The Final Podcast

Posted: by Arth

The 200th and final Hunting Party Podcast will take place Saturday, January 18, at our regular time (2pm EST). It will feature Frostheim, Euripides, Darkbrew, Alisaunder, Michele Morrow, Big Red Kitty, Zeherah, yours truly, and a couple potential cameo appearances by others. There will be drinking and stories. It will be great.

Here’s the link.

And here’s a video (well, audio) to pump you up, courtesy of Frostheim:

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  1. Eeta says:

    Not much of a podcast guy, but really looking forward to hearing this one. I’m sure it will be great to hear from so many people I’ve been reading about for years. Been a long time reader of the site, and will be missing it greatly as well.

    • Avarean says:

      A lot of us have been missing it for awhile now. BRK, now WHU…..what’s a hunter to do…. gg’s all.

      Goodluck and ty for all that you have contributed.