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The Hunting Party Podcast has become probably the best weekly digest on hunter news. You get several informed hunters, occasional guests who are relevant to the hunter community, and a steady diet of information, patch notes, blue posts, tweets, and analysis of all of it. I can’t recommend it highly enough for your regular WoW huntering needs. And I hear it’s pretty good even when I’m not around.

General Links

Episode 181

This was Frostheim’s last episode, presumably ever (or until we drag him back for a reunion show)

To download it in mp3 form, click here.

Episodes 179-180

Frostheim’s farewell was very, very light on actual hunter news. So if you want to skip the drunken shenanigans and catch up on the most recent news and analysis, these two are your best bet.

To download Episode 180, click here.

To download Episode 179, click here.


As always, the live show is every Saturday (with limited exceptions) at 1pm CST (2pm EST).

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