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Hunter Poetry

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Today we will set aside our frustrations at having yet another tier of raiding without a raiding gun (and the pvp gun now requiring months to acquire) and focus instead on the lighter things. Arthemystia has forwarded along the hunter poetry from the WHU BBQ, and I shall pack as many of them as possible [...]

Today over at WoW Insider, I have the list of the top 10 hunter changes for patch 4.2 that we should be seeing, but probably won’t. Everything from bug fixes to new talents for ever spec: Thus far, the patch 4.2 hunter news has been pretty light. There was the odd little tweak to the [...]

What’s the Best Pet Video

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I continue to get this question, and frustratingly I get the question a lot in response to my answering the question. “Hey Frost, what’s the best hunter pet email me bak kthnx bai.” I respond, explaining how it works, or pointing to a WHU post on the topic. Then I get a response, “Okay, but [...]

Today over at WoW Insider, I have a giant list of 50 reasons that hunters are better than any other class. I wrote this back when the giant SV nerf hit the PTR notes, and I really didn’t want to dwell on those changes (and I good thing I didn’t — they already changed before [...]

WHU Goodbye Wrath Party

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After marching on Thunder Bluff last Saturday the WHU headed to the Stonewrought Dam in Loch Modan for a giant Goodbye Wrath party, and I tossed together this WHU Goodbye Wrath video for it. Special thanks to Nyhm who gave permission to use his music for this video — check out the original video for [...]

At long last, here is the new hunter song that I’ve been talking about, I Won’t Miss You. We focus a bit more about the pvp aspect of the game in this song (and it’s the focus of the video).  Music and vocals are by Balthazar, the same guy that did the singing for the [...]

Sorry for the delay guys — here it is in all its epic glory! I debated a while whether to include the partying shots from the inn and on the dam, since they didn’t fit with the badass theme. Then I cut them to separate music and was originally thinking of making it two different [...]

New Granpappy Frostheim over at, this time on the horror of Cataclysm changes. While Cataclysm may be the largest change our class has seen, it is not the first major change our class — or our stats — have had. Some of you are just too young to know that we’ve gone through this [...]

Hunters these days have no respect for their pets. I see hunters running around with subpar pets because, as they say, “it’s close enough that it doesn’t really make a difference” or even hunters that don’t use their pets at all because “they don’t do that much dps.” Let me tell you, back in my [...]

I’m a Hunter

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“I’m a Hunter” Music Video YouTube direct link: I’m a Hunter Song Almost all of the raid footage was collected in one night of raiding where I tormented my raid group, MNK, with the way FRAPS messes with voice chat and generally poor performance  (raiding without the UI is difficult). We hit Ony, VOA, TotC, [...]

I got a heck of a lot more entries than expected in the Hunter Demotivational Poster Contest. Some were self-referential, some I just didn’t get, more than a few were a bit dirty, and there were a ton of hilarious ones in the 50-odd submissions. Just weeding them down to a handful to put on [...]


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You guys are so awesome. I am humbled and amazed at how many people turned out for the level 1 dwarven hunter raid. Honestly I was desperately hoping to get at least 20 people to give it an epic feel. After filling 2 raid groups and still having overflow, we left epic far behind. It [...]

It seems that over time the definitions of “hardcore” and “casual” have changed. Or maybe not changed, but they’re being used to mean many different things these days. If you put on your Frostheim goggles you’ll see these common definitions: Hardcore: someone who does better than me in raids. Since I don’t want to think [...]

Okay kids, sit down and make yourselves comfortable while grandpappy Frostheim tells you a little story about a boss called Razorgore the Untamed in a place called Blackwing’s Lair. This will maybe learn you kids something about what wiping was really like, back in my days. Now this was a long time ago, before most [...]

The House that Frost Built

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I’m a huge fan of the idea of having Guild Halls as someplace unique and accessible only to guild members. Of course they would have to be implemented correctly. It doesn’t do much good just to have a room or an inn to hang out in. Only the roleplaying people would care about that. It [...]