5.4 Roundup Cont.

Posted: by Arth

We’ve been heavy on hunter news but admittedly somewhat light on general WoW news. Here’s a nice five-minute summary of the general game changes in 5.4, including a few things that I was unaware of.



And since it wasn’t posted the other day, here’s the WHU 5.4 article from a couple weeks ago. Everything from it remains correct, except the exact levels of Arcane and Signature Shots.

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  1. Correctionbot says:

    Also, Disengage does not have 2 charges.

  2. Bramman says:

    And disengage can be activated when not in combat. Hunter cliff jumping!

  3. hillbillyhatfield says:

    Did our pets get a secret nerf this last hotfix. My pet is getting nuked yesterday and today. Tuesday I could tank everything without having to heal. Now every elite is knocking their health down to nothing. Something must have been done since the patch dropped. I played 6 hours Tuesday since it’s my day off, and only had to heal on the rares and celestials. Not any more.

    • Darkynhalvos says:

      Haven’t noticed a huge issue with health drops. I run with either tank-spec turtle or spirit beast, and use glyphed Mend Pet. Only times I had any “oh crap” moments were when I pulled more than 1 Gulp Frog (poison stacks).

      My biggest problems are Growl not working on the majority of Isle mobs, and glyphed MD doesn’t seem guaranteed to work. What makes that such a problem? Voidwalkers/voidlords have ZERO threat issues, they’re more tanks than our own tenacity pets. Their threat actually works on all mobs.

      • Bonamassa says:

        Same problems here: bad aggro, MD dont always work. It makes soloing a bit more interesting. And frogs are indeed bad.

  4. GalenDrakos says:

    Hunter pet taunt’s don’t seems to work on any of the elites on the new island. It seems to work on the normal Mob’s but not the elites. I have heard from warlocks that there pet taunt Does work.

    I hope that this is a bug that will be fixed.

  5. Wullfric says:

    Anyone noticing that the little Explosive Trap icon isn’t showing up on baddies when they’re standing in the area? I’ll throw one down sometimes, but haven’t really checked to see if it’s actually damaging them…

  6. Muapa says:

    i like to keep my pet in dps spec, only on the kilnmaster’s on timeless do i have a problem with growl about halfway through, any other time, he out taunts a few tanks i ran with, i have my spirit mend to auto activate on him, and also i do out little heal that we get, managed to solo cinderfall, which wasn’t hard just took a few minutes, but no problems with growl here since patch except kilnmasters