GC Tweets About Hunter Changes

Posted: by Frostheim

MMO-Champion has a good collection of recent Ghostcrawler tweets about hunter changes:

Have you seen this post detailing some concerns about hunters? It has some nice points.
Stampede was never intended to provide utility. It’s a DPS cooldown.
Silencing Shot is tough. As a talent, it will always get chosen. But hunters don’t need more CC so we don’t want to bake it in.
Readiness we are still iterating on. Removing offense or removing the ability both still on the table.
Pet survivability we can look at, but pets aren’t supposed to be free DPS with no management either.
We are pretty happy with raid utility for all specs. Every class asks for more to guarantee a raid spot.
But we don’t want guaranteed raid spots, and overall raid comp diversity is satisfactory for us.

Would prefer Readiness to be fully removed from DPS (RF) and just be utility– would free up a LOT of defensive choice in PvE
That is another way to go, as would be just lowering def CDs (or giving them charges). Still evaluating feedback.

Readiness should do more defensive stuff. Masters call and traps and so forth.
Master’s Call, maybe. Traps were one of the big things we wanted to eliminate.

Please don’t buff hunter’s focus dump. PTR + T16 2pc will reduce value of special shots and homogenize specs.
Can you explain why it homogenizes specs?

Any possibility of baking widow venom in to another shot for hunters? Would really help with button bloat.
Possibly. Wouldn’t the ranged version just be the best version then?

To compensate readiness, please give MM back its old Chimera serpent sting proc and Aimed its old baseline crit chance of 4-5%
Cool. Feedback on the best ways to buff the hunters specs without causing rotation weirdness or PvP burst is appreciated.

Would you ever consider bringing back the arrows/bullets for hunters with an extra quiver just for hunters to store them in?
We’d like to do a quiver just for the visuals. Ammo returning is unlikely. There wasn’t much depth to that system.

It’s interesting to see that traps were one of the things that they really wanted to eliminate with the Readiness change. If that’s truly an issue in PvP, how about just removing traps from Readiness rather than everything else along with them? And asking for consumable ammo back… they’d have to make it really cool for that to be worthwhile. Having to pay for your DPS sucked and I’m continually surprised how many times a hunter asks for it.

I do understand Blizzard’s stance with Stampede meant to be a dps cooldown — but it was really cool that we could use it to take advantage of the pet buffs. Not to mention it was a part of the hunter Brawler’s Guild strategy for the more difficult fights to take advantage of as many buffs as possible for the short opening burst needed.

It’s also worth noting that Explosive Trap has been nerfed:

Explosive Trap had its overall damage decreased by 30%. Proportionately, more damage has been removed from the initial damage than the periodic effect.

This one actually makes sense — with Explosive Trap no longer sharing a cooldown with Black Arrow, the damage needs to be low enough that it’s not yet another thing that we feel we have to work into our rotations. It should be good for AoE, but not worthwhile for single-target dps.

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  1. Ril says:

    i’m pretty sure that explo trap should not be nerfed for all specs. BM for instance didn’t use it in single target rotations.

    • Frostheim says:

      Nobody used it for single target when it was linked to Black Arrow, because Black Arrow was better. But with the ability to use both, and the cost is just 1 gcd, it would likely have become part of the optimal rotation.

  2. Garfurion says:

    The Explosive Trap change is a good example of the hunter bloat problem. I actually hope they will decide to remove it completely since it no longer procs lock-and-load and it’s an annoying way to CC since it requires mobs to stand still.

  3. Kheldul says:

    Traps are awesome. Toggling trap launcher is awesome. The only thing in recent history about traps that wasn’t was Immolation Trap which is RIP.

    Ril, BM has quite nice Beast Cleave now. Layering on more AoE with a Ex Trap is just gravy. Not sure how MM deals though.

    • Ril says:

      exp trap isn’t just gravy, it’s adding a significant amount of aoe dps that costs no focus. BM aoe is expensive in terms of focus, and rather difficult if you have plenty of mobs that barely live long enough to get a cobra shot off. having an extra “free” aoe spell helps a loot imho.

  4. Arth says:

    Dumbing down all kinds of things; Stampede is just the latest. Your point about the Readiness nerf removing choices is also well-made.

    So much outside our abilities is Sooo good right now, both in WoW (Brawler’s, different raid types) and hunter specifically (stable slots, min. range, etc.). It makes all of this more frustrating.

  5. Lirithiel says:

    “Silencing Shot is tough. As a talent, it will always get chosen. But hunters don’t need more CC so we don’t want to bake it in.”

    GC states it so confidently yet its not the CC I’m concerned about, it’s the reliable interrupt we will lose making us the only class without baseline interrupt. For me choosing Silencing Shot is a no-brainer as a pvper but I still see plenty hunters using Intimidation and Wyvern Sting so no GC it won’t always get chosen. I haven’t raided since WotLK so does Silencing Shot affect current raid bosses? If not then why would raiding hunters be selecting it over Wyvern Sting which is a proper CC?

    • Flashbolt says:

      I love helping my raid with interrupts with SS. Srsly guys a pretty big nerd-rage is building. I absolutely hate how I get nerfed into the ground after someone is mad that hunter beat them in pvp. I’d love to just be able to “opt out” of pvp and not be subject to these nerfs. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

      I too agree that a lot of these changes have been positive though I didn’t care about the stable thing bc I’m not a collector, and I view the min range as more of “correcting a mistake” on Blizz’s part.

      Here I think it’s clear that they’re over correcting and a simple “buff to aspect of the hawk” or “Just get your 4 set” is lazy and dumb on their part.

    • Kheldul says:

      Anything interrupt-able on a PvE boss can be interrupted by Silencing Shot. Bosses can’t be stunned by Intimidation, Scatter Shot, or CC’d by a Trap or Wyvern Sting. Adds generally can not have any of that applied either (except for Silencing Shot). But they can often be affected by Binding Shot and Frost Trap.

    • f0nZi3 says:

      Yes, SS does work on raid bosses. WS doesn’t work on raid bosses, but it does work on some trash mobs and add spawns. I selected WS on the Lei Shi fight so I could sleep one of the Protectors – so the selection in the level 30 talents has been situational, but for the most part, Hunters in PvE generally roll with SS as the default choice.

      Now, I understand that the Silencing part of Silencing Shot is really the concern for Blizzard right now as it relates to PvP. I’d hate to loose the Silencing aspect of SS, but I am personally MORE concerned about losing an Interrupt entirely. While I would not like to see the Silencing aspect of SS go away, I would rather them remove the Silencing aspect and allow us to keep the Interrupt then remove it entirely from SV and BM specs.

      If they go this route the CD needs to be lowered too. 24 seconds as it is now?? That’s not going to work. For example, DK’s Mind Freeze is 15 seconds and it also Interrupts spell casting and prevents any spell in that school from being cast for 4 seconds. Funny that I don’t hear about their Interrupt and Silencing ability being on the Nerf Radar…. I guess the secret to not getting targeted by the Nerf Bat is to not be in the top 3 slots for PvP as a class.

  6. Beergasm says:

    Small typo at the very bottom where you say explosive shot has been nerfed, right above your description of the explosive TRAP nerf.

  7. hillbillyhatifield says:

    I don’t think they know what to do with hunters. It seems there is a new this or that revamp every time there is a hotfix or patch.

    NO don’t mess with exp trap. I’m the SOB you didn’t see that blew you off the lumberyard and onto the road below. If anything it needs a increase in damage.

  8. Noxxana says:

    “Silencing Shot is tough. As a talent, it will always get chosen. But hunters don’t need more CC so we don’t want to bake it in.”

    Makes sense. No, wait… it doesn’t make sense at all. As usual. People “always” choose the interrupt for PVE cause it’s the only reliable choice for e.g. interrupting raid bosses.

    Is that so hard to understand?

    • Ril says:

      binding shot was a nice alternative in PvE though… in fact it would have been the better spell (as a nice utility, or outright part of the strat) on many bosses in T15. they removed the choice by removing it from the talent tree, leaving silence as the only useful spell in that tier.

      • Mythriak says:

        This. Before i always switched between silencing and binding between bosses (only used wyvern on Lei -Shi to CC the protectors), but now? Its silencing way or the highway. Make the 3 options more compelling, do not remove the good ones because the others are crap.

      • Noxxana says:

        Hm… this may be a pretty infantile approach but… let’s just all specc into Wyvern. Go pvp, put to sleep as many druids as you can. Tell your friends how op it is. Twitter that you’re pretty happy they didn’t discover it but instead messing around with Silencing shot and all that stuff, thinking it’s too powerful (24 sec cooldown, lol), and that you commit suicide if they ever find out the truth and touch our sacred Wyvern sting. Make a Wyvern song and publish it on Youtube…

      • garfurion says:

        I don’t know who this Everyone is that GC talks about. It can’t have been everyone (meaning every hunter in wow) since I specced in binding shot occasionally.

        I think the reason a lot of hunters spec into silencing shot is simply that in most situations we take an interrupt over CC because we have alternatives for CC.

        If bliz wants to make Silencing Shot less desirable they could simply make casters/healers less dangerous.

      • f0nZi3 says:


        Yep. Disengage and kite is very effective as an alternative to CC. ;-)

      • Garfurion says:

        @ f0nZi3

        I was thinking more of traps+scattershot but I guess kiting can work as well ;)

    • garfurion says:

      I haven’t studied PR but I don’t think locking a thread where your paying customers complain they are being silenced and ignored is a smart thing to do ;)

      • Noxxana says:

        It works for North Korea. Or China. I mean… they’re kind of… tax paying customers, too. Have you ever seen a North Korean or Chinese complain in public? They smile, sing and march. Because everything is so amazing. I mean we got a strong asian theme this expansion and they probably thought it would add some additional flavor. They won’t send tanks. At leat I hope so.

      • Skarn says:

        Paying customers that are whiny and obnoxious often don’t have good feedback though. Even though there is some good info in the post, it comes off as “I’m just gonna scream until I get what I want.” There’s no point in Blizzard paying attention to a post like that. There’s no opportunity for discussion or testing things. It’s just screaming.

    • f0nZi3 says:

      VERY nice post! Not flaming anyone either, but pointing out the obvious issues we are having w/o lighting them up like a Christmas tree.

      Arth, I do have one question though relating to the Arcane Shot buff. 50% increased dmg and 50% increased focus cost… isn’t that a net gain of zero?? Only that the shot hits harder? What I mean is, isn’t 3 unbuffed AS’s about the same as 2 buffed AS’s? Or is my math all wrong and this really is a buff to AS even with the increased focus cost??

      • Peter says:

        Towards live its a 40 percentPOINT increase for a 50 percent focus cost increase. That is a nerf per focus.

        The reason why it still is a potential dps gain, is because you save a cooldown. And all those cooldowns save up to more cobra’s.

        For MM it is different though. Adding more steadies is a far less dps gain, and there arcane is competing against hardcasted aimed. The T16 sets conflicting (the buf 2pc gives, makes 4pc less powerfull and the shot that is boosted by 4pc is not giving the 2pc bonus, adding up to having to alternating arcane series and aimed series) isn’t helping either.

        I still have good hope they fix our signature shots, but have given up on T16 for MM, which means it will regardless of whatever they do be benched again for this tier of raids.

      • Skarn says:

        The title and the fact s/he posted again after the first thread was locked is very much “lighting up like a Christmas tree.”

        I’m glad the devs and CMs have more patience for this crazy community than I do. :)

      • Frostheim says:

        Exactly what Peter says — our cost isn’t just focus, it’s time. By putting just about the same damage into half the time, we can use that extra global cooldown to do yet more damage!

      • Ril says:

        not to mention that during BWs and high haste moment, we tend to cap focus, since getting rid of it with arcane is extremely difficuld and SPAMMY. and, of course, we still need to worry about our srs.

        overall this is a good net change imho.

  9. Garfurion says:

    Some more tweets:

    Tehstool: What are your future plans on hunters? A lot of people on the forums think you guys aren’t going to do anything.

    GC: The forums think a lot of things. We still have many PTR builds left to go.

    Notice how ghostcrawler doesn’t answer the question.

    regarding stampede:

    tehstool: It’s now a 20 second DOT on a 5 minute CD that is worth 1% of our total damage. Least compelling CD in the game?

    GC: Do keep in mind that total damage and damage per second both have different benefits.

    goingFISHing696: Do keep in mind that it is our 87 ability, and it is exactly like Dire Beast. “Insulting” is the word.

    GC: So how much damage do you think Stampede needs to do to be fair?

  10. flashbolt says:

    I’m really starting to think GC is just being a jerk at this point.

    • Kaesth says:

      At some nonspecific time during Cata, GC’s tone and communication approached changed from being an open, responsive dude, to a dismissive dickhead. His responses (or, rather, his lack of responses) to hunter concerns about the enormous changes of 5.3.x and 5.4 are only the latest symptom of that fact. It has transcended frustrating and waltzed right into insulting. His twitter feed is pretty much impossible for me to read or take seriously.

  11. Mawdeuce says:

    I think GC got mauled by some BM Hunter while doing dailies on his mage and is just retaliating.

  12. Lirithiel says:

    You know, I’m still trying to get my head around pvp hunter burst being too high in MoP. Just last night I was two-shotted by first an Elemental Shaman and then soon after a Warlock in arena. I don’t recall ever killing an opponent in just two shots so why is it we feel the full brunt of the nerfbat but other classes are untouched?

  13. Valmordang says:

    The problem as I see it is that once not too long ago every class and every player could beat a hunter. Sure there were the few of us that could win and contribute to pvp. But in the long run a majority of hunters were being murdered.
    However with the hunter community and balancing, we the hunter began to give back and strike down some of the support classes more frequently. Therefore the person that once a time ago buried 90% of the hunters he/she faced is now only winning 50% of the time. That person cries nerf em! Which in turn hunters get. Then after some bottom feeding for us and being left out of raids the would be balance gods say oh that was too much. 90% of hunters are being slaughtered. We want 50%. So they give some back and that starts the ball Rollin. The biggest failure for us is random battle grounds and world pvp. Where the fights are not fair and not balanced at all. It is the support classes in these fights wearing all greens that screams for the hunter nerfs. Even though he died to the feral Druids bleed or the pallys pet. The person he saw was the hunter standing at range shooting him.
    Love Val

  14. ur'kidding says:

    To be clear I don’t PvP and I never have spec’d/played BM, but “IF” and that is a big damn “IF” BM burst in PvP is OP’d, then why to hell doesn’t Blizz fix that problem and not take the nerfbat to all of us? I’m with a few other readers in other blogs, my hand is poised over the cancel my subscription button, GC, are you listening??? Enough with all the damn changes already, I understand “tweaks” are necessary, that PTR doesn’t catch all the issues, but wholesale changes, patch after patch simply piss people off to no end. Get a grip.

  15. Flashbolt says:

    Here’s a pretty nice list of proposed changes:

    I’d love to hear you weigh in Frost and Arth!

    • Skarn says:

      That one is much better. :)

      I can’t post over there at the moment, but a few thoughts:

      1. Better pet pathing is always a good thing!

      2. I would certainly like better Cleave damage, though our “large group” AoE is pretty good.

      3. Hmm. It’s amusing to ask for Stampede to go away in the same expansion that we got it. I’d rather see it improved. Question: As a burst button, does it work well? I know it’s very small dps looking at our “overall fight damage,” but is it helpful as burst?

      As I’ve mentioned in other spots, I’m fine with Readiness leaving as an offensive ability and becoming a defensive one.

      4. Something that makes Aimed a better filler for Marks seems reasonable. GC tweeted a possible future idea: That each spec uses a different filler ability. I like the idea, if it differentiates the specs more. Not if the ability is just named different for each spec like Cobra/Steady, but if it actually makes the rotation different.

      5. Yep, bug fix on BW is good.

      6. The high cost on Crows is a pain, I agree. I mostly mitigate it by a) Fervor and b) paying attention to my rotation and cooldowns. B is also known as “playing good.” A reasonable complaint would be “the damage from Crows isn’t enough to justify the extra skill needed to use it.” Thus I’m in favor of a reduction of it’s cost.

      7. This won’t happen. Not a chance. In 5.4 Blizzard is REMOVING these baked-in damage reductions from other classes like Shadow Priests and Boomkins. They’re not going to bake it in for us while taking it away from others. They’d be more likely to rework it entirely.

      8. Better Pet AI is yay! I haven’t noticed these problems in my play. Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist! I wonder which stance you run with. Assist, Defensive or Passive? I normally use Defensive or Passive. I very much miss the old version of defensive though. :(

      9. “Scaling” is one of those buzzwords they ignore these days. Frankly, the actual scaling of most classes is just fine. If you want to toss the word scaling around and have it mean something to Blizzard, you’re gonna need some math in there or they will just ignore it as an overused term.

      10. Naturally, more useful abilities is good (the back of my brain is screaming BUTTON BLOAT…different when it’s a non-dps ability though). BUT I agree with Blizzard and GCs overall stance that “this one ability is why I raid” is bad design. If your argument boils down to “the raid won’t take me without it” then Blizzard will likely toss that argument out the window. If you want to campaign for it, that’s fine, just be aware.

    • Garfurion says:

      I don’t think the list is entirely realistic or desirable. Readiness should stay as it is, and Stampede should be buffed. Passive armor reduction was removed from shadowpriests an moonkins so hunter won’t get it baseline. I also don’t see hunters get a raidwide buff.

    • Ril says:

      3. no, just no. the bloat problem isn’t caused by situational spells. the readiness change turns it into a defensive spell already, which is a good change (provided we get compensated for the dps nerf). stampede was a cool burst button, used once every 5 minutes. that doesn’t bloat anything.
      guys, stop suggesting and supporting ideas like this. it won’t help. it’ll kill our class uniqueness at worst.

      7. what most people seem to be unaware of, is that spirit bond is already pretty strong in it’s 2% state and it gets buffed further. for raiding, we use iron hawk because it is more valuable when burst and healers are involved. there are a few pve encounters where spirit bond is more valuable already (will being a prominent one)

      10. i’d like to see some utility like warlocks have. honestly, those portals can turn a hard boss into an almost trivial one. hunters (we’re pathfinders after all) should get some significant group movement spell as well.

  16. Kelarai says:

    A month or so back, Blue Post said Hunters have less raid utility than other classes along with mage .. i think they believe making people repeat the same actions week after week will turn them into vegetables that wont remember what is said!

    Stop contradicting yourself Blizz!

  17. Shin says:

    I like the pet management comment. Apparently on ptr quite some fights cause dead pets.

    Heck, one of the Kor’kon commanders in the barrens from the current patch is a death warrant for my pet (the one with the poison flasks and poisoned stab).
    So, after our button bloat we’ll now also have to do extensive pet management, trying to spot ground effects in the melee mess so we can use two more ‘buttons’, passive and attack, oh as well as quite a bit more mend pet.
    I’m cool with having to watch out that your pet doesn’t blink to the boss or hard hitting add faster then a tank can hit his taunt. Elegon often killed my pet and it was my own damn fault. Perfectly cool.

    But any more would just be nasty.

    oh, and on another note/topic. Legendary cloaks, http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=102248
    Now doesn’t that sound nice! So if it has a small range, it’s a crap proc for us. If it has a big range, we’ve just given hunters, rogues and shamans all an uncontrolable effect similar to barrage!
    (and yes, I confess I have used barrage and I have pulled additional adds by accident … and that was with me having to press a button for it…now as a proc…..gulp (not even going to begin about cc’d mobs))

    • Shin says:

      Afterthought: If that cloak proc remains like this and has a small range…wouldn’t it be ironic!
      Before: sorry guys, I can’t come and stack, min range!
      Future?: sorry guys, I can’t come and stay at range, legendary cloak

    • Garfurion says:

      I fear pet pathing problems will be with us forever. Anybody remember how much fun our pet was in Karazhan when it first opened ;)

    • Skarn says:

      Fortunately, there is a difference between the melee version and the hunter version. If you go to the proc page here: http://ptr.wowhead.com/spell=146195 and click that “Call Pet 1” button, it changes the tooltip. For hunters, the legendary proc should do “damage to your target and nearby enemies.”

      That sounds fine to me, possibly better than the melee version! Though I would NOT want this proc during the Dark Animus 10-man fight…ugh. Hopefully there is nothing like that in Orgrimmar.

    • Huntyoudown says:

      Here’s one for ya… After our weekly raid, my raid leader says, I would like you to do more dps and less healing and reviving your pet… O.o

      With that said, I think hunters have given exact situations to where their pets are dying since 5.3 change. Click, Chime, Dong… Since 5.3 change to pets, so GC, Make it so. Here is the big help you have been looking for in why our pets are dying, and having healing problems… Revert back to the day before 5.3 and viola, problem solved.

      In conclusion:
      Arena/BG’s – keep your changes simple make them here… Keep them here. Let the majority of Hunters who want to keep their pets individuality, not need the nerf and want to have Hunter fun. Keep Deterence and Disengage viable for our fun and raiding = more players happy as apposed to a few unhappy is worth more. Leveling should be fun again…

      It seems very obvious how you can change Hunters to apease the Other Classes in Arena and Battlegrounds where you feel you need to nerf them and that is in the arena and battle grounds… you have already made Trinkets have dual purpose, you have already changed stampede to have dual function in arena/bg differently than out of the arena/bg… Make all your changes just as accommodating for everyone… Your balance problems might be easier…

      Here is another great contribution to observation regarding Warlock’s Pets. They have not had their pets dismiss and recall cooldown changed or that their pets are low on health almost dead, dismiss and recalled with full health changed to: recalling a pet after stable time, food, water, rest, still almost dead when you pull them out, which logically if you have a new pet in a stable to pull out fresh (4 more) you should be able to, not have to pull out every pet dead. They can pull their pets back out with full health like hunters use to do in DS. We have adapted somewhat hesitantly and begrudgingly. The agressiveness and ability for the Warlock tank pet to perform his killing and tanking while the Warlock dots up some other adds still maintaining aggro with his pet on others is really a slap in the face. Our pets bring all the adds right to you or to the ones you don’t want him to be at cuz you are now trying to dot some up with your serpent sting, bringing who knows what attacks you wanted away from you so you loose control, now it really was better before. This you would have to revert to before Cata changes to apease the multitudes.

      Balance, easier said than done.

  18. Stormovik says:

    I never understood why they made our interrupt a talent and every other class an interrupt is baseline over all specs. Scattershot would have been a better choice as a talent, especially as they are concerned with all our CC, ah well I guess the next in thing will be Scatter then Wyvern then more QQ on our op CC.

    Stampede doesn’t feel like it makes any difference, not sure why they don’t allow our stampede pets to use bite/claw/smack as well as auto-attack. Would that still be to much burst?

    • Lirithiel says:

      My thoughts exactly. If Blizz are so concerned about Silencing Shot being the only choice in the tier in their eyes, then make it baseline and remove the choice from our hands. Although if Scatter Shot had to replace it as a talent, I would probably choose that as its part of our only real CC chain.

      Agreed on Stampede too. As much as I love seeing five pets chew my opponent to bits, it just doesn’t seem to be worth the global CD at the moment. Its obviously a pvp concern and even more so in arena. Would the simple solution not be to make it unusable in arena? There, problem sorted…

    • Shin says:

      On the ptr, not implemented
      Glyph of Scattered Thoughts (NYI): Your Scatter Shot no longer Disorients the target, but now interrupts their spellcasts, preventing any spells in the same school from being cast for 4 sec, and Scatter Shot’s range is increasd by 0 yards.
      So they are thinking about. Course, this could only happen if they then removed scatter shot from MM. Cause hey, otherwise they’d have 2 interrupts and we’d be back to stage 1

      • Shannon Spencer Fox says:

        I’d debate the ‘thinking about it’ part, since if that’s their thought patterns, we’re all in a lot of trouble. Here’s my list of issues:

        1) If they’re going to give BM and SV Hunters an interrupt as Scatter Shot, via glyph form, why not just give us Silencing Shot period? It’s not like we’ve got that many exciting glyphs right now anyway, but still.

        2) That still doesn’t fix BM and SV Hunter PVP, since Scatter’s a pretty important part of using traps.

        3) Does this glyph also remove the GCD on Scatter Shot? Because if it doesn’t, then that’s going to be a big issue.

        4) ‘Mandatory talents’ are bad, but ‘mandatory glyphs’ are okay now? Isn’t that why Blizzard made the Glyph of Marked for Death baseline for us back in 5.2?

        5) … Seriously, why not just give us Silencing Shot as a baseline ability?

      • Noxxana says:

        Strange thing is: When I first read about the new 5.x talent system and that you could choose from one of the three existing CCs, I was a) very exited, cause I finally would be able interrupt, even MM is not the current “top spec” to go, and b) expected no more than the silence, stun and sleep to be on the same row. Surprisingly Binding shot entered the stage and the stun was left on BM for free. I think this is where the problem started. It was nice for BM but didn’t feel “right” (balanced) from the beginning to be honest (even playing BM myself).

        It don’t see how hard-wiring an ability to another spec solves that problem. It’s just that MM now gets the additional cc. Actually it already has (Binding shot currently).

        So, yes, I agree. Make that goddam thing baseline. And for the sake of it, if it has to be… make it stop working on players if that’s the huge issue. Lower the cd to 15 seconds. Stop that “we know better than you what’s good for you” attitude.

  19. Cel says:

    My main is my hunter. I’m so tired of relearning my complicated rotations and cooldowns – so much so I don’t even find it fun to log in, right now. I was a huge fan of Stampede. It seems to have been the straw that broke the camels back, for me. In and of itself it may not be a big deal, but changing my rotation in the middle of a patch, AGAIN, when I finally had everything working for me, has been too much. I can’t even bring myself to log in these days, and with more nerfs and changes on the horizon… I’ve never let my sub slide, in over 5 years, but…. it might be coming to that, for me.

  20. Wullfric says:

    Not sure if anyone has seen this yet, but I just picked it up on WOWHead’s coverage of the 5.4 PTR…


    Glyph of Scattered Thoughts (NYI)
    Your Scatter Shot no longer Disorients the target, but now interrupts their spellcasts, preventing any spells in the same school from being cast for 4 sec, and Scatter Shot’s range is increasd by 0 yards.

    It’s unconfirmed as being actually carried over from PTR, but methinks this could be our remedy for Silencing Shot???