Dwarf Hunter on Talbuk


I’ve been spending too much time on math-centric posts over at the Thrill of the Wild, so while hanging out in Nagrand doing some trapping, I thought it might be fun to cover why exactly, it’s the greatest hunter zone in Draenor.

Getting Around in Style — on Talbuks

The amazing part about Nagrand is it takes the awesomeness of being a hunter, and just multiplies it. Everyone already knows that hunters are the premiere class in World of Warcraft, with the greatest toolkit ever present in the game, but when you add in being able to do all we can do, while mounted, the awesomeness is almost too much to handle. If you don’t have the stables in your Nagrand outpost, worry not; the price just went down, go switch right now.

You know those pesky crags that support classes have to run all the way around?  A common hunter trick has always been to jump-spin-disengage across them, and now we can do so while mounted!

Are there too many mobs between you and that large timber you’re trying to cut down, but you don’t want to waste time killing them all?  We can camo while mounted!  Even the Predator can’t do that.

Ever see a great spot to use a goblin glider, but you don’t bother because you don’t want to have to re-mount afterwards?  Well, now you can this:

Dwarf Gliding Talbuk


Kiting on Talbuks

There’s a lot more awesomeness than just getting around in style, though. As the greatest kiting class in the game, you might find yourself thinking “I don’t need some silly talbuk when I can already kite so well”.  Well you’d be wrong.  There’s always room for more awesomeness, and kiting while mounted is just plain awesome.

Accidentally pull a few dozen elite mobs with Barrage?  It’s not a problem.  Stay out of range with ease and just pick them off one at a time.  Or run back and forth through them.  No mob is so elite it can keep up with a mounted hunter kiting it.

Utter Weirdness


This may not have anything to do with being a hunter, but there are some weird sites in Nagrand.  My favorite so far is this guy who apparently drank himself to death.  Lightweights who can’t handle their booze… He must not have been a hunter.  Or, perhaps he was a hunter, trying to dull the pet-less pain from playing too much Lone Wolf.

There’s also a strange box of Murloc on an island just off the coast.  I still have no idea what’s going on there.

Have y’all found any fun hunter tricks while playing in Nagrand?  Any other zone you feel is even better for hunters?  Answer in the comments.  Thanks to Bendak for the great Dwarf Hunter screenshots.

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  1. Djahn says:

    If you click on your water strider while on your Nagrand talbuk, you’ll stay on the talbuk, but be able to walk on water. Not sure if this is intended, but it’s way cool.

  2. GTyoungblood says:

    That is pure awesomeness. I do indeed enjoy shooting mobs in the face while riding past them mounted. But I took it one better. Similar to using the water strikers special ability, I like using the Rylaks special Updraft ability. And I take that to the extreme. I have updraft macro’d into my disengage. Picture this… You are riding along and ahead of you is a drop off. You ride head long into it and jump off the cliff, knowing that as a hunter you can just disengage before hitting bottom. Or… Your rylak can give you a 30 second slow fall disengage. Allowing you to travel a very long distance. And any dwarf worth his rock salt is also an engineer, so once that 30 second updraft wears off you pop your glider for even more distance.

  3. GTyoungblood says:

    THERE IS NO COW. I’ve been in the hay loft. Actually, cant really get in it, there be an invisible wall there. I did manage to land on the beam just in front of the loft, on the inside of the barn. Used my gnomish gravity well to jump high enough to disengage on to the beam. NO COWS. No cow level yet anyway. Besides, we’d need catapults anyway. Cant have a cow level with catapults now can we.

    • Gtyoungblood says:

      Aye… But now that my barn is level 3.. I can enter the loft, drink the milk, and get the pet. As an engineer, I was able to use my gnomish Gravity well to get some height and then disengage across to the hay loft. It looks like it might be possible to climb up from the outside on a stack of crates and maybe disengage over to the front of the loft. Alternately you might be able to just move the entire barn to a location that allows for a disengage off a hill and onto the roof.
      By the way, you can move like sizes buildings around at will, at no cost. Just move them around on your drafting table. This also boots your friends visiting your garrison into the graveyard.

  4. wade Morgan says:

    What gun is the hunter using in the main picture. Looks awesome!

    • Gtyoungblood says:

      That be my favorite. The Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle. From the Big Bad Wolf boss in the Opera House, in Kara.

  5. Sean Milligan (@Kemano666) says:

    Once you find Hemet Nesingwary, and chat with him, he starts hanging out in your garrison. Thought it was something worth sharing.