Just wanted to give a shoutout to Bendak over at WoW Insider, who gave some attention to The Hunter Project in his weekly column.

You can read his article here!

Basically, instead of adding a bunch of new ideas, he took ideas from the Hunter Project and either put them in his own words or added his own twist to them.

Bendak’s schedule hasn’t allowed him to be on the podcast (yet), but that remains a hope. In the meantime, his column over at WoW Insider is a great source of information beyond the WHU and other standard WoW channels.

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  1. W├Ątts says:

    I really like his idea of making Black Arrow a stackable DoT focus dump for Survival. Granted, I only use Survival for AoE and don’t much know how that’d affect its single-target performance.

  2. it was really a helpful project to all hunters.