WoW Insider Podcast Interview

With Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street off the leash, so to speak, he’s finally been able to interact with the community in a few ways that he wasn’t able to as one of the devs working for Blizzard. Specifically, he was the feature guest on this week’s WoW Insider podcast.

Here’s the link to the show.

I link this not simply to continue the farewell tour for GC (though it does seem to be goodbyes week on the WHU, doesn’t it?). But actually, the interview had a LOT of great info and insight from GC. I think it’s worth listening to for any WoW player, even if they barely talked about hunters.

Tweet Storm

GC also took to Twitter, not only to say goodbye, but to disambiguate a lot about what he did. Now, to be clear, he’s answered most of these questions dozens of times already, but there were still many misconceptions about what he did and why he left. The tweets, while somewhat limited in their scope, do give a sense of how the devs worked together on decisions.

We covered a lot of these tweets on last week’s podcast, but you can read them all by clicking here.

You can also continue to follow GC on Twitter @OccupyGStreet

Lastly, Fingers Crossed…


…and no, this isn’t the herald call to bombard Greg with requests to be on the podcast. We’re an admittedly niche podcast and he’s a busy guy. We need to stay classy. I won’t object to some retweets though. ;-)

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  1. Flint says:

    Ghostcrawler leaving as Arth leaves? Is Arth Batman?