I’m excited to welcome two guests to the podcast this weekend.

First, filling in for Darkbrew (who’s still on vacation) as my co-host, is Dielhelm. He is a longtime WHU reader who previously hosted his own podcast (not WoW related) and is also a raid leader on his home server (Rexxar). Dielhelm applied for the co-host position when Euripedes left and Darkbrew and I were considering bringing on another full-time host. We decided not to do so, but we were excited at the responses we got, and are happy to bring Dielhelm on to share his thoughts with our audience.

Our second guest is already known to many. Michele Morrow has been a frequent podcast guest, and is best known as a talented actress. She’s been a big part of the community for years. And she was also at Blizzcon this year, so we’ll get to talk to her about her experiences there and reaction to all of the WoW news.

It’s been an impressive string of guests recently. Around the time that 5.4 dropped we had Zeherah from FemaleDwarf and Vee from Ask Mr. Robot on the show. More recently, the always-entertaining BRK joined us. Last week, hunter community pillar Flint joined me. This week is Dielhelm and Michele. And we’re still hoping to have RogerBrown on next week. We hope to continue the cavalcade of stellar guests up to episode 200, where we have some exciting things planned.

As always, you can view the show live (2pm EST, 1pm CST, 11am PST) or listen to past episodes, at www.huntingpartypodcast.com

You can also submit questions or comments to be read on air by emailing huntingpartypodcast@gmail.com.

Tomorrow is also the “Day of the Doctor” 50th Anniversary special for Doctor Who. This is by far the biggest event of the day for me, so don’t be surprised if the podcast veers off course once or twice so that I can talk about it (it will be spoiler-free, so no worries if you’re still catching up on the show).

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  1. Tronstart says:

    Looking forward to hearing from Dielham, should
    fill the sizable gap comfortably.

  2. Dielhelm says:

    Had a great time being on the Podcast. Been a while since I’ve done my own cast, so it was nice to be on the air again. I’ve got a few ideas for new shows I’m working on, couple being WoW related, so keep an eye on my rarely used twitter for updates, @SBEW_Ed.