You are…probably prepared!

So the pre-Blizzcon rumors have been confirmed, and Blizzard has announced its next WoW expansion – Warlords of Draenor.


Features will include:

  • Building and upgrading your own garrison
  • New character models
  • New PvP zones, raids, dungeons, etc.
  • Level cap raised to 100
  • A boost to level 90 gameplay.

The garrison thing is interesting, and I’d like to hear more about it. The rest is, well, expected, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. The devil is in the details, and like any expansion – or any game, really – the success or failure of WoD will depend on the execution by Blizzard.

An observant forum poster pointed out that the hunter model has a quiver at one point in the video. I don’t know if that says anything about the reintroduction of ammo or not (probably not), but it’s a nice aesthetic touch.

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  1. Flint says:

    Anyone else notice the Melee Hunter?

    • Eeta says:

      Funny you mention that, it was the first thing that made go whoa about the video. Though, my thinking it was just dramatic effect. After all, a hunter that only fires a bow/rifle probably would be in a bad spot when if it did come to close range combat.

  2. Flint says:

    I’m actually excited about this Expansion. For many of us BC was by far the best Expansion. It will be nice to send Caitus back to her home world.

    FYI: My 2nd Alliance Hunter was Catuus a Draenie later changed to Caitus then later changed to a female. The Hunter model used in the trailer is the same model as Caitus before turning into a female.

  3. Argent says:

    Might have been a slight oversight, but also: Where was the melee hunter’s pet?

  4. Sev says:

    There appears to be a level 100 talent that boosts damage by 30% for MM/SV when they don’t have a pet out.

    I’m none too pleased with this. We’ve always been a pet class and I think we always should be. In addition, it sound like a balance nightmare: make it too weak and no-one will use it, too strong and hunters will be forced to go petless.

    • Masa says:

      Hunters haven’t always been a full on “pet class”. There was a long period of time when our pet damage was ignorable in group and just having pets out in dungeons and raids was suicidal. Pets were a speed bump for mobs and a harassment tool for pvp. A hunter’s ability to solo was left to the players kiting skills.

      Also the original survival spec could be considered a melee spec. I saw many melee hunters raiding Scholomance, Stratholme, and Blackrock Spire.

      A melee or ranged only spec may not be the direction some players would want to take. It would make for an obvious difference between specs, unlike what we have now. At least it would be attempt if that’s the case.

      We could also be looking at the no pet talent the wrong way. This could just be a buff for when our pets are tragically taken from us. Think raid mechanics such as the Dark Shaman’s [Ashen Wall] ability which just wrecks pets.

      • Xyriin says:

        Yes, hunters have always been a full on ‘pet class’. There was never a time when pet damage was ignorable unless you consider losing 15% insignificant. Granted they were a glorified DoT back in the day but you don’t ignore Serpent Sting do you? Having pets out in dungeons and raids was only suicidal if you weren’t smart and did things like bypass normal pathing before dismissing your pet.

      • Masa says:

        We didn’t allow pets in vanilla as did other guilds. Hunters still rocked dps charts without them. Server first classic Onyxia and cleared tiers 1-2 under the same rules. Tier 3 we were more lenient as pathing, damage, and healing became more efficient.

        There were hunters at that time coming from other role playing games that didn’t care about pets and would have rather seen a more range only and less pet role. This being a time when hunters weren’t one of the most played and considered a hard class to play right.

      • Sev says:

        Masa: That’s due to hunter mechanics being all kinds of broken in Vanilla. They were never intended to go petless.

      • Xyriin says:

        That’s great anecdotal evidence but here is some of my own. I played a hunter in classic and led 40 man raids in Molten Core in the earliest days along with Onyxia. Pets were always used, and there was never a moratorium on using them. At most there were times during which pets were placed on passive which was always backed up through raid calls. All that was required was a smart hunter and smart raid strategy. Hunters who weren’t able to control their pets properly simply weren’t part of the roster. I’m sorry your hunters and raid leaders couldn’t make it work, running with a pet in classic was a lot of fun.

        The only time I dismissed my pet was to be able to drop completely out of combat so I could use Goblin Jumper Cables XL to battle res prior to the zone wide combat lock going into effect to nerf ooc res.

  5. Venadin says:

    The other side of that talent is a damage boost to combat experience and pets with specs from all three trees. Thunderstomp + beast cleave + rabid on a ferocity pet reminds me of the gorilla in early wrath.

  6. Eeta says:

    On the face of it, love the lvl 100 Pet talent, not sure about the other 2 options. Though Bola does remind me of the days when Explosive Shot was actually explosive.

  7. Garfurion says:

    The Hunter level 100 talents as reported by WoW Insider

    * Bola Shot: 30 focus. 40-yard range. Instant. Fires a bola at the target which wraps around them, and after 1 second it explodes, dealing 3000 fire damage to them. Adds an additional 2000 fire damage to all enemies within 5 yards. Replaces Arcane Shot.

    * Snipe: 40-yard range. 2.77-second cast. Carefully line up the perfect shot, dealing 150% weapon damage. Generates 60 focus. Cannot be cast while moving. Replaces Steady Shot and Cobra Shot.
    – Beast Mastery and Survival: Also refreshes Serpent Sting.
    – Marksmanship: Also triggers Steady Focus.

    * With Or Without You
    – Beast Mastery — Versatility: Passive. Increases the effect of your pet’s Combat Experience to 70% increased damage. Your pet now gains the following abilities, regardless of spec: Rabid, Spiked Collar, Thunderstomp, Blood of the Rhino, Great Stamina, Bullheaded, Cornered, and Bull’s Speed.
    – Marksmanship and Survival — Lone Wolf: Passive. Increases all damage dealt by 30% when you don’t have a pet active.

    It’s nice to see that non of these talents increases button bloat.

    I don’t see myself taking Snipe tbh. Having to stand still while casting and a relatively long cast-time don’t appeal to me.

    Versatility seems interesting for soloing but I wonder how Lone Wolf will affect abilities like Master’s Call or Intimidation.

    • Ril says:

      interesting. i like how they are finally implementing skills that replace other skills. way to get rid of rotational button bloat without losing versatility.

  8. Isaac says:

    Petless MM? :o

  9. WookieeBH says:

    A few other notes.

    1. The sounds of WoW panel had one of the sound designers talking about how he was surprised when he found out that hunters were transmogging their rifles to bows due to the sounds. Then he went and rolled a hunter and realized how bad the gunfire sound is. So they are updating that with the updated characters. Also they are updating the bow and crossbow sounds too.

    2. During the general Q&A, the art director was asked a question he couldn’t answer, but he said, “Someone really should ask me about hunter quivers.” Sadly, no one did. I know there has been talk of us getting quivers back at some point. I’d say this is confirmation.

    • Masa says:

      I mog guns for aesthetics and the sound. In Molten Core and Blackwing Lair I refused to be anything but “the gun hunter”. I’d be very disappointed if the new gun sound is that of a pea shooter. The only change I can imagine at this point is varied gun sounds so that every shot doesn’t sound the same and repetitive as it is now (just like the blacksmith sound change).

      • Scruffi says:

        I got to play a bit of the Warlords demo at Blizzcon this weekend, so of course I rolled up a hunter. Dwarf with a gun. The gun sound they had for that was a low, thundering boom, much more throaty than the sharp crack of current guns. Whether it’s “better” is going to depend on personal preference, I think. I expect some people will still transmog to a bow not for the quality of the sound, but for the reduced volume.

  10. Xivander says:

    I used to be a bow fan because of the sound, until I found out you can place another sound file in the SOUNDS folder and it changes just the gun sound. I use a sound file of a silenced MP-5. The default gun sound is not only bad, but it is completely out of place in the midst of a raid.

    Quivers, I don’t care about them, really. But if they’re back I’ll be happy that you’re happy.

    @Xiriin I am happy with the petless idea. While I always carry a pet in raids, that is not always true outdoors. At top level you can leave the pet at home and deal with mobs in under five seconds as usual.

    Anyway, if you still want a pet out you can go with bolas or the other talent.

    However, someone care to explain the Snipe talent? It’s a stand still aimed shot that replaces steady shot?

  11. Valmordang says:

    Am I the only one that notices the nerf to mobility.
    “Snipe” can not be cast while moving. Further more it takes 2.77 secs to cast. Steady shot takes 2 secs.
    Yes snipe gives 4x the focus and 3x the damage. But last time I played. ( yesterday) raiding and pvp I don’t recall ever where I was standing still for more then 2 secs. Since snipe replaces our focus generating shots hunters are in for a lot of “I wish I could play but I don’t have any resources(focus) unlike the other classes who don’t really have to manage anything.” (Tried every class this expansion and none really have to manage resources like hunters. Most are a joke.)

    • Arth says:

      It’s only a nerf if it’s mandatory, which the talent is not. It will have situational uses in PvE for those who can control their movement well.

  12. Aadyn says:

    Why are you moving around so much in raid is the real question. If I stand where sorrow spawns and i am not on tower duty the first 6 fights of the new raiding tier on normal is pretty much just stand and shoot. Very little movement.

  13. Billow.CBH says:

    Nothing capturing about my BM Hunter in the new patch. Looks like the talents are blah. Definitely nothing I see us climbing the PVP ladder with.