The 200th and final episode of the Hunting Party Podcast has happened. It was awesome, funny, epic, and LONG. Seriously, the “official” show went just over four hours, and the postshow was another hour and a half.

We had somewhere around 13 guests, all said and done, including everyone listed in my last article, plus:

  • Synthparadox, longtime listener who also acted as video and audio editor and tech support for the podcast for years.
  • Matt Mercer, a voice actor who has voiced numerous characters both in WoW and other franchises. You can read about him here or here.
  • Crithto, whose real name I did not catch. He’s a member of Blizzard’s community team who helped promote the final podcast.
  • Banya, the owner of WoW Biology 101 and a former podcast guest, who is a real-life zoologist that works primarily with rhinos.
  • RogerBrown, the hunter from the multiple-world-first guild Method, who has appeared on the show several times.

…and I think that’s it. Apologies if I forgot anyone. There was a lot of beer involved.

Before I post the videos, these are NOT edited yet. So there’s no intro music, no bleeping out of swearing (in case there are children present), and it catches the podcast in all its imperfect glory.


Post Show:


Two more posts coming later this week to close out the WHU. Until then, enjoy the podcasts above!

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  1. darkon says:

    yes you got the post show
    and frostheims random artical