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If this is your first time visiting this page, welcome! This post chronicles the history of the WHU, the famous and infamous posts, and all the major achievements that happened as a result of the Warcraft Hunter’s Union, its in-game Guild, and the hunter community in general. Warcraft Hunters Union was regularly updated from October […]

With the 200th and final episode of the Hunting Party Podcast, which will be this Saturday (Jan. 18), we’re closing shop on the podcast and the WHU. That leaves only a few more articles as we kick off the end of an era. But since I want the last WHU post to be a list […]

On our last two podcasts, I’ve had the fortune of speaking with, respectively, two raid leaders and one of the most accomplished raiding hunters in the world. It’s been very enlightening. Their opinions on the level 100 hunter talents and Mythic raiding were particularly interesting to me. Let’s look at a few of the issues […]

Last week on the podcast, we had Flint, who has been soloing heroics in MoP. It reminded me that we haven’t featured cutting-edge soloing endeavors in a while. So let’s see what the community is up to… Caribald and Durendil These two names will be familiar to anyone who follows hunter soloing. Between the two […]

News and announcements continue to roll in, but the list below covers the majority of general information about the next expansion: Story Garrosh will be put on trial and escape before a verdict. He is going back in time, altering the current timeline slightly. Garrosh’s goal is to stop the Orcs from drinking the blood […]

You are…probably prepared! So the pre-Blizzcon rumors have been confirmed, and Blizzard has announced its next WoW expansion – Warlords of Draenor.   Features will include: Building and upgrading your own garrison New character models New PvP zones, raids, dungeons, etc. Level cap raised to 100 A boost to level 90 gameplay. The garrison thing […]

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The devs had a roundtable on 5.4 recently. Here’s a few key takeaways: Flex raiding seems to be working, as many are utilizing it with various numbers. Blizzard liked the Timeless Isle as a way to avoid the traditional daily quest model. Expect to see similar zones in the next expansion. Blizzcon will indeed feature […]

5.4 Roundup Cont.

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We’ve been heavy on hunter news but admittedly somewhat light on general WoW news. Here’s a nice five-minute summary of the general game changes in 5.4, including a few things that I was unaware of.     And since it wasn’t posted the other day, here’s the WHU 5.4 article from a couple weeks ago. […]

Meet the Hunter

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This video is nearly two years old, but I discovered it a while back and it always makes me laugh.  I take no credit for it, this is just to share it with the WHU community.  Enjoy!  

Big Red Pet Hunter Song

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Okay, here it is, the final hunter song: Big Red Pet! This is the video where the Kickstarter backers got to include screenshots & messages of their choice. You can download the mp3 from Google Drive here Alternatively you can download a zip file of the song here. Lyrics: Eyes of flame and scarlet claws […]

I don’t have the next crop of “Best of the WHU…” posts ready to go, so the next installment will have to wait until next week. Until then, here’s the next in the Brawler’s Guild series: Meatball is the last boss at Rank 7, and apparently Blizzard went temporarily soft. After running the unholy gauntlet […]

Battletron is my favorite fight in Brawler’s Guild so far. Why? Because Dark Summoner is arguably a harder fight in terms of the mechanics. It’s about how you handle the mechanics themselves more than any enrage timer or dps quotient (though more dps always helps). Battletron, on the other hand, is very much a gear […]

WHU-Lem Shake

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I’m so sorry and/or you’re welcome, depending on your opinion toward these. Enjoy!    

Well, it’s been quite a wait. After rifling through everything up to Dark Summoner, there was a long pause. Some of this was me hitting a wall: at 481 ilvl (at the time) I was nearing the limits of my skill with the bosses. Some of it was on Blizzard’s end: Brawler’s Guild was bugging […]

So I recently dug around to try to find where hunters were with extreme soloing these days.  What encounters are possible, what fights have been done, etc. In doing so, I stumbled across a hunter named CaribaLd, who seems to be at or near the cutting edge of current hunter soloing.  He also documents his […]