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The 200th and final episode of the Hunting Party Podcast has happened. It was awesome, funny, epic, and LONG. Seriously, the “official” show went just over four hours, and the postshow was another hour and a half. We had somewhere around 13 guests, all said and done, including everyone listed in my last article, plus: […]

Where? When? This Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014, 2PM EST. Who? In alphabetical order… Alisaunder: Long-time moderator of the Hunting Party Podcast (HPP), Ali’s technical expertise along with her knowledge of hunters and WoW lore has made her an excellent co-host who helps ensure that each show flows smoothly. Arth: A frequent guest blogger on […]

With the 200th and final episode of the Hunting Party Podcast, which will be this Saturday (Jan. 18), we’re closing shop on the podcast and the WHU. That leaves only a few more articles as we kick off the end of an era. But since I want the last WHU post to be a list […]

The Final Podcast

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The 200th and final Hunting Party Podcast will take place Saturday, January 18, at our regular time (2pm EST). It will feature Frostheim, Euripides, Darkbrew, Alisaunder, Michele Morrow, Big Red Kitty, Zeherah, yours truly, and a couple potential cameo appearances by others. There will be drinking and stories. It will be great. Here’s the link. […]

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This Saturday is Episode 198 of the HPP, our third-to-last episode EVER! You should come hang out and listen. 1pm CST (2pm EST, 11am PST), at Joining us this week is a hunter named Conjor. He came recommended from Zeherah – she of the Female Dwarf and theorycrafting fame. Conjor apparently helped her with […]

I’m excited to welcome two guests to the podcast this weekend. First, filling in for Darkbrew (who’s still on vacation) as my co-host, is Dielhelm. He is a longtime WHU reader who previously hosted his own podcast (not WoW related) and is also a raid leader on his home server (Rexxar). Dielhelm applied for the […]

Farewell Euripides

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I’ve got some initial 5.4 reaction coming up soon, as well at the first in our HCERP series. But for today, we say goodbye to a dedicated member of the hunter community. Euripides has been blogging for over four years. And even when his blogging lessened, he’s been an absolute rock on the Hunting Party […]

Patch 5.4 Cometh!

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As far as I know, the 5.4 patch is still happening today (can’t really confirm from my work computer). If you haven’t already, go get yourself caught up on all the changes you’ll be experiencing the next time you log in. Here’s the podcast where Darkbrew, Euripides, and I discuss ALL the changes we can […]


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Last week we had Vee from Ask Mr. Robot (AMR) on the Hunting Party Podcast to talk about 5.4. If you haven’t used AMR in a while, it has undergone a lot of changes and improvements and is a wonderful resource for optimizing your character. Be sure to check it out. Link to the podcast. […]

First, patch 5.4 has been moved to September 10. This time, we have an official confirmation from Blizzard that this is the release date, so we can be at least marginally more sure of it launching than we were with the previously “leaked” date of August 27. Second, we will have at least one person […]

Podcast Roundup

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The Hunting Party Podcast has become probably the best weekly digest on hunter news. You get several informed hunters, occasional guests who are relevant to the hunter community, and a steady diet of information, patch notes, blue posts, tweets, and analysis of all of it. I can’t recommend it highly enough for your regular WoW […]

Frostheim is now retired from blogging, but is coming back at some point for a farewell Podcast. We’re not sure when this is going to happen. Maybe this Saturday? Maybe some other week. Anyway, we’re going to have an in-game gathering of the WHU Guild and celebrate his last show. I mention this because I’m […]

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In what shall come to known as a momentous day for all hunters, yours truly made his Hunting Party Podcast Debut.  I save poor Darkbrew from having to carry the whole show (with some occasional intervention from Ali).  Seriously though, it was fun.  Dark and Ali go through some of the newer 5.2 changes, and […]

It’s been a while since we’ve promoted the podcast here on the WHU, so I wanted to bring it back for WHU readers who might not be aware of it. First, all live shows air on Saturdays at 2pm EST, or 11am Pacific time. We’ve started uploading our videos on our youtube channel. And Here’s […]

In this episode we talk about the first flood of information from the Mists of Pandaria beta. It’s tons of info and lots of discussion about the meaning of the info. You can now stream our show onto any mobile device through, for those of us who prefer something like Android to the iPhone. […]