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Last week we had Vee from Ask Mr. Robot (AMR) on the Hunting Party Podcast to talk about 5.4. If you haven’t used AMR in a while, it has undergone a lot of changes and improvements and is a wonderful resource for optimizing your character. Be sure to check it out. Link to the podcast.

And on Sept. 7, we’re going to be welcoming Zeherah back to the podcast. Zeherah, of course, is of Female Dwarf fame, another incredible resource.

Since I’m gone over Labor Day, I don’t actually know what Euripides and Darkbrew have lined up for this week. But it’s always a nice chance to get some extra takes on the most recent hunter news, and BS in the chat room with the cast of friends and listeners that always show up. Saturday, 1PM CST, at this link.

{edit} Darkbrew chimed in below, saying there’s no podcast on the 31st.

Now, I’m looking for some lines to add to my script in the intro/outro. Please leave your suggestions in the comments. :-)

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  1. Darkbrew says:

    No podcast this weekend. Too much going on with all of this weekend, but like you said we’ll be back on Sept. 7th with Zeherah.

  2. BuffCanada says:

    Nothing wrong with Nerf Canada.

    As Canadians, we are just meant to make fun of ourselves.

    Come on, we sent Will and Kate an RCMP Moose. Doesn’t get better than that!


  3. Jaeger says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Dark. Would have probably missed the show anyway.

    Intro is simple: Arth from the WHU. Euri and Dark don’t have much to say during the intro. Frost was always the one with the laundry list of things.

    You could reference something about pet tanking in your outro. This is stupid but “Turtle tanks FTW!”… Whenever I try to think of something regarding turtle tanks, I always think of TMNT slogans…

  4. Darkbrew says:

    Hi folks another update. Euri’s plans changed so there WILL be a podcast this weekend. My apologies for any who normally listens to the live show and doesn’t get the word.

    The good news is we seem to be on a good track for getting the episodes cut on delivered by the following Mon.

  5. Macerin says:

    I have a request for Euri, turn up his mic volume. I cannot attend for the actual podcast but I do download it later and he is really hard to hear unless i turn up the volume and then everybody else is so loud you can hear it on the next acrerage.

    @Arth. This is Arth, nuff said.