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Frostheim: It’s been about a year since I retired from hunter blogging, and as you may have noticed, the WoW hunter world has continued in my absence (though Ghostcrawler just couldn’t bear to go on without our deep platonic bond). As always, the hunter community remains strong and new hunter voices have stepped forward to take the reins: new hunter podcasts, new hunter blogs, and new all-hunter raids.

One of those new voices is Artemishowl. If you’re in the WHU Facebook group you no doubt know her from the hunter raids she has been organizing. She recently asked about taking over the WHU to keep this venerable tradition going, and I have great confidence in her abilities and am excited to see the updates and changes that she brings to the site. So we’re clearing out the mothballs and you’ll be getting regular posts on the WHU once more, now from Artemishowl and others that she badgers, cajoles, and intimidates into helping out.

With no further ado, I turn you over to her capable hands:


Hello everyone!

It’s been awhile since there’s been an update post here, hasn’t it? A great place for hunters to gather around, celebrate the class, slaughter raid content together as a union, share good times with each other in person, it’s no doubt that this website is a fantastic way for the hunter community to come together as one. Well fear not anymore, we are coming back to a full swing!


My name is Artemishowl of Blood Legion. I plan on stepping up and taking care of the website. Fresh content? Yes. Updates on guides? Double yes. Some of you already know me as the co-founder and raid leader of “Team Hunter”, a raid group on the horde side of the world which has been tackling current content in Mists of Pandaria for a few months now as a weekly group. We have been successful in our endeavors as we cleared 13 bosses in Siege of Orgrimmar flex as a full hunter team, among other content including heroic Throne of Thunder bosses except for Megaera and Ra-den (healing intense fights hurt), and all of the 14th Tier of the expansion. Our raids have been covered on MMO-Champion.com before and we have rallied together back a community to be stronger than ever.



I have been advertising hunters to come hang out with us at BlizzCon 2014 this year to have fun and rejoice again in person with each other and celebrate the greatness that is our community, our class! We have lanyards that will be handed out, and are working on creating customized shirts, so all hunters, even those who won’t be attending the convention, can still be able to wear proudly some hunter gear. (Which, by the way, the shirts have decent stats on them, promise!)

Now, the time has come to once again open the doors back to the community and continue reaching to not just the Horde, not just the best of the raiding hunters, but to everyone. This is an amazing way to accomplish community oriented events, create and post blogs for all ranges of hunters, from the players who are heavily into theorycrafting, to the hunter just starting off his trek into Azeroth. Giveaways, fun hunter-only raids, promoting soloing hunters who do wonderful things and spend extraneous hours trying to accomplish huge challenges, reconnecting external hunter blogs and podcasts to the website, bringing back the community together in one place.

These are my goals for this website’s revival as a new generation of Warcraft Hunter’s Union. I hope to help the community out as best as I can and start preparing this website for Warlords of Draenor and preparing hunters for their first steps into the new expansion. On top of these plans, I will be trying to having a weekly hunter related blog post, as well as start revising guides currently on the site to further expand the plans for Warlords help! We will do this not alone, but as a community.

I’m not too great about talking about myself, but outside of Warcraft I am an avid Saints (football) fan, amateur hearthstone lover, giant animal hugger and just overall an MS-paint masterpiece. I’m going to strive to keeping the website true to it’s roots. I’ve been a hunter since Vanilla, though coming back to the game in full-swing as of Cataclysm. There’s nothing about this class that I don’t love enough already, and there’s nothing short about all the pride I have with the class and it’s community! Anyhow, for all that it’s worth on the website, I’m all ears for suggestions, comments, feedback! My twitter is @Artemishowl and I am always avidly approachable about nearly anything hunter-related.

[Frostheim: I’m not sure how much non-dwarves or bows have to do with hunters, really, but I’m willing to give Artemishowl a shot. Please join me in giving her a warm welcome to the WHU!]

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  1. Valgaer says:

    Awesomeeeeee! Welcome! I feel like coming back home :), thanks for this

  2. Bendak says:

    Welcome to the hunter blogging world, Artemis. :)

  3. Garfurion says:

    Welcome! Looking forward to WHU:TNG :)

  4. Littlebear says:

    Gratz on picking up the torch. This is a good, and needed thing

  5. LightOne says:

    So excited about this. :)

  6. Wolf says:

    Welcome and I am glad this is coming back only place I really ever went to often for help on my hunter

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    Eh? Where am I?

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    Long Live the Queen. Huzzah!!

  11. weust says:

    Welcome and good luck!
    Looking forward to the continuation of the site.

  12. Lokrick says:

    Welcome Artemis! I have to say that it’s good see a hunter that’s close to a proper height!

  13. Kheldul says:

    Welcome to the blogging world!

  14. Aldarana says:

    Artemis this is the most awesome thing you’ve done this week, I’d say of all time but I don’t want this statement to become false when you inevitably do something more awesome for the hunter community.

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  16. Darbrew says:

    Welcome to the Hunter blogging world. it’s nice to see it’s still growing.

  17. Wrekh says:

    Now all we need is Frostheim comming back for early chrismas ;)

  18. Anheg says:

    I saw a comment on the Facebook post that sums up my feeling pretty well.

    “The world make sense once more…”


  19. Delirium says:

    Wooohoooo, more hunter blogging!!!! Glad to see the WHU in capable hands!

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    And welcome back WHU!!!

  22. Aadyn says:

    Thank you for bringing this place back up from the mothballs just before WoD too.. This was and will be again my number 1 source for hunter news..

  23. Kredon says:

    This is awsome!

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    This is great!! Look forward to visiting often!

  25. Chapayuki says:

    Welcome back WHU. And Artemishowl will do a great job for certain.

  26. Saicam says:

    Oh happy days. Not to knock on the other wonderful hunter sites out there, WHU continuing is like a home coming to me.

  27. Sargerik says:

    Sniff sniff I promised myself that I wasn’t going to cry ….so happy ….so very happy

  28. Serejo says:

    Cant express how happy I am to see the WHU back!
    Welcome Artemis!

  29. Queest says:

    Welcome back

  30. Arth says:

    Just logging in to give my official congrats here on the WHU! You’ll do great.

  31. Kinegos says:

    Hi Artemis :)

    This is great news – I can’t wait to see the site come back alive and am looking forward to more events and everything you have in store for hunters everywhere!

  32. Argent says:

    I’ve been avidly following Bendak and Darkbrew since the last WHU post, and while I will of course continue to, it’s so good to have the Warcraft Hunter’s Union back!

    /salute Artemis

  33. Sargerik says:

    now how do we get Frostheim back into playing as well ?

  34. Sincitygeek says:

    Nice to see the revival. I will be checking back regularly. TY

  35. Ismena says:

    So glad to have you at the helm and incredibly happy the site gearing back up!

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    Welcome! It’s so great to see the WHU website up and running again. =-D

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    Great to see so many other hunter bloggers commenting here, I’m sure this revival can only be a good thing for the community.
    Thank you and good luck Artemis!!!
    Ask for help whenever you need it, like you said, you’ll do this not alone but as a community.

  44. Kristy says:

    Yay, thank you so very much for re-admitting this site to Hunter book mark sites! I’m happy to see this back. I’ve just been following Bendak and Dark Brew.

  45. Elacius says:

    Looking forward to all the new content!

  46. Maddy says:

    One of my favourite websites is back! Brilliant; welcome to the scene!! :D