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If this is your first time visiting this page, welcome! This post chronicles the history of the WHU, the famous and infamous posts, and all the major achievements that happened as a result of the Warcraft Hunter’s Union, its in-game Guild, and the hunter community in general.

Warcraft Hunters Union was regularly updated from October 2008 through January 2014 (over 1,600 posts). There’s a lot of fun, amazing, epic times captured here over the years, and I hope you enjoy browsing through it.

You can still join the WHU Facebook Group, or follow Frostheim on Twitter or on Google+.

WHU Stats

  • 1,625 Posts
    • Frostheim: 1,374 posts (plus another 239 at WoW Insider)
    • Arth: 198 posts
    • Arust: 28 posts (Frost originally started the WHU with Arust, who was supposed to provide the dwarf-hating elven view)
    • Tapington: 21 posts (Tap had a short run as the WHU PvP columnist)
    • Others: 4 posts (guest posts from other hunters)
  • 12,510 subscribers
  • 58,972,637 pageviews
  • Peak traffic: Oct 13, 2010: 167,428 pageviews & 72,952 visits (when the pre-Cataclysm patch launched)

WHU Guild Events

The WHU Guild still exists and can be joined (dwarven hunters only!). For more on the guild, click here.

WHU All-Hunter Raiding Achievements

When the WHU all-hunter guild hit the level cap in Cataclysm, we embarked on many all-hunter raid challenges, both 25-man and 10-man. Bosses Killed (all during Cataclysm, when Dragon Soul was considered endgame):

In-Game Items & Tributes for Hunters

Hunter Songs & Videos

Hunting Party Podcast

Rather than reprint the information, I’ll just link you to a series of excellent articles by Darkbrew over at The Brewhall that chronicles the history of the podcast

I actually had myself at 30 episodes, not 27, but I’m not one to split hairs. ;-)  …in all, the podcast was an amazing experience for all involved, and many past episodes (especially landmark ones like 100 and 200) are worth re-listening to, even years later.

WHU BBQ Events

These were real-life parties that attracted numerous WHU readers to them. There was food, drinks, stories, and fun. Below are the recaps of each.

Hunter Poetry

These were submitted by members of the community over a period of a few years. Some contain in-jokes from the website and podcast, but many are universal to anyone who has played WoW.

Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5; Part 6; Part 7; Part 8

Grandpappy Frostheim


Frostheim’s ornery, elderly alter-ego, the Grandpappy Frostheim series of articles received adulation from the entire community. Some of the information is dated, but many of the rants hold true even today. The Grandpappy Frostheim posts started on the WHU and later moved over to WoW Insider when Frostheim started as the hunter columnist there.

Notable Posts & Exploits


General Video Links

  • Hunting Party Podcast – This isn’t the link for the live show, but to the Hunting Party Podcast Youtube channel. All HPP episodes will eventually be uploaded to this channel (currently it’s only the most recent 50 or so). Alternatively, the podcast’s main website also has recordings of the shows, as does OutDPS.com. They links to either site are HERE and HERE.
  • Frostheim’s WHU Channel – Includes several hunter achievements and events.
  • Arth’s WHU Channel – Includes several hunter achievements and events.


  • Frostheim Goggles – this was a short-lived but funny web comic that Frostheim wrote, centering around his dwarven hunter in WoW. Rather than link each individual comic, I’ve linked to the search query that will retrieve them. Alternative link here.
  • Hunter Posters – These were a series of hilarious “motivational” posters created by members of the community. Frostheim received so many of them that he made it a regular habit of posting them on the site. You can find all the posts of hunter posters here.
  • Blizzcon Gathering – This article shares stories and pictures from one of Frostheim’s trips to Blizzcon. A WHU hunter gathering highlighted the event, and this was also when Frostheim got a real-life version of his in-game item.
  • This Post started the theme of friendship bracelets, and Frostheim’s hairy wrists that continued throughout the Hunting Party Podcast.
  • Posts about Hrist, the hate tank, were always popular and entertaining. Alas these pretty much went away when Frost’s raid team started using voice during raids. You can find Hrist posts here.


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  1. Bellaskye says:

    This is a wonderful set up Arth :D Thank you!! :D


  2. Darkbrew says:

    Fantastic list Arth. I don’t remember, but I think the 27 episode were where you were and official host.

    Regardless, wish we could have done more episodes together.

    • Arth says:

      Oh, I was just giving you a hard time. It’s an amazing list of trivia.

      And yeah, I wasn’t an actual host for the first few of those, so your number is likely correct.

      I was just happy to be able to be a part of it, so I can’t say I’m sad with the number I got to be on. But I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if I missed episode 200. I’ve listened to the whole thing almost twice already, and it’ll remain an incredible memory.

  3. Frostheim says:

    Hmm… other things that might deserve sections on this page: WHU BBQ recaps; Blizzcon recaps; the hunter motivational posters; Frostheim Goggles comics; maybe some notable posts like 50 reasons hunters are better than every other class, or the Grandpappy Frostheim collected posts (though most of those live over at WoW Insider, they’re still some of my favorites).

    • Arth says:

      Thanks for the ideas. I’ll dig around. I can probably find some of this. I’m not going to kill myself looking for, say, every single Grandpappy article. But a representative sample should be easy enough.

  4. Huntros says:

    Such sad times. Going to miss this place a lot!