Last week we had RogerBrown from Method on the Hunting Party Podcast, where we talked about a variety of raiding and huntery topics.


It’s common to be curious about a particularly well-designed player UI, especially when it’s the UI one of the most successful players on the planet. After numerous requests, Roger has created a detailed tutorial that outlines his mods and UI, and even goes into how to tweak them to get the most of out several of them.

Here’s the UI Guide.

Several mods will be familiar to all of us, but many are less known. I can appreciate any UI that displays a lot of information while remaining elegant and streamlined, and you may find some useful suggestions in his writeup.


Roger also has a Twitch channel where you can watch live while he plays (when it is activated) and view past videos including Method’s World First 25M Heroic Garrosh kill. You can visit the channel here.

It’s also worth noting that you can contact Roger directly on Twitter @MethodRoger or view his Armory here.

Resources like this can be fun, and also informative if you’re looking for ways to streamline your own playing. Enjoy!

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