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By Frostheim

Warcraft Hunters Union was originally the WoW internet blog home of Arust and Frostheim, two hunters from Icecrown. Frostheim, also known as Brian Wood also wrote the hunter column Scattered Shots for WoW Insider, and was a host on the Hunting Party Podcast and occasional author and founder of WoW Hunters Hall.

In more recent times, the website has been under the care of Arth, a hunter who was a guest blogger that originally wrote about pet tanking in Wrath of the Lich King. He eventually branched out into other hunter endeavors, and took over on the WHU when Frostheim retired. Along with Darkbrew, Arth also continues to host the Hunting Party Podcast.

Here at Warcraft Hunters Union we blog about raids, theorycraft, hunter pets, create hunter guides and gear guides, and discuss how to squeeze the last ounce of dps out of our class. The goal of the WHU is to help the hunter community improve performance with the aid of science, fact, and dwarven stout — leaving annecdote and so-called “instinct” behind (pro tip: evolution gave you instincts not to eat poop or stand in fire; evolution did not choose for the ability to instinctively know how to optimize the pixels on your computer screen).

For an explanation of some of the characters frequently blogged about, you can click Here.

Email the WHU (we also read the blog comments, though we cannot respond as often as we’d like)

Warcraft Hunters Union is not a blog for every hunter, however. It is exclusively a community for those hunters who have paid their dues.

Hunters pay their dues by squeezing every last bit of awesomesauce out of the class. We at the WHU understand that dps is like beer — even when your mug is empty, you can still wring out the bar rag into it to make sure that none of that foamy delicious dps goes to waste!

And WHU hunters also pay their dues by playing one of the easiest classes to solo play in PVE. I’m serious, this makes our lives hard. Our class is popular, and draws the worst of the worst to it, people both mechanically and socially inept. People call us huntards because of these morons. Hunter members of the WHU have to put up with this stigma every day – and any accomplishment we achieve is then perceived as a benefit of our class, rather than our skill, preparation, and hard work.

Our hunters pay their dues by rising above the huntards of the world. We know our class: we can kite, jump-shot, aspect dance, jump-disengage, and chain trap effectively and reliably. We study the raid strategies and are prepared before hand. We show up to the raid early, with potions and food  and the best possible gear that we can grind out and everything else we need.

Hunters in the Warcraft Hunters Union pay our dues by playing our class well, and playing the game well. The primary benefit of our membership dues is that we are amazingly good-looking across the board, and walk around in a halo of awesomesauce.

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  1. Takiah says:

    You guys rock, im so glad I found this forum =) I’m not a great hunter – but I love my class & im trying as hard as possible to become the best I can be.

    I think these forums will really help me – thanks again to both of you!!


  2. Bigtoe says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for about two weeks and information you provided has definetly made me a better hunter. THANK YOU. I still have a way to go (I have limited experience in raids and instances, because of the time commitment), lvl 78 Alterac Valley. I want to make sure I understand what you mean by jump-shot. Reading this I assumed that you hit a target and then jump off an edge to cause the target to case you out of the area. Is this hunter specific? Do you leave your pet on them? Would you please clarify, for us still learning.

    • Frostheim says:

      Jump Shot is the classic hunter skill. The idea is that you shoot a mob, then turn and run away from it, staying out of melee range. While running, you jump, turn halfway in mid-air, shoot an instant, and turn back before you land.

      By doing this, you never lose your forward momentum. You never slow down. JumpShot is usually accompanied by slowing abilities such as wing clip and concussive shot.

      The process of continually jump-shotting a mob while staying out of melee range is known as Kiting.

  3. thor says:

    while this blog is great. there are other types of hunters apart for bm. can we get some input from mm and surv. hunters as well. please.

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