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Posted: by Arth

Admittedly, garrisons aren’t a hunter-specific thing. But let’s do a recap of news that we’ve heard concerning them in Warlords of Draenor:

The initial announcement of Garrisons, and relevant information pertaining to them, was posted a few days ago on the WHU. You can read it here.

Since then, we’ve had a couple updates:

  • When you build your Garrison, you will get a few starting buildings.
  • The Town Hall is your main point of interaction and is automatically placed.
  • All profession buildings are in the Small Buildings category. They will allow you to use an engineer follower to run missions to get engineering recipes and items.
  • The pet stable will have a trainer you can fight.
  • Large buildings are something you would expect to see in a WC3 base. Each building has a bonus. For example, the barracks will let you have more followers.
  • Buildings start out small and are upgraded over time.
  • Some upgrades can be purchased, but some are blueprints that you find in the world. They can be faction rewards, quest rewards, random world drops, or found in other ways.
  • Specializations allow you to customize a max level building. They can be changed once each day and may have a cost. You pick from one of three specializations.
  • Some buildings will allow you to assign followers to them. If you find a miner follower, he can work while you are offline collecting ore.
  • Managing your followers will be an important part of garrisons.
  • Fill plots to upgrade your tier. Plots come in multiple sizes.
  • Followers can be sent on Quests, Scenarios, Dungeons, or Raids. Raids may take party of a week and many followers.
  • You put the followers into a party and send them on missions. You get a bonus if you match traits on your followers to the missions.
  • When you send your follower somewhere in your Garrison, you will see the follower there.

And a couple days ago we got another small update:

  • The Garrison will have a farm, mine, and place to fish. Hopefully it will feel like a much, much bigger and cooler version of the farm.
  • Pet Battles and Garrisons seem like they would be nice on mobile devices, but any resources spent on doing that will not be used on the actual game.
  • The Pet Stable in the Garrison will allow you to assign some of your pets to appear in the world there.

Pet Zoos

Looks like we’re not getting a full pet zoo, but the last bullet point there is interesting because it’s a smaller version of what we envisioned with pet zoos.

I see this as a minor drawback, because the increase in stable slots that we got in MoP was substantial enough that very, very few hunters have legitimate complaints about stable size anymore. A pet zoo would be exciting, but I’d rather see them get other aspects of the game “right” instead of adding what is, at this point, an admittedly cosmetic enhancement.

Still, the code is in place, so we might see this aspect of Gariisons expanded upon in future patches or expansions!

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  1. Gethe says:

    Here is the Pet Stable:

    The Pet Stable listed is referring to battle pets, not Hunter pets. There is another building named simply Stable that I think is for Hunter pets.

    This being a large building leads me to think that it will have all if your current stabled pets out in the open, thus creating a mini zoo of sorts.

  2. Clin says:

    Ok so I have to admit I’m quite looking forward to these, something different and not as boring as life on the farm. I wonder though what it means when it says “Some upgrades can be purchased” and “They can be changed once each day and may have a cost” – are they talking about rl $’s, in-game gold, or what?

  3. Oricc says:

    I’m pretty sure they were talking about non-combat pets.

  4. Aadyn says:

    I am a raiding hunter with a full time job. Will these garrisons be manditory for raid buffs or dps enhancements? I really dont need more to do.

    • W├Ątts says:

      No. This is being touted as a more complex and interesting Sunsong Ranch Farm sort of deal. Useful, and perhaps worth the time input, but by no means necessary for getting any kind of combat buff or enhancement.

    • WookieeBH says:

      I’ve heard concerns about some of the building granting raid buffs, but I haven’t seen any information that specifically says “buildings will give raid buffs.” I don’t see why Blizz would tie raid buffs to a building located elsewhere in the world, but stranger things have happened. That said, if there is a raid buff to be had, it will probably fall into that “optional-but-mandatory-if-you-are-serious-about-raiding” area that had everyone running dailies until their eyes bled at the beginning of Mists.

      • LittleYeti says:

        My friend mentioned something about garrisons providing buffs, but he made it sound like temporary personal buffs for questing or dailies or whatnot.

      • Rayne says:

        What LittleYeti said makes a lot sense. I doubt Blizzard would make serious raiders do a side game activity for buffs and I don’t see why they would want that to be a requirement for an end game edge. Much more likely to give the players who invest the time in the Garrison project some personal reward.

      • Zourn says:

        It would make more sense to me if the garrison could provide the same raid buffs you already receive from a well balanced raid.
        Just adds a little bonus for your soloing or 5-mans.

  5. Gadyuka says:

    Quote: The Pet Stable in the Garrison will allow you to assign some of your pets to appear in the world there.

    Does this refer to companion pets or hunter pets?