This Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014, 2PM EST.


In alphabetical order…

Alisaunder: Long-time moderator of the Hunting Party Podcast (HPP), Ali’s technical expertise along with her knowledge of hunters and WoW lore has made her an excellent co-host who helps ensure that each show flows smoothly.

Arth: A frequent guest blogger on the Warcraft Hunter’s Union until Frostheim’s retirement, at which point Arth took over as lead blogger. He is also currently a host of the HPP. He originally made a name for himself in the hunter world with a series of pet tanking accomplishments, where he tanked several heroic dungeons and raid bosses throughout Wrath and Cata, including the world first pet tanking of Sindragosa. Arth also led the WHU all-hunter raids in Cataclysm.

BigRedKitty: Often referred to as the father (or grandfather!) of hunter bloggers, BRK was perhaps the biggest name in hunter and WoW blogging for much of vanilla, BC, and into Wrath. He is also credited with starting one of the first successful WoW podcasts, which he hosted himself.

Darkbrew: One of the original hosts of the HPP, and the only to be a host for its full tenure. He runs The Brewhall website, and has an in-game drink named after him – Darkbrew Lager – that has been incorporated into his website since its inception.

Euripides: One of the original hosts of the HPP, Euripides used to run the website OutDPS. He was also a blogger for WoW Insider, primarily on the WoW economy and auction house, and briefly hosted the Call to Auction podcast that focused on the auction house in WoW.

Frostheim: Creator of the Warcraft Hunters Union, Frostheim also wrote the Scattered Shots hunter column on WoW Insider for many years, and was a frequent guest and eventual host on the HPP. Frostheim is also the creator of the WHU all-dwarven-hunter guild, whose events and achievements are the stuff of legend.

Michele Morrow: Actress and gamer, Michele has her hand in numerous creative projects in movies, TV, online blogging and gaming. She is a frequent guest of the podcast.

Zeherah: A staple of the theorycrafting community, Zeherah is the creator of femaledwarf.com, a website that acts as a comprehensive tool for calculating dps based off of different gear, spec, rotations, and character settings. Her work has helped legions of hunters maximize their dps. She was also the guest on the very first Hunting Party Podcast, and at 9 appearances is the podcast’s most frequent guest.

Others?: As many as four other guests may make cameo appearances, including a mix of past podcast guests and a couple who have worked directly with WoW for Blizzard. Though at present I can’t confirm any of them, it’s likely we’ll see at least a couple surprises.

In-Game Event

Icecrown Server. We’ll begin gathering at 1PM EST, an hour before the show starts (11am Icecrown server time). Meetup place is at Kharanos, which is close enough to the dwarven starting zone that if you don’t have a toon in the WHU Guild, you can make one and run there.

For the most part, we’ll just be having fun…BSing and partying and chatting. Bring your fireworks, your brew kegs, your toys, etc.

HOWEVER. If we get enough people with max-level, geared toons, including cross-server hunters, we may organize a group to go kill something later during the podcast. No promises here; we’re playing it by ear. But be ready.


  • Next week, we’re looking at 2-3 final articles. I’ll post the completed podcast, I may be doing a history of the WHU and HPP that includes all kinds of events, stats, and information, and the final post will be a hunter resource list. If you have suggestions for inclusion in the resource list (websites, blogs, tools, mods, etc.), be sure to send them to me over the weekend, at ArthWHU@yahoo.com.
  • We may also have some giveaways at the podcast. Hearthstone, game passes, etc. Again, no promises yet, but you won’t have the opportunity to win unless you listen live. Don’t miss it!
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  1. LittleYeti says:

    I’m terribly familiar with how cross-server works. Can anyone from any server be invited, or is it only specific servers like LFR and Dungeon Finder? I would love to bring my main toon if possible.

  2. Flint says:

    Anyone in the US can cross realm, you just have to be battletag friends with a person in the group when it’s created so it pulls you to that realm.

    I’ll be bringing my current main Hunter.

  3. Kheldul says:

    I’ve got a tiny hunter in WHU on Icecrown, but would love to bring my big daddy hunter from Uther. I believe if you form a raid and the number of people in the raid from Icecrown is greater than any other server, then the whole raid will be cross-realm and on Icecrown.

    If you’re on Icecrown, toss me a battle tag invite! Khel#1635.

  4. Dandaratikii says:

    I also would like to bring my main hunter. Battle tag dandaratikii#1816. Thanks!

  5. Jaeger says:

    I’ll be there on my baby hunter since he’s a dwarf, but I can switch to my main nelf hunter that’s xrealm if we go adventuring.

  6. Bellaskye says:

    I will be there to help! Thanks for all the fun guys!!

  7. Bellaskye says:

    great stuff! ty guys!

  8. Omogon says:

    Omogon has retired and hung up his gun. He and his faithful old boar will haunt the taverns in Ironforge until the servers shut down. Thanks for the good times and the memories