Volunteers for Wow Hunters Hall

Posted: by Frostheim

I started WoW Hunters Hall a couple years ago as a portal to collect all the news from the various hunter blogs. Pretty quickly Tabana stepped up as the primary contributor who kept it up to date, and eventually she became the only person to keep it up to date. Tabana deserves credit for just about everything that is good about WHH.

Recently Tabana announced she’s taking a break from WoW, which includes taking a break from maintaining the WHH. This means that we will need volunteers to take over the chores of maintaining the site. It requires watching all the hunter blogs out there and posting on the WHH every time a new article is posted — the job isn’t particularly glamorous, needs daily vigilance, but it makes a huge impact on the hunter community, and the ability of many of the smaller hunter sites out there to get exposed to the rest of the hunter community.

If you’re interested, please email me about it.

But, you won’t hear back from me for about a week. I’m moving across country (and setting that up is what I’ve been doing the past couple weeks): the moving truck shows up tomorrow, and I hit the road Tuesday morning. I’m supposed to have internet set up at the new place on Friday night, so it will be at least next weekend before I have reliable access to email again!

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  1. lucypher says:

    It be nice if the site actually showed the dates these are posted.

  2. Chevonne says:

    When you drop by every day, you know when it was posted. Just sayin’.

  3. Kheldul says:

    What state of the union did you move to Frost?

    • Arth says:

      He’s headed to Boston, iirc. I think he mentioned it a few posts back (the one about cupcakes).