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With the 200th and final episode of the Hunting Party Podcast, which will be this Saturday (Jan. 18), we’re closing shop on the podcast and the WHU. That leaves only a few more articles as we kick off the end of an era. But since I want the last WHU post to be a list […]

Fixing Pet Tanking

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On a recent podcast, it was unanimously decided (i.e. me and one chat member decided) that pet tanking is the next big area in which hunters would like to see some improvement. Blizzard originally conceived of hunter pets as off-tanks for groups, holding lesser mobs while the main tank did the heavy lifting. And in […]

Let’s start with the good news: Pet Tanking is doing very well!  Tanking heroics should be doable by numerous hunters. For those who need the refresher on tanking strategies, the links are here, here, here, and here.  This article assumes you’re versed in each, and will go into some particulars of my heroic tanking experience. […]

This is a guide to pet tanking in Mists of Pandaria.  It is not intended for advice on soloing, PvP, PvE, leveling, etc. Pet Choice Turtle or Beetle.  Simple stuff. You need the damage mitigation more than any other pet ability. Pet Management This is really at the heart of tanking.  What the hunter does […]

This is a guide to pet tanking in Mists of Pandaria.  It is not intended for advice on soloing, PvP, PvE, leveling, etc. Spec: You’ll want to be Beastmaster spec’d of course — Kill Command gives BM an unquestionable threat advantage for pet tanking.  Then for our talents, several tiers don’t have any meaningful tanking […]

This is a guide to pet tanking in Mists of Pandaria, primarily for instance tanking.  It is not intended for advice on soloing, PvP, PvE, leveling, etc. Stat Priority In this order (for a BM tanking hunter): Hit / Expertise (to cap) Mastery (for threat) / Stamina (for survivability) Crit Haste Technically, either Mastery or […]

There’s no reason to believe pet tanking won’t be viable in Mists of Pandaria.  Hunters have always faced challenges with tanking, and this expansion will be no different, but the outlook remains hopeful for instance tanking and eventually raid tanking. Questions or suggestions can always be emailed to me at Our Strengths: Pets still […]

Hagara (non-LFR, regular 10M) was the last Cata boss I wanted to kill with our all-hunter group.  It was a manageable fight where our tank pets didn’t get destroyed by melee swings, and where we could conceivably dps her down before the raid damage got to be too much. And I was right.  It’s doable.  […]

Time: 5pm server (6pm Central, 7pm Eastern), Saturday, Aug. 18. Here’s the good news: The all-hunter raid is still on for some. The bad?  I’m cancelling it for cross-realmers.  This one is Icecrown-only since we’re doing DS. Here’s the deal.  There’s a boss we could MAYBE do in Firelands (Majordomo – if we grinded to […]

Our run last Saturday was informative, if not entirely successful.  But it’s good news overall. Let’s not bury the lead: an all-hunter 10M group from Icecrown downed Morchok! Epic thanks to those who stayed after the scheduled raid time to give this a shot.  I have a video, but won’t be posting it yet.  My […]

First, remember that the Kickstarter for hunter music is still going on.  I want to see us hit $2,500.  I really want to hear the love song. Anyway, on to the killing! Next Raid This Saturday, July 28, 5pm server (6pm Central, 7pm Eastern).  We raid for 3 hours.  Be on time, be prepared. Prep […]

WHU Tackles BoT

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I’m still waiting for the first 25M all-hunter raid where we don’t kill anything.  It’s going to happen eventually.  I’m just glad it hasn’t happened yet. Halfus Wyrmbreaker (22M) I think we got moderately lucky with drakes (Time, Nether, Slate), and they died quickly. We downed two, then nuked Halfus (we left Slate up). I […]

The WHU all-hunter raid team hit our first 25-man raid on Saturday. Arth was leading the raid and the first target he picked out was the Omnotron Defense System, and by the end of the night we had the first 25-man all hunter Cataclysm raid kill! You can see a tank-perspective video of this fight […]

Pet Tanking BWD

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I am working on some tanking encounters in Firelands, but those haven’t come to fruition just yet.  In the interim, I thought it would be nice to spotlight a couple tankable encounters in BWD that can also help to highlight our strengths and weaknesses as tanks. Omnotron Defense System Notes: This is a great fight […]

Pet Tanking Maloriak 10man

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Really, does anything more need to be said? Props to Raikas and the tanking turtle of power for the Maloriak pet tank! By my count that’s now Argaloth, Halfus, and Maloriak that have been pet tanked… and I think someone told me they had done Varliona and Therlion as well (but I don’t remember for […]