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As always, this is still the PTR and things can still change — note how much things have changed back and forth already for this PTR cycle. But alas the latest incarnation of the patch has Blizzard following up on the big blue post and removing Readiness entirely from the hunter arsenol. The idea is […]

New Hunter 5.4 Info

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There are some new patch notes giving us some news — and good news for a change! Hunters are getting a new baseline ability, Counter Shot, which is an interrupt. Yes, all hunters will have a baseline interrupt now, on a 24-sec cooldown. Silencing Shot will be MM-only, and will replace Counter Shot for MM. […]

There is a huge blue post with updates on the developer thinking for the hunter 5.4 proposed changes. I don’t have time tonight to analyze all of this, other than to say I like some of it, and dislike the removing Readiness idea (idea – not certainty), but I figured I should at least post […]

Frostheim Made a Board Game

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This post has nothing to do with WoW, or hunters. Feel free to just skip this one. Working with a good friend, I’ve designed a board game: Shuriken is a board game of ninja warfare that comes with 250 plastic ninja. This is what I spent the majority of my free time on in April […]

Along with many other unpopular hunter changes proposed in the latest PTR, hunters are complaining a lot about the chain of Stampede nerfs which hurt hunters in all aspects of the game. Of course, the original Stampede nerf from the beta version was something that most hunters liked (and I hated) and perhaps it’s time […]