So we talked to BigRedKitty last week on the podcast. As the original voice in hunter blogging, I asked if he had anything he’d like to see change about hunters, hoping to add them to the Hunter Project list. He had two:

Exotic Weapons for MM

What distinguishes MM and makes it unique currently? I’ll wait…

…not much, is the correct answer. BRK’s solution: Exotic Weapons. They wouldn’t even need to do more damage than their non-exotic counterparts (though that’s an option), or they could have a utility-based proc. But either way, creating some cool “bling” for the spec that is ALL about ranged physical dps would be a nice addition. And even if MM’s dps is low, it would give collectors and hunter hobbyists some awesome items to make the spec seem unique and cool.

Some of the more interesting suggestions included a massive gun with its own team of gnomes to clean it off, and weapons with built-in stands or scopes to make them more aesthetically unique.

I think this would be great, however they decide to implement it.

Make Survival Survive

This would probably be an addendum to the templates suggested in the spec differentiation article. Basically, SV could be incredibly hard to kill, and have a slew of abilities to aid this.

The caveat here is that it would create PvP balancing issues, so this kind of change would almost undoubtedly have to be accompanied by a dps nerf. Still, who wouldn’t love better camouflage, or the ability to self-tank bosses for brief periods of time using cooldowns? It’s an interesting take on the idea of survival, and would be a viable alternative.

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  1. Anon says:

    I’d take competitive MM over cosmetic weapons any day of the week. :/

  2. Aadyn says:

    Have u played MM recently? I haven’t but it is said they are on par with BM for single target dps. Test it out on a Malkorok fight let me know your thoughts. I have never gotten into MM or i would test it myself. SV for life.

    • Arth says:

      I’m not currently raiding, so I can’t speak to this personally.

      The numbers are there in theorycrafting that support MM being as good as the other two in single target. But we haven’t seen it at all in raid parses, so it’s hard to say for certain. The current single target recommendation has to remain BM until we have harder evidence to support otherwise.

      You should play whatever you’re most familiar with, though, regardless of what the numbers are.

      • Noxxana says:

        MM can compete against BM/SV in single target fights (about the same item level of course). Though I recently swichted to SV out of AOE frustration and gave my second spec BM a try, I’m back to MM. 10m normal, Flex, LfR, soloing stuff, no heroic raiding at the moment. I like it. It’s more challenging. It sucks when it comes to AOE. In general it doesn’t feel rewarding enough anymore for the effort you’ve to put into it (though that’s not as much as it used to be in say Cata, too). Once a warlock shows up it doesn’t matter what you play, unless it’s a warlock, too ;-)

  3. Mostynaideen says:

    My idea of a SV TanK:
    Use the Hunter Tank Spec as a guide with a few adjustments:
    1. Lower DPS slightly to prevent the hate train from leaving the station, but make DPS comparable to normal tanks.
    2. Increase pet and hunter stamina to come close to what tanks are working with.
    3. Add additional taunts, CC shots, damage mitigation talents, and a few odds and ends that signifies a survival hunter. ***Explosive shot generates **% of threat when used***
    4. Make pet automatic MD target unless changed.
    5. We would be the off tank for our pets if they need to be healed up.
    We don’t need melee weapons, just maintain our range weapons.
    I figure whenever you pull a boss off the tank you are now tanking it anyway, so this is actually being played out in game now. Only issue is we cannot take damage.

    • Difool says:

      With one tweak, BM would be the natural tank spec.

      Make an ability that swaps control to the pet. Yeah we had a lame version of that in the past, which clearly didn’t do e trick. In this refreshed version, use all the pet management tools on the human, have the human follow, unless placed with the “pet” toolbar. Let the human do base shots, and allow for a MD to the pet to keep threat, etc.

      That would make pet tanking viable in modern fights, and having a bit of a challenge in managing your “human” (troll, dwarf, whatever) would add a fresh take on tanking.

      With a dirty of viable tanks in LFR and similar, this really should be considered. I’m not nieve in honking it would be easupy to implement, but Blizzard does have a lot of the mechanics already covered.

  4. Garfurion says:

    Exotic weapons sounds nice, and MM should have more emphasis on ranged weapons but I can see a lot of problems.

    Would Exotic weapons do more damage or are they just cosmetic ?
    Would they drop in dungeons/raid or could you have it upgraded by an engineer ?
    What happens if you change specs, would you need a 2nd weapon for SV/BM ?

    Easiest way to make Surival better at surviving while reducing damage output would be a special Aspect.aspect.

  5. Noxxana says:

    Hell yes. Make Survival actually survive. It was meant to be that way in Vanilla (correct me if I’m wrong, I didn’t start back then). As long as I can remember Survival was “that PvP spec” for me (maybe just because of the name and some specific talents back in Wrath), even MM was the better option in Cata and BM in MoP; until recently. It should have the best crowd control, the best self heal and the best damage reduction. It should survive. It’s not meant to top the dps meters. Otherwise the name is just confusing and will remain a joke.

    Playing MM I’m looking forward to my light mini gun (gatling gun on steroids). Might help to compensate the AOE problems ^^. Or just for esthetic reasons. I really like the general idea. Though I have no idea how you would get such a weapon. One way I could imagine would be any sort of attachments (special ammo, scopes, grenade launcher kind of stuff) to modify existing weapons.

  6. Delirium says:

    Strange, it’s never actually occurred to me that SV should have better survivability, but I think that’s a great idea. Once of the suggestions for traps was that the hunter would be able to use them the way other classes use CC (targeted), I could see that as a great way to differentiate SV improved traps, the launcher now launches them at a target. You could still toggle it off to set traps the old fashioned way, or you could launch them, in PvP it would make SV pretty formidable.

    As for SV tanks, I really don’t care that we get a legitimate tanking spec. But I would like us to be able to be occasional “utility tanks” the way rogues were against Garalon. In fact, as much as I despise rogues and would like to see every last one of them dead and buried, I’d like to imagine SV as more similar to a ranged rogue. DoT Poisons (which it already basically has), improved stealth, damage mitigations (perhaps agility should provide some dodge instead of or in addition to crit). Perhaps SV could get an additional aspect, aspect of the which converts crit into dodge (which would be a huge dps nerf) and converts mastery into parry (I watched that green arrow show, so i now know you can parry with a bow).


  7. Ozzle says:

    Gnome hunters ples

  8. Semris says:

    While reading this article all I can think of is – rather no changes to hunters please. ;-)

  9. Xeran says:

    No, change them. Hunters are boring and every spec plays the same.
    Class has been in dire need of a remake since Cata.

  10. Dibbler says:

    Ranged weapons are already only used by 1 class (with agility daggers being the only other weapon like that). Having a boss drop a weapon that can only be used by 1 spec of 1 class would be very difficult to balance at best, and often annoying to see drop by the rest of the raid. At least for daggers assassination/subtlety rogues need 2 each (and they are usable for combat rogues, though I don’t know whether they would choose to or not).

    Making your weapon do something different/look different if you’re MM (maybe you can choose between a few options somehow?) would be fine, but that’s a very different thing that could be treated as a feature of the spec rather than a feature of boss drops.

    • Delirium says:

      I agree, dibbler, it would need to be something similar to Runes for DKs. Marksmen would have their own set of scopes/enchants they (and only they) could add to weapons.

      • Dibbler says:

        I think you mean runeforges instead of runes, but yeah something like that could work. The only problem is that might make it too similar to glyphs or talents if you basically just have 3 that you’re supposed to choose from on a per fight basis.

        You know now that I think about it, maybe this is a good way to update aspects? Not just for MM but for all 3 specs. Instead of all the specs having the same 3 aspects, each spec has a few different things to choose from that are unique. It would be less like runesforges/glyphs/talents because you could switch them in combat like aspects, and add some more flavor to each spec.

        Marksmanship chooses between 3 different weapon modifications like the “ammo type” talents that were on the MOP PTR, one MM aspect slows the target you hit, one gives you +5 yards of range, and one… I don’t know but you get the idea.

        BM would have things that modify your pet (one gives it 50% movement speed, one increases its defensive stats, one… damn thinking of 3 things is hard).

        Survival I don’t really know, it still doesn’t have a well-defined niche that you could use for these bonuses. But I’m sure blizzard could think of something.

    • Arth says:

      Who said it would have to be boss drops? There are several ways to implement this. Crafted, spec-specific ability, or the same boss drop could have two versions. There may be others as well.

  11. Bohicca says:

    could we add to the project a petition to make tauren skinnable in pvp

  12. Xeran says:

    Let us be able to mind control beasts (including Druids) temporarily.