Patch 5.4.2

Posted: by Arth

Patch 5.4.2 is out, and it didn’t bring anything big for hunters. But there were a few small changes:

  • General
    • Deterrence modified by the talent Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera should now correctly provide immunity to physical interrupt effects.
    • Revive Pet now has a casting time of 2 seconds (down from 4 seconds).
  • Talents
    • Resolved an issue where Battle Pets were incorrectly receiving the Spirit Bond talent

PvP Stealth Change

Pets can no longer be dismissed while in arenas. This may come as a disappointment to PvP hunters, but the frequent dismissing of pets was a strategy that was never intended by Blizzard’s designers, so the change was going to happen eventually one way or another.

It should also be noted that buffs from non-active pets also fade in arena. This isn’t a 5.4.2 thing, but might still be something that PvP hunters were used to having. So the old strategy of summoning multiple pets pre-match to buff you and your arena partners will no longer work. This, again, is to align arenas with the intended usage for hunter pets, and is likely a long-term balancing issue.

WHU Guild Server Merge

The Icecrown server, which is home to the WHU all-dwarven-hunter guild, is being merged with Malygos. This shouldn’t greatly affect anything, but will increase the server population. In general, I like Blizzard’s push for more and more connected realms.

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  1. OhTheIrony says:

    Assuming this “fix” lives up through the next expansion, the “With or Without You” talent for MM/SV becomes even more preposterous in PvP. You do 30% more damage without your pet. Except that you can’t dismiss your pet.

    I’ll say it again, there isn’t a single option in the tier 100 talents that’s fit for PvP, except in the case of BM, where the pet gets a massive utility upgrade with WoWY. Still, that’s only one spec with one option.

    I really hope they get around to a complete tier 100 talent revamp before WoD release. But don’t worry. I’m not holding my breath.

  2. Noxxana says:

    Sooo… since the “dismiss pet nerf” (3 seconds still sucks) was intended to prevent constant pet swapping in PVP/Arena, which you can’t do now at all — does that mean the nasty workarount will be fixed back to 2 seconds? If not I’m completely fine with fixing all pet pathing issues forcing you to dismiss your pet ;-)

    • Ril says:

      You’re perfectly right, dismiss should get it’s 2s cast time back. On top of it the should remove that nasty LoS req. This is long overdue.

  3. Gorgor says:

    Pretty sure pets can still be dismissed before the actual match begins, or you could just not have your pet out when you queue?

    Or did you think Blizzard would let you keep your pet buff and the 30% dmg increase?

    • OhTheIrony says:

      Don’t be so obtuse. PvPers don’t care about the pet buff. They can cancel the buff when the pet is dismissed, for all we care. MM/SV don’t even use pets with buffs in PvP, because when you have to choose between a slight secondary stat buff and a CC ability, the latter is always more useful. Why? Because PvP huntering is about control, utility, and burst, not overall damage.

      This is why WoWY is such a terrible PvP talent for MM/SV to begin with (yet it’s still the best of the 3 in the 100 tier).

      For MM/SV, WoWY in PvP will be about trading off pet utility (Master’s Call, Roar of Sacrifice, CC) for damage/burst. Yes, you can dismiss your pet before the battle, and pray to god you don’t accidentally fat-finger your summon pet keybind. But you can’t change your strategy mid-fight, which was perhaps previously the only redeeming feature of the talent.

      And if you decide that you really need that pet utility, then the 100 tier talents might as well not exist. You can’t take Bola Shot, because then you’ll be breaking CC all over the place. You can’t take Snipe, because then you won’t be able to kite.

      Of course, BM gets a massive pet utility upgrade with the WoWY talent, which would have been a really nice thing for all 3 specs, and is totally PvP-worthy.

      PvEers talk about “choice” in these talents, and say it’s terrible that hunters are complaining about talents that are optional. But there is no choice here for PvPers. You spec BM, and you take the WoWY talent. That’s your only option.

      They need to fix the tier 100 talents. And this “dismiss pet” “fix” is bandaids on bandaids on bandaids, and is going to cause further problems in the future.

  4. OhTheIrony says:

    On the bright side, the shorter Revive Pet is nice. It makes it a lot easier to “bubble revive” (revive a pet inside deterrence), which I’ve already made good use of, given that our pets now fall over dead whenever a bladestorm happens.

    It does feel very strange that Dismiss Pet takes longer than Revive Pet. Somethin’ ain’t right here…

  5. Arth says:

    To everyone upset about PvP, the dismiss pet nerf is a separate issue from WoWY talent. I agree PvP could be headed for a crisis if the talents aren’t tweaked… That’s why I wrote about it last week. but it’s still very early in the development cycle, so not yet time to panic. In the meantime, the dismiss pet change is, I think, more reasonable, since it allows buffing and CC options not available to any other classes. Any nerf sucks, but on the heels of our most dominant PvP expansion ever, we can hope we’ll once again be viable.

  6. OhTheIrony says:

    I understand you, Arth, and thanks for commenting. I wish they had fixed this another way, perhaps by cancelling the pet buffs on dismiss, or by triggering a full CD cycle on pet abilities when summoning a new pet when in arenas. This is just something they’ll have to revisit again–solving the same problem in a different way.

    But, yes, tier 100 talents need to be tweaked. I’m not as optimistic as you. Many of the devastating PvP issues in early MoP were things that I had recognized and protested against very early in the beta (and I wasn’t the only one–let’s be honest), and nothing was done about them. It wasn’t until 5.3 that MM/SV were balanced to the point they could be considered even remotely viable in arena/RBG. I expect the same thing will happen with WoD, unfortunately. Since MM is my favorite spec, and always has been, this is an issue that I’m particularly sensitive about.