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Hello fellow Hunters! With Warlords well under way now, between the buzz of raiding and constant pruning of my Garrison I’ve found the time to finally sit down with some encounters from the previous expansion and crank out some sought after solos. More specifically the more lucrative ones – mount drops! If you’re looking for […]

Hey everyone, This guide will be the first of many in our encounter solo articles. For these pieces, we’ll generally try to focus on fun, unique, challenging and sought-after boss kills – or any combination of those adjectives. :) To start, we’ll kick it off with something fairly easy, but up until recently was quite a […]

With Warlords of Draenor upon us in a little under a month; the solo’ing section of WHU will be updated to provide you with the best and latest up-to-date information on solo’ing. This overview will contain basic information covering optimal solo’ing talent choices; glyphs; basic strategy; and advanced strategies; as well as individual boss strategies […]

Last week on the podcast, we had Flint, who has been soloing heroics in MoP. It reminded me that we haven’t featured cutting-edge soloing endeavors in a while. So let’s see what the community is up to… Caribald and Durendil These two names will be familiar to anyone who follows hunter soloing. Between the two […]

Since Brawler’s Guild came out, I was always slightly behind the curve set by the hardcore raiders. My guild’s team is decidedly casual, and I couldn’t tackle the same bosses with much lower ilvl. But it was still enough for many who were working through the ranks of Brawler’s. But now, at Rank 8, I […]

Battletron is my favorite fight in Brawler’s Guild so far. Why? Because Dark Summoner is arguably a harder fight in terms of the mechanics. It’s about how you handle the mechanics themselves more than any enrage timer or dps quotient (though more dps always helps). Battletron, on the other hand, is very much a gear […]

Well, it’s been quite a wait. After rifling through everything up to Dark Summoner, there was a long pause. Some of this was me hitting a wall: at 481 ilvl (at the time) I was nearing the limits of my skill with the bosses. Some of it was on Blizzard’s end: Brawler’s Guild was bugging […]

So I recently dug around to try to find where hunters were with extreme soloing these days.  What encounters are possible, what fights have been done, etc. In doing so, I stumbled across a hunter named CaribaLd, who seems to be at or near the cutting edge of current hunter soloing.  He also documents his […]

This won’t be new information to many, but will be new and useful to some.  Toward the end of Cataclysm, a clever hunter came up with a macro wherein we could summon and dismiss each of pets in rapid succession.  If each of these pets was a Spirit Beast, we could cast all 5 Spirit […]

Rank 7 of the Brawler’s Guild is when &*%! gets real.  All three bosses (the fourth boss at Rank 7 is a deliberate joke boss) are very tough and very different.  There’s a huge dropoff on each boss in terms of the number of people that have killed them. GG Engineering is the first of […]

Our continuing series on the Brawler’s Guild is nearing its end (though Rank 7 will take a bit longer than others).  Rank 6 has a lot of similar fights, but has some unique challenges that will make us dip into the hunter toolbox.     If you’re not in the Brawler’s Guild and don’t plan […]

More Brawler’s Guild action, this time of Rank 5. Rank 5 has some truly interesting and difficult fights, like Millie Watt and the Leper Gnome Quintet.  I’m at the point where all the fights are hard enough that they need some explanation of strategy and approach in the videos. As always, if you have questions […]

I don’t think Frost has anything queued up for today, and I want to keep the Brawler’s momentum going for those who are working on their own progression. Anyway…Brawler’s Guild, Rank 4.  All bosses and some analysis are in the video below. This rank felt like the transition between warm-up fights (Ranks 1-3) and legitimate […]

Before this installment’s video, I want to discuss a few things I’ve seen: Burst vs. Healing MM gives us the best self-heals, which can be useful.  However, many of these fights’ mechanics are either one-shot mechanics where healing is irrelevant, or they’re things like gargantuan melee hits, where our self-heals won’t prolong our deaths for […]

More Brawler’s Guild action, this time taking us through Rank 2. The fights aren’t designed to be terribly hard at this point, but there’s some mechanics that may require a little bit of focus.   Here’s the macro I reference: /cast Ancient Hysteria /cast Bestial Wrath /cast Rapid Fire /use Potion of Brawler’s Deftness /cast […]