completely desecrated by other players, we regrouped and made our way to Booty Bay.

Gathering in mass on the boat to Ratchet, our team ran all the way from Ratchet to Orgrimmar, to not raid the city, but to raid their Brewfest camp!! The only disappointment in the evening was the lack of alcoholic beverages that the event on the horde side didn’t serve for anyone who was Alliance. Oh well!

We tried to make a fail “WHU” picture. After we ran and beat up some Orgrimmar guards, we rezzed at Razor Hill to get away from the crowds to make an even better WHU picture.


Overall, a fun and truly amazing night. Here’s the recap of everything that happened on Cliperlol’s stream:

Watch live video from Cliperlol on Twitch

Future Plans 

#TeamHunter will be raiding tier 14 (US – Horde) Saturday, October 11th before the patch drops. The event will be open for players who have 540+ item level. We will start invites at 9:15 pm and start at 9:30pm (central). All hunters interested may sign up here Consider it a make up date for those who missed out on the fun in the past!

We will have revisions done for 6.0 coming this week in terms of guides on the website as well. More details later this week, as well as final “spot” planning for the Hilton party at this year’s all hunter meetup at BlizzCon.

Thank you all for coming, we plan on making more WHU events come back to life. Thank you Bella, you’ve done wonderful work for the guilds associated with the website with running events behind the scenes and making sure people knew where to go this past weekend. Hoping to work more open and public events shortly down the road before WoD hits, outside of the #TeamHunter level 90 raid!

Credit to Bendak, Boomkraggle, Miava and Solarflair for screenshots

October 1st, 2014

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Survival Nerfs and BlizzCon Tees

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Survival Pains

Good evening, Hunters!


Within the community and Beta, this week has been a busy one for Hunters. There has been no feedback from the developers as to why Beta continues to nerf Survival Hunters. I have been getting premature gray hairs thinking about the logic behind the reasoning for these drops on the current lowest DPS spec in the Hunter tiers.

Let’s briefly discuss some of the issues with Survival on Beta for a moment; there are quite a bit of them. I feel like the majority of the problems started for the spec not at the beginning of the Alpha cycle, but rather when Celestalon played a Marksman Hunter during the Beta “Play with the Blues” event when the community was allowed the chance to vote for which class and spec combination he should play.

Before that event, Survival had a few mechanical problems but the damage output was fine. I personally combined Fervor to play with the stacks of Lock and Load and enjoyed the skill-cap it provided. My only complaints about pre-Celestalonapocalypse with Survival were the issue many players were also having-becoming Focus starved. I was secretly hoping the changes he promised in his Hunter blog post were going to be about fixing the class and all specs. Instead, he ended up completely destroying Survival and requiring no skill to play it. Marksman was greeted with the “blue hug of death.” Beast Mastery, on the other hand, remains untouched and only nerfed slightly.

I honestly felt like Survival was incredibly fun prior to the relentless nerfs. I was excited when Celestalon announced the reversion to the way the current MoP Lock and Load works. Post-Celestalonapocalype introduced the upheaval of the entire Survival specialization; including all new Barrage changes, Lock and Load to be working in its current state it is on live, Explosive Shot still only costing 15 Focus, the removal or Fervor-to be replaced by Steady Focus, A Murder of Crows lasting one minute, and nerfs to the Focus regeneration on Dire Beast.

These changes, frankly, ruined the game-play of Survival. There is barely much to the game play involved in the specialization in comparison to how Marksmanship and Beast Mastery play currently in Beta. Blizzard’s version of a cooldown for Survival was the old Lock and Load stacking five stacks, which was basically a nice compensation to “burst”; without that, the spec has zero burst mechanics. The two “freebies” that are entirely RNG based are completely dull in comparison to Bestial Wrath or Rapid Fire. The lack of non RNG burst combined with no execute makes the spec incredibly boring to play and provides no reward in damage output.

Beast Mastery has strong AoE and Marksmanship provides decent cleave to two to four targets. Also, both BM and MM are solid for single target. What is Survival’s niche? It can weakly multi-dot things! Without the Lock and Load stacking and level 60 talent changes, you are constantly focus-satisfied without a fair exchange for the lack of damage output compared to the other two specs-in all aspects of DPS.

We have seen Explosive Shot nerfs, Serpent Sting nerfs, and even Black Arrow nerfs! With nerfs each Beta build to Survival specifically, it is currently on the bottom of meters across various Simulation Craft modules. There were rumors of Survival getting Haste to scale with dots, but this has been declined for now.

This has me curious, I have to ask- is there something we are missing about the spec? Is there a piece of the puzzle all of us are missing about this spec? Like in the Iron Maidens Dungeon Journal, there was an entire mechanic missing from it-is something similar going on? I credit the hard work of the developers of this game, but I feel, since post-Celestalonapocalype, we have been very much in the dark about anything now for any Hunter updates. We are far from polished across all specializations, but I feel Survival is in dire need for some kind of change. What can this spec bring to a raid group?

I hope this small tidbit of insight gives players a decent feel for the major problems with Survival currently in Beta. As much as I love the Marksmanship lovin’, I do not appreciate not being able to have a specialization of a pure DPS class be viable for any aspect of this game-PvE and PvP alike.


BlizzCon T-Shirts FINALLY.

Thanks to the effort of a short notice work, Atomic has finally finished our design and they are now available to order online here! There are lots of fun goodies and all types of shirts for men and women to buy.

A lot of folks had some questions about the shirts. They are non-profit-Yes, non-profit! This means no one but the company we are printing these shirts from are getting a dime. The website is being run and supported generously already. Adding commission to the shirts would not be fair for any party involved due to the quick nature of production on the shirts. That’s not to say that this design is not amazing looking, we were just stressing to get at least SOME kind of updated WHU brand out there.


You can get your back custom printed. I will send you a personal link to you if you choose to get one. Just PM me on Facebook, Twitter, or message any of the staff here for your back design!


Please feel free to follow Atomic on Twitter @demisonfire, he is the artist for the first round of shirts!
ALSO: We will have more designs this week from Miava to be ready to go as well, so stay tuned for that!

Final thought of the night; What do you think should be changed with Survival? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Also don’t forget about the level one Hogger raid to kick off the Hunting Party Podcast SATURDAY, September 27th at 9:30pm central! Just make a dwarf on Icecrown or Malygos, we will be using the original WHU guild! One random raider will receive a free WHU lanyard mailed to them (even if you can’t make BlizzCon!!!)

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Good evening hunters!

I’m going to make sure I don’t constantly spam the front page, but with so much exciting news on the way, it’s hard not to keep the community updated with each bits that we gather in. The first large announcement is…

Hunting Party Podcast – The Next Generation



Rejoice hunters! We’re bringing back the podcast that you all loved and missed in Frosthiem’s time. We plan on having original admins of WHU to be guest starring in future podcasts as well, so don’t think you won’t hear the end of Arth or Frostheim yet, and even with our new time, be expecting really fun and engaging conversations about everything and all things relating to hunters. New and old cast will be behind and fronting the scenes for this show and we really hope to make awesome each time we air.

For hosts it’ll feature myself, Solarflair (Cloaks and Quiver as well as an author here), Delirium (ToTH blogger, NEW staff member at WHU) and Darkbrew, who is an original host and is a blog writer at thebrewhall!

So for more details about the show; they will be live broadcasted on every two weeks at 10am. Sunday will be the dates for the show to go, and you can expect episode 201 to air September 28th. Can’t make it to the live broadcast because you’re west coast and 7 am times are just no-go on your day off? No problem! We will have our shows recorded and published shortly after we air so you can be caught up with all of the shenanigans.

With the podcast kicking off, we will have a party the night before!


Hunting Party Podcast.. party

Saturday, September 27th at 9:30pm central, we will have an all level 1 dwarf hunter raid to kick the podcast off. Expect all of the HPP and most of the new editors/authors here from WHU to go! We will be on the server Icecrown, where the original WHU guild is. Are you interested in attending? Just show up and look for Artemishowl the female dwarf!

Delirium has some key tips that he wants all hunters who attend to remember:

…remind new folk that you can fly to stormwind from kharanos in dun morogh. If you kill more than ~8 mobs, you’ll level, making you inelligable for a hogger raid. You’ll have to kill a couple while running through Coldridge Pass to get to kharanos, so dono’t kill anything else.

The flights to Stormwind or Goldshire cost 48c. I’d be happy to hand out coppers to anyone who doesn’t have a character on that server, or doesn’t have a way of getting coppers, but since you can’t level, it means you really don’t have a way of gathering the small amount of copper needed.


Lanyards for BlizzCon

Lanyards for WHU’s all hunter meeetup (for details, click here) have finally mailed in, and here’s what they look like:


Unfortunately this year they are a BlizzCon perk, so we will not be mailing anyone lanyards out (I know, I suck!). Things for all hunters to purchase will be our shirts that will be available to order in a few weeks, so all players can enjoy some Hunter pride-filled shirts with glee at any hunt that they do in the future, let it be at the convention (please leave your hunts at home) or outside at work on casual friday.

Thanks everyone for the continuous support! Hope to see you all at our fun-filled gathering next Saturday! Bring your own bombs if you must.



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