1-Sided Dice

Posted: by Frostheim

Hey, Frostheim here. I’ve been trying very, very hard not to sneak in here to comment on WoW stuff, not even about GC’s 5.4 comments that I mostly agree with, but I wanted to drop in to mention the 1-sided dice thing that I talked about on the last podcast and that some listeners asked about. The dice are in now, so here are some pics:

In addition to being a perfect solution for when you need to choose between only one option, these are now officially the only hobby gaming dice on the market that are guaranteed to have absolutely no deviation from perfect statistical randomness!

Now I’ve got a couple weeks of game time before I have to buy a friendship bracelet for Euripides : (

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  1. Arth says:

    Bah! Who the hell said you still have article-posting privileges?

    Seriously though, I always enjoy perusing awesomedice.com. Even as someone who isn’t really into tabletop gaming, I can definitely see the allure of exotic and varied dice.

  2. BuffCanada says:

    You know what happens when you type in “Warcraft Friendship Bracelet” in Google?

    1) An actual WoW item (albeit no longer in existence):



    2) An actual Warcraft Friendship Bracelet Pattern! (Squee!)


    (I’m sorry it’s the Horde insignia, the Alliance one creeped me out)

  3. Darkon says:

    As cool as that is frost I agree with arth most hunters are trying to forget your awesomeness

  4. BuffCanada says:

    Then again, if Frostheim were to make his own bracelet bad things might happen…


  5. Kheldul says:

    That’s pretty sweet. I’m quite temped.

    In one group standup meeting I have, I have a different person lead the meeting each week. I got it ingrained in their heads to make use of random selections so I often haul out my big bag of dice. One guy complained when he thought I didn’t have a D1. But I pulled a marble out of the bottom and handed it to him.

  6. Deadface says:

    I’ll stay with a 20 sided dice please!

  7. Ascot says:

    Möbius dice!

  8. Papaoomowmow says:

    who is this frost guy?

    ; – )

  9. Jaf says:

    What do the new numbers posted today look like, Arth? Any initial feedback to suggest they overcome the readiness and other nerfs?

    • Arth says:

      I’m not sure what other nerfs you’re referring to, unless you’re talking about PvP. But yeah, I’ll have the latest build up soon. And the question of overcoming the lack of Readiness is a higher-level theorycrafting question. I’ll try to tackle it once 5.4 hits, but not before then due to the ever-changing nature of the PTR.

  10. Sonicross says:


    Any update on the board game? I was a backer (not a cheap one either). Really was looking forward to adding more Awesomesauce to my board game collection.

  11. shooty says:

    anyone who knows any european store that sells this?