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Posted: by Arth

We’ve been very light on hunter news since patch 5.4. This isn’t a bad thing necessarily – hunters seem to be a decent place, and Blizzard is happy with most of the changes. But there are a few things to catch everyone up on, though most of it is minor stuff:

Hunter Tweets

So you can show a shield model for warriors during shield wall and spell reflect but you can’t show quivers for hunters again?
It’s not that simple. Our animation system isn’t built that way.
Small idea for Hunters: while under Deterrence, we wield a random 2h melee weapon (or dual wield a 1-h weapon) from our bags.
Minor glyph idea maybe? [Arth Note: maybe an HCERP addition?]

5.4.1 – Recruit a Friend

There’s actually a new build up on the PTR. It’s light on class changes, but it appears the biggest thing we’re getting is a revamped Recruit-a-Friend system. Here’s the breakdown of the new features and benefits.

Roger Brown on the Podcast

One of the regrets of my blogging here on the WHU is that my taking over the WHU from Frostheim coincided pretty closely with the end of my “serious” raiding and soloing. There are a lot of areas of the game I can’t adequately cover anymore.

Roger Brown doesn’t have that problem. He was one of two hunters that were part of the world 1st Garrosh 25M Heroic kill. He’s on the podcast this upcoming Saturday, October 19, 1pm CST (2pm EST). Here’s the link.

So, if you have questions for him, let us know. You can email us at, and we’ll try to get to it on-air.

Looking ahead, BigRedKitty is on the podcast on October 26.

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  1. Silvanos_of_Perenolde says:

    I haven’t read or heard anything from Blizzard about the current hunter bugs which are not just annoying, but greatly affecting gameplay.

    *Growl often does not auto-cast. No easy quick fix here. Since you don’t always want Growl auto-casting, you can’t work it into your shot macros. A keybind would work, but with our rotation we’re already mashing a lot of buttons as it is. Also is the issue of having one more item on the screen to pay attention to – did Growl auto-cast or not?

    *At beginning of a pull, pet dashes forward a couple of yards, aggros target(which is still 15 or 20 yards away) dashes back to the hunter, then dashes forward again. This happens even when there are no obstacles in the path. I have read blue posts about pet pathing problems, but I believe this is a different issue that has popped up recently.

  2. Silvanos_of_Perenolde says:

    About the melee weapon – during Deterrence we can’t attack. Why would we be equipping a melee weapon, even if it is just for show? This would probably be at the bottom of the HCERP pile for me.