Patch 5.4 Cometh!

Posted: by Arth

As far as I know, the 5.4 patch is still happening today (can’t really confirm from my work computer).

If you haven’t already, go get yourself caught up on all the changes you’ll be experiencing the next time you log in.

Here’s the podcast where Darkbrew, Euripides, and I discuss ALL the changes we can expect.

And here’s the most recent podcast, where we talk to Zeherah from Female Dwarf about the nuances of our class changes:



I’m going to try to get the first of the HCERP articles ready to go by week’s end, along with any lingering 5.4 news we haven’t touched upon.

But until then, Happy 5.4 Hunting!

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  1. Aoife says:

    5.4 is indeed here! Confirmed on my beta launcher, and I’ve been able to log in and accept the TOU.

  2. Duveen says:

    Has anyone found a complete list of hunter gear by boss & slot for 5.4? Frost used to do one, which was lovely.

  3. Spiral says:

    Anyway we can get a textual transcript for those of us that would rather not listen to a podcast or watch videos but still want the nuances of the changes?

    • wca says:

      I agree – I’m not a fan of using podcasts and videos as a source of information, or as a means of distributing information. For one thing, I can’t hear, so those are of no use to me, and second, a lot of people prefer text based material as its instantly accessible and skimmable, searchable through search engines, and can be viewed on a large variety of platforms (mobile, pc, etc).

      Keep up the good work though, Arth – Hunter info seems scarce these days and many of us are hungry for it, so thank you for your continuing contributions to the hunter community.

    • Arth says:

      Here’s the WHU article on it from a couple weeks ago:

      I think the only thing that’s changed since then are signature shot damage percentages.

  4. Mascaron says:

    It’s probably not all that common, but I’m don’t like the change to disengage. I can now use it out of combat. That requirement for the spell was a blessing in disguise. I had a bunch of stuff macroed into my disengage keybind which was bound to an extra button on my mouse. I could easily use the master plow, go fishing, or other stuff in respect to dailies all because disengage required that I was in combat.

    • Mascaron says:

      Maybe we can find a solution together. Here’s my macro. Maybe we can rewrite it to keep the same functionality.

      /cast Disengage
      /use Magebulb Seed
      /use Master Plow
      /cast Survey
      /cast Fishing
      /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();

      • Mascaron says:

        A solution has been shared with me on the wow forums. The [combat] modifier. I am happy again.

        /cast [combat] Disengage

    • Lirithiel says:

      I effing love the change to Disengage. Using it out of combat, I mean come on – what could be better? With CTHC talented it only has a 10-second CD now. How awesome is that!? I do miss the ability to double disengage but overall I think the removal of Readiness has simplified things to an extent. Having said that I struggled to find my rhythm initially after the patch but things just feel more fluid now. For someone who didn’t even use Binding Shot once prior to MM getting exclusive use of the ability, it’s already seeing a lot of action.

      I too have noticed that my pet cannot keep aggro on the Timeless Isle mobs. Just when I thought things were looking up again…Oh and something else I never noticed before, my T15 two-piece bonus procced three times in a row yesterday on one mob with 3 wind serpents out at the same time O.o

      • Shin says:

        I think I like not dying a whole lot a lot more then your issue with macro writing :)
        The new disengage working out of combat is a gift from heaven. As I stroll around the Timeless Isle it has been so so welcome. ‘Ooooooh crap I fell of this rope…wheeeeeeeeee’…Disengage, 20k damage opposed to SPLAT.
        Running around with some guildies, murdering elites. Fun. So we found the whole Flaming cow place to be a bit crowded, ‘let’s go elsewehere’. And so I leaped off the mountain and disengaged at the bottom.
        And so my group, unaware of my cool new disengage fall protection, also leaped down, assuming there was some water or such.

  5. Jaeger says:

    The patch is here! And I am now Legendary!!! :D

  6. Balgar says:

    Also anyone else loving that the cloak proc does insane damage? I pulled an elite turtle and 4 babies, did about 580k dps and they died in about 10 seconds, with the cloak proccing twice.

    • Rayne says:

      I’m not sure about the dmg it does and I still feel behind the other classes (rogues in particular – though ours is really good) but the visual affect seems similar to barrage but thinner projectiles… it’s cool.

  7. Flint says:

    So far I am not impressed in the least bit with Timeless Isle. Sure there are a few rares (or not so rares) to kill for coins or a Account Bound item, but over all it’s just run around in a circle and pew pew the same things. IT took me 2 hours to get every single Alt geared for the upcoming LFR basically rendering ToT useless.

  8. Mostynaideen says:

    Well went 4/12 last night in the new raid. Was pretty fun and there are some good drops. Got the reality ripper ring/warforged version. Sha of Pride fight was the sticking point. We finally beat him after 6 attempts. I understand 5.4 took readiness, but I want it back. DPS felt sluggish on the pulls. Anyway, good luck on getting the new weapons and trinkets.

  9. Darkynhalvos says:

    Growl is even more broken than it was. Instead of “Boss” mobs being immune, now nearly half or more of the non-boss elites on the Isle are immune to it. All the rares included. Yet I see voidwalkers/voidlords having very little issue with threat of any kind. Yes, I use MD+glyph, but even that isn’t very effective. Seems Blizz has something against our “tank” pets generating any kind of threat whatsoever. Pathetic.

  10. Fradin says:

    Yeah I found threat to be a big issue too if you could not burning them down in 5 seconds flat it became a kiting fight for trash , not sure but I think there’s something wrong with Blizzards set up .

  11. Hal says:

    Have had some threat problems too, and like Darkynhalvos noticed in Brawlers Guild that Warlock Voidwalkers and Voidlords were holding aggro to a much higher degree than any of my pets.

    Minor whine here….not an indictment on the game because my style of play occupies a tiny niche. I rarely have more than about a half hour at a time to play. So I really cannot raid. The game is still fun for me, but my minifocus is slowly trying to improve gear.

    The new isle drops 396 gear like candy…which is great for raiders gearing up their alts but that’s all vended by me. There is an interesting trinket, for 50 thousand coins but beyond that I haven’t seen anything to shoot for yet. Always fun to see new content, but I see little reason to grind there…and there is grinding aplenty to be had.

    Probably will take a break from the game soonuntil the next expansion.

    • Hal says:

      all but important never to be read update…l
      I cannot raid …can play often but not for times much beyond 20 minutes…so I just dabble at trying to improve gear and go back to Brawlers guild and old solos to try it out. My gear is only 517.

      I came to like the Timeless Isle. about the time I learned I could upgrade…

      Serves well as a grind to replace the valor dailies grind. At the moment shooting for that 50 thousand coin trinket. and after that I hope I never see another frog ; – )