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Blizzcon is upon us. Initially I toyed with trying to work out a hunter meetup with Michele Morrow, but the logistics are too tricky for an event that I’m not actually attending. That said, here’s some information to help make the Blizzcon experience cooler, whether or not you’re attending.

WoW Insider Party

The aforementioned Ms. Morrow will be attending the Wowhead/WoW Insider party at Blizzcon on Thurday, 11/7, and giving away Hearthstone beta passes. Mention that you’re from the WHU and she’ll probably give you a high five.

Here’s the link for the gathering, and here’s Michele’s page for the giveaway details.

Blizzcon App

Check it out here. News, live announcements, and live streaming video of many events and sessions

Hunting Party Podcast

Darkbrew and I will be doing a Blizzcon-centric podcast this Saturday. If you’d like your tweet read on air, send me a tweet from Blizzcon @ArthWHU before Saturday at 1pm Central (11am PST).

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