It’s that time of year again, the 2nd Annual All-hunter Meet-up!

This year, not only do you get to see all of the beautiful faces of the hunter community, but as an added bonus, we will also have freebies including Lanyards and WRISTBANDS!

Donors have been guaranteed PROMISED SWAG! When you donate it enables us to get more items.  The typical donation is about $5 and Yep…PROMISED SWAG comes along with that!  While we’re not trying to swing for donations overall and are NOT required for gifts, we really need the help as this is definitely not something one person can do out of their own pockets, so this will be a good way to ensure you get your promised share of fat loot while have a great time with the rest of the hunters who come.

**Update:  We have reached the goal donation for the SWAG.  I know I have personally sent thank yous to those that have donated, but I want to personally thank the hunter community for showing such camaraderie among all of us!

You can sign up if you’re certain to go as well (and we’re tracking who donates) here: WHU Hunter MeetUp Blizzcon 2015
Donation link to our GoFundMe here: WHU Swag Donations
Hunters of all of Warcraft matter, and we want to make this year even more epic than the last. Having more community participation in where we go will be what makes this party even better.

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New WHU Hunter T-Shirts for Blizzcon 2015!

After a selection from many great artistic submissions, I am proud to announce and post our 2015 WHU shirt design for Blizzcon!! Our artist @ZoeZazu Julie Lail Lanier worked extremely hard in bringing about our vision and I think she did an outstanding job with the feedback from so many different inputs and views. I’d like to personally thank her on behalf of Warcraft Hunter’s Union and ‪#‎TeamHunter‬!

#4Final WHU Shirt wbackgroundPLEASE NOTE: Use of this graphic requires expressed written consent of the artist.

The store for ordering is WHU Blizzcon T-Shirts!!.  Each shirt is fully customize-able, we just ask that everyone please have the design on the front (DUHHH WE HAVE TO SHOW OFF!).  You can change the colors of the shirts as well; I am adding more products as we speak.  If you want a specific type of shirt or item I can add it for you

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  1. Tongus says:

    Sad to see this site so dead. Used it for years. On that note, what’s the next best hunter site with guide and such? I noticed huntsmans lodge hasnt had anything since march and the forums are just spam and bots.

  2. Focushot says:

    @Tongus I know what you mean, the community itself seems to still be active on the WHU fan page on Facebook. I have to admit that after Frost left I did find myself coming here less and less. I wouldn’t say my blog is any better in terms of good hunter guides. Something I should seriously work on.

    I think to be honest that Frost did a whole lot of personal time to work on this site. Hours on end doing research. I see we have a bunch of people posting here now and not just a few.

    It sort of sad because WHU was one of the sites long with Just my Two Copper I use to visit daily. It just seems that now as the owners of these sites moved on so did the spirit of the sites. That is not to say that the site wont rise again. Perhaps the next expansion pack will bring Frost back?

    Don’t know, I’d love to be able to go to Blizzcon one day, maybe next year. I’m alot closer now so it wouldn’t cost me too much to go to one. In any case, guys you do good work here and even know it’s not as active as it use to be. Don’t try and be Frost no one can replace him. Just do your thing!

  3. Anonymous says:

    2 posts per expanse? great work. im very happy this game is dead.