Hunter Blue Tweet Roundup

Posted: by Arth


In the absence of tangible hunter news (it’s really been a long drought since Blizzcon!) we have some developer thoughts via Twitter:

Dear Santa: please give us tameable mantid tanks and pterodactyls in the near future. Wait, Christmas has already passed? Dang..
I was ALWAYS bummed that the OG Un’Goro dinos weren’t tamable. I do wish the Tome of Dinomancy opened up more. Hrmmm…

I’m fairly sure many hunters would love it if you looked into it! How about mantid tanks? Any chance for those? /nervousface
I’d say it’s unlikely for a few reasons, but who knows!

Addendum: Not that I’m unappreciative of your answer Just curious. Love silithids; would take mantid tanks over anything.
Hunter pets are an odd thing & a source of internal debate. I’ll admit to not understanding/agreeing w/ some allowed & unallowed.

I’m a hunter player for 5 years now.I know you ain’t heading for a revamp though i need to ask will MM/SV/BM feel different?
That is precisely our goal. We don’t think that requires a “revamp” or “overhaul”.

So disappointed that AoC affects Feign Death and Camo. We gain zero benefit from those in PvE
The fact that you’re “disappointed” about some abilities being affected by Readiness makes me think that they’re at the cost of other ones you want more, you think. That’s not the case. We put enough throughput abilities on it to tune it how we want, then put some additional things on, purely as a bonus. It affecting Feign Death and Camo is not costing anything.

Will Readiness affect hunter pet abilities at all (e.g. rabid), or is it just going to be the same abilities as current trinket?
Different abilities than trinket. Pet abilities are valid choices for us to apply it to, but not ready to list specifics yet.

Ever considered taking Arcane Shot off the GCD?
Unlikely. That’d make Hunters even more button spammy, and more importantly would cause PvP burst problems.

Now, while I remain excited for WoD, let’s hope we start to get some concrete class news that isn’t speculative. I really feel like we’ve been sitting on the same basic information since Blizzcon. That’s ok, but the blogger in me is getting frustrated, and it makes me think our wait for WoD may be slightly longer than originally anticipated (early speculation on a release date was July).

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  1. Eeta says:

    I’m not concerned about the lack of info recently. It seems that from Turkey Day until post New Year blizz goes into a holding pattern every year. I’m expecting the flood gates to open in the next week or two, and we’ll all be able to start rejoicing/freaking out about the upcoming changes.

    Is it just me that finds this part one of the best parts of WoW. I just love the anticipation and release of expac and patch information. Then all the discussion/debate that occurs about it. Admittedly that makes for a bit of an anticlimactic release, but I’m OK with that.

  2. Knitten says:

    So the dude disappointed about FD and camo on AoC… maybe should see what other classes get. Admittedly, I find camouflage fairly useless in PvE other than soloing old dungeons where I don’t feel like killing all the mobs, but FD is useful on fights like Horridon where I accidentally aggroed an add I shouldn’t and MD was on CD (that said, I don’t think I’ve had an issue like that on Galakras, probably cos all the adds are coming from one place (i.e., in the adds-catching sense, easier to tank…. actually in most senses, that whole fight is easier to tank).

    But let’s look (info taken from Wowhead so possibly not accurate):

    Feral Druids: 2 offensive cooldowns, 2 movement cooldowns, 2 survival cooldowns.

    BM and SV Hunters: 3 offensive, 3 survival (of which one is mostly useless and one can also be a movement or a minor CC cooldown)

    MM hunter: 2 offensive, 3 survival, 1 silence

    Monk: 2 offensive, 2 movement, 2 survival

    Assass & Sub Rogues: 2 offensive, 1 movement, 3 survival

    Combat Rogue: 3 offensive, 1 movement, 2 survival

    Enhancement Shaman is a little harder to categorize – for example, Earth Elemental could be a minor DPS cooldown or a survival cooldown depending on how it gets used and what level 90 talent you choose, and Feral Spirits can be both, depending on timing of use. Shamanistic Rage is mostly a survival cooldown but in certain circumstances can be a DPS cooldown as well. But more or less: 2-4 offensive, 3 defensive and 1 sort-of movement cooldown (move while casting… which I don’t think Enh does a lot of anyway, though I could be wrong… I don’t kill things harder than quest mobs with mine)

    I don’t know enough about most of the strength classes to be able to comment on their lists, though the one class I do know something about (fury warrior) is very like the agi ones.4

    I don’t play most of these specs to a meaningful degree so I don’t know how useful some of the non-offensive cooldowns are, but I’m thinking at least BM and SV hunters shouldn’t complain too hard. If anything, MM should be complaining because while SV and BM get 3 offensive cooldowns each (Rapid Fire, Stampede and Bestial Wrath/Black Arrow), MM only gets extra utility with interrupts (Silencing Shot). Feral (already a highly mobile melee DPS class) gets two movement cooldowns (a personal and a raid-wide). And why do Combat rogues get three good offensive CD while Assass and Sub rogues only get 2? (This would explain, though, why a rogue blog I looked at a while ago said that AoC was probably a bigger DPS boost for Combat than for Assass or Sub).

    In other words, while I’m sure the numbers and Blizz’s internal reasoning is reasonably balanced across all the specs, to me (a normal-mode raider who has too many alts (aka, passing familiarity with a number of the specs that could use this trinket), and doesn’t theorycraft though I enjoy reading theorycrafting blogs), the lists don’t look very fair.

    Though I do wish we had Misdirect and not Camouflage on the reduced cooldown….

  3. Knitten says:

    It also occurs to me… most of the agi spec survival cooldowns are damage-reduction cooldowns – except for the hunter ones. We pretty much only have Deterrence (which is a 0-dps-for-the-duration), and we don’t get a reduced cooldown on that, despite its usefulness in SoO. Seems a little odd now that I think of it… I think I’d rather Deterrence than FD :)