Farewell Euripides

Posted: by Arth

I’ve got some initial 5.4 reaction coming up soon, as well at the first in our HCERP series.

But for today, we say goodbye to a dedicated member of the hunter community. Euripides has been blogging for over four years. And even when his blogging lessened, he’s been an absolute rock on the Hunting Party Podcast. His perspective and (Canadian) voice will be missed.

Fellow podcaster Darkbrew has been given the keys to Euri’s website, outdps.com, so it will still be worth checking in, particularly for the most complete compilation of hunter podcasts.

And speaking of the podcast, we may be looking for a new co-host. Darkbrew and I don’t want to go it alone from here, and we still think there are some legs left in the podcast as we move forward. If you have suggestions, email them to me at arthwhu@yahoo.com or all of us at huntingpartypodcast@gmail.com.

In the meantime, enjoy his farewell show:


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  1. Lirithiel says:

    Farewell Euripides and all the best with your future endeavors. It’s a bit of a concern that all the legends of the hunter class are leaving the game. I know many if not all of them have been playing since Vanilla but is this a sign that the hunter is on the decline due to all the changes?

    WHU and OutDPS were the first two sites I frequented since wanting to learn more about the awesomesauce that is the hunter class. I appreciate everything Euripides wrote to help me pay my dues along with Frost ofc. Will miss them wow insider articles about how to successfully play the AH.


    • Arth says:

      I don’t think it’s a sign of anything having to do with the game, honestly. Frost and Euri both left because their lives were taking them increasingly away from gaming. It’s the same thing that caused BigRedKitty to stop blogging years ago. If we all had as much time as we wanted, I think they’d all still be playing and blogging. But real life happens and priorities shift.

  2. Masa says:

    While it can be upsetting if you look at this as “everyone is leaving”, hunters still have a great community with many helpful voices. So just look at this like before as a changing of the guards.

  3. Lirithiel says:

    It’s true what the guys said about the hunter community in the podcast though. Great show btw. Had me laughing even at 2am. The biggest friendships I have made in-game are all with hunters and each one of them have had a big impact on my playing experience. It is part of why I still play the class. Man, I would love to be part of a all-hunter guild. The things they are capable of as displayed by the WHU are awe-inspiring. What other class is as much fun..? None I tell you. I agree with Darkbrew in response to the one question on the podcast asking why the person should go back to playing a hunter again. Why wouldn’t you indeed! I, for one, intend to keep tuning in the the podcasts. Keep it up peeps.

  4. Zetora says:

    Not Euripides as well!!!

    Good luck Euri and I hope you keep on huntering even if blogging about it is stopping. The podcasts have been one of my highlights for any weeks (even when they weren’t quite weekly).

    Thank you!

  5. Eshin says:

    It’s funny, as I went into retirement some were going strong. I recently came out of retirement, my guild reformed after a 2 year break and honestly we’ve never been stronger. Perhaps I should take the time to pick up the mantle of my own hunter blog. Always wanted to do that.