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I’m out the rest of this week for work, then next week for holiday stuff, so articles may be scarce until we hit 2014.

In the meantime…if you’re looking for some awesome holiday gift ideas for that special someone, the WHU has you covered! Well, technically, WoW Insider has you covered, but same difference, yeah?

But realistically, you’re not looking for WoW gifts for friends and family. You’re looking for yourself. So here’s a list of awesome stuff you can buy for yourself once the holidays are over…

WoW Holiday Gift Guide

Of particular interest to me is that they now have WoW Sheet Music. In a former life, I was a semi-professional violinist, and even though my skills have rusted considerably now that real life has taken me down other paths, I still like to bust out the fiddle on occasion and play. I’ve even taken to recording myself, and it helps when there is a built-in accompaniment to whatever I’m playing. The CDs that come with the sheet music have accompaniment tracks, so this is an exciting item that I’m sure I’ll be getting.

Maybe you aren’t the musical type. But there’s still a ton of unique ideas for your WoW and huntering needs.

I should also point out that the WHU has a store. Want a tribute shirt to fondly remember the glory of the WHU as it enters its final weeks? Want a thong that says Awesomesauce on it?! What self-respecting hunter wouldn’t? Click here or follow the store link at the top of the page.

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