Level 100 Hunter Talents

Posted: by Arth

The talents that we’ll have access to in the Warlords of Draenor expansion have been released:


Bola Shot

  • 30 Focus, 40 yard range

  • Instant

  • Fires a bola at the target, which wraps around them. After 1 sec, it explodes, dealing 3000 Fire damage to them, and an additional 2000 Fire damage to all enemies within 5 yards.

  • Replaces Arcane Shot

Reaction: Doesn’t contribute to button bloat since it replaces Arcane Shot. Gives us a nice boost with situational AoE use. I like it.



  • 40 yd range

  • 2.77 sec cast

  • Requires Ranged Weapon

  • Carefully line up the perfect shot, dealing 150% weapon damage. Generates 60 Focus.

  • Cannot be cast while moving.

  • Replaces Steady Shot and Cobra Shot.

  • Beast Mastery & Survival

    • Also refreshes Serpent Sting.

  • Marksmanship

    • Also triggers Steady Focus.

Reaction: Once again, it replaces shots, so it doesn’t contribute to button bloat. Well done, Blizzard. Some people may lament that this shot can’t be cast while moving. But clearly this isn’t intended as a PvP talent, and will put a premium on managing our movement. This is an aspect of gameplay that we got to ignore almost entirely in MoP. As a nuanced way to maximize our dps, I’m ok with its return. And if you dislike it, you can take a different talent. Stylistically, the idea of lining up a shot and needing to be immobile, matches pretty closely with a hunter/ranger idiom. So in that sense, I think it will be a nice flavor ability.

With or Without You

  • Beast Mastery (Versatility)

    • Passive

    • Increases the effect of your pet’s Combat experience to 70% increased damage. Your pet now gains the following abilities, regardless of spec:

      • Rabid

      • Spiked Collar

      • Thunderstomp

      • Blood of the Rhino

      • Great Stamina

      • Bullheaded

      • Cornered

      • Boar’s Speed

  • Marksmanship & Survival (Lone Wolf)

    • Passive

    • Increases all damage dealt by 30% when you don’t have a pet active.

Reaction: This is going to be the controversial one. I do want to point out that it’s optional. But first, the easy part…the boost to BM pets is awesome. We basically get a “super pet” with all the abilities they’ll acquire. For MM and SV, I think the trick will be in the execution. Yes, we’re a pet class, but pets are really a BM thing. MM is about ranged physical damage, and SV is about DoTs and nature damage. And the option of removing a pet gives Blizzard a chance to really make these specs feel unique. Will they do this successfully? We don’t know yet. But the potential is immense to differentiate the specs with this ability in a way that feels organic and fun. Let’s hope they’re able to do so.

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  1. LittleYeti says:

    I find Snipe the most interesting at the moment. The 2.77 cast time, and the fact that you should propably only cast it if you have less than 40 focus (60 for BM) leaves a lot of room for error. Though it seems like it will be pretty amazing if integrated into the rotation properly, but I’m not a theorycrafter so what do I know?

    • Arth says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up being the theoretical “best” talent for single target, but there’s of course more of a drawback to it than with the others. So yeah, it will be interesting to see how viable it is.

  2. Rayne says:

    I’m sure these abilities will be tweaked many times:

    Bola Shot: No instant dmg as a focus dump? Not sure about that. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a glyph to remove the AoE. If the wrap affect actually prevented action from the mob, that might be cool.

    Snipe: 2.77 sec base cast for 60 focus gen… takes just about 4 cobras to do that with 2x the combined cast time. Standing still or not, it still looks like a win… one shot that will give us close to a full focus bar and still refresh the sting.

    With or Without You.: First off, I really don’t like U2. Second, this is simply going to be a numbers game. Which ever gives the best dps in Raids will win. Might have some applications in PvP (Arena. Wouldn’t necessarily need a pet in the cemetery as it’s wide open but could be helpful to have a pet in some of the others…) I also see this as being a potential dps balancing nightmare as you could almost look at this as 5 specs depending on how they tie our pets dps to us.

    But again… none of this really matters now anyway. It is really doubtful any of these will make it to the Expansion without changes if they make it at all…

  3. Rangus says:

    Well to me the Lone Wolf talent is the most interesting and the most controversial. A lot of raiding hunters have lamented about buggy pet AIs in fights for forever. Many have wished for a petless spec for just that reason. Given that if the Lone Wolf talent generates anything close to the dps of the other two, it’s going to be a popular choice. This of course assumes that all the critical raid buffs/debuffs are already covered.

  4. Kart says:

    Yes Rangus – pet buffs. If we have to give up a pet buff, I see this mostly as a 25 man talent. Or could we hope for an ability to transfer the pet buff to the hunter? Or… Are pet buffs going away?

  5. Zourn says:

    I like the idea that Lone Wolf allows you to be in more direct control of your damage.
    Typically a pet is going to have X DPS based off the stats passed on to it and it’s spec. On a single target, it’s pretty hard to screw up your pet or do extrordinarily well with it.
    So If the talent is balanced were a person of average skill does the same DPS with LW and no pet as they would with a pet and one of the other talents, then someone with really good skill would theoritically be able to do more damage as MM/SV with LW than any other spec.

    The only problem I have with it is that if you are doing solo stuff between raids, where a pet would be necessary, you essentially have no Level 100 talent. If it is tougher solo stuff, you have to either respec that choice or use your second spec.

  6. Frohawk says:

    I really like the Lock level 100 talent where they get an additional pet, just wish that was the BM effect for With or Without You. Rather than the prescribed “super pet”. Dual pet FTW.

    • Arth says:

      This could actually be a terrible idea for some types of play. Do you want your pet to be able to tank content well when you’re soloing? Do you want precise control over their behavior? Bringing another pet out would diminish both of these things greatly instead of buffing our primary pet.

      • Frohawk says:

        I see the reverse, it give us greater flexibility with 2 pets, Do you need to tank swap? Do you need 2 spirit heals? Do you need to tank 2 mobs away from each other? Having 2 pets opens up way more opportunities to extreme solo content.

  7. OhTheIrony says:

    Lone Wolf is a no-go for PvP. PvP is about utility, survivability, CC, and CC breakers. Lone Wolf takes much of that away from MM/SV. You don’t get Roar of Sacrifice, Master’s Call, pet CC, pet buff, or the ability to still micro-manage your pet while stunned (e.g., to keep someone in battle).

    It would be really nice if MM/SV got versatility instead of lone wolf. MM/SV could make good use of a “super pet”, too. I don’t want to get rid of my pet, I want it to be better!

    With or Without You is a fantastic PvP talent for BM. But there is no good PvP talent on this tier for MM or SV. If this doesn’t change, BM will become the PvP spec. So much for “optional”.

    • Argent says:

      That might not be the case, remember we haven’t seen any class changes other than the talens yet. I’m holding off judgement until I see what else has been changed (come on utility aspects).

      So far I like the way their reducing button bloat (and hope that other talents will see this too) and think that wowy looks the most interesting out of all the current talents.

    • Kaitain says:

      OhTheIrony is spot on here, these talents are all very anti-PvP for MM/SV and BM has but one choice.

      Things that are required PvP fundamentals: mobility, survivability, utility and CC. To PvP at the moment you NEED Master’s Call and Roar of Sacrifice and you often need the pet specials too, and as OhTheIrony says the pet being un-CCed while you are can be a real clincher too.

      Having said that, it’s possible that the loss of a pet would be less of a problem if they make a bunch of other changes across the classes, like removing several CC abilities from everybody (already discussed by Devs as a good idea because at the moments everyone has CC coming out of their ears). You’d assume the loss of pet buffs would just be covered with a number tweak somewhere.

      Snipe will simply never work unless Blizzard remove all line-of-sight objects from all PvP maps.

      Bola shot could work IF it automatically doesn’t break CC. Cleaving with cooldowns up could be a lot of pressure in the right situations.

  8. Garfurion says:

    All 3 talents are a dps increase. Bola-Shot seems best for SV since they have the additional benefit from their mastery.

    Snipe feels like a MM talent where it replaces basically the 2 steady-shots that have to be fired to keep the haste buff up. Although it’s good that it replaces an ability instead of adding 1, the downside in this case is that if you have to move a lot you have no way of gaining focus.

    I like the Versatility talent for BM and I can see it be a big help with soloing stuff.

    I still have mixed feeling about Lone Wolf. I know a lot of people asked for it on the forums but for SV/MM hunters who like to their pet it means 1 less talent to choose from.

    Talents are meant to offer a choice but With or Without You isn’t a choice for SV/MM hunters who like their pet. In cases where Snipe isn’t viable due to the movement restriction it means SV/MM hunters have no choice but Bola Shot.

    I think it would be better if “Lone Wolf” became a major Glyph which just compensates you for the damage done by your pet and With or Without You for SV/MM just buffs the damage of pet or hunter depending on the glyph.

    I do wonder if they will change abilities like Master’s Call and the buffs/debuffs pets bring in case you choose “Lone Wolf”. If they don’t then it i’m not sure if it would really be a viable option of (raiding) SV/MM hunters.

  9. hillbillyhatfield says:

    I’m with everyone else. Unless they put utility and pet buffs in the hunter trees for MM and Sur, no one will use them. Or more to the point no one will allow us in raids and dungeons.
    I guess you could look at it this way, with lone wolf, it gets rid of button bloat. Because all our utilities are gone lol. Roar of S, Master’s Call, plus the different pet CC, and buffs. I don’t see how bliz could give these classes these utilities back without upsetting the trees so bad it will take another xpac to fix.
    To be honest I really don’t think bliz though this out. I’m ok with the idea of no pet for a tree, ideally MM. Sur surprised me. Maybe they could fix MM to overcome the utilities, but I doubt both. They play too different.
    Now the new stuff for BM, I see a nerf bat with blood in it’s eyes coming in our futures. The pets on paper at the moment with these abilities are an insane monster of claws, teeth, and fur. Almost like having another player with you. I haven’t see a SB, with all mastery buffs yet. I may do the math tonight. We may see the legendary return of BM of LK.

  10. Xeran says:

    Snipe looks like it would make Marksman actually feel like a Marksman. Bola Shot is what Explosive Shot should be. Line Wolf/WoWY is brilliant, but we’ll see if they don’t significantly change that before they’re out of beta.

  11. Ot says:

    hate it

    I don’t want to not have my pet. no mater which spec Im playing. Pets make hunters more fun to play.

    Besides none of this adds buttons but they haven’t done anything about removing some yet.

    Bola and snipe are ok I guess, though I probably wouldn’t use snipe unless its a significant dps increase.

    Do away with “with or without” and add something like the other two, AND redesign the previous tiers to eliminate button bloat. Simple but they wont get it.

  12. Al says:

    I’m assuming then that Snipe activates steady focus for MM after only 1 use. As 2 consecutives uses (the conventional requirement with steady shot) would provide 120 focus instantly capping you?

    Dps aside, I’m not aware of too many raiders that use their pets for anything more than a buff and as such I don’t particularly understand the pve utility complaints. I’m again assuming that the main complaints for lone wolf are coming primarily from pvpers?

    I also can’t work out how Bola shot gets used alongside multi-shot? If there are any numbers people out there, would it be worth weaving this in between multi-shots? Using it instead of multi-shot altogether? How would it compare to Improved serpent sting and beast cleave? As a totally blind guess off the top of me head, I can only imagine it standing a chance to outdo MM’s multi-shots?

  13. Jaeger says:

    I like that they don’t add any new abilities, but I’m not really crazy about the options.

    Bola Shot is probably good for cleave fights and will be the only option for MM/SV in PvP. It will be problematic for some soloing situations though because of the AoE; I’m not sure what MM/SV will use in those cases (potentially nothing).

    Snipe is very different, so it’s hard to give a judgement on it. I don’t like long cast times and lack of mobility (I’m leveling a mage and getting reminded of that a lot). We’ll have to see how the numbers work out and how many encounters allow you to stand still. This will have no use in PvP.

    With or Without You seems like the default option for BM. For MM/SV, it’s only useful in group PvE content and if you don’t like your pet or if pet pathing is really buggy for that fight; otherwise you’ll most likely be using Bola Shot.

    After the lvl 75 talents, I really feel like Blizzard ran out of good ideas.

  14. Huntros says:

    Im not that impressed. They don’t really feel like amazing level 100 talents to shout about.

    I like playing a hunter for the pet and the buffs they bring, makes us very useful for the raid.

    Historically we have had to spend a lot of time and effort with our pets, and it now all seems for nothing at all. It also takes the fun away from pet collecting/challenge pets, as they will no longer have any use.

    Ill give it some time and see what Mr Blizz comes up with, but at the moment, i hate to say it but I may be considering a re-roll :(

    Frost leaves and look what happens!

    • Arth says:

      You know you don’t have to take the “no pet” talent, yeah? “No longer have any use” seems like a large embellishment to me.

      • Rapine says:

        Seriously, with flex raiding between 10-25 variable players becoming the norm in WoD (is this an acronym yet?), our pet buffs remain quite important. Yes, some of our critical buffs remain BM-only; however, pending drastic changes between now and 6.0 release we still maintain the largest pool of possible raid buffs via our pets. We’re flexible in a coming time of flexible raiding. Not a bad spot to be in.

        We’ll see where the math works out. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that flat damage buff to petless MM hunters work out to be a significant opening PvP burst. It could be nasty.

        We’re still weeks to months away from being able to test anything. I’m optimistic.

  15. Purcy says:

    These look like some pretty interesting ideas from Blizzard. These talents are the only specifics I know about the whole expac, so I’m ignorant of any context, but these seem like some pretty interesting choices to me, and like they are just that; choices. There’s no clear “right one” with the possible exception of WoWY for BM. I suspect that’s going to be the sleeper “OMG what have we done? BM Pwns! Nerf it!” ability. I’m surprised at the backlash against this talent’s effect on the other two specs.
    A petless spec, or at least the ability to not suffer a 25-30% dps loss every time your pet drops (hello elemental walls in dark shamans fight!). I’m not sure how viable this will make it to run petless all the time. (And neither is anyone else, so please don’t anyone try to explain it to me.) What it will certainly do is improve my performance on every fight where my pet dies, ever. I’ll still lose the utility and his buff, if I’m bringing a needed one, but I won’t ALSO have my dps tanked by pet loss. Even if you never run petless on purpose, this talent is a clear win for raiders.

    As for the other two choices, it looks like they’ll each rock in certain situations, and judging purely by the cost of snipe (long cast time) I’m betting that those few people who are able to optimize its use will find it an extremely powerful option.

    Also, to the poster who suggested WoWY should have the same effect for the other specs as it does for BM, why would anyone want a talent to do exactly the same thing, but only half as much for my spec as it does for another spec? a 20% increase to Combat Experience for a SV/MM pet would be negligible. It would be such a small dps increase that it would be very difficult to even measure. I hope they don’t do that.

    If the talents are any indicator, I’d say it looks like we’re at least getting a more serious look and it’s not going to be another ten levels of same old-same old.

    Now, on to Goshen!

  16. The Great Dane says:

    As a raiding hunter I hope and pray that Lone Wolf will make it to live.
    Apart from sometimes bringing a needed buff, which will be moot in 6.0 with 20 man raiding, our pets are nothing but buggy dots that never perform up to their theoretical ability.

    For some time I’ve been running with a WA that tracks my pet’s “damage uptime”. It is shocking how often the pet is not doing damage when the boss moves around and that even after the 100% dash uptime.
    And I’m not even talking about pets that despawn, get stuck, take the longest way to a target or just stand around and derp.

    I like being a physical, ranged damagedealer with a bow, but I don’t care for my pet. So it makes me happy that I might be able to enjoy my class more. And people who like having pets can keep them as before. A double win in my opinion.

  17. Ismena says:

    I’m finding it interesting to read and hear the range of responses; from YES! ROCK ON! all the way to NOOOO! A guildmate of mine has always wanted a Dark Ranger class (separate from hunters) and WoWY almost makes it feel that way, so he’s considering building a hunter.
    I happen to be excited for Snipe. The way they are describing it and the idea behind it (Long range, hidden in the rushes, picking off the enemy) is exactly why I loved playing MM for so long, even when it was the hardest spec. I’m excited to see them trying to return to that concept.

  18. Dibbler says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if none of these talents made it to live, though at least WOWY makes it clear they’re willing to think about a mechanic like that. I like the idea behind snipe but has a big limitation and honestly isn’t THAT exciting for what I would expect from the only new talents we’re getting this expansion. Honestly a glyph feels more appropriate for a mechanic like this, but I could still see it existing as a talent.

    Bola shot, however, looks totally uninspired and I think it’s very unlikely to stick around. Even as a glyph it seems dull. I guess the idea is you would weave it between multi-shots on AOE fights (which would be why it has the 1 second delay, so you can’t spam it)? Meh. That is not adding much in terms of gameplay, and if they want to increase our AOE/cleave damage they have plenty of options that don’t require a level 100 talent slot (or glyph slot).

  19. Noxxana says:

    Regarding “With or Without You” / “Lone Wolf” for MM & SV… Given a raid situation where you don’t need a tanking pet and all buffs and whatever your pet could possibly bring are already covered by other players. MM/SV pet currently contributes about 15% of your dps (very optimistic guess, it’s usually below! 13% from my experience). So you get at least a flat 15% dps buff for not using a pet. Since it’s passive it’s a no brainer, while the other two choices require some kind of skill. Will the other talents be strong enough to compete? Would be sad if it’d be “mandatory” to go without a pet.

    • Pichu says:

      They’ve learned that the hard way with Warlocks. It took them a few patches to balance the pet talents (GoSuP,GoSaC and GoServ) correctly, from mandatory to useless, to finally be a somehow balanced talent, which is used by one spec in 5.4, so i’m confident they’ll try to balance it asap. That means that the petless option should be equal to the BM buffed part of the talent, and inferior to Snipe in terms of raw DPS. Bola shot is just a cleave option that should be used on certain situations.
      Anyway it doesn’t make any sense now to speculate about the numbers balance, since they are mostly placeholders that will be tuned and changed greatly before the release. The important thing is the concept. We are still waiting for a rework they said they would do (not warlock level, but they promised to add depth and diferentiation to all 3 specs) and that may change the context in which the talents are designed (the context of the hunter class in 6.X, not 5.4)

      • Dibbler says:

        For single target it should be fairly easy to balance once they know roughly how much damage they want a pet to contribute to a SV/MM hunter. For AOE though? Hunter damage goes way up but pet damage stays the same, making that 30% (or whatever it ends up being) worth a lot more. It’s pretty hard to imagine bola shot being that strong and it’s ONLY niche is AOE damage (of course, as I said above, I don’t expect bola shot will make it live, but still).

        Maybe they can come up with a technical solution like having the 30% not affect AOE damage somehow. If they can’t, I’m worried they’ll feel forced to scrap the talent entirely.

  20. Pichu says:

    You are assuming that our AoE mechanics will be the same they are now, we don’t know that yet. What if they remove multishot or its damage portion making it to only spread SrS? what if they make Beast Cleave an active spell for BM? Bola shot is just a cleave mechanic, pretty much like Sweeping Strikes, old Blade Flurry, Arcane Barrage, etc. It will cover the spot between single target and AoE, one thing we hunters lack.

  21. Flint says:

    Bola shot – Explosive shot part II? Why not just make this the way Explosive shot works? You fire an explosive charge into the enemy target, dealing 3000 + Ranged Attack Power * 391 / 1000 Fire damage to them, and an additional 2000 Fire damage to all enemies within 5 yards. Otherwise it seems like a great Focus dumping CC breaker.

    Snipe – Seems like Aimed Shot during Wrath and Cat

    W/WOY – Arth I have a great idea for this as MM that I want to discuss on HP.

  22. Aadyn says:

    I like the new lone wolf talent. I just wish it didnt bump heads with the passive talent blink strike. As strictly a pve hunter my pet does very little for me besides an occasional raid buff. With constant target switching being the theme this patch i watch my pets run around the whole fight rather then do any significant damage. I am so ready for this change.

    • Jinxd says:

      If you were to go lone wolf you wouldn’t have a need for blink strike :P

      • Dibbler says:

        It’s not really a matter of ‘need’. Lone Wolf would completely invalidate Lynx Rush and Blink Strikes, leaving you with AMOC as the only choice that is even possible to take on that talent tier. Also it nerfs Fervor because you don’t have a pet to get extra focus for more wild hunt attacks, though that’s clearly not the same as lynx rush and blink strikes being totally worthless if paired with lone wolf.

        Of course there’s no way blizzard would let it go live like that. Thankfully they have plenty of time to redo the talents to account for a lack of a pet or change them to something else entirely.

      • Aadyn says:

        Yeah i know. That was my point. Blink Strike would be useless with lonewolf. I like passive talents a lot more than active talents because there is less chance for me to f* it up. That being said if my choice is between Lonewolf and AMoC or blink strike and another 100 hunter talent I guess i will have to drop ToTH and use Fervor with AMoC and Lonewolf.

        The main thing that holds back my dps is my pets inability to read my mind and know which targets to be on at all times.

        My wish would be to bake the blink strike damage into the hunter because he has no pet. However that ain’t gonna happen so i will have to figure out how to make AMoC high focus cost work with my playstyle. (Fervor ftw)

  23. Jinxd says:

    I don’t see Lone Wolf being bad at all in a PvE environment as long as the numbers add up. I’m not sure why people complain about the utility… If you’re raiding pretty progressively, you let would be in ferocity spec. At least with this there’s less micromanaging and makes Crows a default talent. You wanna talk bout pvp… That’s entirely diff story. These talents kinda suck for pvp unless you’re BM. Anyways, I’m pretty happy. BM since BC :). I’ve always wanted other talents on my pet from other specs :D

  24. Canardo says:

    Is there really someone out there that likes staring at a cast bar for 2.77 seconds ?
    Not moving and shooting…we had that and it can be interesting to bring it back, but 2.77 seconds…come on.

    • Kahli says:

      Keep in mind that’s base cast time, Likely before haste is factored. Aimed shot, cobra, steady, can all be reduced with haste. I see no reason why Snipe will not be affected as well.

      • Rapine says:

        Our old AiS-Multi rotation in Vanilla had its benefits. It might have been boring, but we had a lot of time to get other things done with that six seconds of downtime in the rotation. I used to handle guild recruitment interviews between casts.

  25. Rangus says:

    Not all the talents have to have the same appeal to all players. It disheartens me when a player who doesn’t like a particular talent starts advocating for it’s removal without caring whether on not other players like it. Seems selfish.

    • Aadyn says:

      The whole world is selfish. Because one person sees no use for it means it obviously should go right?? This is just like Aspect of the lean pack.. No one can figure out why it is a major glyph so right away it should be removed without anyone even getting a chance to use it. There are situations not many and i doubt i’d be glyphed with lean pack when i need it but I am glad it is an option. It is only an option not mandatory.

      In terms of Bola I was thinking about it. I hope that 3000 damage from fire is on top of the 125% weapon damage from Arcane shot because 3000 damage isn’t much and will be worth even less the next expansion. I would guess Bola does the same Arcane hit damage and then on top of that explodes and does 3000 fire damage. Thoughts?

  26. Kahli says:

    Alot of these seem really interesting to me, and some…well, don’t.

    Bola shot seems like a lazy copypasta. The way it works is practically identical to the Bola Shot skill for Demon Hunters in Diablo. And that huge detail just ruins the skill for me. Granted there are many classes to come up with new talents for, this to me just feels purely unoriginal. Give Explosive shot back its AoE damage, (glyph for removal if some don’t want it), and give us something unique.

    I like the idea of Snipe. And it makes sense not to be able to move while doing it. Don’t know many hunters who can just run around frantically without aiming and never miss a shot. Seems childish that we can do it now. Having to stop and snipe will add more challenge imo, and put hunters back in the habit of actually paying attention to their positioning.

    WoWY is something Im all for. While pets have been a staple part of hunters since Vanilla, Sometimes it’s nice to take matters into your own hands, and just not worry about rezzing your pet when it gets one shot but that pesky unavoidable boss mechanic. Even with reduced casting time on pet rez, 3 seconds is alot of lost dps when your pet suddenly gets creamed. Some will say you can avoid this with better micro, but personally, i’d just rather not have to worry about it on some fights.

  27. Fooque says:

    Lone Wolf in PVP

    This might be a completely ridiculous idea, but here’s how “Lone Wolf” might work out in PVP. You go into an arena or battle ground as MM or SV with a pet. You’ll be doing the same damage you currently do with the benefits of pet utilities such as stuns, etc.. In some matches the enemy might go after your pet. This usually happens when they are having trouble burning you down. As it is now, if your pet dies, you will generally be easier to kill without the utility and the 15% DPS (approx) that your pet brings. So let’s say they kill your pet. Suddenly you have 30% DPS buff which might be just the ticket to finish off the other guy who you’ve probably worn down by now.

    Is this totally hair brained or does it have potential?

    • Rangus says:

      I suspect that if you take the Lone Wolf talent as MM or SV you won’t be able to summon a pet at all or your pet does zero dps. I’d bet on no pet at all myself. If so, it’d be a pure raiding talent since a pet’s non dps abilities are very, very useful for soloing and PvPing.

      • Rapine says:

        Nah, the text reads, “Increases all damage dealt by 30% when you don’t have a pet active.”

        Assuming no changes, I interpret it to read that you could still summon a pet and do your base damage + pet DPS.

    • Choma says:

      As is, Snipe looks useless right off the bat. And we know very little about Bola. Will it break cc? (most likely no, but you never know) Will it be a single target dps increase or just a cleave boost?

      So it will pretty much come down to how useless the other talents are, if you pick WoWY you will basically have no lvl 100 talent until your pet dies, wich you still will never want to happen, it will just suck less. Or maybe you might want to consider playing without pet all the way if you have a pally in your team?

      It will also affect your other talent choices. if Bola is actually a single target boost, it will make thrill of the hunt better and will be even more attractive to SV regarding the lvl 60 tier.
      As fot the 75 tier, right now I preffer Blink Strikes for both SV and MM. So, if my pet dies, I go out of my way to peel off and revive it. The whole point of WoWY is not having the NEED to do that, so, will I want to pick MoC instead just in case?

      For BM on the other hand, if WoWY means the same dps increase than for both the other specs, BM will most likely be the mandatory PvP spec rendering all of the above speculation pointless.

      I know most likely this 3 won’t make it live but still I enjoy discussing this crap :P

  28. Okacz says:

    What I’m wondering about is this – why can’t they rebuild the talent tree in a reasonable way?

    Think about it. There is a ton of talents that are modifying existing skills. Other skills are being modified with specialisation change. Why can’t each tier of talents simply be a modification to an existing skill, making it more of a variety than each spec spamming the same skills?

    Like, focus generating tier. You’ve got a baseline Steady Shot, and on level 30 you can choose:

    Cobra Shot – nature damage, refreshes Sting
    Snipe – high damage, high focus generation, high cast time, cannot be cast shile moving
    Shattered Shot – deals 30% of the damage to 2 nearby targets
    Command Shot – causes your pet to instantly charge at the target, dealing instant special attack damage

    And so on. The same can be done with Arcane Shot (like yeah, Bola Shot), Serpent Sting, Hunters Mark and a few others. So, each hunter would have a few specialisation shots, like Explosive and Black Arrow, and the rest being entirely customisable.

    Or maybe I like Diablo III talent tree too much?

  29. lol says:

    I have watched blizzcon with interest and I must say the best (if not only) good thing are the changes comming to the hunter class. I for one am, was totally unimpressed with the new stuff blizzard has planned, garissons, sending followers to do your work, or that silly game where Litch King fights Commander Raynor and his machine gun. These things are either not original (see SWTOR and others) or collateral and irrelevant as pet fighting (I appologise to those of you which find interest in any of the above). There was not one great concept that could raise to its Blizzard former name. Shame.

    …however, the changes they plan for hunters are beautiful to say the least.
    With or without you is the best improvement to hunter class since its creation. Some will fear that only BM benefits from it and that it is a handicap for the other specs. I dont think this is the case, I rather think that BM will be balanced with WoWY against the other specs without WoWY and that the % damage boost for WoWY for SV and MM will roughly compensate for the lack of the pet, basically giving hunters 5 different specs and 5 different gameplay styles. This imo is the best thing announced at blizzcon (take it from a hunter)

    Boala shot is nice, great improvement, though the 1 second delay is rather inconvenient. Is it stackable? I guess not because the delay is too short, yet stacking it would be devastatingly great for pvp. ….pff, I cant see the point if the 1 sec delay apart from making it more different than arcane

    Snipe – another great improvement – makes a hunter value skill again. It was too easy to spam a rotation (even as erattic as hunter’s was) having to move or stay still depending on the situation has to be rewarded, and now it is.

    bottom line hunter changes are the best they could have been. cheers.

    • tyragon says:

      are u mad or just blind lone wolf is the worst idea blizz have drudged up in recent memory simply put ….. taking that talent A breaks 3 tiers of talents,(so spiritbond no blink strike no other stuff) B part of my job in my 10 man grp is to provide any missing raid buffs cant do that without a pet can i ??? and C my turtle and i have been together for a long time i was tanking heroic sindragossa with him back in icc cos my pet took no stacking frost dmg to say i should bench him for extra dps is absurd our pets might have pathing problems and can bug out here and there but in truth i would be in favor of that specific talent giving mm,sv the super pet and bm can get there own version of what warlocks are getting 2 pets as there are beast masters after all

  30. Anonymous says:

    Far too many people are looking just at the damage component of WoWY… specifically from Lone Wolf. Raw damage is just a piece of the pie, folks. Focusing on that one piece and throwing out the rest is foolish.

    We have multiple talents lost without the pet…
    We lose master’s call and other pet centered abilities…
    We lose buffs and other utility…
    We lose our pocket tank…
    We don’t have the toolkit to use Lone Wolf anywhere but large raid groups…

    Without a significant re-design of the entire class (because you can’t just re-design two specs) Lone Wolf will not make it even to the beta. For a re-design to make Lone Wolf worth taking we’re going to become OP as hell in other aspects of the game.