Frostheim is now retired from blogging, but is coming back at some point for a farewell Podcast.

We’re not sure when this is going to happen. Maybe this Saturday? Maybe some other week. Anyway, we’re going to have an in-game gathering of the WHU Guild and celebrate his last show.

I mention this because I’m out of town the rest of this week, and might not get a chance to update you on it happening. I haven’t heard anything about it YET, so my guess is that it isn’t this week. But I can’t be sure.

So if you absolutely can’t live without another brush of Frostheim’s grizzly voice across your cheek, don’t risk it. Show up this Saturday at at 1pm CST (2pm EST), and listen in. Worst case scenario, you’ll get a dose of hunter news. Actually, the real worst-case scenario is that not enough hosts can show up and the show is cancelled. But that almost never happens. And if it does, clearly you’re cursed and should rethink your life.

And personally, I hope it isn’t this week, because I want to be in on the fun, and get drunk with Frost while we record the podcast. It would be mad fun.

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  1. Zimlobo says:

    Maaaan if this does go down this Saturday :( I’m going to be in boring stupid work training all day Saturday… stupid real life and work… so dumb :p

  2. Darkbrew says:

    Let me chime in here. Euri, Frost, Arth and I haven’t really chatted this week, but it looks like Frost’s last episode will indeed be this Saturday, August 10.

    It will probably be similar in tone to Episode 100 only not nearly as long. Michele Morrow will be there though.

  3. W├Ątts says:

    Last? LAST?!
    Surely y’all will talk him into being a guest on the podcast on some regular basis, like once a month or four times a year. He doesn’t need to be knowledgeable. He can just react and banter and make jokes about Euripides’ sister. :P

    The Cult of Frostheim will mass suicide off a dam without an occasional word from our beloved leader!

  4. Frostheim says:

    Yes, my last podcast will be this Saturday, the 10th!

  5. Alissatasari says:

    Not sure if this is the place to post this, but if the WHU is doing something can it please be announced in the Guild Message of the Day?

  6. Codexvalor says:

    I’m so sad Your leaving but I understand why. I will be camping this weekend. I just want to say Thank you Frostheim Thank you so much for all your hard work, research and number crunching over the years.

  7. Zimlobo says:

    It’s off to bed and work tomorrow. I’ve paid my tribute the best I could. I look forward to downloading the podcast.