Bows, Elves, and Blogs

Posted: by Arth

Now that the WHU is under new management, let’s set some ground rules:


From this point on, Guns AND Bows are acceptable for use. Follow your dps.

End of the Tyranny

I like Dwarves. They can stay. But this is now a safe zone for elves as well.

Gnomes are still to be ostracized whenever possible. They can’t even be hunters, so I’m not sure what purpose they serve.

Dues Paying

This is, and should always be, the bedrock of the WHU. Pay your dues. Do the little things. Be the best hunter you can be. Be the best anything else you can be.

I don’t want the earlier sections to lead you believe I’m the anti-Frost. I have the same soulless devotion to dps and min-maxing, a trait largely inherited from the way Frostheim did business. MM on top? Fine, screw BM. Sporebat is the best pet? Awesome, forget this awesome rare I just tamed. I’ve never much cared for rare tames or achievement hunting, and I’m furious when I screw up a fight mechanic or lose to someone I think I should beat on the dps meter.

Even before I knew WoW existed, I gravitated toward hunter-style characters in books, video games, TV and movies. I modded my copy of The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion so I could have a companion pet to fight alongside me. I’ve chosen a hunter-esque character in more games – tabletop or video games – than I can count. My favorite fictional character is Drizzt Do’Urden. I’m putting together a semi-authentic hunter/ranger outfit to wear at various events (Renn Faires, Comic Cons, etc.). It includes a functional bow, and some period garb that should fill out the costume nicely. And when I first bought WoW and took the manual into the crapper with me to figure out which class I should pick, I read through them all once and knew exactly which class I had to play. At this point, you guys have my “WoW Bio” but I thought it was important to share these tidbits with you, because it’s not just WoW hunters I enjoy but the whole mentality of the class from a roleplaying perspective.


What do you want to see on the WHU? I’m going to be keeping the WHU updated with news (patch notes, press releases, etc.) and providing commentary based on my experience with the class. But I’m not currently raiding. Despite a long history of heroic raiding, soloing, pet tanking, some PvP, etc., my play-time has been entirely casual for a couple months now, and will likely stay that way for the immediate future. So there are elements of the class I can’t speak on right now.

So some of your suggestions might require guest bloggers. Others might not be possible. Others might be covered extensively elsewhere in the hunter world, and we can highlight them. The WHU won’t become the WHH, but it also won’t be a one-man show. I want to spread the love.

I’ve always seen the WHU as a composite site. Not just a blue tracker, not just a guide repository, not just an opinion column, not just pet stuff and tree-hugging, not just patch and expansion notes. But some of all of those things and more. As much as possible, I hope to keep that alive, even if we’re shorter on some of the more hardcore aspects of raiding and PvP than we were for a long time.

I have the last installment of hunter poetry to post tomorrow, then goal #1 for next week will be to catch up on PTR notes. Beyond that, we’ll see. I have a guest blogger lined up for some soloing articles, and there are some stats I’d like to catch up on as we head into 5.4. As always, feel free to drop me a line at I’d make the email clickable for easier access, but when I do that the spammers attack…so pay yer dues and copy/paste it   :-)

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  1. Phydeux says:

    “Gnomes are still to be ostracized whenever possible. They can’t even be hunters, so I’m not sure what purpose they serve.”

    Throwing like a dart, and as a footstool

  2. Saicam says:

    I’m much like you Arth, before wow I usually gravitated to a hunter/ranger type role, stemming from my early days in EQ as a Ranger. And any game that I played from then on if I could have or mod a char, they would always be a hunter/ranger.

  3. Malyuta says:

    First and foremost I request amnesty for Orcs.
    Other than that – patch comments and PTR news is always good, DPS conversation would be valuable.
    Can we have some other hunter-linked guests? I feel it’d be good for building hunter community.

  4. Cel says:

    [quote]I like Dwarves. They can stay. But this is now a safe zone for elves as well.[/quote]
    *CHEERS* – from a Night Elf Hunter
    (granted I also have a dwarf hunter, as well, lol!)

  5. Lirithiel says:

    Hooray for Arth \o/

    Gnomes are good for one thing only. My hunter just loves to smoke them XD

    I too have an affinity for hunters, well more rangers from my role-playing days. Btw has Drizzt ever used a bow in his life? I always remember him carrying just Twinkle and Icingdeath. Now Cattiebrie has an awesome bow much like Thori’dal, the Stars’ Fury.

    For blogs I would like to see some more updated pvp articles although anything new regarding the class is cool too. It’s been my home page since I stumbled across WHU some four years ago and I’d loathe to replace it :)

  6. sheppo says:

    I’d genuinely love to be a gnome hunter, if only because all gear looks amazing on gnomes with the head slot scaling up to sometimes ridiculous proportions! I also think there’s something lol-worthy in the epicness of being so small but being so amazing.

    The racials suck though.

  7. stonegonzo says:

    PVP related info would be great. Cheers to you Arth for shouldering this “burden” going forward. It will be a sad day when the WHU no longer gives us a place to go for Hunter news, advice, updates, poetry, etc.

  8. Beergasm says:

    Worgen hunters represent! :P

  9. Fooque says:

    I am a gnome hunter. By that I mean I hunt gnomes on battlegrounds and such:) It’s satisfying to hit such a small target. I’m also a fan of bows. Heck, any drunk celebrity can shoot light bulbs in a swimming pool with a gun, but try doing it with a long bow.

    I’m all for more PVP tactics and soloing info. I think all of us who choose to be hunters have a bit of the “lone wolf” mentality and enjoy going out with just our pet as companion. I’m very casual myself and welcome anything that you care to write. Thanks for taking the reins.

  10. oLaudix says:

    Good … I can stop panicking now then …

  11. Zimlobo says:

    Indeed, hooray for Arth \o/

    I feel it’s important to rely on the WHU community to fill in the gaps and keep things moving forward. No need to over burden any one individual with the responsibility of maintaining and contributing to the site.

    As for new content, believe it or not there are still new players to WoW and some of them have only recently realized that Hunter is the best class. I’m one of these people. Because of this, I’d love to see quick pointers for new players/hunters with a focus on playing within the WHU guild. I guess what I’m envisioning is a topic Pay Your Dues. I imagine for the veteran player it would be easy to author a couple paragraphs for those of us coming up through the ranks.

    Monday August 5th I’ll be putting in for my transfer from Dalaran to Icecrown. Keep an eye out for my guild invite request!


  12. Wätts says:

    Don’t forget devilgoats. Ostracize them too.

  13. Beastarcana says:

    Arth, thanks for carrying on the site in Frostheim’s wake. I would like to suggest that you put out a casting call for a hardcore current tier raider to guest post weekly or bimonthly. That person could write about the bleeding edge theory-crafting to maximize the bleeding edge heroic gear. That is a part of the game where you admit to being a bit out of the loop.

  14. Darkynhalvos says:

    If I can assist in any way, particularly in the area of pet tanking, I’d love to help. Too bad growl doesn’t work on raid bosses, but it does work on ToT trash (convinced my guildies to let me have some fun on the trash leading to Horridon).

  15. Morgatho says:

    Id like to see some hunter stories, whether they be amazing storys from in game, or non erotic fan storys.

  16. Bowmonster says:


    Sad to see Frost go, ofcourse, but excellent to see there are new people to carry the flag :)

    Mayb start a recruiting action. who knows the untapped potential present when it comes to verbally dress this class apropriately ;)

  17. Arzen says:

    Thanks for doing all this Arth. I’ve had a similar fixation with hunter-like characters from the moment Frodo and his little buddies first came across Strider in a bar ;)

    I am sure there are plenty of high-end raiding players who come to this site occasionally; it would be great to squeeze an article or two out of some of them!

    Good luck with keeping this thing alive. It’s a worthwhile effort!

  18. Garfurion says:

    My first epic weapon was a bow…and my current weapon is a bow so I guess bows are alright (and we can now transmog them anyway)…so crossbows are still banned I guess (new understood how you can multishot with them anyway).

    As for the site, I like to read your opinions on upcoming hunter changes as well as info about the non-standard stuff hunters can do like extreme soloing, pet-tanking, taming challenges, etc.. Basically everything that makes hunters “hunters” and not just another pet-spec/class ;)

    Raiding and pvp info can also be found elsewhere so it’s not a priority for me.

    • Lirithiel says:

      “so crossbows are still banned I guess (new understood how you can multishot with them anyway).”

      Never heard of a repeater crossbows? Dark Elves have been using them for years in Warhammer ;) Maybe not the same but close enough.

  19. Schlup says:

    While I appreciate you taking over the site to keep it running, it would be nice if there was a hunter running this site that was actually participating in end game content. Better yet a hunter that actually does heroic raiding.

  20. Hetman says:

    my main hope is that you will still help us get a start in the right direction with each patch or expansion, as to, which talents and gear are looking the best and why. Most helpful for those of us who can’t spend as much time with target dummies and on the PTR as we used to or would like.
    second, please keep bringing the entertainment twist, e.g. hunter songs, poems etc.
    these two things are what made me love this site like no other.
    You have never disappointed on an entry so expect the quality to continue.
    just as cannot blame Frost for needing to move on. Still, he will be greatly missed.

  21. Kelso says:

    Great to see the site will stay alive! Any kind of posts about hunters are interesting to me. I’m a normal 10 man raider who is just getting into pvp to kill time on off raid days so some guides or theory-crafting is great to read. As a book nerd I also really like the Hunter Poetry.

    Thanks for the effort Arth!