Hunter Community Expansion Revamp Project

Purpose & Expectations

To suggest ways to responsibly reduce certain non-rotational abilities. Additionally, to suggest small changes to existing non-rotational abilities.

We don’t expect all to be implemented. These are merely suggestions.


Ok, so we already looked at Button Bloat, but that was specific to rotational abilities. My question is: is there anything else that should be on the chopping block? I think a case can be made for it.

The other part of this – small tweaks to existing abilities – isn’t nearly as controversial.

Reduction or Tweaking Suggestions

Aspects – No, this isn’t disagreeing with the first entry in the Hunter Project. But if Aspects DON’T get revamped significantly, there’s no reason to keep them around. Go big or scrap them altogether. Because as they exist now, they’re almost worthless. Find a way to bake in Aspect of the Hawk and/or Cheetah, and you’re good.

Steady Shot / Cobra Shot – I saw this suggested by someone on the WHU, and it’s an interesting take. What if these abilities were replaced with a “Reload” ability that regenned Focus, but did no dps? Ok, you say, but that’s a dps nerf, right? Not if it’s balanced, and it would actually allow Blizzard to buff our other rotational abilities so that they hit harder, making them more important than they are currently to our dps. Maybe it’s too clunky to implement, but in theory I like it.

Hunter’s Mark – I’m (probably) not saying to eliminate this, but it’s basically a baked-in ability at this point. I know it prevents stealth in PvP though, so why not make it a tier choice? The dps boost it brings could either be baked in regularly or done away with entirely, since it’s not something we actively think about anymore.

Trap Launcher – Make Trap Launcher a targeted ability with a cast time. That way, our cc can be aimed at a target, can be interrupted, but acts much like other classes’ CC abilities. This is a VERY requested ability.

Snake Trap – Opinions vary, but many want to see something added to this to make it worthwhile. A slow, an interrupt, or there may be other options.

Spec to Tier – This one is more conceptual. For example, I love Kindred Spirits in BM. But is it really something that screams BM only? In a past article, we suggested rotational reductions in tier abilities. Moving passives like Kindred Spirits into the tiers is a great way to A. reduce button bloat, and B. give us another meaningful choice. Maybe Kindred Spirits isn’t the best example. But there may be others.

Intimidation – Has long had more bark than bite, so to speak. Find a way to make it cooler, and worthy of the important ability it’s supposed to be. Maybe make it a true Taunt (*nudge nudge, wink wink, pet tanking*)

Stampede – Stampede had an awesome animation. Then they got rid of it for balancing issues. Stampede had infinite buff variations to maximize and micromanage your stable. Then Blizzard thought that was too much to deal with and did away with it. Now we have some static pets that materialize like a random proc. Yes, it does a lot of damage. Yes, players would go nuts if it were removed. Frankly, though, I don’t think it brings flavor or nuance to us anymore. So here it is. Find a way to make it more unique than another whack-a-mole cooldown button. Because Stampede can be awesome, but right now it’s not.

Glyph of the Lean Pack – Blizzard, look at your numbers. Is ANYONE using this? We appreciate you wanting to give us various choices in glyphs. But some are objectively less appealing. Cut the fat.

Glyph of Enduring Deceit – Same deal. PvPers, are you actually using this? I feel like it’s a worthless glyph. Cut the fat, or find a cooler replacement.

Scatter Shot – I never quite understood why the range on this was different than anything else. Maybe normalize the range to match other abilities.

Distracting Shot – Much like Pet Taunts in patches past, this works inconsistently. Just clean up its functionality. And be clear with us on what it’s supposed to work on (and what it isn’t). Getting straight answers from mods on taunts and distracting shot is nigh-impossible.

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  1. Pracataus says:

    Steady shot, Cobra shot – change to instant shot, the amount of focus recovered could be based on our haste.

    Traps – we can drop a trap on our feet or launch it at a specific location, would be nice to have a target mode, it means just one shot to drop a trap at target’s feet. We need a trap to act like “wing clip”, every hunter has this basic kind of trap. Remove the shared cooldown between traps.

    Glyph – balance de number of major and minor glyphs. Glyphs like “Animal Bond”, “Distracting Shot”, “Pathfinding”, “Misdirection” could be minor glyphs.

    Mastery for pets – Our pets inherits attack power, stamina, crit, haste, etc. from hunters, would be nice if pet inherits mastery from us too. Each pet spec would have an application for mastery: ferociy – incresead atack speed by % (or increased dps?), tenacity – increased armor, stamina by %, cunning – incresead movement speed by %, reduce of pet abilities’s cooldown by %.

    Dismiss pet and Call pet – Dismiss instant cast on first charge, cooldown five minutes for another instant. Or implement a call pet instant cast that change our pet automatically on first charge with cooldown too.

    Haste – could reduce cast time for dismiss pet and revive pet.

    Scatter shot – normalize range to the same of other shots and remove the glyph.

  2. Lirithiel says:

    Camouflage: I can’t stress how big an ability this is to me as someone who lives and breathes pvp. Making it a stealth ability with the glyph has done wonders for it in my opinion. Beforehand, it was average, now it’s a must-have for me. Can’t see anything that needs changing UNLESS Blizz makes the stealth standard (c’mon we know you want to!)

    Hunter’s Mark: I don’t see what the problem with this one is. Having it baked into our main abilities means it no longer needs to take up vital space on your action bar. I still have it off to the side somewhere in case I want to apply it manually but I’m fine with HM in it’s current state.

    Traps: Love em except for maybe Snake Trap since it’s revamp. That one just seems
    underwhelming to me now. I only ever use to as a deterrence to capping flags in pvp but even then I don’t find it very effective. Ice and Freezing Traps are still crucial to our arsenal and Explosive Trap glyphed is the awesomesauce. Ditch Snake Trap for something better so let’s hear those suggestions.

    Mail Armor: I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Hunters and Shaman wearing mail armor makes no sense. It’s like a Wookie on Endor. Scrap mail armor completely and let us wear leather armor. There may be some issues with transmogging but so what? Blizz armor models have never made much sense aesthetically.

    Intimidation: Never a reliable interrupt but damn do I miss it since the ability was added to the talent tiers. One of those I wish was BM only again along with a few others like Spirit Bond and Fervor. Making it a taunt would be awesome and more in line with it’s name.

    Stampede: Okay so it’s fine for say a warrior to mess your shiz up in five seconds probably less but not a hunter? Tone the ability down to it’s current state in arenas and Rated BGs but let it do normal 100% damage in standard BGs. The former two are what Blizz is concerned about, the latter is just for fun. Healers are nigh impossible to kill at the moment on my hunter and I want something to give them a headache at least.

    Nigh-worthless abilities: Widow Venom gets my call as an ability that could be baked in with Serpent Sting. In pvp I want a 100% uptime on this and wasting a GCD just hurts.

    I already mentioned in a previous thread that Focus Fire should become a proc rather than an on-use ability. When is there ever an occasion where we’d not want to use it? I have tried moving it to a less prominent spot on my action bar but it always returns to it’s original spot where it is easier to click. Make it passive already!

    Glyphs: Many major glyphs could be changed to minor ones to add more flavour as pointed out by Pracataus. Currently I’m using Tame Beast, Aspect of the Cheetah and Revive Pet for both my specs for lack of anything else interesting or useful.

  3. Xeran says:

    A solution for traps:

    Make Trap Launcher turn them into casted targeted shots “Trap Shots?”
    so our CC works exactly like Hex/Sheep etc and can be interrupted.
    Toggle Trap Launcher off to drop them at our feet like we do now.

    I HATE traps, launching, arming, glitching. It’s time to revamp them and bring our CC more in-line with other classes.

    I agree on a lot of other things, but really I just want arcane shot and serpent sting removed/replaced for each spec. That would go a LONG way towards making our class fun and unique.
    Fun and unique are the key, I could care less about numbers.
    Or they could just add another class that uses ranged weapons. I don’t really have much hope that Blizzard is gonna fix Hunters, so I’m likely goin to unsub sooner or later.

  4. Xeran says:

    Also, I do agree with aspects: go big or go home (make them stuffs like stampeding roar etc)

    Hunter’s Mark: buff it, make it so EVERYONE gets use from it, not just other Hunters or whatever. Make it a meaningful debuff; maybe tie Widow Venom into it?

  5. Garfurion says:

    Abilities than can be removed:
    * Eagle Eye
    * Scare Beast – unless they buff it. it’s too situational atm

    Abilities that can be changed into passives:
    * Beast Lore
    * Focus Fire (BM)

    Abilities to combine into 1:
    * Feed Pet + Mend Pet
    * Tranquilizing Shot + Wyvern Sting – make it a proper Tranquilizing Shot/Sting that removes enrage+ magic effects and sleeps the target.
    * Camouflage and Deterence – see below


    I would like to see them improved though and if there is one aspect of hunters which can give flavor to the class and the specs it is aspects. I don’t care too much if they keep the current situation though which is basically 1 dps aspect, 1 town aspect and 1 run-back-after-wipe aspect.


    Make glyph of camouflage baseline and combine it with deterence when cast in combat (reduces 1 button). Deterence has become unhunterish (is there such a word ?) once we lost our melee weapons. How can we deflect anything with a bow+arrow or gun ?

    Hunter’s Mark:

    Make it MM only and allow it to increase your range and give it some debuff (like armor penetration). This also enforces the sniper theme of MM.


    I’ve heard announcements/plans about making traps more attractive for years but it has never really happened. Compared to other classes CC and AoE traps are clunky and always have been. Remember Feign Death + Trapping in classic. Later we could use traps in combat but they got arming time so now we have to scatter shot+trap if we actually want to trap someone. If they do keep them they should make them non-magical. snake trap for aoe dps, bear trap for CC a target and Binding Shot/Trap for AoE slow/stun.

    Mail Armor:

    Leather would be thematically better but would rolling against rogues, monks and druids be a good idea ? It is something for the Art department to look at though. I think Shaman would prefer a leather-look as well.


    It’s not even a BM ability at the moment. I like the idea of making it a proper taunt and we don’t need it as yet another clunky CC.


    To be honest I like it better than Murder of Crows (which does basically the same) since we can control how it looks. I agree that Stampede could be improved. Maybe it should give a small raid dps buff (like stormlash totem for shaman or even heroism) or why not boost everone’s health for the duration. Basically when we call forth a stampede it should be something a raid responds to in some way, either by starting to nuke the boss or something else.

    • Garfurion says:

      almost forgot.

      Spec to tier:

      * Exotic Pet taming.
      * Silencing shot

    • Fooque says:

      I’d prefer to keep “Scare Beast”. I’ve made it through more than one 2v2 arena by using it on a feral druid that was eating me alive. I’ve used it against other hunter pets too to buy some time. It is situational but it’s a situation that comes up in pvp.

  6. Wätts says:

    Aspects: I tend to agree with Arth.

    Steady/Cobra: I’ve long wanted these to be an instant cast. As a castbar shot they just throw off the rhythm of the rotation. I expect to hear my gun at every press of a key, and if I don’t hear it I think the ability isn’t ready yet or I missed the key. With regard to the reload idea, that would solve the issue of not having resource generation when not shooting, but I foresee issues with certain boss and trash mechanics and in PVP where shots need to be going out at all times, even if they’re weak.

    Camouflage: I stand with the PVPer above. I think this is fine as it is. If any change is to be made, make the full stealth while moving baseline. And reduce the speed penalty while stealthed. I mean, Rogues actually move FASTER in stealth than baseline. WTF is with that? I don’t want to be a rogue, but by the same token it’s silly to slow Hunters and Feral druids down so much when Rogues are made faster than baseline while they’re trying to move undetected.

    Hunter’s Mark: I’m totally content with where it is right now. I wouldn’t change a thing, except maybe to remove the limited duration.

    Traps: We should ditch the “drop trap at feet” baseline in favor of the Trap Launcher effect, and have a Trap Shot toggle instead. The inability to fire a targeted CC that takes immediate effect is a huge weakness which is not entirely countered by the strength of being able to put a CC down in advance. The precision required is too much for the advance-CC strength of our traps to equal the weakness imposed as compared to targeted CCs.

    Mail Armor: Already too few classes wear mail. It’s just us and shamans (at max level anyway). We help to fill an important gear-type gap. In addition, I believe Mail is perfectly suited thematically. Historically speaking, archers, crossbowmen, and early handcannoneers used ring-mail and chain-mail armor much as we do. Granted, these were military men, not wilderness men. If that distinction is one that you strongly feel should be made, then I propose making it a choice, or even adding that Ranger Class everybody’s been calling for since time immemorial.

    Spec to Tier: This is an interesting idea for fighting button bloat while maintaining Blizzard’s intended model of making talents a meaningful choice. I think this idea should be pursued and further elucidated.

    Intimidation: This is woefully unreliable in precise timing, and a very poor competitor with Binding Shot. Perhaps if its cooldown were cut in half, it might continue to serve its current function. I really do not think it should be made into a true Taunt. Growl should be our true taunt. Blizzard has served convenience by disabling it on raidbosses, but has severely gimped a large part of both our utility and soloing ability. Fix growl. Improve intimidation to do its present job better.

    Stampede: It’s intended function is two-fold: let us use the pets we want (for a while at least), and act as a source of burst dps. It is now serving both intended functions. I, like others, miss the minigame of min/maxing the pet buffs. I would support a return of that function, but strongly oppose removing the ability. Already we’ve suffered a great blow to our burst dps with the loss of readiness. We don’t need another. It remains cool and huntery, if lacking in nuance and unique mechanics. Unless, of course, you have a more interesting idea to replace stampede with a more unique form of burst dps.
    (Sub-argument: Burst dps in a few seconds is more valuable generally than the same damage spread out evenly over several minutes. It helps us a lot in burn phases like Nazgrim’s Berserker Stance and Deathwing’s Spine. There is a great deal of utility to be had in the ability to front-load a bunch of damage both in PVE and PVP.)

    Glyphs: I share your concerns with Glyph of Lean Pack and Enduring Deceit. Neither are very interesting or useful. Others have mentioned that many major glyphs could serve equally well as minors without tipping balance in a negative way. I agree with that assessment as well.

  7. Noxxana says:


    They were in a pretty good shape in Cata, actually (not the crazy macro aspect dancing!) Yes, they’re not very exciting _at the moment_. But I wouldn’t want them to go away just because no one has an idea how to redesign them right now. I don’t have any. But they’re kind of “class typical”. It’s a flavor thing to me. And you can be sure: once they’re gone they’re gone.

    Steady Shot / Cobra Shot

    Cobra. Make it less ugly (visually). Other than that I like the current mechanics. I could imagine some “charging” type of shot (the longer you “cast” it the harder it hits), but that would screw the whole focus thing. And it sounds more appropriate for signature shots…


    Remove the CD ;-)

    Hunter’s Mark

    Oh come on. Placing a Hunter’s mark above the head of something or someone – that’s not just an ability. It’s a statement! Don’t. Touch. It.


    I like ’em the way they are. Wait. One thing. A new trap that roots friendly (!) units, espacially tanks, preventing them from dragging the trash out of the other traps. Seriously.

    Mail Armor

    This would leave a single class in the game that wears mail. A class that’s even more unliky to wear anything other than cloth and perhaps some leather here and there: Shamans. No. If only for that reason. No.

    Spec to Tier

    I think this goes too far into “spec differentiation” (or the opposite of it). I might have got you wrong. But if you can pick all talents no matter which spec you are — ain’t that the vanilla talent tree model on steroids? The thing they don’t want to give us because it’s a balancing nightmare?


    I don’t use it anymore with that insane CD. Replaced it with Binding shot. Suggestion: 30 seconds cooldown.


    Revert it to 5.0 status. Period.

    Glyph of the Lean Pack / Glyph of Enduring Deceit

    I don’t know anyone acutally using them. They don’t sell good. I asked a few people what situations they need them for and they just wanted to feel “complete” (no missing glyphs).

    It’s just my personal opinion of course, but from a flavor point of view it felt best back in Wrath. Ammo. Feeding pets. You name it. And the evolution from there to Cata felt more or less right (to me). Pet buffs. New stable. A more suitable class resource. The trap launcher was crap back then, but oh well… MoP fixed alot of problems especially for BM. I don’t have big world changing ideas for the hunter class. I guess I just don’t wanna wake up one day and have that “Paladin feeling” (“WTF!?”) again.

  8. Noxxana says:

    Forgot one thing: Fix every “line of sight” problems. Especially for Dismiss pet.

  9. Lucasta says:

    Binding shot could be turned into a trap.

    I would love to see minor glyphs that change the look of Snake trap, the way mages can change polymorph. Gopher trap! Penguin trap!

  10. Clin says:

    I don’t honestly see much point in replacing cobra/steady with another ability – how does that help anyone? And especially how does it help button bloat? As SV I could see Black Arrow disappear.

    I would be happy to see the back of at least 75% of the minor glyphs – for example what use is Fetch these days? Or firing flowers? Relegate some of the current majors to minors and they may actually be useful and someone may use them.

    I would love, love, love to see our old aoe back (sorry it’s so long ago I forget what it was called!) – it was so useful that the aoe was limited to the targeted area instead of shots flying off and hitting mobs nowhere near where we are attacking (what sort of shooting is that?)

  11. Chacha says:

    I agree with Lucasta – Rabid critter trap! :D Like the old scope, but now in a convenient bag of sharp teeth that you leave on the ground. Then we could have 2 minor glyphs that don’t feel completely useless. I’d like the Aspects glyph to permanently have the extra little pet out, but I just like having lots of pets around :)
    Also I hate druids for having that charm woodland creature glyph and we get stuck with retarded things like Fetch -.-

    I think aspects would become a lot more fun if we didn’t “need” to use any specific one. Bake the hawk dmg into shots and have aspects as pure utility – faster running, a toggleable camo, and I’ve forgotten the rest but I know there were more suggestions that could work from the aspect article.

    Bring back Eyes of the Beast! Because… because… well it’s cool for spying on people. Why did they take it out in the first place? :(

    I really liked the micro-management stuff that Stampede used to give. I guess the 1min of extra buffs was a bit long (though they could make them last only as long as the pets are out) but it was great to mix the carefully selected buffs/debuffs with BL/TW for that little bit extra. Part of being a hunter is being prepared. I’m tired of the “dumbed down” feeling that hunter has had lately, just because some people can’t be bothered to care or don’t want to pay their dues. Might as well just make a button that makes your next ability do as much extra damage as Stampede would have done but all in one shot. Then you could macro it and roll your face all over the keyboard -.-

  12. Chacha says:

    I was wondering about the trap predicament. What if they could be worked into our rotation? I know it seems like it might only add to the bloat but it’s an idea to expand on. Specifically for SV, could we throw a giant snake at someone? Extra poison debuff, maybe a slow, maybe with a longer cooldown of a minute, or with a focus cost? Maybe it could be a talent option that would change our current snake trap? I’d like to see more of that the way other classes have, talents that augment an ability so that we would want to use things like traps in our basic rotations. Especially if they could get rid of that stinky old Arcane Shot that’s been rotting in the corner since we stopped using mana. Granted, an option like that could just be a replacement – putting a new name on an old ability and change basically nothing, but I think it’s worth looking into something along those lines to really give some variety and make some of those rarely used abilities really useful.

    @Clin – you’re thinking of Volley :)

  13. Zourn says:

    I think there should basically be the one DPS aspect and then just quality of life aspects. An aspect I just thought of that I like the more that I think about, Aspect of the Whale – Increases swim speed and stamina (pets would benefit from the stamina increase). The swim speed would be a nice quality of life improvement for us, that wouldn’t confuse which aspect to pick for fights (unless there was an underwater raid) and the stamina buff would help please the pet tank crowd.

    I actually like this idea, I don’t know at what point it was decided that every single one of our abilities needed a damage amount tied to it.
    I say make it a channeled ability, say 5s to regain 100 focus, so it ticks for 20 focus every second, so you can break it off at 3s if needed and still get the 60 focus. That may be too high but I’m not sure, Blizz is pretty good at the whole balancing game.

    Something that could be done and make it a little easier on the design team, instead of the stampede animals having a diff ability go up based off the animal type, have a cumulative buff based off of the pets specs, ferocity pets increase damage done by hunter by x% each, cunning increases haste by x% each, tenacity increases (something) by x%.
    I know they aren’t worried about adding raid utility to hunters, but this could also be a way to do it. Ferocity increases every raid member damage by x%, cunning increases healing done by x%, tenacity decreases damage received by x%.

  14. Dan says:

    Honestly I think the Reload idea could be pretty cool if they set it up to fully refill our Focus. We have to stop DPS for maybe a second or two, but then our bar is fully refilled and we start blasting again at full force.

    I remember before the Wrath beta an ability called Bear Trap was data mined and MMO Champ assumed it was a new Hunter ability, though in the end it turned out to be for a mob. But it rooted the target and did damage. I always liked that idea and had hoped it was a new Hunter trap at the time. But I love the idea mentioned above about having Trap Launcher toggle between a targeted launcher and an aimed launcher, and get rid of dropping at our feet altogether.

    I believe the original thematic reason for Mail armor wasn’t so much “chainmail” but “scale-mail” (for you D&D aficionados out there). As in, we advanced our beast killing from animals for their hides to dragons for their scales. Which made sense for vanilla.

    I actually use the Fetch glyph quite a bit when just dinking around out in the world. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve used it to loot a mob that I’d killed in an unreachable area (non-flying zones). But so many of the other Hunter glyphs need work. Our roster is woefully poor. They are either necessary, or worthless; very little “choice”.

    I also greatly miss the min/maxing of Stampede. It was a fun mini-game built into the class.

  15. Lirithiel says:

    With regards to Volley. I think Barrage should become a similar ability whereby it fires in a frontal cone that the hunter can choose via a targeting mechanism like Volley used to do. Barrage is just too unpredictable in its current state. The amount of times I pulled mobs that I had no intention of targeting is scary due to Barrage firing almost 180 degrees above or below me.

    Glyphs: I’m the the boat with ditching the minor glyphs Fetch and Fireworks. Useless and lackluster, even Direction – I mean who really wants to have their Misdirection appear larger?

    @ Garfurion: You want Eagle Eye and Scare Beast removed but that’s because you don’t use them I bet. Scare Beast is golden against Ferals and BRK pets. Eagle Eye is handy in both pvp and pve – the latter for when I’m camping for rares with multiple spawn points. Saves running up and down all the time.

    • Garfurion says:

      You’re right I haven’t used Eagle Eye for years and I only use Scare Beast occasionally in BGs. I’m not saying the abilities are useless but their use is very limited.

      I knew listing Scare Beast as an option for removal would be controversial but it has a relatively long cast-time (which means it can be interrupted and it only works against beasts (and bestial druids). Compared to warlocks and priests scare abilities it is very weak and I rather have less abilities which are more general and stronger than multiple situational abilities which are weaker.

      For example, if they remove Scare Beast they could compensate hunters by making Wyvern Sting baseline or buffing Scatter-Shot (e.g. increasing the duration, lowering the cooldown or giving it charges). Both work against more types of mobs.

  16. Noxxana says:

    I use the Fetch glyph constantly. I use Eagle Eyes sometimes. I enjoyed Eyes of the Beast just for the fun of it. I think a lot of glyphs are more or less worthless at the moment. It’s just personal opinion and preference. I don’t like that “who needs that, let’s just remove it” if it’s not “button bloat”/rotation related. If you don’t need it, just don’t use it. Ignore it. Forget it. Problem solved. Don’t generate new problems for other people by removing stuff you don’t need.

    I like the idea some people mentioned here: Change the trap launcher, make it a toggle between launching traps and placing/shooting traps at current target.

  17. LittleYeti says:

    I like mail armor. It gives us better damage reduction than leather. Plus I really don’t feel like have to complete with rogues, feral druids, and WW monks…

  18. Brewski says:

    Snake trap should interupt casting. Still very little damage from snakes and keep snakes at low health for one-shot aoe kill. As it is now it’s pretty much useless.

  19. Sev says:

    Hunters in leather is not going to happen unless they change shamans to a different armor class and remove mail entirely. I don’t see that happening, nor do I think it should.

  20. Stormovik says:


    I’d like aspects to change from always being on as they are now, I think it would be far more intresting to make them short duration cooldowns for specific situations, so perhaps Hawk would be a short duration attack power buff we could stack with heroism/rapid fire, Bear for a short duration damage reduction, Fox for a short duration increase in focus regen. Each aspect would have it’s own cooldown rather than shared, otherwise we’ll just be using Hawk every time it’s off of cooldown, and some or all could be raidwide.

    Steady Shot/Cobra Shot.

    I don’t see the point to replace this with something else that does the same thing.


    Short answer: No.

    Long answer: This is an idea that sounds good on paper, but in application is just going to suck. It reminds me of the level 90 mage talents, which from what I hear, are pretty much hated amongst the raiding mage community.

    Here’s the problem with reload;

    Either it is just like Steady Cobra giving small amount of focus and you spam the ability or use it regularly in your rotation. After my initial burst during Bestial Wrath I’m pretty much out of focus, and have to use cobra shot a few times to build focus up in time for my next kill command, spending some time doing no dps while I build up enough to continue to dps isn’t going to be fun, and will feel more of a burden.

    Or, it’s an on cooldown ability that returns a large amount of focus, perhaps as a cast or a channel, and the boss fight where you stand still for the full duration of the fight or for large amounts of time, are long gone. The risk with this is you start reload, then you have to move and can do nothing but auto-shoot until reload comes back off of cooldown.

    It could be an instant cast, which would be the ideal way of implementing it, you will have to use it everytime it’s off of cooldown, evan more so than death knights do with Horn of Winter. I don’t see Blizzard doing something like this and not implementing a cooldown. And to be honest, we already have Fervor.


    It’s nothing like it’s first implementation, it I doubt it ever will be and at the time felt like a kick to the squishy parts when it was nerfed. But it certainly has it’s uses, of note is tricking rogues into stealthing past the snipers between Galakras and Iron Juggernaught, sitting back and watching them get shot. Yeah, that’s for all the stun lock deaths :-)

    Hunter’s Mark.

    I agree with Noxxana above, don’t touch it.


    Some extra variety would be nice, introduce a glyph for Trap Launcher, changing it from target ground to target selected. Sometimes I like to place a trap at a specific location (e.g. Galakras ready for the adds to run into), sometimes I like to drop a trap at my feet, sometimes I’d like the ease of just targeting what I want trapped.

    And no to removing Snake Trap, they taunt and are very useful in some situations, I think they also still apply all the poisons that used to be available to rogues (movement slow, increase cast time, damage over time and whatever the 4th one did).

    Mail Armor.

    I’m a Draenai, Draenai look good in mail, for this reason I’ll vote to stick with mail…. Although, I seem to recall some really nice looking druid shoulders from one of the Cata raids…. Hmmmmm…..

    But then, that would only leave shamens wearing mail, so unlikely to happen unless a new mail class is introduced, and as a leatherworker with random pattern learning, I really don’t want to see another 2/3 more pvp sets added to that random list.

    Spec to tier.

    Some things don’t make sense as being spec specific, but these things help with spec individuality, playing BM should not be like playing SV and like playing MM. As long as each spec as it’s own little things going on as well, either utility or rotation mechanics, then spec to tier is ok. Playstyle isn’t that different between the specs, names maybe different but functionality is a little to similar (e.g. nuke, regen, dump, dump, proc, dump, regen, nuke).


    I don’t think I’ve used this since BC.


    I miss the buffs cast, and it’ll now take a few more than 5 hunters to down Dreamwalker in ICC now (isn’t there a link to that in the whu archive, somewhere).

    I don’t see Stampede getting changed, the meta game was something unintended, they won’t bring that back unless they suddenly decide that the meta game was fun and awesome.

    I wouldn’t want Stampede to be linked to a raid wide buff, as the raid leader gets to decide when I use Stampede, rather than me. Use an Apsect for that (see Aspects above).

    Glyph of the lean pack.

    I can see a use for it, since you can zone back into a raid if you died to trash. Could be useful in Warsong Gulch to help the flag carrier move faster, but most classes seem to have their own speed buffs anyway. I’m allways getting overtaken on my way back after a wipe.

    Glyph of Enduring Deceit.

    Don’t use it, but I’m not a big PvP player, it is certainly useful in PvP though.

    Most abilities seen as useless, are just situational, I’ve seen hunters claim (elsewhere) that Distracting Shot is useless and should go, yet it is incredibly useful in some situations. I used it in Firelands on the Beth’tilac spiders, and more recently on the adds in phase 2 of Garosh Hellscream, to separate out the one I want to kill. I can’t think of a single ability that is totally useless, all have their niche, but then maybe there is something that could go, I’ve just forgotten it exists due to not using it.

  21. Lambert says:

    The reason why scatter shot has a shorter range than other shots is that it was one of our ways to regain distance while a melee opponent entered our dead zone. It’s original design is obsolete now obviously. But we still have a lot of ways to disturb long range targets.