Hello, and welcome to the Warcraft Hunter’s Union (WHU)!  This site is no longer being updated (the site was being sporadically updated by friends of the WHU, but they have since stopped posting). You can read Frostheim retirement post and Arth’s retirement post. You can still join the WHU Facebook Group, or follow Frostheim on Twitter or on Google+, and the WHU Guild is still active and kicking.

If you’re a long-time reader of the WHU, this is the final article that will appear on the site. The website will continue to exist indefinitely, though, and I’d encourage you to explore the History of the WHU, and to use the resources below to continue to be an excellent, dues-paying hunter.

What follows is a list of alternate hunter resources where you can get current hunter info.

Great Hunter Blogs

  • The Brewhall – Darkbrew is a longtime blogger and podcaster whose site is both informative and entertaining. You can also follow him on Twitter.
  • Hunter DPS – Kheldul is a knowledgeable and intelligent raiding hunter whose opinions and advice are sure to improve your game.
  • Eyes of the Beast – A new hunter blog by Bendak, the most recent Scattered Shots columnist. He has a slick site look and informative writing style.
  • Hunters Rhok – A solid, long-running blog (it began in 2008) by hunter Phyllixia.
  • Thrill of the Wild – A new, frequently-updated blog by hunter Delirium.
  • The Grumpy Elf – I haven’t followed this blog personally, but it comes recommended by BigRedKitty, the “Godfather” of hunter bloggers.
  • Scattered Shots – This is the Hunter column over on WoW Insider. Currently it is vacant due to some cutbacks at WoW Insider. But this blog has had a long line of accomplished hunters write under the “Scattered Shots” banner, including the creator of the WHU, Frostheim.

Other Hunter Resources

  • Female Dwarf – Zeherah is a staple of the hunter community and an amazing theorycrafter. Her online spreadsheet for maximizing your character’s dps is an incredible tool.
  • Ask Mr. Robot – Similar to Female Dwarf, but slightly larger in scope to include other classes, Ask Mr. Robot helps you maximize your character’s dps by managing spec, gear, gems, and other minutia that goes into your character.
  • Petopia – THE place to go for all things pet-related, Petopia will help to track down rare tames, view animal skins, and generally anything you’d ever want to know about pets in WoW.
  • WoW Biology 101 – A decidedly different and cool approach to pets in WoW, in-game hunter Banya is a real-life zoologist, and uses her knowledge to provide an unparalleled glimpse into WoW through the eyes of a pet-lover. Here you can learn about WoW animals, their real-life counterparts, enriching both your understanding and appreciation of the game and the world around you. It should also be noted that Banya runs a site called Art and Rhinos that has all sorts of fun stuff on it!
  • Elitist Jerks Forums – A small but dedicated community of hunter trying to get the most out of their class. I often visit this site to check in on the latest achievements in hunter soloing and tanking, or to dig into the details of our dps and PvP viability.
  • Warcraft Hunter’s Union Facebook Group – With about 700 members, this remains a great hunter-specific place to chat and ask questions. It’s a closed group, so you’ll have to request admittance (this is to deter advertisement spammers)
  • WHU Guild – An all-dwarven-hunter guild on the Icecrown server, though the website that spawned it is no longer being updated, the guild remains open and active.

Updated Hunter Guides


Since the Hunting Party Podcast has ended, there’s a new hunter podcast on the block called Cloak & Quiver. Run by hunter @SolarFlair, it has had a promising start. You can download it on iTunes, add it to your RSS Feed, or follow his Youtube channel for weekly installments.

Outside of that, I don’t have a particular favorite podcast, but below is a small list of several prominent WoW podcasts. If you’d like to expand your search, WoW Wiki has a massive list of every WoW podcast under the sun to choose from.

Individual Hunters

  • RogerBrown – A hunter in the guild Method, a guild that boasts several world-first PvE kills. Roger is an excellent source of information about the highest levels of raiding. You can follow him via his live raiding video feed, or through Method’s website.
  • Durendil – A soloing hunter with a TON of world-first kills under his belt, Durendil is a great place to start when researching the world of hunter soloing challenges. He also seems to post regularly on Elitist Jerks, chronicling his endeavors, and has a blog that compiles his kills.
  • Michele Morrow – Michele is a longtime friend of the WHU, and a raid leader and hunter. But she’s also an accomplished actress, blogger, podcaster, and gamer. There are several ways to follow her. The easiest is probably her Twitter account and Facebook page. She is also currently the host for BiteSize TV’s new nerd variety show on Hollywood Blvd called “Chaotic Awesome,” writer for Hello Giggles and the newest addition to SyFy’s hit series “Heroes of Cosplay”. She’s also currently producing a wonderful WoW documentary with Nerdist Industries and Legendary Pictures.


General WoW Information

  • MMO Champion – A frequently-updated news site, this is probably one of the most frequented WoW websites on the internet.
  • Wowhead – The most comprehensive catalog of in-game items, quests, NPCs, maps, and other information.
  • Icy Veins – Also a general news site with a lot of other resources, but Icy Veins is also known for its excellent boss guides for PvE hunters.
  • World of Wargraphs – This site collects meta-data on player trends in both PvE and PvP, as well as other aspects of the game like professions, races, and levels. An excellent source of information to gauge general trends in the player base.
  • Warcraft Logs – This is one of the most popular log sites on the web currently. Using this tool, you can analyze your own dps, the dps of others, or track large amounts of data to see which classes are performing well on specific encounters.
  • WoW Insider – Also useful for news and views, WoW Insider boasts an excellent collection of ongoing blogs for each class.
  • FatbossTV – In Mists of Pandaria, this became my go-to place for video strategies on bosses (along with Icy Veins for written strats). In the past I’ve used Tankspot, but their updates were much less timely. That may have changed since I last checked.

Comprehensive as this is in its coverage, I’m sure there’s some great stuff that I missed. Feel free to recommend blogs, sites, or individuals that I should add. Otherwise, best of luck to you in WoW!


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  1. Gethe says:

    World of Logs is effectively dead, the developer of the site hasn’t visited the site in about 2 months. I suggest using Warcraft Logs in it’s place, or at least in addition to.


  2. Zeffen says:

    Farewell to a site that I credit in opening my eyes to what playing a hunter was all about and making me better at it. I’ve follow this site since it first started to its very end. I’ve only commented once or twice but have read every post and guide

    I raise a toast to you Frost and Arth, and from the bottom of my heart say thank you!

  3. Ambyrnewind says:

    Arth and Frost. I salute you and thank you both immensely for all you have done for this community and for making us all better, and proud to be…hunters!

    • Irisis says:

      The end of WHU is starting to feel real now, just wanted to add my thanks and appreciation for what was a fantastic resource for hunters and a great community, Frosts work on haste caps springs to mind as a particularly valuable contribution. Listening to the podcast on the way into work and occasionally scribbling down a good idea to try out that night has been a part of my weekly routine for years, all the best to everyone in your future endeavours.

  4. Cleverfire says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for all of the help over the years and I wish you all the best of luck! This site will be missed.

  5. Oricc says:

    Goodbye Warcraft Hunter’s Union, You got me into wow and made me a good player. Thanks for all the advice from all the contributors but especially Frostheim.

    This site will always have a special place in my memory.

  6. Arth says:

    On behalf of Frostheim and myself, thanks for the well wishes and warm goodbyes! You guys are awesome, and we’ll miss the WHU just as much.

  7. Saicam says:

    Thank you Frost and Arth for all that you have done.

    /salute and happy hunting

  8. Darkruneii says:

    Thanks for everything you have have done for the hunters of wow… here’s to paying your dues !

  9. Silstar - Galakrond says:

    Thank you, all of you, for all the effort and time you have put in to not just learn every little tidbit of our class, but then to share it in an effort to make sure we all have the opportunity to excel. My hunter was my first real toon, although I had dabbled with a rogue for a few levels. It is still the only class I have leveled to max. I was honored to stand there, in Kharnos, next to all of you during the end of WHU event. You each deserve a 21 gun salute, and then a 21 bow salute, and then a 21 crossbow salute.
    I have visited this site daily, since 3.2, to see what news, information, or chatter might be here. It will be difficult to stop. Farewell, WHU. Thanks for the memories.

  10. Ratree says:

    Thanks from me also. R

  11. Mettall says:

    I have loved this site and all that went into it. My hunter was my 1st and fav toon, I have slowed down with wow and I think this is a good time to say goodbye to the WHU and wow too. Thanks for the great time!

  12. Nordrann says:

    Thank you.

  13. Gorharald says:

    I slowly stopped playing WOW 2 years ago. I just got tired of the grind. I had a GREAT run though and LOVED this site. Even after I stopped playing, I still had this site bookmarked and kept up with the Hunter (my main, and really the only toon I played to any degree). I was sad to see Frost and Arth wind it down. I credit this site with helping me become a reasonably skilled hunter in a hardcore raiding Guild during WOTLK and eventually being the #2 ranked hunter in my entire server (I forget what site calculated total gear score but at the time it meant a lot to me to be so uber-awesome). I learned so much here. Thanks Guys. Good Luck with your future endeavors.

  14. Daz says:

    Thank you.

  15. Nordrann says:


  16. Sam says:

    I find it sad that the last ever post on what was the best hunter blog has only 20 replies :(