First, patch 5.4 has been moved to September 10. This time, we have an official confirmation from Blizzard that this is the release date, so we can be at least marginally more sure of it launching than we were with the previously “leaked” date of August 27.

Second, we will have at least one person from the Ask Mr. Robot team on the podcast tomorrow, and possibly more than one if I read my emails correctly. Ask Mr. Robot is a great place to optimize your gear and check up on the latest news and notes concerning all WoW classes. They also have a handy guide right now on their main page, 10 Things to Know for Patch 5.4.

The podcast can be listened to at Live shows are at 1PM CST (that’s 2PM EST). And if you have a question for the Ask Mr. Robot guys, email us at, or just leave it in the comments below. I’ll be sure to check back here before we do the show.

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  1. Clin says:

    Hey Arth, is the link you included for the 10-things-to-know correct? I’ve tried it a few times now and I’m always getting an unavailable message.

    • Arth says:

      It’s working for me, and the URL is correct. I’m not sure what the issue is. You can always get there from the main page as well…maybe you’ll have more luck that way.

  2. Silvanos_of_Perenolde says:

    I don’t trust Mr. Robot. It tells me to reforge out of all of my haste on my resto druid, and made some not-so-obvious mistakes on my hunter.

    • Arth says:

      No modeling system is perfect, and anomalies exist with both AMR and Female Dwarf, whether they involve stats weights, plateaus, or something else. And your own math and/or observations can always be equated in as well. However, used responsibly, it can still be a powerful tool.

      If you have a specific problem with its suggestions, or don’t understand a particular suggestion, detail it here and I’ll see if we can discuss it on the podcast.

    • Arktek says:

      Keep in mind that AMR has several default builds to choose from. And if you don’t like those you can edit the stat weights yourself. So even if you don’t like their suggestions, it’s still a useful tool.

    • apache says:

      You don’t understand cause you’re slow and dumb. You have more than one stat to reach so…ugh, nvm. You still wouldn’t understand even if I drew you a picture. Fucking idiots playing these games, no wonder wow is a dying…

      • Valmordang says:

        Wow is dying because of elitist players who are angry at others for not understanding what is so painfully obvious. Where the elitist players should be living by the old saying. If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. It doesn’t take that much effort away from wow to be nice and help others.
        Wow is dying because it is catering to players that want to invest 40 hours a week into the same thing. Grind gear. Grind gear. Grind gear. Wow is dying because even though blizzard says that they will not drastically change a spec or class mid expansion (the excuse about spriests.) they still are doing to hunter etc.
        wow is dying because it is not changing with the market.
        Wow is dying because blizzard wants it to.
        Wow is just a game. Always has been. It is not important. Yet it did teach me to understand people better when trying to explain dueling hunters marks one specced one not and that elitist players are ruining the fun the game was supposed to be it is a game not a job not a career. Play and have fun.
        Love Val.

      • Arth says:

        @ Val – I feel a few of those assertions are unfounded. There may be some truth to a couple of them, but things like “Blizzard wants it to die” are pretty obviously not the case. More than likely, the slow decline of players (which is still the largest player base in MMOs by a gigantic margin) is just because the game is nearly a decade old.

      • Valmordang says:

        What I am saying is an assumption. That blizzard wants world of Warcraft to perish. So it can bring out Wow 2 etc. It is an unfounded assumption. But I felt the need to redirect. Also I am wrong on the elitist being a problem for as they are concerned it is the noob. (Newb) the raiders blame pvp and the pvpers blame who ever beat them last. The content is bland or there is too much and not enough.
        Time will tell. But I would bet someone else’s money that Hunters get the bottom for the rest of panda land.
        Love Val

      • Flint says:

        The douchebag comment of the month goes to Apache. You can pick up your award at the nearest fail store.

  3. Baldriano says:

    Anyone know if that proc on the legendary cloak is any use for hunters? It dont say what the range is. looks like a kitty/rogue cloak to me

  4. Dibbler says:

    Yes the proc is worth it. Hunters get a different proc that behaves more like multishot (it hits things in an area around your target) and looks like the old raining arrows Volley graphic.

  5. Garfurion says:

    Maybe you were planning to ask it already but maybe ask them which hunter spec is hardest to model…or is the only difference the weight for the different stats ?

    Also, do they have an idea how much readiness contributed to our dps over say an 8 or 10min boss fight ?

    • Arth says:

      Damn, sorry I missed this Gar. I checked a few minutes before we started the show, but not during it, so I didn’t see this until afterward.