Butterfly Gardens

Posted: by Frostheim

This post has nothing to do with WoW or huntering — instead I’m talking about Butterfly Gardens for other, shadowy reasons. I’m post-dating this in the theory that almost no-one will see butterflies on the WHU and think I’ve come back, and then get really confused, but I also suspect people are going to find it anyway (I have no idea how the RSS feed will treat backdated articles). At least it won’t mess up the front page.

At any rate, I’ve been working on a guide to butterfly gardens for my day job, which is just about as far from geekery as you can get (a home goods ecommerce site).

I noticed, however, that some of the ‘ol WHU habits stuck with me even when doing things so far removed from WoW. For example, it wasn’t enough to have a simple article on how to make a butterfly garden. That has fairly minimal value. Hell no, if I’m going to make a butterfly garden article, I’m going to make the most comprehensive butterfly garden resource I possibly can. Or, you know, badger other teams at the company into doing it, get frustrated with the final product, and work on it myself instead (and have my peeps help with the grunt work).

Monarch Butterfly

I even took pictures of butterflies and everything!

So it was that we made the butterfly garden resource — a list of all butterflies found in the US (over 300), by region, with the photo of the butterfly and which nectar flowers it prefers, and which host plants its caterpillar prefers. Even included Alaska and Hawaii.

Like just about every WoW guide, it took way, way longer than I had thought. But unlike something posted on the WHU… surprisingly few people have found it or commented on it. Is it possible it’s not as awesome as I thought? Or, perhaps, are there fewer people interested in how to attract butterflies to their garden than I imagined?

Perhaps next I need to make a comprehensive guide to couch fort warfare.

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  1. Phydeux says:

    I like the Fort Warfare idea…

  2. Eiye says:

    RSS clients increments when new post appear. Between you and Arth, I figure the site is just comatose… not really dead….lol