Tier 16 Gear & Set Bonuses

Posted: by Arth

The Gear4073

Saurok Stalker’s Headguard

Saurok Stalker’s Spaulders

Saurok Stalker’s Tunic

Saurok Stalker’s Gloves

Saurok Stalker’s Legguards

Gear Notes:

Name and stats are subject to change, and may just be placeholder values at this point in the PTR.

Set Bonuses

(2) Set: Arcane and Multi-shot reduce the cooldown of Rapid Fire by 2 seconds per cast.

(4) Set: Explosive Shot casts have a 40% chance to increase the number of charges your next Lock & Load effect has. Instant Aimed Shots reduce the cast time of your next Aimed Shot by 50%. Offensive abilities used during Bestial Wrath increase all damage dealt by 2% stacking up to 15 times.

Set Bonus Notes:

The big question surrounding this is: will the 2-piece bonus make Arcane so good that we give up our signature shots? There’s a couple things to consider here. First, the upcoming patch notes (more in a day or two on this) have Arcane with a damage boost, but ALSO a substantial focus cost increase. Undoubtedly, the set bonus will make it more worthwhile to cast Arcane, but it remains to be seen whether it will replace signature shots. “Wait and see” is the correct response here, especially because there’s no way they’re done tweaking with 5.4

Also, in the past Blizzard has buffed signature shots to make sure hunters keep casting them. My prediction is that it will remain worth it to cast our signature shots, set bonus or not. This may require additional tweaking from Blizzard, but they won’t keep us with a simplified rotation for long.

Gear Levels

Ghostcrawler recently tweeted that ilvls aren’t set for 5.4 just yet, but that they’re leaning toward the following: 528 LFR, 536 Flex, 553 Normal, 566 Heroic. So the stats on the gear may fluctuate in the coming weeks.

Additional Thoughts

Ignoring the Arcane controversy for a moment (which I do hope gets resolved, and predict that it will), I love the idea behind both set bonuses. In the past, many of our set bonuses have been passive. In other words, there was a damage increase somehow, but we weren’t asked to do anything. But both of these bonuses imply a new or adjusted mechanic, that will allow us to alter our approach and rotation to get the most out of it. I can foresee hunters, for example, delaying Bestial Wrath by a few seconds and running off a few Arcane shots, so that Rapid Fire comes off of cooldown and can pair with BW. At that point, the extra shots will increase the damage buff of the 4-piece BW more quickly. Synergy like that, and the planning that goes into it, is VERY cool to me.

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  1. Matheus says:

    I liked both set bonuses on this tier, as you said, they make our priority shots go a bit muddy at will, which is always interesting… That said, i’m frowning at the lack of shoulders on that preview… >_<

  2. pichu says:

    The stats are the same as T15, just upgraded to match the itemlevel. I honestly hope these are placeholders, and that they get rid of some of the hit/exp on them. Hit and Exp are a pain in the ass nowadays if you dont have the correct pieces of gear. You can get both hit and exp capped with only 3 pieces of gear.

  3. Gorgor says:

    Same name as T15 gear?

    • Arth says:

      It’s probable that it’s a placeholder name. A lot of datamined stuff off of the PTR is incomplete, at best.

  4. Dan says:

    Finally some real pve hunter post and not some hunter poetry,
    thank god

    • Arth says:

      Heh. 3 of the last 5 articles have been PvE, and obviously most news is going to be about the game itself. But the WHU is about all aspects of the hunter community. It’s what separates us from many of the blue-trackers and news-only sites out there. You’ll still get your news, though, never fear.

  5. Jaeger says:

    One thing I can definitely say “That armor is fugly!” That helm is just “wtf?!?”

  6. hillbillyhatifield says:

    Now that set fell out the ugly tree and hit every branch for sure. Is it a diving helmet, or a lazar site cyborg. I have really only complained about a few tier, but that ugly set needs killed, club it, club it now. Burn it, and burn it behind the barn. Thank God we can transmog. Yikes…..
    I see problems with arcane if they don’t fix it. Signature shots are going by-by. Stack crit and let the fun begin.
    Seriously, whoever designed this needs to stop drinking the bong water.

    • Arth says:

      I actually like this set’s look. It’s unique, and has a certain elegance. To each their own though.

      • Zetora says:

        I very much agree Arth, its a nice change for us hunters. Much better than a murloc helm as previously.

        Unique is the word.

      • Jaeger says:

        I guess “unique” is one way to describe it. I just don’t understand the helm.

        I thought the murloc set was silly, btw. It sort of fit for a hunter but it was just silly. This set just doesn’t seem to fit.

  7. Venadin says:

    Both sets bonuses felt pretty mediocre on the ptr. The increased focus cost on arcane makes the 2 piece stack slowly. I was unable to get the full 15 stacks for the 4 piece for bm. They make survival kind of messy. I have played with mm yet but i feel it gains the most from these.

  8. Zetora says:

    Surely these make “Thrill of the Hunt” much more viable for single target which will make any and all priority system a bit ‘on the fly’ for that tier. It looks fun!

  9. hmm says:

    I feel this patch for some reason favors MM spec. Maybe blizzard found out that it was not atractive enough to players or something. I’m saying this because:
    1. Rapid Fire(porperly used) is most effective when MM, least for SV
    2. Arcane Shot makes sense with MM, and it seems was not thought through for other specs as this article outlines
    3. Silencing Shot removed from other specs than MM blows hunter PvP for non MM
    4. 4 set bonus for BM is against nature. Why stacking damage bonus for after BW? Even if it would do double damage the other spec 4pcs I still wont like it this way. Again blows BM PvP by not improving the burst (supposing the stacks will fade before next BW)

    • Katabalger says:

      1) true, it’s still a decent dps cd for the others though
      2) actually, since SV has it’s mastery affect arcane and arcane is being buffed, it’s going to be pretty good for SV I feel, in fact I’d be surprised if, as already said, arcane doesn’t get nerfed slightly or explosive shot buffed to make it more attractive. I can see at the current state mastery stacking, TOTH SV hunter specs spamming arcane which probably isn’t what Blizz wants.
      3) SV was already useless in serious PVP, BM was slightly overpowered, tbh though as I keep repeating, what they really should have done is make BW not break CC and that would have let them balance all 3 specs much more easily, though SV is still badly in need of dispell protection to be of any worth in PVP.
      4) Though I haven’t been on the PTR myself to see (if we can even get it to test yet) how it works, from the way the 4 piece reads the stacking damage bonus will go into effect during BW as well as after, don’t see anything on duration however, it does give some serious BM burst at the start of fights and when readiness is back up I’d guess, with a BW/Rapid Fire -> Readiness-> BW/Rapid Fire with the stacking damage rolling. As for it’s impact on PVP, that’s irrelevant for a PVE tier bonus. Except in world PVP where pve gear will again, unless they make adjustments to pvp power, be superior to actual PVP gear. For actual competitive PVP, the pve gear will be scaled down to 496 still (increasing by 1 ilvl per week I think I read) whilst the new PVP gear is 522.

  10. Dargonis says:

    honestly i have to say im on the fence about the tier, i dont get how it fits in at all with the upcoming raid , someone said something about lack of shoulder armor but ive checked out the 3d model of this armor and can tell you the shoulder armor is there

    its visible on one shoulder and slips around the back and, while the noticable shoulder piece carries to the front of the model, its very unique looking and from what I can tell the armor looks horrible without the helmet worn, but that may very well be because they need to raise the shoulder armor up some. right now it just seems to sunk into the body.

    only neg thing about this armor is it looks like it belongs in the power rangers tv series. who knows maybe we will fight some putties in SoO

  11. Peter says:

    Does the 2pc also proc from hard-casted Aimed Shot? Else it seems a bit weird. Of course MM will still as filler cast Arcane Shots, but with increasing haste from gear and also increased weapon damage every patch the level at which hardcasted Aimed is better than Arcane is coming down quick. It is already easily as low as 1.7 at LFR level thanks to the changes made in the previous two tiers.

    With Arcane being 50% more expensive but only 40% more powerful compared to Live, this will put the slider again a bit more towards using Aimed. So the 2pc seems than a bit weird for MM. Sure MM gets 15 seconds cooldown reduction per shot, but is it enough?

    Also since the 4pc clearly is focused on making hard-casted Aimed Shot more attractive, I see a conflict. It is not as if you just decide when it procs you are going to cast a Aimed now as opposed to a planned Arcane. At 50 focus cost this is hard to plan for. Sure it can be done, but it is not trivial saving half your focus bar for a proc that may happen. While if you are hard casting Aimed anyway, this is a very nice boost.