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Posted: by Frostheim

Shuriken_BoxKSThis post has nothing to do with WoW, or hunters. Feel free to just skip this one.

Working with a good friend, I’ve designed a board game: Shuriken is a board game of ninja warfare that comes with 250 plastic ninja. This is what I spent the majority of my free time on in April and May (end of May trough June I was moving from Minneapolis to Boston and starting a new job). Today we finally launched the Kickstarter to get the game printed!

For those of you into tabletop games, Shuriken is a fast-paced combat game using an action point system. It has a modular board that can be destroyed during gameplay, and a timer mechanic that limits the length of the game (and that timer mechanic is also adjustable). Combat is simple and effective and that game includes 4 different ninja sculpts for unarmed, sword, shuriken, and master ninja. The game has been through extensive blind playtesting and the rules are available for download. Shuriken is easy to learn with good depth of strategy and plenty of ninja flying through the air fueled by awesomesauce.

Shuriken Figures

If you’re at all interested in board games, please take a moment and check out the Kickstarter page. There’s tons of images of the game graphics and some better explanation of how the game plays (alternatively, you can ask Michele Morrow, who got to play a prototype). If you like what you see, consider backing. The first several days of a board game Kickstarter campaign are huge — people want to see that the Kickstarter has big momentum before they’re willing to back, and the difficulty is getting that momentum started.

And if you’re not at all interested in board games, please consider sharing the Kickstarter page on Facebook or Twitter to help spread the word!

And for my part I’ll do my best not to bug you guys too much about board game stuff while the Kickstarter is going on!

Shuriken Mock

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  1. Papaoomowmow says:

    Congratulations, Frost!

    Not a board player these days myself, but your creation looks like fun. Will certainly share it with anyone who I think might have an interest.

    —on the action figures that third one from the left looks like he needs a nerf already

    ; – )

  2. DragonD says:

    Don’t know if it’s too late, but have you looked into trying to get the game up at GenCon in Indianapolis, IN? I’m sure there are a ton of gamers who would be into this – though Ninja’s aren’t for me.

    • Frostheim says:

      Alas I will not be going to GenCon this year — who knows though, if the Kickstarter is successful maybe I’ll be able to head over there next year to sell the game!

  3. W├Ątts says:

    Frostheim, you may want to look into talking to the folks over at youtube’s GeekandSundry channel. They have a running series called Tabletop that is based around Wil Wheaton playing board games with friends. It’s fairly popular and if your game meets their needs it would be a great place to get some promotion.

    The catch is that you will probably need to supply them with a copy of the game, but from there I’m sure they’d be happy to tell viewers to head over to your kickstarter page. Games that they feature have a tendency to get bought up very quickly, so it could be an excellent move for you.

    • Frostheim says:

      Heh, TableTop doesn’t work quite that way. To my knowledge, they only play published games that you can go out and buy. Also, they film the playing of a whole season’s worth of games all at once, and then release them over the next 6 months or however long.

      So a good idea, but not really applicable for Kickstarters : )

  4. Savassan says:

    Heya Frost, made an account to say that you might want to post this onto and see if people there would be interested in funding the kickstarter. I know of several people who were struggling to get it and posted on reddit, a day later the goal was pretty much met.

    • Frostheim says:

      That’s an excellent point; however, board game Kickstarter etiquette is that you aren’t supposed to post it up on Reddit yourself — but rather an enthusiastic supporter is supposed to do it. I think the logic is that it looks more sincere coming from someone else, and self-serving if you do it yourself.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well you have helped everyone out so much I feel fine returning the favor a bit. I posted it in /r/Kickstarter because that seemed the most relevant. Sadly its not the largest of threads. Hope you get some more backers!

  5. Alex says:

    So…… a rogue your main now?

  6. Sonicross says:

    As a longtime player of “Axis and Allies”, “Fortress America”, “Shogun” (now called “Ikusa”), and other strategy games – I will be looking forward to adding this one!

  7. Omogon says:

    Wel done sir …why am I not surprised that it’s Ninja’s :)