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This Saturday is Episode 198 of the HPP, our third-to-last episode EVER! You should come hang out and listen. 1pm CST (2pm EST, 11am PST), at

Joining us this week is a hunter named Conjor. He came recommended from Zeherah – she of the Female Dwarf and theorycrafting fame. Conjor apparently helped her with several calculations, specifically on RPPM, that helped to refine the Female Dwarf models. And he’s also very knowledgeable about the MM spec, which is a spec that, admittedly, has been somewhat neglected by us in recent months. In our min/maxing focus, we’ve focused much more on BM and SV. This is understandable, but we also want to cover everything possible. So I’m excited. I’ve never met Conjor, but it should be a fun time.

As always, feel free to send us questions or comments that we’ll try to read on the show, at

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