I think we’ve seen the last entry in the HCERP. Let’s look at why.

Do we do an article on gear?

Gear isn’t a hunter-specific thing for the most part, and the Miscellany and Non-Rotational Button suggestions accounted for a lot of oddball ideas that wouldn’t otherwise be featured.

What about our weapons?

What about them? Do we push for dual pistols? It sounds cool, but the idea originally existed as an answer to minimum range, a problem that is now nonexistent. Do we request melee weapons again? There’s no reason to bring back our “stat sticks” other than aesthetic purposes.

What haven’t we covered?

We’ve covered pretty much every button that we press. Miscellaneous utility abilities, traps, aspects, rotation and cooldown abilities, pet abilities. Have we missed anything?

What about a deeper look at pets?

I don’t want to micromanage too much, and we’ve covered tanking/soloing stuff for pets, and also mentioned the pet riding and/or pet merge idea to give us more control of our pets.

Basically, we could talk a lot longer about a lot more things. But while I want the HCERP to be comprehensive, I also want it to target the areas in most need of revision, without getting bogged down by too much minutia. If you think there’s a BIG area we’re neglecting, say so. But I think we’re at our limit.


Over the weekend, I’ll be going back through each article and adding/changing a LOT of things that haven’t been implemented yet, and I’ll also create a “master” HCERP page that links to all of the individual articles. Then I’ll give the word next week and we’ll go nuts with spreading it.

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  1. LittleYeti says:

    I think striving for duel wielding pistols (or perhaps crossbows) could be a worthwhile endeavor. I like the idea of weaker yet faster weapons. If I had one complaint about our ranged weapons, it’s that they are all basically the same. Whether they are guns, bows, or crossbows, if they are the same Ilvl, they all have the same damage, same stamina and agility, same attack speed; the only difference ever only being the secondary stats. I miss the WotLK days where our weapons had variety.

    On a different but similar note, duel wielding could be a decent candidate for spec differentiation. Imagine if MM was built around this concept; similar to how Fury warriors duel wield two-handers, or perhaps rogues would be a better comparison. Whatever the case, just because minimum range is no longer an issue, doesn’t mean it can’t be used to fix a more current issue.

    • Arth says:

      You might be onto something with spec differentiation. But otherwise, there’s no need. Think about how Blizzard has to balance dps. If there’s a weaker but faster dual wield option, it’s either better or worse than single weapon. So instantly, one option becomes obsolete. And if it’s exactly the same dps, why bother to code it in at all?

      Dual wielding pistols was a cool idea with a cool purpose…when we had a minimum range. Even in Wrath, as you mention, ranged weapons were normalized for ilvl. I don’t expect any of this to change.

      • LittleYeti says:

        Honestly, it’s just duel wielding ranged weapons in general I want, and if it’s something to differentiate specs, that’s good enough for me. I only suggest something like pistols because I go for broke (plus I personally like shooting things more often as opposed to less). Really pistols aren’t actually necessary since D3 has shown that Blizz has no problem with the concept of duel crossbows. In fact regular bows are probably the only one that may affect suspension of disbelief.

  2. Zourn says:

    I like the idea of some kind of epic hunter quest line, maybe not as crazy as the four demons quest line, where we could gain a hunter specific mount. If we could shoot while mounted on it (probably limited to open world, not for use in dungeons), that would be rather awesome, actually.
    Quest line could be three main arcs:
    1. Tracking – Includes making you go to locations in every expansion’s content, learning little bits about the beast along the way.
    2. Capturing – Obtaining lots of different bait meats (cooking ingredient type) from different levels for the bait, clothes for snares. Final part would be you jumping on the beast’s back as a combat maneuver with the vehicle bar containing snaring and grip options, maybe attempting to steer beast into traps in the area (think the tentacle vine thing at the tillers farm).
    3. Training – There are lots of different ways that this could be done, rep grind like cloud serpent, the MOP Friend rep system, a series of training missions like the MOP kung-fu quest line thing we had.

    In short, something that would had a long-term reward that was more than just a daily rep grind.

    • Arth says:

      Might be fun, but would also be a lot of quest time spent on one class, which Blizzard seems disinclined to do these days.

      Still, I may tweak it and add it into the Miscellany article.

      • Valaruin says:

        Green fire?

        Class specific q’s are expensive, agreed, but not without precedence either. I would love to tame a mount – and as a hunter I think I should be able to, at least once :)

        And as far as I know, there are A LOT of hunters out there…

      • Zourn says:

        Honestly, that is one of the things about the direction the game is headed that I’m not too fond of.
        It seems Blizzard is making the difference between classes less and less distinct with each major patch, all in the name of homogenization. I am not saying that all of the changes are not good, I’m glad the raid buffs are all standardized at this point. But when I’m leveling an alt in any dps spec, I’m doing the exact same quests in 1 of the 2 zones for that level. The only difference I see is a little bit of flavor, and what order I’m hitting the buttons.
        I don’t even read the quest texts anymore because I know what they all say.

      • Garfurion says:

        We already had some hunter specific taming challenges in MoP so I think Blizzard isn’t opposed to class specific stuff just as long as they can do it in the world and don’t have to make special dungeons/raid instances for it.

        With the new technology in gear scaling it could be very interesting to get some new quests similar to the old Rhok’delar quest. If they would add level-scaling as well it would even keep the quests up-to-date during future expansions.

        A mount-taming quest could be relatively simple. Alterac Valley BG still has quests to capture rams/wolves and then kill some stuff to gather leather to make a saddle. Something like that but then race-specific and resulting in a recolor of a racial mount could do the trick.

  3. ingen2 says:

    When talking about weapons, how about going the other way, and add CANNONS?


    Remove autoattack, but up the stat bonuses, with some fancy animations to boot!

  4. Frostheim says:

    I definitely think you master article should contain all of the hunter community recommendations, with links back to those articles (rather than just links to the articles). Provide everything in one place, one easy article for devs to peruse.

    • Arth says:

      I agree, but I think the trick will be doing this in a way that doesn’t make the main article WAY too long for casual consumption. Maybe a brief list or cliff’s notes of suggestions…

  5. Aadyn says:

    I have a dumb question about pet tanking.. You claim your pet has no taunt but wouldn’t glyphed distracting shot send the mob directly to your pet? You are able to use it like once every 8 seconds. I can see how AoE fights would be impossible but even a real single target taunt isn’t good on AoE pulls.

    I don’t know enough about pet tanking to know why this isn’t a reasonable way to hold aggro on the mob.. Can some please explain..

    • Arth says:

      It’s the sporadic way it’s implemented. No one worries about holding aggro on a single trash mob. But on bosses, Distracting Shot generally doesn’t work. And I say generally, because its implementation across bosses, tiers, and expansions hasn’t been consistent.

      On higher-level fights, it’s also an extra shot every 8 seconds, one that won’t keep aggro the entire time. And in any fight worth counting as an achievement, even a few seconds here and and there is usually enough to wreck a group’s chances.