Hunter Community Expansion Revamp Project


This is the grab-bag entry in the HCERP. I’m including a few ideas that have gained traction with various hunters or members of the community. These can include a wide range of (reasonable) requests; it doesn’t even have to be hunter specific.


We don’t expect Blizzard to implement all or even most of these. But we do hope they consider any that are able to be implemented.

Ideas & Suggestions

“Advance” the game world: Cataclysm fell flat in some respects, but one cool aspects was how it revamped many areas by changing or evolving them. We need more of this. Nothing major. But what I’d suggest is (or rather, what others have suggested), identify 1-2 things in each zone that you can “progress” in some small way. That way, the world doesn’t feel static, but it doesn’t take a ton of design time for Blizzard’s busy schedule.

Let us rebuild the Stonewrought Dam: This is an offshoot of the last idea. We want to rebuild the dam. It holds a dear place in the heart of the WHU Guild, and it’s also one of the more recognizable monuments in WoW history. And we will work for it. Give us daily quests to do that will contribute to the rebuilding process. The dam has been destroyed for two expansions now. It’s time to let the healing begin.

Michele Morrow

Michele Morrow

Michele Morrow as Sylvanas: The WoW movie is coming out eventually. And as far as I know, casting has not occurred yet. Lady Sylvanas Windrunner deserves an actress that understands the gravity of the role, and will do it justice. The role deserves Michele Morrow. Michele is a talented actress, WoW hunter, frequent podcast guest, and all-around cool person. Blizzard, make this happen. Check out Michelle’s IMDB page by clicking here.

Pet Collars: Ok, so this is an old Frostheim gem. But with the lingering concerns about button bloat, and our own HCERP suggestions for Aspect overhaul, pet collars should likely be nothing but aesthetic. But still. Who doesn’t love wearing Precious’ Ribbon from ICC? I am the prettiest elf when I wear it, which is always. I am always the prettiest elf. *ahem* So who wouldn’t love blinging out their pet with rare-drop collars from bosses? I, for one, would absolutely love it.

Tameable Spirit Sporebat: It haunts the grave of an unfortunate rogue whom it terrorized in life.

Mounts: Either a class-specific mount or, even better, a tamable mount.


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  1. Flint says:

    Pet collar – Pretty simple idea. Can even make them a Hunter only quest line to get them. Right now we have special things we have to do if we want to tame any of the last 2 expansion exotics. Why not give Hunters a special quest line to get a collar. You can even make the collars random stats that may require multiple dailies to get the one you want.

    The Cataclysm was ages ago and yet no rebuilding has been done? I think the tax collector and Governments has some explaining to do.

    Michele Morrow as Sylvanas? Absolutely. For an Elf she’s kind of hot. Oh and as a Social media? OMG!!! do yourself a favor and look the cosplay up.

    No Arth no. Silly Elf! Pet collars are for pets….. That is unless you’re a druid.

    Rogues beware the bane of your existence is coming. Fear the Spirit Sporebat.

  2. pete says:

    Paladins, Death Knights, and Warlocks each get two class-specific mounts. It would be great if Hunters could have just one. I don’t really like the idea of just being able to hop onto whichever of our pets we like and ride into battle, but I do think we should be able to go out and tame one beast of our choice to use as a mount. And then if we wanted a different one, we could abandon our current choice. And any model that is currently used as a mount should be fair game, from tallstriders and bears to beasts we can’t even make battle for us, like kodos and wyvern. Extra points if they let us tame mounts that currently don’t exist, because rollin’ around on a chimaera is my dream!

  3. Chacha says:

    Concerning the rebuilding of Azeroth, I’d like to see the healing of the plaguelands progress a little more, or at least get them started on the Ghostlands, that place is so miserable.

    I love the pet collar idea even if it is just a cosmetic thing. If you’ve ever dressed up your domestic animals, you will understand ^^ I’d like to see my lion’s “I judge you” look when I tie a bow on his ear and take screenshots :P

  4. Jaeger says:


    I’ll agree with small changes in the world. The lack of change and progress in the WoW world has always bothered me.

    Also, Go Michele!

  5. Rayne says:

    I like the idea of world changes. It would make it worth while to go out an explore once in a while or at least gives us that “I don’t remember seeing that before” feeling while leveling an alt. (does anyone still do that?)

    A couple things I think would be nice. Updated graphics. I know the game is getting up there in age but come on Blizzard… you can give us better graphics. I’d even go as far as to say every game developer should have 2 versions of their games. 1 for the typical PC and another that’s for the high-end hardware. Same game, just better graphics and sounds. They could probably charge more for it as well.

    Also, expansion based servers. Probably something to hope for when the world is at an end but I didn’t get to see the original Naxx or work through AQ40. I think it would be cool to have the option to create a toon on a server that offered just what was available for vanilla or BC, whatever… may not be that popular but…

    Make it easier to travel around at max level in the zones not affected by the current expansion. Dropdown list with all the cities and towns to be ported to on a 15 min CD.

    Hunter special pet store. Not that I would pay money for an in game pet but I bet a lot of hunters would. Especially if they made a large number of models and numbered them (internally of course) so only so many would be available on a server. Say only 10 of this type, 10 of another etc… up to how ever many types. That could give a hunter a unique look.

  6. Geckko says:

    What about an archaeology based pet? All of that amber I’ve dug up should have some DNA in it somewhere. I ought to be able to take it to my local mad gnome/goblin scientist and have them unlock its secrets to create some unique, account-bound pet.

    • Purcy says:

      ^— this! Though I doubt Blizz will give us something for a secondary profession that only one class gets to use. :(

      Ah well, one can hope.

  7. Garfurion says:

    The world can certainly use some updates. Menethil Harbor, Stormwind Park District, etc… all alliance zones are just depressing. If Blizzard wants people out in the world they should make it fun, at the moment it just makes you sad.

    I think pet-collars can’t be some visible item since it would require updating all pet models. However, they could be added to the UI in the form of gem slots or perhaps link the pet collars to raid-buffs/debuffs. That way we could have any pet bring any buff/debuff.

    Speaking of pets, I would like to see ranged pets (e.g., windserpent, dragonhawk, chimeara, …). Ranged pets could solve some problems with pathing and boss-fight since the pets would just stay by our side.

  8. Lirithiel says:

    Or flying pets that actually, you know, fly. Wouldn’t it be sweet that when a boss goes into his air phase, we can either summon a flying pet or just use one right off the bat to engage the boss instead of throwing wet toilet paper at him as our pet idles beside us thinking if only he/she could sink their teeth into the boss way up yonder.

  9. Jaromor says:

    Hump Leg ability for pets!

  10. Belcher says:

    You would think with all the Dwarfs running around that they would have figured out a way to pump all the water out of Menethil Harbor by now. Come on Man!

  11. Dezibel says:

    Pet transmog, pet transmog, pet transmog!

  12. john says:

    pass. she’s a third rate actress.