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I have decided that it’s time to hang up my hunter blogger hat, and let the torch pass on to a new generation of hunter bloggers.

I started the WHU back at the end of BC, in 2008. Since then I’ve written over 1,500 posts about hunters in WoW on the WHU, seen expansions come and go, and watched the awesome WHU community grow into something I never dreamed of.  Hunters from around the world have come to discuss the latest in hunter news (over 40,000 comments), meet up in-game and work together to make awesome events, and on occasion even meet up in person at the WHU BBQs or Blizzcon. And at times the community has joined together to help sway opinions and, I daresay, change the development of the class for the better.

I am incredibly grateful to have had the chance to be a part of this amazing community, and I feel very lucky to have fallen in with this crowd. But all good things, no matter how awesome, must come to an end. While the shine and joy of World of Warcraft hunters lives on in my heart, the shine of blogging about it has dimmed. I’m ready to give my blogging time over to other pursuits and spend more of my WoW time playing the game, and less of it in front of the target dummies. Well, a little less anyway.

Ah, Memories

I am retiring from hunter blogging with nothing but good memories and love of hunters in my heart. For something that really started as a SEO experiment platform, the WHU grew into something pretty incredible.

I still remember the excitement the first time the site got a comment from someone not in my guild (Clan Shado, back then). And the first time I got an email was thrilling. I remember talking with Arust and Hrist about the progress of the site and the incredible, unbelievable moment when the site started averaging a thousand visitors a day. A day! Of course over time the site would come to average over 25,000 visitors a day, and spiked as high as nearly 80,000 in a single day (something to do with the beginning of Cataclysm, or the pre-cata patch, I think).

I also remember the first time someone whispered me in game asking, “Are you the Frostheim? From Warcraft Hunters Union?” That was unbelievable. Of course that eventually became nearly a daily occurrence, along with receiving in-game mail, but it was those first times that I really remember, that really knocked me off my feet.

On Being Frostheim

They say you have to have a thick skin to post stuff on the internet, and I suppose that’s true. But I have to say that being Frostheim has never been a bad thing, and has often been good. I’ve never been overwhelmed by the trolls or creepily stalked, or sent anything other than delightful items from kind-hearted fans.

Friendship bracelets given to me by readers.

Every now and then I’d even have inexplicable real life moments where someone recognized me and awesomeness ensued.

A recent story that I’ve never told happened at my new job. As you guys know, I moved across country recently for a new gig a couple months back. My boss wanted to send out an intro email to relevant people and asked me for some background stuff. So I said that I liked backpacking and photography and was a World of Warcraft blogger known as Frostheim. Shortly after my boss sent out the email, someone responded asking, “Wait, are you Frostheim from the WHU? That was my main source of hunter information for all of Wrath! If that’s you, that would be awesome!”

I told my boss that I was recognized and showed him the email.

Boss: “Wait, he really read your blog??”

Frostheim: “Yep, the WHU is my blog. Do you know who this guy is?”

Boss: “Yes, that’s the Senior Vice President of Marketing!”

Hunting Party Podcast

After maybe a year of blogging on the WHU I was invited to be a host on the Hunting Party Podcast, and I must say I never really got over the feeling that I wasn’t pulling my weight in that department. Darkbrew and Euripides and Alissaunder really do all the work. They put together the show notes, handle the file prep and syndication, deal with listener questions and actually read the email. I just showed up and talked about hunters.

I can tell you right now, if you can get a set up like that, it’s a hell of a lot easier than writing a blog. Talking about hunters isn’t work, it’s just talking about one of your favorite topics within hearing of a few thousand people. Though on second thought, perhaps writing the blog makes it easier, since most of the time I had already thought through and often did the math of anything that came up, even if I didn’t look at the show notes in advance to see what was coming up. Regardless, they never kicked me off the show, for which I am also grateful.

Certainly one of the greatest moments of doing the show was the 100th episode when Darkbrew and Euripides actually flew out to Minnesota. After doing the show together for years, we finally got to meet in person and do the live show along with a string of awesome guests. And we’re still waiting for Euripides to get us the hours of hilarious post-show posted.

WoW Insider

Shortly after joining the Hunting Party Podcast I also got the Scattered Shots column for WoW Insider, which at the time I thought was a pretty incredible opportunity to spread the word about the WHU. Many people have asked how I got that gig, and the unglamorous answer is that I applied just like anyone else. I can tell you though, that one of the big secrets to getting a gig at WoW Insider is to actually follow their instructions on how to apply. Do that and you’re already ahead of most of the pack!

After WoW Insider announced I was the new columnist (something I had to keep my mouth shut about for a few frustrating weeks, as I recall) the outgoing columnist, Brigwyn, contacted me. He was very generous and kind and we continued to correspond on occasion until he retired. His big advice to me then — and this is very good advice, and at times very hard to follow — was to have opinions. No matter what you say, some people are going to passionately disagree with you. He felt that all the trolls and naysaysers caused him to be more and more conservative and less and less opinionated until he eventually wasn’t really saying anything at all, just reporting facts, and no one really wanted to read that.

The hard part of following this advice is you have to strike a balance between having an opinion, but not being so certain you’re right that you can’t change in the face of contrary evidence. I advocate a very data-driven approach to avoid both problems, and I certainly never fell into the trap of failing to have opinions. I was even, at times, blamed as personally and solely responsible for hunter nerfs (but strangely, never for buffs we got that I advocated — why did none of them credit me for the removal of minimum range, huh?)

I also managed to continually turn in Scattered Shots columns that were longer than the maximum allowed word count. This made life on the editors much harder, but they tolerated it with kindness. In fact the WoW Insider crew, which changed a lot since I started, was a pretty awesome group to hang out with. I got to be on the internal email list where they discussed secret stuff – and they did occasionally have pretty awesome inside scoops, including some that never went public – as well as the WoW Insider chat room, which involved a lot of lolcats.

WoW Insider has a history of great hunter columnists (starting with Big Red Kitty) and I trust the hunter they find next will be awesome.

cloakThe Cloak

And of course the amazing moment when Blizzard named an in-game item after me — that is arguably the pinnacle of any WoW playing career (even if I already had a better cloak by the time this was put in the game) and perhaps I really should have just retired then, knowing nothing could top it.

But in fact so many more awesome things kept coming that I’m very glad I didn’t. I was particularly pleased that they included appropriate flavor text that made it clear that they didn’t just happen to use the name Frostheim, but instead clearly referred to my blogging. I know it’s just pixels, but there’s something very special about knowing you left your trace in the game. I’m planning on getting a figureprint of Frostheim decked out in his T1 armor (which I still have) and wearing this cloak. Years and years from now that is a knick knack that’s going to take a lot of explaining : )

The Music

I was always a huge fan of Cranius’ Big Blue Dress and wished that hunters had some kind of anthemic song for our class. Then one day a guildmate posted about this awesome techno track he made, and I thought it was quite good indeed. I asked if I could write lyrics for it to make it a hunter song, and he said yes, but he couldn’t sing (of course later we learned that he didn’t actually make the music either — it was some premade track that came with music creating software, which is why I wasn’t comfortable posting a download link). So I went to Balthazar, a friend who didn’t play WoW, but did sound and music stuff for a living. He agreed to sing and mix the track as a favor, while I got to work on the video.

Balthazar would later comment how that song has been heard by more people than every other thing he’s done put together. Checking now, the video has over a million views. No video I have done since comes close. But of course I did more, by going straight to Balthazar this time to make the music and do the singing. Balthazar regretfully declined, noting that it took time away from his freelance work (which paid). Eventually we decided we’d do another, but make it available for download on iTunes for a buck, so he could make money, hopefully more than he would via his normal freelancing. I Won’t Miss You became my favorite (along with Hunters Are Just Awesome) of all the songs we’ve done, but fewer than 100 people paid a buck for it, despite amassing a respectable 130,000 views. It would be years before we’d get more songs out of Balthazar, when Kickstarter let the hunter community put a price on the value of getting more songs, and let us do them in a way that Balthazar was still able to pay rent.

I dare say that hunters now have more songs dedicated to the class than any other — which is as it should be. And I love that it happened because the community came together to make it happen, putting their money on the line to get them made.

Secret Stuff

There were other cool things I got to do as a result of the WHU, but some of those I am sworn to secrecy about, and even as I retire I can’t talk about : )

WHU Guild

Ah, I remember that first in-game event so well. The real motivation for that was to get some additional awesome hunter footage for the video I was working on for the I’m a Hunter Song. My hope was to get at least 20 people to show up for a level 1 hunter fight against Hogger. I was really concerned about getting enough people, and I grew concerned when none of the guildmates I was badgering were interested in helping. At the hour of the event, I couldn’t believe it when we passed 20 and filled up an entire raid group, and then another, and then more. Nearly 100 hunters made brand new baby hunters on Icecrown for the event. Hogger died faster than you could see him. The video was epic.

Communicating with that many people was difficult (we used a custom chat channel, which was filled with random chatter). After the success I decided we should do more, and started the WHU guild only as a more efficient way to communicate during events. That too took on a life of its own as the community embraced the idea. Hundreds of hunters swarmed into the guild and upon reaching the self-imposed level cap (level 10 at the time) they made death knight alts to power-level. These level-capped characters were the alts whose sole purpose was to farm gear for all the baby hunters of the guild, and act as easy transportation from location to location.

Of course these “alts” weren’t dwarven hunters, so they couldn’t be in the guild themselves and they formed their own guild. In time they would form several other guilds to better store and distribute items to hunters. A rank of officers sprang up, seemingly all on it’s own (certainly with no organization from me) to handle the increasingly complex logistics. These officers, along with WHU-DOT (dept of transportation) became key in organizing the complicated logistics of transporting hundreds of hunters to events, and in spearheading and organizing my ridiculous requests for items for events. I would just mention to Bella “Hey, let’s get enough of this item so everyone who comes can have 3” and by event time the banks would be stocked with 10 times what we needed, and all the distribution organization was handled.


After the second event (which had well over 300 hunters) I had this idea of continuing the events up to the level cap, and then storming Orgrimmar. I thought it would be even cooler if we could do it with everyone wearing Gordok Ogre Suits — a ridiculous idea since each one required a Dire Maul run, and you since could only have one on you at a time making the gathering of hundreds ridiculous. I can’t say how pleased I was when years later it happened — not only did the WHU officers get the ogre suits (using guild banks for multiple guilds to store them) but they also go a bunch of Giant Elixirs so everyone could be HUGE ogres.

And how much more delightful that by the time we did the event, it was Garrosh we got to kill! Along with swarms of hordies as well : )

If you haven’t seen them all, I highly recommend checking out the various WHU event videos, which you can see on the WHU guild page. Eventually I made the video Granpappy Frostheim & the Mad Elf as a way to combine all that epic footage into a single video with a coherent (for a dwarf) story, which I think gives a good overview of the epicness that is the WHU.

The WHU guild remains to me one of the coolest things to come out of the WHU. It is incredibly what these hunters were able to do  — and I should stress that it was the hunters and the guild officers and alts who made it all happen, not me. They are incredible. I have faith that they will keep the WHU going just fine without my blogging. They may even go ahead and make the new baby hunter guild — in fact, I think I have a character camping on the guild name “warcrafthuntersunion” somewhere, and can hand that off.


Early on Arust and I thought it would be cool to have a real life meet-up for the hunters in the WHU, and the WHU BBQ was born. Held each summer at Arust’s house a bunch of us hunters got together and ate and drank and told stories of huntering. Bella was always present with some kind of home made hunter-themed pastries for us. Eventually we even broadcast the Hunting Party Podcast from the BBQ, including live on-air of me drinking the godawful, horrible “Canadian Hunter Whiskey” someone brought over.

Arth traveled a ridiculous distance to get to the BBQs and asked for hunters to submit hunter poetry that he and I took turns reading at BBQ2 and BBQ3, and he continues to post some of those awesome poetry submissions today.

Some of the crew from BBQ2, with Hrist strangling Bella and Arth camping it up on the right

The WHU BBQ with Arust at the Grill

Bella’s pastries

Bella made a different hunter-themed creation every BBQ. They were all awesome.

Arth and I reading hunter poetry. With feeling.

An amazing hunter turned this screenshot of our raid on Thunder Bluff into a puzzle, which we assembled at the BBQ3. I still have this awesome creation.

Hunter whiskey

Of course, the WHU BBQ wasn’t the only RL encounters I had with readers: eventually I would make the trek to Blizzcon in 2010 and again in 2011. That was a surreal experience. The WoW Insider party is incredible (and is, by the way, the highlight of Blizzcon, really) and having people come up to me asking for my picture and autograph was really, really weird. I brought my girlfriend in 2011, who despite my warnings, didn’t really believe I was a minor WoW celebrity. The experience was even more surreal for her, especially when someone asked her, “What’s it like to be dating Frostheim?” to which she responded, “Most of the time he isn’t Frostheim.”

The 2011 Blizzcon was also the year that an incredible fan, Wrailyn, actually made me a physical replica of the Recovered Cloak of Frostheim. It is amazing. Incredible. Ridiculously awesome. I also tended to collect a bunch of new friendship bracelets at every BBQ & Blizzcon — a great inside joke from a random bet I made Euripides on the spur of the moment on a podcast. I was trying to think of something totally ridiculous to bet, and “friendship bracelet” is what popped into my head. In 2011 we had organized a hunter meet up, where a bunch of us hunters hung out and drank and talk smack about all the other classes.

And of course at Blizzcon I got to meet and chat with Ghostcrawler about all manner of hunter things. I have to tell you that in person, Ghostcrawler is a very, very cool guy, and he was incredibly patient and generous with all of the throngs of people who wanted to talk with him.

The real life Recovered Cloak of Frostheim

The WoW Insider party

Blizzcon main stage.

Ghostcrawler kindly struck a hunter pose for me : )

Some of the hunters from the 2011 Blizzcon meetup.

Moving On

I’ve always been wordy, so I suppose it’s appropriate that I end my WHU blogging with over 3,000 words of reminiscence. But even this post captures so little of the awesome moments of the WHU. The hunter motivational posters, the Frostheim Goggles cartoons, extreme soloing & pet tanking, all-hunter raids, theorycrafting discussion, haterade stories, sporebats, the thousands of emails, some quite touching, the moment when I discovered I had an anti-fan (you know you’ve made it then), the steady evolution of the hunter class and the hunter community and the thousands of other interactions with readers and fellow hunters that made all the work and theorycrafting and writing worthwhile. Because I can tell you right now, something like this is only a labor of love, and only worth the labor as long as you love doing it.

I am not done playing WoW or playing my hunter, but I am done blogging about it. I have already officially retired from WoW Insider, and am I stepping down from the Hunting Party Podcast as well. The great thing about the hunter community is that there are so many other blogs out there, and I’m sure one of them will step up to become the new big hunter blog, just as I’m sure there will always be plenty of others offering different insights into the hunter experience.

Wow, you know you've been around if you get all these references! Click to embiggen.

Wow, you know you’ve been around if you get all these references! Click to embiggen.

If you want to keep up with what I’m doing, both within WoW and without, you can follow me on Twitter at @FrostheimWHU. I’m probably still going to work on various web projects, but at least for the time being I’m determined not to do anything that requires any kind of regular posting commitment and isn’t directly WoW-related. Instead I’m going to give a bit more attention to other random projects that I’ve either neglected, or have been meaning to do. But only the kind of things where I’m not letting anyone down if I decide not to do anything with it for a month or three.

This of course include my Dice Store, and perhaps getting some more work done on my Werewolf database Wyrmfoe. Also, I’ve been seriously meaning for years to make a kind of SEO how-to repository, because so many people ask me about it and I don’t have anywhere good to direct them. I grabbed a year ago with the intent of finally doing this, but just didn’t have the time. So perhaps I’ll fill that out a bit as well.

If you guys have any questions about anything, feel free to drop a line on Twitter of shoot me an email, or leave a comment here.

And seriously, sincerely, thank you. Thank you for reading and commenting and being a part of the hunter community. I don’t have the words to say how much all of you guys have meant to me over the years. This has been so much more than just a blog. It’s been a community, friends, and family.

And now, memories.

Be sure to give me a /wave if you see me in game, and remember – whatever you do and wherever you go in this life: always pay yer dues.




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  1. Iridar says:

    I could say it will be a shame to see you go, but, honestly, by this moment you’ve done so much for hunter community, that you deserve a rest.
    Good luck.

    • Phydeux says:

      You will be missed.
      You will be remembered.
      You will NOT be mourned, nor forgotten.
      You DID pick the ‘correct’ time to fade into the lore, however. You never became the ‘shadow’ of what you currently are.
      Drink your ale in peace, my friend.

    • Wonderseeker says:

      Hail, fellow, well met!!
      I am the hunter I am because of you.
      From the beginning I used your insights and advice.
      I directed fellow hunters to WHU.
      My alts cried because they wanted a Frostheim of their own. (Poor support classes.)
      I lift my tankard to the mighty Grandpappy Frost!
      Aye, well met indeed.

  2. Freyana says:

    Thanks for all you’ve done for the hunter community over the years. You’ll be missed, but it’s good to know that you’re still out there enjoying WoW huntering and now finally getting time to devote to other pursuits. I’ll miss your voice, humor, and personality on the Hunting Party Podcast probably most of all. /good hunting!

  3. Gillrugan says:

    Aw Frost – we’ll miss you! Thanks for everything. Your site literally taught me to be a hunter, from a base of whacking spiders with a sword. Good luck with your new projects.

  4. Anmarie says:

    Dozens of Thanks, Frostheim… You’ll be really missed. :(

  5. Arth says:

    I’ll want to do my own goodbye here in a few days, and we still have your going-away podcast party. So this isn’t quite goodbye from me.

    For now, cheers, I think you hit all of the right notes in your farewell. ’twas fun to read and remember.

  6. Zetora says:

    A huge sincere thank you for all you have done!

    Now go enjoy copeous amounts of bear like a good little dwarf should be

  7. Horyn says:

    Thanks for everything you’ve done over the years for us all. Good luck out there

  8. Darkbrew says:

    Not enough can be said about your contribution to WoW and Hunter community.

    Despite my having to edit all the *bleeps*, the podcast was a thousand times better on the episodes where you there.

    You will be missed, but not forgotten.

  9. Hrist says:

    See you in reality when time permits. I would not have had the chances I did in this game if not for your efforts. Thanks for the fun memories.

  10. Macdougall says:

    Thank you so much for all that you have done for the community. Through WHU I learned not only how to “hunter”, but more importantly how to “pay yer dues” in this game. I still sit smile a bit when examining others who have unenchanted or ungemmed gear, who didn’t bother to get the optimal food buff or whatever. I think to myself, they really ought to read WHU!

    Be well and enjoy your future. You will be missed!

  11. Tunza says:


    Thank you.

    While I was never a fan of the overblown dwarf-alliance vomit, I can honestly say that there was never a single moment I didn’t completely respect your views or analysis. There were many times I disagreed but always second guessed my position where you had a counter argument. That is what I enjoyed most about your writing. In a sea of re-posting mascarading as articles, you always had a considered point or three. You leave big boots to fill and your contributions will forever be valued by the masses.

  12. Veyron says:

    Thank you for everything Frost, all the best for the future. /cheers

  13. Leothan says:

    From Venezuela, awesome work you have done i have been a huge fan of your insightful analysis and your applied science on the hunter theory-crafting, good hunting Frost and may the bow, the pet and the arrow always be within you!
    Take care man!

  14. Calrus says:

    Thank you!

    (aka the Mad Elf before I turned into a panda)

  15. Wrekh says:

    Thank you for everything and we will never forget you.

  16. Mechakisc says:

    As a former hunter turned rogue, I haven’t read your posts carefully the last couple years… but I’ve still read them, a little jealous that we didn’t have anyone like you. Ruffy is turning into that kind of a guy for rogues now, and that makes me happy.

    This isn’t as sad as when BRK quit, because he had to quit over some serious RL stuff that turned his life upside down. THAT was a bad day. I’m glad you’re stepping down because you’ve lost the fire, rather than because you have to.

    If I ever make it big, can I email you and offer you a job as a hunter blogger forever?

  17. Phyllixia says:

    Thanks for the great articles and good luck for your future projects!

  18. Wyrdia says:

    Thank you for all you have done for the hunting community. It has been a pleasure to follow you these years since BRK retired and I had to find a new hunter blogger. :p You will be missed. May all your tankards be full!

  19. LightOne says:

    Awww Frostheim! Thanks for the many great years! I retired my hunter about a year ago, yet I still visit your site regularly.

    I will miss you!

  20. Sonicross says:

    Thank you isn’t enough – but I’m not sure anything would be.


  21. Taira says:

    Going to miss your blogs, Frost. I went from Complete Noob to Top Of Charts following your advice. I came to love the Hunter class, and get more out of it than any character I’d played before.
    MoP stole a bit of that with the rediculous number of cooldowns, but I intend on getting it back once the list gets pruned.
    A sad day, this is. Wish you the best with your other projects and hope you get to enjoy the free time.

  22. Kathoran says:

    A time honored tradition of reading your posts. You’ve paid your dues to us time and time again. There are so many things I would like to post here, to tell you how inspiring you have been to the community; but you probably already know. Take care and good luck in whatever you do, old dwarf.

  23. Jaffle says:

    Dear Frost, thank you so very much for the years of invaluable information. I always came to this site first if I ever had a question about my favourite class. I can still remember how excited I was when you replied to my email about a bis item. I will miss not having your sage advice to call on in the patches ahead. All the very best in life. It was a great pleasure knowing you, sir!

    Jaf, Hyjal-US

  24. Gelk says:

    Thank you for all you’ve done for the hunter community. I can’t count the number of fellow hunters I’ve directed to WHU first for class information.

    One last macro…

    /tar Frostheim

  25. Xeran says:

    I first started using this place back during Wrath, myself. Very fond memories of the blogs and guides, definitely helped me pay my dues.

    Take care, ya drunk old dwarf, and thanks for the memories. No reason to figure we won’t see ya around on twitter and stuff like you said :)

    (So is Arth going to be maintaining the site and blogging, or are you eventually going to close up shop here?)

    • Arth says:

      TBD. I’ll have an announcement up in a few days concerning the future of the WHU, once everyone’s had a chance to see this post.

      • Xeran says:

        For what it’s worth I think you write decent articles and blogs also.

        And, I’m sure plenty of people would be willing to help w rotations, guides etc………..keep this place “icy-veins for Hunters”

        It’s sad to see Frost go, seeing WHU die off would be tragic

  26. Isti says:

    Thanks Frost for the awesome blogging you have made. I really became a hunter in my heart after founding this awesome site and reading it for years along with playing the game itself.
    I wish you the best from Hungary.

  27. ironthumbs says:

    You are, without a doubt, responsible for making hunters and our comunity as vibrant and friendly and respectful as it is today (so much more so than any other class).

    Personally, I can’t thank you enough. I wouldn’t be half the player I am without your guidance over the past years.
    Of course that doesn’t stop at improving my ability to DPS. You also encouraged us to be polite, understanding and damn-right awesome. And that is your biggest achievement in my opinion.

    Your words will be sorely missed. I genuinely wish you happiness and good fortune in whatever you do in the future.
    You may have retired, but the Hunters you have made will live on!

  28. Kesari says:

    I’m really going to miss your Blog, Frost – your guides and posts turned me from a button-mashing liability into a raiding Hunter who pays his dues. I’m going to miss your brash good humour on the podcast, too. Thanks for everything.


  29. cabudeanie says:

    Thank you frost for all your time and dedication over the years, you helped make the hunter community the best and you will be missed.
    Good luck with all your other projects, Enjoy life, take care, and most of all pay yer dues.

  30. Kapina says:

    I remember coming to this site frequently when I used to play this game, and even now when I’ve not touched WoW for 1 year, I still come and check this site every day.

    I find it sad to see you leave the blogging since your posts/guides were extremely helpful. I’m almost certain that you leaving will have an effect on hunter’s community on WoW. I think hunters got better overall thanks to your work, less people calling them huntards etc.

    Even if we were always on different sides, you an alliance dog and me a honorable horde, I will always /Salute and /Bow to you.

  31. GoodGracious says:


    I’ll miss you for the laughs, the info, and the uncommon handsomeness. Go with Awesome-sauce oh frosty one!

  32. Telepathe says:

    Thank you for all your help through Wrath, Cataclysm, and Mists. Your guides have always been straightforward and enlightening. Best of luck in the future.

  33. weust says:

    Thank you so much for this website, and everything connected to it.
    I always found it fantastic to read, and learn from.

    Too bad you never got pronounce my name correctly on the podcast though ;)

    Good luck.

  34. I-CEE says:

    you will missed mate good luck in your other projects
    hope the site stays up for a bit loads of info here

  35. Veratais says:

    Thank you for all that you have done for the community!
    You will be sorely missed, I would have not turned out to be the player that i am today if not for your excellent advice and guides.


  36. Juniez says:

    Thank you, Frostheim for everything you done for the community.
    I remember the first time I came to your website – I finally found everything I ever needed to play a hunter, and play it good.
    I even made my own posts based on your recomendations and taught other hunters your ways in my time as an ingame officer and classleader.
    I sincerely thank you for your work and dedication!
    No one deserve a bigger salute than you!.

    From the proud hunter of Twisting Nether EU

    I hope to God, the next gen. of hunters will have a mentor like you.

  37. Shayne barber says:

    Thank you for inspiring so many people in-game and out and all the hard work and hours you have put into something so many people have come to love. Good luck in all your future endeavor’s all the best mate.

    Darkruneii Terokkar (back in the day)

  38. Akavasis says:

    Thanks so much for everything, Frost. Your site taught me how to be the hunter I am today (top of the charts, thanks to you!). I appreciate the many tips, tricks, and laughs I’ve had over the years. Please take care and enjoy your ale!

  39. Chessier says:

    Sir, You paid your dues many many times over.
    You touched both my real and virtual worlds making life that bit better, you will be missed.

  40. Troter says:

    thx for years of doing my work for me , pulling hunters together too help build the best community in WoW and staying an all right chap in the process.
    good luck in all your future endeavours.

    greetings from the red side,

  41. Jackbower says:

    Thanks Frost. Everyone else has already said what I was thinking of saying! I’ll say it anyway – The site is awesome, the posts were unpredictable at times which added to the fun, and, if not for this site, I probably wouldn’t have know what to do when I first started playing wow and playing a hunter (in Cata). I sure hope someone keeps this site going! Ah, but that’s just me being selfish!

  42. Argentlam says:

    I remember when I first found WHU, at a loss for what to do with my character and no idea where to start looking, or even if I should go on playing him. Five years later and I’m a regular raider almost always topping the charts and paying my dues thanks to the continued reminder of how awesome it is to play a hunter from. You will be missed from the blogging scene, but I understand that all good things must come to an end and wish you all the best both in WoW and IRL. A glass of ale will always be raised in your honour.


  43. Purcy says:

    So much to say…

    They’re all right. Your wit and cleverness, your writing skill and style, all the painstaking research and clearly portrayed resultant information….
    All the contributions you make will certainly be missed.

    That said, I’ll just miss you. This blog has been something I look forward to every day, since I discovered it early in the Wrath expac. I feel like I’m losing a friend, moreso than just a great mentor for my hunter.

    Safe journeys to you, my friend. May real life bring you all the achievement and satisfaction you could hope for.


  44. Ril says:

    A big loss for the hunter community, but a well earned rest.

    Thank you

  45. Clin says:

    As someone who has read every one of your posts since this site started I cannot begin to describe how much you will be missed, in so many ways.
    Thank you

  46. Mike says:

    Man… I’ve been reading you off and on for the last 3-4 years. Hunters have always been my favorite and your website proved to be invaluable to me many times. I’m sorry I was more of a lurker than active commenter. Just know that you made a huge impact on my play style and gaming as a hunter.

    Thank you.

  47. Bramman says:

    Thanks Frost!

    A lot of my enjoyment from the game has come due to the WHU guild. I believe I started around a cap of 30 or so and partook in every event I could as well as running a number of all hunter activities outside the “Frostheim” events. Downing every BC era heroic dungeon at a cap of 65 with all WHU hunters was a ton of fun as were the all hunter raids we put together. The Dirty Dwarven 10 man all WHU hunter raid team being the pinnacle where we ran Wrath content at level.

    The WHU and DHS guilds have some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

    All of this time as a hunter at these level caps solidified it as the class for me in WoW and led to me ultimately raiding current content as a hunter and it all started as a baby hunter in the WHU.

  48. Jaclie says:

    You shall be missed good sir. You taught me crit crit crit..and hit caps…and…rotations…and..meh.. Scattered shots was one of my favorite weekly reads. Thanks for all the years.

  49. Sven says:

    Thank you so much for your effort, it was this site and your guides that made WoW an interesting game for me.

  50. enecia says:

    We will miss you.

    Thankyou for everything and good luck for the future :).

  51. Xeran says:

    By the way, Frost (or anyone else also inclined), lets talk beer sometime. What styles do you like?

  52. Ironboar says:

    Frost, I have been using this site for Hunter information since Wrath. I would like to thank you for everything you have done for this community and for my own growth in the ways of the hunter.

  53. Canardo says:

    A wise man knows when it’s time to move on.
    Frost, you are wise as you have shown in your posts over the years. Not jumping the gun but striking the right balance between anticipation and facts.
    I liked that, a lot.

    Enjoy life !

  54. Wätts says:

    Frostheim, go forth to victory!

    I am very pleased to hear that you plan to actually go back to PLAYING the game. I felt guilty in Cataclysm every time I looked up your character and found that I was so much further progressed than you. All your efforts enabled me to succeed so brilliantly, and yet you weren’t able to take advantage of your findings yourself. It will be gratifying to see the cream of the hunter crop rise again.

    I will miss you most from the Hunting Party Podcast. Your fact and science-based approach gave me full confidence in everything you said, and your humor and attitude made it fun and memorable. I pray that the guys will talk you into at least a regular guest spot, maybe once a month, so that I can continue to enjoy your insight and energy.

    Keep your feet on the ground!

  55. Nik says:

    Thanks for the amazing website frost, GL with everything!

  56. Wätts says:

    So, a followup question:
    What should I do now for my bad-hunter macro?
    It presently reads: “Visit for all your huntering needs! Also check out!”

    But with the Hall being short on management, and the WHU losing its primary fact-finder and data cruncher, where can I send people for centralized and organized huntering information from the lowest oldest level to the highest most current tier?

    • Arth says:

      That’s a good question that I’ll be addressing in a few days. I think it would be irresponsible to go cold turkey on the WHU, so I plan on keeping it going for a while, while attempting to answer the question you pose here for your long-term huntering needs.

  57. Wolfshot says:

    Thank you so much, Frostheim, for all that you’ve done for the hunter community. Your blog and advice helped me out so much on my hunter, and I was constantly on this site when I was still playing wow – and indeed, I even came on here regularly after I stopped. You deserve a rest after all you’ve done. Good luck with everything you go on to do, and happy hunting!

  58. Brenin says:

    Thanks, Frost. I’ve learned almost everything about being a hunter from you. Thanks for the fun times. I salute you, Sir.

  59. Joonces says:

    Thanks so much for the writing (WHU and Scattered Shots) and the podcasts. You’ll TRULY be missed. You gave the hunter class a great voice.

  60. Chris says:

    Thanks so much for all your writing and all your hard work!

  61. Hairywrists says:

    I would like to thank you for all you have accomplished in wow, as well for the community as for myself. I wouldn’t be the hunter I am today if it wasn’t for all your tips, guides, fun, quirks and all things hairy ;)

    Wish you all the best in your future endeavors,

    With kind regards,

    Hairywrists of Stormrage E.U.

  62. guur says:


    whu has been my go-to hunter resource for my time when my hunter was active. your efforts were much appreciated!

    best of luck with whatever comes next…

  63. Wullfric says:

    A sad sad day indeed :-(

    Perhaps now we’ll find someone who truly appreciates the importance of a tail when firing a gun

  64. Mindala says:

    Knowing when to stop is an underrated skill. I raise a glass to you in appreciation that you know it, and are doing it.

    I’m glad you haven’t burned out on the game too, and hope there are years of enjoyment left, there. Shoot things in the face well, sir, and take joy of it.

    Your legacy is not just in what you’ve done, but what you’ve inspired; the hunter community is large, solid and awesome and you have been one of those who have laid the foundations for that, and built a good deal of the superstructure as well.


  65. smawhorter says:

    I can think of no better praise than to say that you did as much for the wow hunter community as Big Red Kitty. That’s some pretty serious company. Good luck to you and thanks again for all that you have done.

  66. Ambyrnewind says:

    Thank you for everything Frostheim …you will be missed very very much…good luck with everything :)
    Amby….Turalyon EU

  67. flea says:

    who is frostheim

  68. Clin says:

    Many years ago Frost posed a question on this blog as to whether the WHU should stay as a blog or switch to a forum approach where people could post questions and hopefully get knowledgeable answers from other members. I personally thought that was a good idea and since then I have often wished that approach had been taken. That’s no reflection on the approach Frost’s took but more that I would have loved somewhere to post various Hunter questions without burdening Frost who clearly could never have answered everybody. Any thoughts on resurrecting that idea anyone?

    • Wätts says:

      If Arth doesn’t pick up on your comment, maybe echo it to him more directly. He might take that idea and run with it.

  69. Tatiana says:

    First we lose BRK, now you. Who are all the young and impressionable hunters going to look up to? Gonna miss you, Frost.

  70. Uberon says:

    I’ve been frequenting WHU ever since BRK afk’d searching for a new source of Hunter info. WHU has exceeded all my expectations, and then some. The WHU allowed me insight of the awesome passive ability that is Global Hunter Commrodery, which is the true secret that excells Hunters over our supporting classes. Frost I ti my hat to you, you will not be forgotten, and may crit chance be forever be in tour favor.

  71. Halfneck says:

    Thanks for all the effort you put towards the Hunter community. Your site was one of my go-to places for hunter info.

  72. Arumlily says:

    Thank you for everything you have done for the hunter community. The level of research you did and your logical, carefully-considered posts put you head and shoulders over so many others. When I stumbled across your website as a terrified little noob, I barely knew what to do with my hunter. And since then, I’ve been happy to send other people your way, knowing this was the best possible resource hunters could have. Thank you once again.

  73. Ot says:

    but.. where will I go to know im setting my character up for max dps? will whu still be here? sadness overwheling

  74. Frostheim says:

    Thank you all for such kind words. I can only say that you all have meant a lot to me as well.

    As for the future of the WHU site, I know Arth plans to post a bit more, but I don’t think it’s very likely someone’s going to want to take it over — it’s a crapload of work! I also will not be starting WHU forums to replace it, because my goal here is to avoid the work part of WoW, and just enjoy the playing part : )

    • question says:

      Does that mean you are going to get back into raiding? Your best articles were always the raiding stories.

  75. Kavoo says:

    You will be missed.
    I learned a lot from raiding as a hunter and general hunter stuff from you.
    And because of you my disdain for Alliance has waned a little (at least for Dwarves). :P

  76. Zalani says:

    Thanks you Frost for everything, your guides ever since wrath has helped me become a better Hunter many times. :)

  77. Tarrson says:

    ty for all your hard work my fellow dwarven brother. although my wow account is on
    monetary cool down atm i still and always wiill wear my hunter shirt with pride. (helps to play a class that has a real world counterpart…without legal ramifications lol rogue)

  78. Damsbo says:

    Frost, I’ve followed you for 5 years.
    Thank you.
    Please, do listen to this; it explains the manly man feelings that.. My friend has.

  79. Vederia says:

    THANKS !

  80. Silver says:

    Your help has been invaluable to me in the past few years. What a relief it was to find your site after losing BRK! Thank you so much for your guides, humor, and voice of reason in the midst often over-reaction to any change (or lack of change). You will be greatly missed!!!

    It was so much fun participating in several of the WHU events. I’ll never forget the stream of baby hunters, or the solid line of mounts flying from Ironforge.

    Thank you!!

  81. Rachekk says:

    It’s good to have been able to speak with you over the years. You will be missed but never forgotten!!

  82. Lotusblack says:

    Sorry to see you leave the scene but thanks for all the awesome work you have done for your community. May your sporebat always stay floppy.

  83. Timoleon says:

    Agog when I read the post; a pillar in the hunter community “hanging up the keyboard”?

    Say it isn’t so!

    In all sincerity, I can’t begin to imagine how much work you’ve put in over the years (nor can I thank you enough for it). I know you label it a labor of love, but it’s still labor, and my own personal playing experience was enhanced by it. It felt good to be better informed, and I enjoyed performing better, armed with the information.

    If you can enjoy the game a fraction as much as we have appreciated your efforts, you will no doubt be pleasantly reminded of how much fun the game is (ups and down notwithstanding) and how irrefutably awesome hunters are will be reinforced.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  84. Toka says:

    Thank you for helping me become a truly awesome hunter. I will miss reading your blog and hearing you on the podcast.

  85. Kevin says:

    Big thanks for all you have done for hunters and for making me much less of a huntard

    good luck in all your future endevors

    you will be missed but not forgotten

  86. Shin says:

    A fond farewell!
    Your posts have been my go-to resource ever since I started playing a hunter properly!

  87. Conjor says:

    I loved the Hunting Party Podcast and I loved his blog. But I knew as soon as he stopped making appearances on the show / stopped blogging that the end was near.

    Kind of sorry to say he was the only reason I listened to the podcast. He brought a kind of humor and atmosphere to the podcast that made it a source of entertainment rather than a source for news for me. With him gone, I doubt I’ll listen to it again.

    He wasn’t the best Hunter in the world, but he made up for it in his massive contributions and dedication to the Hunter community. I’m sure that I’m not alone, even among the top Hunters out there, when I say that I’m sad to see him go.

    I hope he sticks around to keep playing.

  88. Kenmasters says:


    Thank you for all that you have done for the hunter community. I can honestly say that I would not be half the hunter that I am without your blog. Though I may not have always agreed with your opinions on stat choices, rotation etc over the years, I have always valued your opinions. Its dedicated bloggers like yourself that keep games like World of Warcraft alive. I am sad to see you go, even when I take extended breaks from WoW I always made time to stop by the site and see whats going on in the hunter community. The level of success and sheer swagger that you represent and have achieved over the years is truly remarkable. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Sincerely a Dedicated Hunter,


  89. Balgur says:

    Thanks for all the hard work. You made my life much easier.

  90. Garfurion says:

    Dear Frostheim,

    Words cannot express my gratitude for all the work you’ve done over the past last years. Checking the WHU site daily has become a routine for me which will be hard to break.

    I’m glad to see that you have no intention to stop playing and I hope Alissaunder will “command” you back to the podcast occasionally.

    You and the WHU site have been the focus of the hunter community.

    I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

  91. Bez says:

    Thanks for all the hard work you have put in over the years. You will be missed.

    Best of luck in your future endeavors.

  92. Sil says:

    You will be sorely missed.
    Thanks for all these years of entertaining and interesting input.

    May you find what you are looking for.

  93. Pthor says:

    Hey Frost, it’s a sad news, but I can understand.
    Thanks for everything you did for me (and you did quite a lot trust me on this).
    All the best for whatever you will be doing both in game and in the real live.
    So long mate!

  94. Anonymous says:

    May your road be dry and cool
    and your ale be sweet and warm

    May your wit be dry and cool
    and your lover be sweet and warm.

  95. Lirithiel says:

    Without reading any of the other comments here, I’m pretty sure everything has just about been covered but I cannot stress how much good you have done for the hunter community. Frost, you have without a doubt made me and countless others better hunters through this blog and you deserve that spot in front of the hearth with tankards and tankards of ale. Hope you have settled in well at your new place.


  96. Krhe says:

    Frost thank you for all you have done for the Hunter community!
    You have helped so many of us be better Hunters, and more importantly, be better players!
    You will certainly be missed but never forgotten!

    Godspeed my friend! /bow

  97. Gorga says:

    In 4 years reading your blog, I’ve never posted a single word, but I think it’s the right moment…
    Thanks for everything! As some have said, you’ll be missed but not forgotten.

  98. Pwnzoar says:

    Thank you so much, Frostheim. Without you I’d still be some poor noob hunter like I was back in Wrath.

  99. While my main has been my Night Elf Druid for quite some time, my first was my hunter. I know, I know, double crime there, but I make it a point to keep heals on pets, to allow hunters to focus on dps and getting out of the bad. After more than a couple snarky remarks from others in LFD, I decided to research how to stop being a Huntard. Since I found your blog, I’ve been a daily visitor. I’ve made it a point when I find hunters that need assistance to tell them to come here. A number of my guildies have been to your blog and loved it. Invariably, I wind up with an in-game email (or /w) sometime later thanking me for sending them to visit uncle Frostheim.

    You will be missed.


  100. Vanilla says:


  101. Kaneli says:

    Such bittersweet news. This makes me very sad and leaves me a little lost. On the other hand, one should always do what’s best for them and it’s good to see you do that.

    You had a tremendous impact on my gaming over the years, making it so much better. I can never thank you enough for all the hard work you did for the community. I hope you will enjoy playing the game as much as you enabled us all to do.

    I wish you all the best in life, you will be sorely missed! <3

  102. lol says:

    You will have one hell of a memory m8. If you are worried you will be sore for a long time, trust me you will not (I quit WoW about a year ago, but still keep in touch with people and with latest developments). You will only remember fondly of a thing built form the beginning to the completion exactly how it was supposed to be, a success appreciated by thousands. /respect

  103. Masa says:

    Thanks Frost for everything.


  104. Alissatasari says:

    You will surely be missed. I probably would have given up on WoW entirely when I created my first toon, a hunter, if I hadn’t found this site. I’ve really enjoyed your straight forward yet quirky style of writing, and I hope your future endeavors equal or exceed the success you’ve had here. Hopefully we’ll see you at a future WHU/BabyWHU events in the future,

  105. Saicam says:

    From a long time hunter player to another, Thank you for all you done for the Hunter Community. WHU was my first go to site for new topics and will really be missed. Take care, and Happy Hunting.

  106. Darthkeller says:

    I’m not a hunter (though I have one), but I’ve followed this blog for some time because I’ve enjoyed the writing, the theorycrafting, the atmosphere….

    Frost, as many others have said, I wish you the best in your future endeavors. If this blog is any indication, you’ll do just fine!

  107. Roachkilla says:

    Just like everyone else, I am here to respectfully say thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. It was a real honor to hunt next to you and hopefully, in the future, our hunters will cross paths…

  108. Papaoomowmow says:

    Thanks for it all and you have sent a galaxy of excellent information our way.

    You’ll be mightily missed….

    Wishing You the Finest of Health and Fortune!

  109. Tormaline says:

    When I first came to WHU I was literally picking my gear based on which had the most hit points (I knew that was all wrong but had no idea which stats were important). So almost everything I know about playing a hunter I owe either directly or indirectly to you.

    Thanks Frost and good hunting.

  110. Sam says:

    Thanks for all your time and effort helping the hunter community. You’ve played a big part in making me the awesome hunter I am today :p

    But seriously, thank you, and you will be missed. Enjoy the retirement :)

  111. Rayne says:


    As so many others have said, I wouldn’t be the Hunter I am without the help and guidance you’ve shared. May all of your current and future projects share in the success you’ve had here. I’m going to really miss your posts… the serious, number crunching, rotational ones and the funnier GrandPappy Frostheim ones and all those in between.

  112. Loverlie says:

    Aw man…I owe a lot of my huntery ability to your guides, man. If I hadn’t stumbled onto your site one fateful day, I wouldn’t know how to play for crap. Thank you so much for all you’ve done to make us better raiders and better players in general. The WHU had always been my GO TO for all the latest info on spec updates, reforging, and everything. And when it came to the hunter podcast, you brought the electricity to it. Not to say the other guys weren’t important, but you did a lot to brighten things up with your goofiness and theorycrafting. I love all the pro-hunter things you did with the guild. I don’t think any other class has a community quite like hunters, many thanks to your involvement. Thanks for all you’ve done for us hunters. Your presence in the blogosphere and WoW journalism will be sorely missed.

  113. Shmadu says:

    Thanks for everything, Frost! Your contributions have affected so many both directly and indirectly. It’s been great to see this blog develop into what it has become over the years.

    I especially appreciated being able to respond to random hunters’ whispers in Orgrimmar with “Check out this link and let me know if you have any other questions:“.

  114. Eiye says:

    Dammit man, you’re freakin’ awesome! I’m hurtin’, but I’m happy for you and grateful. Be well man! I wish you nothing but joy, happiness, and adventure!

  115. BigSal says:

    I’m so glad I can say I played a hunter during the Frostheim era! I hunted in the time of Frostheim! Lock and Load…..21 Gun Salute…. Thanks for all the work Frost. Many fun nights of playing my hunter because of all the work you put into the WHU. RIP (Raid in Peace!)

  116. Duveen says:


    • Mostynaideen says:

      Frost, so many words to say. Thanks!! My life is extremely busy due to wife, kids, college, and military. I only get a few hours a week to play, but your blog has assisted me greatly in that effort. For me, people like you and BRK are the reason why I only created a hunter to play Wow. My friends are always trying to get me to switch, but when I show them what you guys developed for us they all build up hunters. There is no better community and source of date like this for any other class in this game. It’s a great thing. I strive to be an effective hunter and always mention your name to other hunters. You will be missed, but not forgotten. I will transmorg my back piece and wear it in honor of you.

  117. Omogon says:

    I started playing Wow as a Dwarf Hunter during Burning Crusade when the BM Hunter was king. I thought I was pretty “leet” until I met a Night Elf Hunter named Sudzy who made me look like a noob. When I asked him how he got so good he pointed me to this site. Over the years everytime I met a new or lower level hunter who asked questions about how to get better I told them what I could and then pointed them here. I haven’t played for about 6 months but still check in here every week or so. Thanks for the knowledge, the fun and for making me proud to have been a Dwarf Hunter. I can honestly say that the most fun I ever had was the lvl 1 raid on Hogger and I can still feel the excitment when we found Ysondre. Omogon sits in the Stonefire Tavern now with his old boar Scutters by his side and a pint in his hand. His hunting and raiding days are over but he saw the entire world of Azeroth and defeated all those bosses with your help. From one very grateful old dwarf . Be Good, Keep yer feet on th’ ground and Watch yer Back.


  118. Nina says:

    I have been a true follower since my noob days running around in spirit gear and got rescued by your awesome guides and blog. You will be truly missed and no one can fill your spot!

  119. Skarn says:

    Aaah, I’ve been delaying posting – I’m afraid I’ll cry! *ahem*

    Frost, it has been a pleasure. Not that I’ve done anything with you personally, I didn’t even get to make any WHU guild events, but all your efforts have been great! The WHU has been a fantastic site to visit for hunter information and as a portal to a great hunter community.

    Thank you for everything you have done. You will be sorely missed. I’ve got all the hunter songs to remind me of you! :D

    Best of luck in the future, with WoW and otherwise. Even if you are a stinky dwarf.

    • Ratree says:

      Really sorry to see you go. I’ve learned a lot here and have much appreciated the help. Hope you enjoy whatever comes next in your blogging and gaming…

  120. Worvince says:

    I read your post, Frost, with a legit tear in my eye. It is like a legend is passing away into the nether.

    Tonight, I will go to Ironforge and I will have an ale in your honor.

  121. Valmordang says:

    Long has the time been that I have come to your hall to read your walls. To join in the choir and sing out with my fellow hunters. N

  122. Obiwoncanoly says:

    Thank you Frost for all the awesome advice throughout the years. Whatever you do, may you find mastery in your passion.

  123. Flamewhisker says:

    A sad day indeed, if I may be so selfish for a moment. It was the WHU that I turned to as BRK was retiring and have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts and heavily depended on your guides. Good luck to you and thanks for all you’ve done. You’ve paid yer dues and then some.

    Flamewhisker of Kilrogg

  124. Destiva says:


    Thanks for everything you have done. This site single handedly made me a better hunter. I now top meters and have honed my craft. It would not have been possible without your guidance.

    Thank you and good luck in the future!

  125. SpikeSpiegel says:

    Can we please have an annual Grandpappy Frostheim Christmas special?

  126. Morgatho says:

    You will be missed Frost, your information and incite has helped me go from noob to leet hunter and I will always remember you and always ware your cloak on my hunter.

  127. Kurgorath says:

    Thank you very much for all you’ve done over the years. The hunter community surely won’t be the same without your hairy forearms.

  128. A guy ( huge fan ) from the Netherlands says:

    Thanks for making me a better hunter Frostheim! I’m a WoW player since the game launched in Europe, and off course the first char i made was a Hunter…. A NE Hunter but that was in the time Lord of the Rings was huge and everyone loved Legolas the Hunter and Gimli the warrior ;) The first year(s) playing my hunter i just… uhm.. played my hunter… spamming my shots till my mana was empty and drinking some mana potions to spam some more shots… I was enjoying it,but never got the feeling i was doing it right… When BC came out and i saw other hunters doing twice the damage i did… I thought WTF, how come they are putting out so much dps and me sitting in the freaking last spot… That’s when google came in and when i saw your page i was sold… You thought me to use my hunter in a proper and a more enjoyable way… I really only spammed arcane and the other BM/MM skills… How did i know that Steady shot and all the other shots/skills were needed for a good ROTATION…. I didnt even know what a rotation was back in those days…. :) Thank you again for all the love and work you’ve putted in making all of us WoW hunters ( heck maybe even real life hunters ) a better player… Good luck with Frostheim in game, and off course with your life outside of WoW.

    Thanks again, We will miss you!! :_(

  129. Merlingsx says:

    Goodbye and thx for every thing.
    WHU has been the best hunter site out there, no one
    can take your/it’s place.

  130. Bonamassa says:

    Same story from me as from the other dutch hunter above… thanks to your guides and blogs my toon evolved from a random shot spamming maniac to a trustworthy add killing multi purpose raidmember.
    I always read the blogs with interest and learned a lot from them. I hope there will be someone somewhere who can take the candle from you to lead the way to the top of the dps lists.
    Thanks a lot!

  131. Kathoran says:

    Frost, although I have already said my farewells in a earlier comment, I was questing in Kun-Lai on a baby hunter I made when I came across this. And although you’re not dead, it just seems to fit.

    “” Quoting Sage Liao “”
    You see, what you have done is a tribute to the truth we Panderan hold most dear.
    None of us approaches our death with joy – but neither should we feel fear, nor anger, nor doubt.
    Though we may die, from our passing blossoms new life. This is the truth that we live, work, and die for.
    Do you see? From their graves, trees grow. May these trees always stand for the sacrifice they made, and the honor you have done them.
    Thank you, friend. You are truly a hero.
    “” End Quote “”

  132. Dharion says:

    Frost, from one hunter, one Brian to another, I wishes you only the best this life has to offer. May you and yours have nothing but health and happiness always.

  133. Llyrra says:

    Truly not enough can be said about your contribution to WoW and the Hunter community. I think it’s because hunters ARE such an incredible community that Frostheim rose to surpass levels of fame not seen since BRK. We hunter’s embrace what we love and respect: our pets, our drink, our heros. Thanks Frostheim. You are my WoW hero.

  134. Atamaera says:

    Wow, this sucks (my selfish but mercifully brief rant).

    Thanks for all the help, Frost. I can’t begin to estimate how much benefit I have personally received from your labors, and I am inexpressibly grateful for that. Having voluntarily provided a priceless service to a very large community and done much to create that community and make it the best in the game by far, you have earned your retirement as well as a place at the very center of the Hunters’ Hall of Fame. I bow to you, sir. Farewell and happy hunting!

  135. Chevonne says:

    I don’t know what to say, Frostie. This has been my go to spot for years now. Between you and the hunter community, I have learned so much. Its made me love my hunter even more! You will be sorely missed. But I understand the need to move on. Good fortune and Godspeed, Frost. Elune watch over you.

  136. bitbyte says:

    I really enjoyed reading your blog over the years. Thank you for all the great times! -bit

  137. Huntros says:



    Frostheim, you changed the game for all hunters. What you achieved on this site is THE hunter community of WoW in my opinion.
    THANK YOU for your guides, your research, number crunching and for coming across as the kinda chap you want to go have beer with.

    Biggest respect,



    PS what should i be setting my browser homepage to now?!

  138. Tana says:

    There aren’t enough words to thank you for all the help, insight and fun you have given the hunter community over the years. You will be missed!

  139. Mastodon says:

    You have been such an asset to the hunter community. It really is a shame that you have to move on. But we all understand burnout. Good luck to you in your future endeavors. Take care bud.

  140. DrendenHunter says:

    Sorry Frost, but your resignation is not accepted. I do not speak EJish and your services as translator are still required. Now, get back to work! : )~

    Seriously though, thanks for everything over the years. I’m nothing special as far as “leet skilz” are concerned, but I’m a damned-sight better than when I started and I’ve been able to help other hunters along the way (mostly by pointing them to WHU, Hunters Hall, and Scattered Shots). You’ll be missed. The cloak will always be my transmog.

    To end on a positive… Boston is a pretty good beer town, brother. Enjoy!

  141. Tanegashima says:

    Frost, thanks for everything you’ve done for this community over the years. I’ve learned a great deal from you and your readers; you’ve all made me a better hunter. Good luck and maybe we’ll see you around. /raisesabigdamnale


    Tanegashima (formerly Undalae)

  142. Papaoomowmow says:

    Frost Wrote

    ” was even, at times, blamed as personally and solely responsible for hunter nerf (but strangely, never for buffs we got that I advocated — why did none of them credit me for the removal of minimum range, huh?)”

    LOL Life just ain’t fair. I’m still wondering why I can skin something the size of a skyscraper and only get one exotic leather…but then again a porcupine sometimes gives me two. ; – )

    I for one give you FULL CREDIT for MANY great things in the game and out. I bet you were even responsible for the “loot all nearby corpses with one click” breakthrough.

    Thanks Again Man! Well Done!

  143. Divastarr says:

    What hunter cries after reading a blog post??!?! This one does…..:*(
    Thank you Frost for all of the time and effort you have put into our community! We all love you and appreciate you! Enjoy your time and new projects and thanks again x1000!!! :)



  144. Morynne says:

    Frost —

    It’s been a blast! I entirely understand where you’re coming from in taking leave when it’s right. I’ve been noticeably absent from blogging as well, but it’s given me so much time to work on other things.

    I thoroughly enjoyed joining you guys on the WHU a couple times, and contributing to the hunter community with you.

    Absolute best of luck to you.

    Morynne aka Amanda

  145. J W says:

    Wow, I actually cried a little. I don’t play much anymore, but miss it and your blog will always be a part of the game for me as much as the actual game itself. Take care.

  146. bill says:

    All I can say is Thanks dude!!

  147. Normfett says:


    Thank you so much for all you have done for the hunter community. As a QA software tester I loved reading your posts and showing my peers how users test and provide feedback. You been influencing more than just WoW hunters with your methods.

    I was also a newbie hunter, wrath baby, I found BRK just as he was wrapping up, and then the WHU. I am a better dues-paying Hunter because of your posts, podcasts, and the addition of the WHH. The work you did added flavor to WoW, and squeeze every bit of fun out this game and as I can tell you do in real life. Enjoy the game and your future and take time to relax.

    /salute – Now pass the beer, Norm’s thirsty.


  148. Aqurel says:

    Goodbye, Frostheim, you’ll be missed :) Thanks and all the best!

  149. Rennast says:

    Frost, thank you my uncommonly good looking friend. You will be missed.

    Hope to see you at Blizzcon this year :)

  150. Arzen says:

    I’m sad to see you go Frost. I was never a top-end raider, but your guides and suggestions always put me well ahead of the pack without having to go research the crap out of everything myself. A good player, armed with your good information, was always going to be a respectable hunter (even the…umm….night elf ones ;) ). The WHU in-game events were preposterous, and a joy to watch, and I’ve had much joy from this site apart from the excellent “how to play” guides.

    I will strongly add my vote to continuing the WHU if Arth or anyone else you trust has some interest in it. I am sure there are many very capable hunters who would be willing to help out with keeping this site alive as a source of excellent hunter information. It would be a tragedy (imho) to let it fade away with all of the thousands of regular visitors, some of whom I’m sure would chip in to keep things going.

    Best of luck in the future and hope your other blogging endeavours are as successful and enjoyable to read! :)

  151. Edenthran says:

    You’ve been a tremendous asset to the class and the community. May all your guns aim true.

  152. Vargr says:

    Thanks for all of your contributions to this amazing community over all your years of effort, and good luck on your future endeavors. Though I’m saddened to see you leave, I’m pleased to see you chose to do so before you burnt out on the game entirely, and now have the time to enjoy it fully.

  153. ur'kidding says:

    All the best man, it was great!

  154. Niebuur says:


  155. Anarka says:

    Awesome last post that shows how awesome this community is and thank you for your contributions to it.
    Good luck Frostheim!

  156. Gavendo says:

    That was an uncommonly good-looking farewell post.

    Best wishes to you and yours in the future!


  157. Beergasm says:

    Thanks for everything you’ve done over the years, Brian! Some of the most fun times I’ve had in WoW were those WHU events. I attended every one of them except for the most recent one. I’ve also greatly appreciated your thousands of hunter posts over the years and all you’ve done for the hunter community.

    I know you will still be playing, but I like to think that Frostheim is putting his rifle down for good and buying a nice living space in Ironforge, right next door to his favorite tavern, where he will regale the locals and up-and-coming baby hunters with “back in my day” stories nightly.


  158. Sphinxbr says:

    Frost, your wisdon came all the way to Brasil and today my main char is a hunter cos your blog!

    I think is hard to you to know how many wow players around the world became hunters
    because of you… Thanx for all your work and dedication!!
    Good Luck!!

  159. Rugdr says:

    The difference between hunters and every other class has and always will be frostheim and the warcraft hunters union. You have been a dwarf worth aspiring towards. I tip my beer to you sir.

  160. Valgaer says:

    Thanks for everything, I salute you from Costa Rica. Cheers and god speed

  161. Eithlenn says:

    Thank you, Frostheim, for all of the wonderful memories. I’ve learned so much about being a hunter from your writing–words can’t express how grateful I am. May your arrows/bolts/bullets never miss, fellow hunter.

  162. crawfjord says:

    Thanks for the memories!

  163. Dianth says:

    Some of the best times and best friends I’ve ever made in WoW are associated with WHU and DHS. Thank you Ms Bella for your tireless efforts in creating great memories! My deepest appreciations to Frost and Arth for generation and spearheading the events. And to all of those many many who pitched in and made little things happen so we could have Big Times together, I salute you. Its been amazing :)

  164. stonegonzo says:

    Gonna miss yer words of wisdom. Prost my dwarven brother, draining a liter of stout now!

  165. Skarn says:

    Dunno how I forgot to say this before, must’ve been the emotion. Anyway:

    I’m keeping my copy of your cloak! It sits right next to Zeherah’s helm. :)

  166. Beastwithin says:

    It is because of you that I became the hunter I am today. I learned to pay my dues, and how best to serve my raid team(now that I have become a true hunter and joined a raid team). Are raid team is a 25-man on Earthern Ring and I have been asked by several other players for advise on how to become a better hunter. I ALWAYS refer them here. I always encourage players to pay their dues and learn constantly! You will be missed but not forgotten. I wish i could have made a meet up to thank you personally. I hope the WHU gets all the members together to fire at the target dummy in Iron Forge one more time to salute you properly.

    I do still hope that at some point in the future you poke your head in and say hi, either here or on the podcast. Your voice and laughter will always be in my thoughts and will always bring me joy, but also sadness that we no longer get to hear your current thoughts.

    Thanks again for all you have done!

    Earthern Ring
    90 Orc Hunter

  167. Jaane says:

    I have retired from WoW quite some time ago, but I’ve somehow always kept an eye on WHU and mmo-champ.

    I’m pretty sure you’ve helped a bunch of hunters all around; rejoice, and have the must fun out of the game now. ( Even tho I personally think has been on a downhill since the end of wotlk ).

    Jaane – Neptulon [retired hunter]

  168. Akirex says:

    The most important thing I’ve taken from you Frost ( and have tried to pass down to other up and coming hunters ) is to “pay yer dues”. I’ve followed your brilliant articles since Wrath, and must say I’m a little sad you’re leaving.
    Best of luck in all your future endeavors. Drink! Be merry! Most of all, enjoy the time off to complete the next chapter of your life!

    Akirex – Turalyon

  169. Spliitshot says:

    Will miss you Frost, I’m leaving WoW, but the fun that was had here and with many friends on the game will never be lost. Your timing seems to be perfect for me, as the community here has been one of the things that kept me playing. I’ll still check in from time to time, as Arth is also amazing as a Hunter blogger, and I’ve always enjoyed his posts, despite my misnomer of him as you the first time I saw one of his articles. For those that care, WoW was the only game I’ve ever played for more than 30 minutes, and here I am years later, leaving after what seems like a lifetime invested. Everyone here has been amazing, has made the game more fun, and kept me entertained throughout all the various patches and expansions. I hope that you all continue to enjoy the game, the community is like no other, and Frost has made it all the more special. Also, fuck elves, gnomes, and all hunters that have tails (including mine- I always felt inadequate as a non-dwarf). Love you all, and while I don’t always have wrists, when I do, I enjoy hairy ones.

  170. Apiary says:

    First Big Red Kitty, now you. Actually got all weepy. You own a respectable chunk of my hunter.

    Best wishes!


  171. Vannessa says:

    Wow, well this is a sad day. But all good things do come to an end. I hope you have more time to enjoy whatever pursuits you go for. When I played on IC (horde side,dont hate meh) I remember some of the WHU shenanigans there lol, fun times.

    Keep on huntering Frost, remember its still all hunter loot, hunters will never be op, hunters will always be op, we will never be able to tame druids, hunter is for noobs, hunters require skill, Its not a wipe if the hunter lives, chain trapping is a lost art form, and no blizzard will never allow us to mount our pets.. in the end hunter is the most fun class no matter what those other jealous classes say.

    Vannessa, Turalyon

  172. Dezibel says:

    You will be sorely missed, thank you for all your hard work frostheim. You have been a real inspiration. Good luck in your hunting in the time to come.


  173. Mysterical the huntress says:

    Frostheim! I can only say that when i read about you stopping, my first feeling was NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO …. then i read some comments on this site, and, saw some pics. ….. and the reaction changed to “he deserves it… ” You have been my pillar of support sience i startet looking for real raid guids for my hunter, back in the really early days ^^ I have when ever i needed help, was in doubt, or in any other way had questions, turned to you and this site, and you have never EVER failed me! the advice and information i got here, was allways way better and way more accurate, than any other i found.

    I wish you, from the buttom of my heart, a fare well. May Elune be with you masterhunter, and know of the change and influence, you have had on a young elf huntress on her way to great raidpownage…. ;)


    Mysterical the Huntress
    Realm Frostwhisper – EU

  174. Aenderung says:

    I’ve followed your site since wrath, and read wow insider mostly because of you. Thanks for everything my good man, you did a stellar job, even if you’re a dwarf. <3

  175. HuntressRachel says:

    I’m still sad about your retirement Frost but I respect your decision. I can’t imagine the time you invested hunter blogging and I sincerely appreciate your analysis and insight into the best class of the game. I could not have achieved my success as a hunter without your work. There is now a hole in the hunter community that can’t be filled and you will be missed. Thanks for all that you’ve done Frost and good luck on future endeavors! /salute

  176. Flyer says:

    Can’t tell you how much I appreciate you. Don’t think you will ever to anything in your life again that will endear so many people to you.

    Best of luck and hope you get rich soon. You deserve it.

    Your friend,

    Flyer (Dana Jones)

  177. Rhaeven says:

    Thank you, you will be missed.

  178. Noxxana says:

    Frost, you’ve been around literally since I play a hunter and you’ve always been a quality source of information, ideas and fun. Though I never agreed with everything you wrote it was always worth to think about it. I even thought about the sexiness of dwarves… anyways, it’s good to know you’re still out there hunting. Whoever wants to follow in yours blogging footsteps better get’s huge boots.


  179. Asenath says:

    Add mine to the long list of names of those who will sincerely miss you. How many times have I been arguing stat weights or rotations with the hubby, and said “Frostheim says such-and-such, and I trust him implicitly. He’s the god of all hunters.”
    Okay, so maybe you’re not a god, but you were the voice of authority for a lot of us, and you were damned good at it.
    I’ve never played Alliance for very long. I started as a Tauren hunter, then had her re-customized when undead could be hunters. From what little PVP I did, the mere sight of Alliance races came to incite murderous tendencies in me, but I always swore that there was one dwarf I wouldn’t shoot at.
    It makes me sad to see you go, but I understand what it is to have multiple responsibilities. *Salute*

  180. Darkon says:

    thank you Frostheim you will be missed by all hunters

  181. Eccentrica says:

    I was a proud and happy member of the WHU and partook in the Gurubashi Arena Event. From paying our respects to Magni, to flying to Stormwind, then running like hell to STV, the whole event was absolute and pure awesomesauce and is eclipsed by nothing else in my WoW career.

    Thank you Frostheim from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for Hunters and the greater WoW community. Your hard work and dedication and infectious love of the game have earned you a place in my heart and memory that will live on well past the end of Warcraft. You will be dearly missed.

  182. Dileth says:

    It’s better to burn out….then fade away!!

    Sorry, had to quote a Def Leppard song, I owe you a beer if it’s not running through your head now.

    Your the best Frost, I was happy to listen and read for years, you kept me at the top of my game throughout my WoW career, the highs and the lows, topping the meters was always the goal, which is right where you kept me. Here’s to the hunters!

  183. Tullwinden says:

    Thanks for all the advice, testing, spec, reforging and all those things that made you a leader and show us the way of the hunter!

    Not goodbye yet but see you later Frostheim!

    Tullwinden of Alexastrasza

  184. Mogz says:

    Thanks so much for all your help over the years Frosty :)
    Wishing you all the best with your life and all your endevours

    Love Mogz

  185. Garalex says:

    Grandpappy Frostheim,
    Thank you for unknowingly molding a diverse and numerous community of Hunters!!! The other support classes often cry when seeing the support we have that they lack. I see their tears at the bottom of the DPS charts, thanks to you and the WHU!!!!
    Grand wishes for the future!!!

  186. Khronin says:

    Hey Frostheim,

    hail to you from Germany. Appreciated your advice from early episodes on already. Was listening to your dubbed request to do this fucking podcast live please (!). Euripides was asking for an “act of god” which actually happened.

    All the best for you. Based on your theory crafting I was able to maintain a mist around me of being one of the most professional hunter on my realm >:-)

    Take care and maintain your sense of humour! Plus the semicolon however comma :-)))

    Best regards

  187. Vladihn says:


  188. Mettall says:

    Thank you for everything. Wish the best.

  189. Niobea says:

    Dear Frostheim, I’ve been a silent reader for years– silent because I’m a slow learner and it took me a long time to grow out of huntardation, and also because I’m a Night Elf who’s always been a bit ashamed of not being a dwarf. But even though I’ve been silent, I’m a huge admirer of yours. You and the WHU are the sole reason that I no longer suck. And the reason that I now have 2 level 90 hunters, one Alliance and one Horde. Thank you for everything! I’ll miss you!

  190. Conbar says:

    You suck! LOL! I was just bragging about you to someone that has played for years and never played a Hunter because it is a “face roll class.” I told him to check out the site, and see how much you put into making this class more than that. I showed him the “Best Pet Video,” and he had beer coming out of his nose.

    You changed how everyone saw our class and you changed how I played, as well as how much I enjoyed the game for years. I would never have been half as good as I was (and will be again now that I fired up my account today) if not for you.

    Thank You for EVERYTHING!


    • Conbar says:

      I forgot to add…It was painful to take advice from Alliance scum like you, but it could not be ignored. I will send you an email soon. Half of the things you said about yourself in this article are inaccurate…you did more for people liek me that rarely, if ever posted, than you will EVER know.

      Thanks again,


  191. Drakonzo says:

    I know I am late man but it’s sad to see you go. Coming back to WoW for a bit to see how the final patch plays out and finding this is a bit upsetting. Hope all goes well for you down the line.

  192. Shaianna says:

    Another late comer here.

    I have been lurking this blog since.. well since we had mana and ammo! It has always been the place I came to when I needed advice or tips and always sent those new hunters I saw that just were not getting it! Despite the fact you hate bows you inspired me to be the best hunter I could be. Thanks for everything, and I hope you enjoy the game you helped so many of us enjoy over the years.

    Al diel shala, Frostheim

  193. Salvog says:

    wait wait.. before you go, you must answer the final most important question that has been left unanswered….

    which pet is best?

  194. Poo says:

    Bonjour Frostheim !

    So sad to learn your retirement from the hunter community.

    I wish to thank you for all you did for all hunters around. Your vision of our class and the way you worked it out for so many of us has helped so many go from “huntards” to proper players.

    I always loved getting new videos, infos or trivia from you.

    Have a great time in you next endeavor.

    Poo, a french fan of the WHU.

  195. McGuinness says:

    Thanks for all the years that your advice made me a better hunter. I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much with out your posts.